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Wahoo won’t.

I’m gonna go way out on a limb here and predict that an offense that’s lost a quarterback who outgained the team’s leading running back by almost 300 rushing yards is going to have trouble running the ball against 2019’s top rushing defense.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Please maintain a six-foot distance from your fellow grazers as you read…

  • Tennessee, Tier 3. (h/t 81Dog)
  • On the other hand, UT is back, baby, in part because… wait for it… they’ve got a chance, playing Georgia in November.
  • In case you want a line on the Dawgs’ opening opponent this season, here’s Pete Fiutak’s Virginia preview.  (All I can say is if the Cavs’ offensive line doesn’t step up, it’s gonna be a long day to be a Hoos fan.)
  • “With 1.139 million fans attending Georgia games — home, away and neutral site — the Bulldogs were one of a dozen schools to eclipse the million attendance mark in 2019.”
  • Louisiana has made it okay for immediate family members of college coaches are now officially allowed to be employed on staff.  I wonder who lobbied for that.
  • Another sign of the times:  apparently Southern Cal and Reggie Bush have kissed and made up.
  • Groo:  Curating a day of classic Georgia football
  • Can I just say this is dumb?


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Playing amateurism’s greatest hits

I think he touches on every NCAA talking point in three paragraphs.

You had to know if there’s one thing that could bring Duke and North Carolina together, it would be money.


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I’m sure he meant well.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on lately?  Yesterday it was the flap about Clemson keeping a lid on a story about a coach using a racial epithet in practice and now comes word about some tension at Florida State.

It appears to have started with a comment Mike Norvell, the head coach, gave to a beat writer from The Athletic.

Screenshot_2020-06-04 Tashan Reed on Twitter #FSU head coach Mike Norvell ( Coach_Norvell) had individual conversations wit[...]

On the surface, fairly anodyne stuff you wouldn’t be surprised to hear said by a typical head coach in the past few days.  Apparently, though, it didn’t go over well with one of FSU’s best players.


I have no idea where this is going, but Norvell’s got some fixin’ to do, to say the least.  Two incidents in a couple of days doth not a trend make, of course, but were I a head coach, it might behoove me to stick a finger in the air to see which way the wind blows before opening my mouth.


Norvell’s not a dumb guy.  He’s just used to being able to speak loosely about his player relations without being called on it.  Like a lot of his peers.


UPDATE:  Sounds like they’ve kissed and made up.


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The exception to the AD rule

I don’t think it comes as any big surprise that I don’t hold a whole lot of respect for the average AD’s grasp of finances, so I’ve got to say when I come across the rare case of someone who has a clue, it’s almost startling.

Let me introduce you to Wake Forest’s John Currie, who, like every one of his peers, is struggling to come up with the right mix of budgetary restraints in the face of a drastic revenue drop.  He’s cancelled spring sports, cut salaries where he can, but there’s one place he doesn’t intend to touch.

Currie explained that eliminating a program doesn’t always equate to a cost-saving measure.

“It also is interesting, though, because many of our sports … they’re partial scholarship sports,” Currie said. “Many of our sports and many of our student-athletes are either full payers themselves or they’re partial scholarship recipients.

“In fact, student-athletes at Wake Forest outside of the aid they receive, are paying about $10 million annually to the university for some or all of their tuition cost. Just dropping a sport doesn’t necessarily create a net revenue savings for a school.”

Imagine that.  An AD who stayed awake in his Econ 101 class.  (Okay, more like Basic Accounting, but it’s a metaphor.)  Maybe he could teach it to some of his peers.



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Keeping the jersey cleaner

One of the interesting aspects of evaluating Jamie Newman’s transition from Wake Forest to Georgia is trying to figure out whether the net rise in talent level between the schools for which he’s suited up outweighs that of the competition he’s facing.

Here’s one element to factor in.

Honestly, in that regard, Wake wasn’t too bad allowing 23 sacks in 2019, ranking fourth in the conference.  (How much of that could be chalked up to Newman’s mobility?)  Still, by comparison, Georgia was 5th nationally in sacks allowed per game, while Wake was 44th.  He’s clearly getting a boost, protection-wise.


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In a case of unbridled optimism…

here’s a preview of Virginia, Georgia’s opening opponent this season.

If you want the tl;dr version, all you need to know is that the ‘Hoos have lost Bryce Perkins, their great quarterback, and their top receivers (“I thought the receiver group was the strongest position group on the team last year, excluding Bryce Perkins,” Mendenhall said.).  That’s going to make for some tough sledding against Georgia’s pass defense, which probably doesn’t need the extra help.


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Fence building

Mack Brown is starting to keep the top North Carolina prospects home ($$).

If you’re trying to figure out how things went wrong for Fedora, consider this: In the five recruiting classes from 2013-17, the Tar Heels signed just eight top-five prospects in the state of North Carolina. Brown signed one in 2019, three in 2020 and has two committed for 2021.

While that may be somewhat irritating for Kirby Smart (Georgia is currently going head to head with the Heels over a four-star running back and another kid), it’s got to be downright distressing for Pruitt and Boom.


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If music be the food of non-compliance…

Let’s give it up for Pittsburgh, which has managed to pull off the neat twofer of having a former men’s basketball head coach and current football head coach hit with show cause orders in the same NCAA announcement.  Well done, Panthers.

Here’s what Narduzzi was up to:

According to the agreement, the head football coach instructed or was present at the practice facility when three former quality control staff members performed coaching duties, resulting in the program exceeding the allowable number of permissible coaches. The university conducted adequate spot checks of the program, but the agreement said the violations were undetected in part due to the program’s practice of playing music to indicate when outside parties were present at the practice facility. Football quality control staff members reported that they would make sure they were not near student-athletes when hearing the music.

Well, that’s one way to play on.


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Another conference joins the one-time transfer movement.

Maybe the NCAA figured if it kept botching the waiver process, conferences would have no choice but to change the rules.


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