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Monday morning buffet

Get ‘yer feedbag on…



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‘Do you think it’s a good move to hire someone who was just let go?’

Next time, trust your gut, Dave Clawson.


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Today, in mistakes were made

On second thought, Louisville AD Tom Jurich suspends an assistant coach for the bowl game and throws himself on the mercy of the ACC commissioner.

Best part there is the “Coach Petrino has been firm” bit.  Sounds like somebody’s leaving himself an out in case it turns out Bobby hasn’t been entirely truthful about the matter.

I’m sure Swofford is the force behind Jurich’s change of heart.  Better late than never, I suppose.  Though it would still be nice to hear Jurich flatly apologize to Wake’s players on behalf of his coaching staff.


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“It’s just bizarre. Absolutely bizarre.”

It’s pretty safe to assume that any topical college football story that contains what’s in the above header has something to do with what’s been disclosed by Wake Forest this week.

The latest wrinkle is that the Wake quarterback, about whom it’s being questioned as to whether the leaked info may have contributed to more wear and tear on his body than would have been the case under normal circumstances, was recruited to the school by none other than Tommy Elrod, who was also the kid’s position coach when he arrived.

No hard feelings, eh?

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Weird brings out the weirdness in people

The two strangest reactions to the news about Louisville receiving detailed information about Wake Forest’s game plans?

Start with former Wake head coach, now Baylor head coach, Jim Grobe.

Grobe said Wednesday that for 13 years, his practices were open and held in the middle of campus for anyone to see. Clawson continued that policy as well, allowing Elrod complete access to the program not only as the radio broadcaster but as a football alum.

“For 13 years we had no indoor facility, no privacy,” Grobe said. “Anybody could come and watch us just practice. So we had no secrets for 13 years and now all of a sudden that’s a big deal. We never had the ability to keep people out of our practices, so anybody who wanted to come and watch and share what we did at practice could do that and we had no ability to stop it for 13 years. Now all of a sudden it’s a big issue. I don’t get it.”

Let’s hope “For 13 years we had no indoor facility, no privacy” doesn’t include restrooms.  Yuk.

Just as far out there is Tommy Bowden’s take on the situation.

Former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden said he used to call graduate assistants that left other programs and “kind of pump them for information.” But getting information from an in-house mole who’s still at the school?

“I’ve never heard that happen,” Bowden said. “If he left the program and went somewhere else, that’s normal sharing information. But not in-house. It just ruined the guy’s career. Originally, when it happened, I thought Petrino or his assistants went to the locker room and looked in garbage cans [and found Wake Forest’s game plan]. Most everybody does that.”

The difference is that Alabama has four support staffers who handle dumpster diving.  No other school has more than one.


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It’s only cheating if you get something out of it.

Shorter Louisville AD Tom Jurich:  Okay, sure, we got some info from that disgruntled Wake Forest staffer, but since Wake got wind of that and didn’t run any of the special plays he gave us, what’s the big deal?


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Renewing my faith in weird

My friends, welcome to the best college football story of 2016:

An investigation by the Wake Forest Athletic Department following the Wake Forest-Louisville football game on November 12th, found that former Wake Forest coach Tommy Elrod has provided or attempted to provide confidential game plan information to opposing teams, starting in 2014.

Elrod served as the Wake Forest color man on the IMG Radio Network beginning in 2014, and has been terminated immediately from his position at IMG.

According to a Wake Forest press release, he will “no longer broadcast Wake Forest football games and has been banned from Wake Forest athletics and its facilities.”

Elrod graduated from Wake Forest in 1997 and served as an assistant under Jim Grobe for 11 seasons. He was not retained by current head coach Dave Clawson.

That is about fifteen shades of awesome.  First off, there are coaches out there who think they need Wake Forest game plan info?  That’s a real thing?  Do you pay for that, or was Elrod so pissed off about not being retained he was dishing out the good stuff out of sheer revenge?

Even better, Wake won six games this year.  Can we find out which coaches got this information and still wound up losing to the Demon Deacons?  Please?


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