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As always, timing is everything.

The most important ingredient in winning a national title isn’t running the football.

The most important ingredient in winning a national title isn’t stopping the run.

The most important ingredient in winning a national title is having no sense of institutional shame.

A Florida State investigative hearing into whether an alleged sexual assault involving quarterback Jameis Winston violated the student conduct code has been delayed to Dec. 1, a person involved in the process told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday.

The person requested anonymity because specifics of the hearing are to remain confidential.

Whether Winston is found responsible or not for any student conduct code violations, the delay means that decision might not be made until the Seminoles are in the College Football Playoff. FSU’s conduct code says a decision letter will be sent to the student within 10 class days from the conclusion of the hearing but allows for more time “if additional consideration of evidence and deliberation is required.”

The last day for fall semester final exams is Dec. 12 and spring semester classes begin on Jan. 7.

If the hearing concludes on Dec. 5 or later, any decision might not be rendered until after the national championship game. A period of 10 class days from that date would mean a decision would not be due until Jan. 13, one day after the championship game.

But when does FSU’s baseball season start?


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Profiles in chutzpah

Jameis Winston’s attorney is objecting to FSU’s planned disciplinary hearing because the school hasn’t conducted it in a timely manner.

“Winston’s cooperation came with the expectation that the process would be fair,” Cornwell wrote in the letter. “In this regard, I advise FSU that I believe ‘Mr. Winston is entitled to an explanation for FSU’s decision to ignore its own policy with respect to the timeliness of the Title IX process.'”

I think we’d all like to hear that explanation.


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Thursday morning buffet

Plenty to enjoy today.


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Trolling a troll

Bill Connelly provides a little context for the performance of the man Michael Cunningham is extremely impressed with.

S&P+ is typically quite volatile at this time of year (my own ratings are why Ole Miss is so damn high, too) and one team benefiting from that is Louisville, which has had, from a raw data standpoint, one of the most successful defenses in the country so far. The Cardinals rank fourth in Defensive S&P+, and while that wouldn’t be the biggest reach in the world — they ranked 10th in Defensive F/+ last year, after all, and new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham did have some success at Georgia before a 2013 fade — they have gotten what are probably a couple of artificial boosts.

First, Louisville has played Wake Forest. As long as raw data plays any role, even a minor one, in the ratings, playing Wake Forest is going to be good for you. The Ville held the Deacs to 100 total yards (1.8 per play) last Saturday, and while that’s certainly not bad … well, UL-Monroe held Wake to 94 yards (1.9 per play) in the season opener.

Maybe that just means Richt should have hired UL-Monroe’s defensive coordinator instead of Pruitt.


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Um… maybe this Pruitt guy’s not so bad, after all.

David Hale has a few interesting stats about FSU’s defense worth sharing with you.

Now, the ‘Noles lost a goodly chunk of talent to the NFL, so that’s a factor.  But they also lost a certain defensive coordinator.  I gotta think that’s a factor, too.


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I’m a lawyer.  I take a lot of crap from folks about my profession, but the reality is that most of the time I’m proud of the way attorneys conduct themselves according to professional standards.

This, however, isn’t one of those times.  Sheesh.


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Jimbo Fisher is a funny guy.

Oh, wait… you were serious about that?


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