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“… the Hurricanes have twice as many ESPN 300 commitments from Florida as the Gators and Seminoles combined.”

I know Tommy gets tired of me citing his analogy of Florida recruiting to Afghanistan, but after reading this piece, Miami finally may be at the stage where it’s become useful.  Thanks, Coach Richt, for doing your best warlord impression.



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Mark Richt has gained control over graduate transfers.

What’s come over him?

So much for Mr. “Life Is Too Short”.


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A new redshirt rule?

This is one of those things that sounds like it makes too much sense to be accepted.

My bet is that one concern over adopting this will be that it will make graduate transfers more likely.  Yeah, you and I know that’s not a bad thing, but neither of us are college administrators.


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“That’s the question I get most: ‘How do you conduct business?'”

Imagine every high-handed, tone deaf thing you can credit to a P5 athletic director.  Then, multiply that by ten.  You may still be short on measuring Tom Jurich’s stint at Louisville.

The only amazing part of his story is that he was allowed to do it for so long.  Although, given the absurdly high pedestal we put organized sports on in this country, maybe it’s not so amazing.


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Today, in fighting

Here’s a heartwarming story from Tallahassee.

A disturbing story involving Florida State kicker Ricky Aguayo has a Florida connection.

On Tuesday, the Tallahassee Democrat’s Karl Etters reported that Aguayo told police that members of a fraternity on Florida State’s campus beat the player over missed field goals during a game against Florida in 2016.

Per Tallahassee Police records obtained by Etters, Aguayo reported being “jumped” by members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity in front of the group’s house after the Seminoles’ 31-13 victory against the Gators. Aguayo missed two of three field-goal tries that day…

The report goes on to mention that police saw blood on Aguayo’s face and a ripped shirt. He declined to press charges, and he refused to pursue medical treatment, according to the report.

Mind you, that was after a win.  Can you imagine what those scamps might have taken upon themselves to do if Aguayo had missed a game-winner?

Meanwhile, we take you to the Georgia Tech locker room, where two players evidently decided to eliminate the middle man.  It happened in the spring, so I’ve got to say I’m impressed they kept it quiet as long as they did.  Then again, maybe they thought nobody would really care.


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And you think bowls are meaningless.

FSU is actually contemplating the rescheduling of its (until now) cancelled game with Louisiana Monroe.

If the football gods have a sense of humor, I think we all know what the perfect outcome would be.


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Hard times in the Sunshine State

It’s a damned shame, let me tell you.


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