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Wednesday morning buffet

A warm buffet for a cold morning.


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The inevitable destination of conference realignment

It was only a matter of time before somebody went there.

Non-conference games against conference opponents.  Don’t you love new traditions?

And how long do you figure it’ll be before Joe Alleva suggests that for a way around those who want to keep the SEC’s permanent cross-division rivalry games?



“This is a unique opportunity to play a regional rival in years that fall outside the normal conference rotation,” UNC athletics director Bubba Cunningham said in a release. “We have a long history with Wake Forest that has historical value and will generate interest within our fans.”

In other words, instead of UNC and Wake Forest spending upwards of $1 million to fill a non-conference date with someone like Louisiana-Monroe or North Texas, they will play a more cost-effective game against a real rival, which will generate more fan interest and ticket sales.

Even though it’s a bit awkward and will create some confusion, it’s pretty much a win-win for those two schools. It’s also something other schools in the ACC could look to duplicate.

An awkward, confusing win-win.  That’s college football for you.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to add another conference game to the schedule?


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Why the hostility, bro?

As Georgia was in the process of thoroughly emasculating Louisville, Spencer Hall, bless his heart, had the presence of mind to dredge up this Danny Kanell gem:

Not that Kanell was averse to weighing in with some more ass-showing smack last night.

I dunno, maybe he’s jockeying for the Holtz seat opposite Mark May when Lou fades into the sunset.


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You can’t put a price on a good squib kick.

Fortunately for the SEC, it wound up with two schools in access bowls, so Georgia’s loss in the regular season finale didn’t cost the conference anything.

But check out what Georgia Tech’s win means to the ACC.


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Thursday morning buffet

Buffet on Thanksgiving?  Too much?



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“It’s one of those games that has to fall in the ACC win column this year.”

Andrea Adelson’s touching “you just gotta, ACC” beg is highlighted by a finger pointing in the wrong direction.

“Winning would help the league a lot but it’s going to be how does the media portray it?” Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said.

Gee, Coach, it doesn’t take a genius to see that you guys haven’t exactly given the media a lot to work with:

The last time Florida State, Georgia Tech and Clemson swept their SEC rivals was in 2000. The last time they posted a winning record against them was in 2008, when Georgia Tech and Clemson came out victorious. That also happens to be the last time both teams won their SEC rivalry game.

Adelson notes that Saturday isn’t a situation where Tech can’t afford to lose. Still, a win would be nice for the Jackets.

“The atmosphere is different about this week because it’s a must-win game,” Georgia Tech safety Jamal Golden said. “You don’t want to give them bragging rights for the next 365 days. You just have to hear it over and over again that you can’t beat them. It’s one of those games you look forward to playing.”

Hmmm… sounds like the voice of experience talking.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Might as well have some.


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