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A bubble by any other name

So, the proverbial shit hit the fan in Chapel Hill after the school announced 177 students are in isolation and another 349 are in quarantine because of the coronavirus.

“Our student-athletes will continue to attend online classes, and may choose to remain in their current on- and off-campus residences,” North Carolina said in a statement. “Workouts and practices will continue under the standards set by our University, health officials and department. We still are expecting to play this fall, and we will continue to evaluate the situation in coordination with the University, the ACC, state and local officials, and health officials. The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and staff, and community remains our priority.”

Hey, look at the light bulb that went off!

No shit, Sherlock.


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Stupid is as stupid does.



That “if” probably isn’t doing as much heavy lifting as Freeze hopes it is.


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A 3/5 solution?

While the Big Ten and Pac-12 bailed yesterday, the Big 12 announced it’s still hanging in there.

That leaves three of the P5 hoping to play ball in 2020.  The question for the moment is whether the decision is on, for want of a better phrase, life support.

Before their presidents OK’ed to continue the season, Big 12 athletic directors got briefed for 90 minutes by a medical panel, which led to vigorous debate. Some thought it too unsafe. Others thought it safe enough. It was a back-and-forth between administrators, all the while with the season somewhat on the line. The decision among Big 12 leaders came down to ramifications of not playing a season (player mental health, structure, etc.) vs. uncertain risks of playing a season.

They settled on the former. According to league sources, the conference also decided to add an extra layer to their COVID-19 protocols, requiring more intensive, mandatory heart imaging tests—a decision rooted in virus-related cardiac issues.

But let’s not celebrate too much so quickly. Maybe this is only delaying the inevitable. After all, most medical experts are expecting August and early September to be some of the highest hurdles yet. Thousands of students will return to campus while teams begin, for the first time, colliding with one another during fall camp. It’s a recipe for viral outbreaks, which are ingredients for more interruptions and delays. You can only kick the can so far down the road before you run out of road.

“This doesn’t mean we’re going to play,” a Big 12 source told SI on Tuesday night. “Students are coming back to campus…”

That echoes something Greg Sankey said.

The return of the general student population and the immersion of football players into that mix is obviously the wild card now.  Sadly, what this sounds like is a continuation of the hope for the best strategy that hasn’t actually served college football too well up until now.  But when it’s all you’ve got, all we can do is hope along with them.


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Ol’ Hatin’ Ass is back.

And back with a zinger.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


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“Let’s give the fans what they want.”


The Florida-Florida State rivalry might not be dead this year, after all. At least not if Gov. Ron DeSantis gets his wish.

During a news conference in Jacksonville about the importance of sports, DeSantis brought up the Gators-Seminoles rivalry twice and said he “may be working” on something to make the matchup happen.

“I just want to say that, as the governor, I would like to see a way for that game to happen,” DeSantis said. “I think this is a very fluid situation, but it’s an epic rivalry.”

“And I think the Gators’ prospects look good. I think they played LSU better than any team did (last year, when LSU won the national title)…”


One potential option would be if the two teams could meet in a bowl game. The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville would seem to be the most likely candidate, based on existing bowl-conference agreements.

‘Cause that’s where national title caliber teams always finish their seasons…


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Shots fired: The ACC makes its scheduling move.

And it’s gonna leave a mark.

The ACC board of directors voted Wednesday to proceed with an 11-game football season that begins the weekend of Sept. 12 — and includes FBS independent Notre Dame playing a full league schedule — but only if public health guidance allows.

All ACC schools and Notre Dame will play 10 conference games plus one nonconference game of their choosing, and the Fighting Irish will be eligible for the ACC championship game. There will be no divisions for this season only.

The nonconference game must take place in the home state of the ACC institution, and all nonconference opponents must have met the medical protocol requirements as agreed upon by the ACC during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 11 games will be played over at least 13 weeks, with two built-in bye weeks. The ACC championship game will be played in Charlotte, North Carolina, on either Dec. 12 or Dec. 19 and will feature the top two teams with the highest conference winning percentages.

From our selfish standpoint, the first casualty was obvious.

Screenshot_2020-07-30 Brandon Sudge on Twitter BREAKING Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity tells telegraphga that the [...]

The question left, of course, is where that leaves the Georgia-Georgia Tech game.  It doesn’t sound like McGarity knows the answer to that any more than we do right now.  Today’s virtual meeting with Sankey and the conference ADs may resolve that.


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What it means to be independent in the Year 2020

This is some deal Notre Dame has cut for itself.

Screenshot_2020-07-24 David Teel on Twitter Again pending presidential approval #NotreDame would be eligible for ACC champi[...]

All that and you get to keep your own TV contract, to boot.  Sweet!


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Today’s ‘rona roundup

With the Pac-12 news that the conference plans on a 10-game conference-only schedule, spread over 14 weeks (“They are assuming some success in the next month or two (against the virus),” is some assumption), here’s a breakdown of what each conference’s current plans/hopes are for the 2020 football season.

The P5 scorecard looks like this for now:

  • ACC:  decision coming by the end of this month
  • Big 12:  decision coming by the end of this month
  • Big Ten:  conference-only schedule planned
  • Pac-12:  conference-only schedule planned
  • SEC:  no timeline announced

It’s looking like Greg Sankey may be one lonely man at the start of August.  Or maybe he’s just waiting until the ACC and Big 12 leave him with no other option.  Leadership, for the win!


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Can’t quit those rivalries

This doesn’t surprise me.

Which isn’t the same thing as saying it’s gonna happen.


UPDATE:  Interesting correlation here.

Five of the top seven are teams from those rivalries.


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Today’s ‘rona roundup

The hits just keep on coming.

  • Ohio State has paused all voluntary workouts on campus following the results of its most recent COVID-19 testing of student-athletes, but didn’t release the number of positive tests, which sounds slightly ominous.
  • Ditto for North Carolina, although the school did say that 37 people tested positive for the virus.
  • Here’s a report that says the Big Ten appears headed to playing a 10-game, conference-games-only schedule.
  • “Everyone is pessimistic,” in regards to an on-time start to the season.


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