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Today’s semi-meteor game

If you haven’t been paying attention — and, really, who could blame you for that? — the South Carolina-Tennessee series has been amazingly close for years now.

The Gamecocks have won the past three series meetings by a combined 12 points, the Vols won the three before that by a combined eight points and the matchup has not been decided by more than two touchdowns since 2009.

Whatever the reason for that, I don’t think it’s this:

“This matchup is always close and always a nail-biter, because they’re a good team, we’re a good team and good teams always fight it out until the very end,” Tennessee senior outside linebacker Darrell Taylor said.

Yeah, I’m not going with that, Darrell.  Sorry.

And how about this factoid?

Will Muschamp has never lost to Tennessee as a head coach, going 4-0 at Florida prior to winning the past three with the Gamecocks.

Between that and the Vanderbilt streak, these have definitely been the glory years for Vol football.  Today’s meeting has all the makings of a classic.



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A different kind of cannon shot

It appears that Greg Sankey’s whining isn’t resonating in Columbia, South Carolina.

I tell you what — for all his faults, if Boom gets in a fight with the SEC over officiating and calls a spade a spade in the process, I’ll take back every snarky thing I’ve ever said about him.


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Adding insult to injury

This should chap Kirby’s ass.

Boom received a national coach of the week award for not being quite as ineffective managing a game as Smart was.  That’s some low bar.


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Boom 1, Bye Week 0

I only wish I had known this before I put this week’s SEC Power Poll together.


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One day, they’ll sit back and laugh about it.

You know, I read a story like this

Muschamp also remains close to Zeier, once the SEC’s all-time leading passer during his playing days with Muschamp a Georgia.

“Yeah, Eric and I were roommates together all four years at Georgia,” Muschamp said. “So, love Eric and his family, we try to see each other the best we can, it’s hard in the job I have.

“He’s a great friend and a great person, outstanding quarterback.”

… and wonder what his former teammates think of Boom when he craps all over Georgia to flatter fans at his current employer.


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TFW you know you’re having a bad night as a defensive coordinator

Boom laid out the play call on national television and Kentucky still couldn’t stop it.  Embarrassing.

I bet Stoops has a staffer check the halftime interviews from now on.


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Oy vey.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve read since Logan Booker’s infamous post about benching Aaron Murray for Hutson Mason.  Which is saying something.

Booker at least had the sense to claim after the fact that he wasn’t being serious.


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