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A transitive mystery

Can someone explain how the ACC’s best defense gave up 38 points to Florida, while the SEC’s worst defense gave up 24 the week before?


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Looking for new assholes to conquer

I guess Danny Kanell has decided to move on from shit talking the SEC.

Weak sauce, my dude.  Very weak sauce.


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Zeal of the convert

Boy, ACC commissioner Jim now is not the right time to expand the College Football Playoff Phillips has gone from being part of the Alliance that blew up the P5’s first crack at a 12-team playoff to this:

The CFP’s board of managers voted in early September to expand the playoff to 12 teams in 2026, but the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick have been working toward expansion two years sooner.

“We’re trying. We’re committed to doing it,” Phillips told ESPN at ACC basketball media day. “We really are, across 10 conferences and Notre Dame. We feel really good about the work that’s been done across all 10 conferences and Notre Dame these last five, six months. We’re really unified in trying to get it done. It’s just the logistics of this thing are difficult. Not insurmountable, but time is not a friend of ours right now. Time is not on our side.

“There’s a lot of push to try to get this thing done.”

Just to show you his heart is pure, he’s also in favor of March Madness expansion.

In college athletics, the only thing that’s undefeated is money.



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Happy anniversary!

This aged incredibly well.


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The greatest trick the Alliance Devil ever played…

… was making the ACC and Pac-12 commissioners believe Kevin Warren shared common cause with them.  Suckers.


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Say wut?

So, who’s got the bigger loose screw, the media member who, at SEC Media Days, gave Vandy a first place vote to win the SEC East, or the person…

… who gave Georgia Tech a first place vote to win the ACC Coastal?

Somebody needs to have their credentials revoked.


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Alliance, he hardly knew ye.

Greg Sankey twists a knife.

Greg Sankey knows how to rub it in.

No one seems to be enjoying the demise of the kumbaya between the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12, known as the Alliance, more than the man whom this group united to oppose.

“What was it called? The Alliance?” Sankey, the SEC commissioner, said with a smirk Monday on the SEC Network.

The next time these people get together to hash out their differences over the CFP format is gonna be a real gas.


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A man out of time

The ACC’s Jim Phillips wants to party like it’s 1999.

It was from that viewpoint that he addressed matters such as conference realignment and the growing revenue gap between the SEC and Big Ten and the rest of Division I, which have become the most pressing matters in a summer that was jolted by UCLA and USC leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten. A main message – everyone needs to play nice.

“We are not the professional ranks,” Phillips said. “This is not the NFL or NBA lite. We all remain competitive with one another, but this is not and should not be a winner-take-all or a zero-sum structure.”

His remarks seemed particularly directed at the SEC and the Big Ten, the latter of which seemingly violated the tenets of an alliance formed between the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC to stabilize conference realignment by taking two of the Pac-12′s cornerstone members. The possibility looms that, in time, the SEC and Big Ten could grow into super conferences by absorbing schools from rival conferences (including the ACC) and squeeze out the rest of Division I.

“I will continue to do what’s in the best interest of the ACC, but will also strongly advocate for college athletics to be a healthy neighborhood, not two or three gated communities,” Phillips said.

You’d think a guy who just got very publicly crapped on by someone whom he was convinced was down in the trenches with him would have a better approach to solving the revenue dilemma his conference faces — “In the 2021 fiscal year, the SEC generated a reported $833 million, the Big Ten received $680 million and the ACC took in $578 million” — than play nice, fellas, but, then again, you’re not a P5 conference commissioner.

Of course, when these are your options…

Phillips said that, regarding possible opportunities to create more revenue, “everything is on the table,” whether that’s sponsorships, ticketing and particularly TV money. That could include, he said, maximizing TV viewership by giving the conference’s most prominent teams the biggest stages. At the league’s spring meetings in May, Phillips told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the conference was looking into possible partnerships in the realm of legalized gambling.

Another possibility, he said, would be to alter the conference’s distribution formula so that the schools with the best performance and strongest brands receive a larger share of the pie, a move that could placate and reward the schools that draw more viewers.

Cool, Jim.  ESPN has plenty of experience with the latter there.  Ask them how things went with the Longhorn Network.

All Phillips has to hold the ACC together is that grant of rights.  We’ll see how much that helps if half the conference decides to bolt as a group.  In the meantime, boys, play nice!


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Today, in doing it for the kids

I am so tired of seeing bullshit like this go unchallenged.

Compensation for college athletes is not a zero sum game for college athletes, and the ACC Commissioner knows that as well as anyone.  There’s nothing stopping an athletic department from adjusting spending on facilities or administrative salaries to compensate for paying players.  (Well, except for administrators’ greed.)

This is nothing but bad faith reasoning.  You know, the same kind of stuff that led to the NCAA and their member schools getting their asses handed to them by the Supreme Court.  It’s not that some people never learn.  It’s that some people refuse to learn.


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Alliance in tatters

Maybe he thinks nobody will notice.


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