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Turnover margin

Considering the number of D-1 football programs in the state of Florida, this is an amazing little factoid:

Miami’s Mark Richt is already the dean of FBS head coaches in the Sunshine State…

As was the case in Georgia, too.  I wonder how many other coaches over the past two decades can make a similar claim.



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History repeating

Dawg fans will hear a familiar echo, echo, echo in this piece.


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It’s a puzzle.

Can someone explain to me how a kid can be outright dismissed from a program for the usual unspecified violation of team rules and the school still impose control over where he can transfer?

Clearly, Mark Richt has lost control over the dismissal rules.


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“My goal is to finish my coaching career at The U.”

Whatever else you might say, you have to give Mark Richt high marks for consistency.


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This monetary aggression will not stand, man.

With the Big 12’s release of its tax return, here’s a summary of where the P5 conferences stand in terms of financial distributions to their members:

  • Big 12:  “The conference reported nearly $371 million in revenue for a fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017… the per-school payouts to roughly $34.3 million…”
  • SEC:  “… the 14-team Southeastern Conference’s returns showed $650 million in revenue, or an average of about $41 million per school.”
  • ACC:  “… $373 million for fiscal 2016, distributing that money among 14 full members and Notre Dame…”
  • Pac-12:  “The Pac-12 reported that it distributed an average of $28.7 million per school in fiscal 2016.”
  • Big Ten:  “Citing a document from the University of Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported in June that it was projecting revenue from the Big Ten of $51.1 million for the 2018 fiscal year (the one that’s ongoing), up from $36.3 million for 2017.”

As the cliché goes, one of those numbers is not like the others.

A $10 million a year revenue gap between the SEC and Big Ten?  I’m sure Greg Sankey’s bosses will shrug that off, just like they did before… oh, wait.


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Georgia, still on his mind

Mark Richt’s reportedly made a hire to replace his defensive line coach who departed for greener pastures in Tuscaloosa.

InsideTheU has learned that Atlanta Falcons defensive assistant Jess Simpson is expected to be Miami’s next defensive line coach.

Simpson is billed as one of the most successful coaches in Georgia prep football history. He was the head coach at Buford High for 12 seasons and won seven state titles. The Auburn graduate spent the 2016 season as Georgia State’s defensive line/assistant head coach.

Interesting move, no?  I would assume that means Miami intends to recruit Richt’s old stomping grounds more heavily.



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“… the Hurricanes have twice as many ESPN 300 commitments from Florida as the Gators and Seminoles combined.”

I know Tommy gets tired of me citing his analogy of Florida recruiting to Afghanistan, but after reading this piece, Miami finally may be at the stage where it’s become useful.  Thanks, Coach Richt, for doing your best warlord impression.


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