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“Then it all fell off the cliff.”

If Jimbo Fisher didn’t exist, either FSU or Willie Taggart would have to invent him.



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Free fallin’


That’s so bad I’m not even sure Booch could spin it.


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You can’t spend winning records.

Once upon a time

Then, Bowden told the story of how Florida State joined the ACC in the early 1990s instead of the SEC. Bowden’s reasoning was that Florida State would have had a tough time winning a national championship if it had to go through the SEC.

“I felt that it was too difficult to win through the SEC to win a national championship,” Bowden told Finebaum. “I felt like our best route would be to go through the ACC and that did prove out to be correct. I don’t know if we could have made it through the SEC.”

How you like me now, FSU?

On Friday, tax returns for the five major college conferences were made public. The good news for Florida State is the ACC increased its distribution to member schools by nearly 11 percent from the prior year.

The bad news is that the ACC continues to lag well behind the Big Ten and SEC. What is somewhat surprising is how large the revenue gap has grown as of late. For the 2017-18 fiscal cycle, the SEC is outpacing the ACC by $14.2 million per school, and the gap was a whopping $24.5 million compared to the Big Ten.

In just three years, the difference between the ACC and SEC distributions has more than doubled from $6.5 million to $14.5 million per school…

As a result of these disparities, many of the schools that directly recruit against FSU are gaining a significant financial advantage. Nearby University of Florida and University Georgia, for instance, have racked up an extra $52 million each in distributions since the 2014-15 fiscal year. That was the first full year after FSU signed the long-term grant of rights agreement with the ACC.

These chilling numbers only add to mounting financial concerns that have plagued Seminole athletics as of late. For the last reported financial cycle, the athletics department reported a $3.6 million deficit and a similar deficit is expected for 2018-19.

Maybe you could sell a couple of trophies on eBay to tide you over.


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Friday morning buffet

Go ahead and get you some.


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ACC football, like life, comes at you fast.

Check out the ACC Network’s official broadcast schedule for September 7:

Do they seriously think they’ll play four straight games in three hours?  (Georgia Tech might… last season.)


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“The Wolfpack want to drive as much revenue as possible while remaining fan friendly.”

Well, don’t we all.

It’s just funny how it seems like there’s a lot more thought put into being wallet friendly…

Old Hat came back with ideal price points for different areas of the stadium to ultimately allow NC State to optimize revenue, donations, and capacity. One key finding from the survey data was that fans understood NC State’s price points, as they were consistent with other entertainment options in the area. Of the 4,500 responses received, only 27 mentioned ticket price as an area that needed improvement at NC State.

… than fan friendly.

Most comments in the fan survey were related to overall fan experience. For example, some fans mentioned difficulties finding their way to certain parts of the stadium. That direct feedback helps Hargis and NC State craft policies that better adapt to their consumers’ needs.

“We, as employees, really know our way around the stadium, as do a lot of our season ticket holders,” Hargis remarks. “But for our single-game ticket buyers, it could be more difficult. So putting up some additional signage might be a good opportunity for us, as well as adding some concessions options for fans with more specific dining preferences or allergies.”

“Wolfpack fans, you may pay more, but at least you’ll have an easier path to finding your seat” doesn’t sound like the kind of sales pitch that will encourage fans not to stay home to watch, but, then again, I’m no marketing guru.

Does college football sound like it’s in trouble a little?  Sure does to me.


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Nothing like kicking a program when it’s down.

A lot of you know my other alma mater is the University of Virginia.  It’s a mild understatement to acknowledge that the football program fell on hard times (although it looks like Mendenhall has things turned in the right direction now), so it gives me great pleasure on a number of levels to share this news with you.

If you’re GT, there isn’t enough Waffle House in the world to make that one go down easier.


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