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Chip off the old block

Just a reminder that anger management isn’t the same thing as roster management.

There’s a perverse part of me that wants to see Boom on the Georgia sideline losing it.  Like I said, it’s a perverse part of me.


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My, how the cannon shot has turned.

How do you know it’s 2021?  Because a kid who committed to Georgia over the weekend cited Agent Muschamp as a reason for his choice.

“I feel like Coach Smart, Coach Muschamp, Coach Lanning and Coach Schumann are a great defensive core that our (sic) great defensive people,” Walker said. He’s a coach’s kid himself as his father is the head coach at Catawba College. “I feel like they can mold me into the linebacker that can make me achieve to the best of my ability and excel in the NFL if I have that chance.”

Boom, needless to say.

(And, yes, it feels good to pull that gif out of storage.)


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Kirby’s crutch?

Well, maybe more sounding board than support:

On having Will Muschamp out there…
“He’s probably the guy I lean on the most in terms of coaching the coaches and drill selection and ‘hey, how did you do this? How did y’all do this? Did y’all do this period first? That period first?’ Trying to find new ways to make our program better. I like, a lot, having him out there. I like having him in the meetings because it’s not the skillset of coaching. He’s certainly a competent coach and confident, but it’s a lot more, for me, I know he’s done things a lot of different ways. When you’re out there in between drills or a drill is going on, you walk over there and say, ‘hey, how did y’all do this? Is there a better way? What do you think about this?’ It’s helpful. It’s certainly breeds confidence and it giy,ves (sic) you more ways to do things.”

I hope somebody reminds Kirbs that different isn’t always better.  Especially when it’s coming from a guy who’s been fired as an SEC head coach twice now.


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TFW your reputation precedes you

Will Muschamp’s UGA bio page is a work of art.



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YOU get a raise! And YOU get a raise!

Some of y’all saw the news yesterday about this.

UGA football defensive coordinator Dan Lanning is one of three assistants on Kirby Smart’s staff that got a boost in salary since the end of last season.

Lanning, who turned down a chance to become Texas defensive coordinator, got a $450,000 raise to bring his annual salary to $1.75 million, according to information obtained Wednesday by the Athens Banner-Herald in an open records request…

Georgia running backs coach Dell McGee got a $125,000 raise to take his pay to $800,000.

Tight ends coach Todd Hartley’s salary increased $50,000 to $450,000.

New defensive backs coach Jahmile Addae will make $500,000.

That’s $100,000 less than Georgia paid Charlton Warren who left as DBs coach to become Indiana defensive coordinator.

Yeah, that bad ol’ pandemic has really put a crimp in athletic department expenses.

On top of that…

If that’s not the highest salary in the country for an analyst, it’s gotta be close.  But that’s not even the most impressive part.  This is.

That’s over $21 million to a guy whose career record as a head coach is 55-51.  Cue the BoDeans.


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The Agent Who Came In From The Cold

Boom, there it is.


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Boom in da house

Agent Muschamp returns:

Will Muschamp is already working for Georgia. In exactly what capacity remains unclear.

The former South Carolina head coach has been entering and exiting the Bulldogs’ highly-secure football complex daily this week and parking in a space at the Butts-Mehre Building. What he has been doing in the hours in between is unknown.

Probably trying to find out what happened to that cannon shot…


UPDATE:  Nothing to see here, sez Kirbs.


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You can’t go home again.

One thing about a $15 million buyout is that you can afford to be choosy about your next job.

Will Muschamp has turned down an opportunity to return to Texas as its defensive coordinator, sources told CBS Sports. Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom is among new coach Steve Sarkisian’s top candidates now that Muschamp has passed on the position.

I’m okay with that.  Agent Muschamp needs to go some place that will let him keep doing a solid for his alma mater.


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Birth of a meme

This Mandel tweet…

… suddenly made me realize that Boom is the first coach to have been Kiffin’ed.  (And, yeah, I imagine this just got a little awkward.)

I haven’t seen anyone else use the expression yet, so I hereby claim the trademark in the name of Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain, or something like that.

By the way, ain’t it just like Junior to take a gratuitous shot at Malzahn while celebrating?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…


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Boom, busted

Not even the coronavirus could save Agent Muschamp.

University of South Carolina Director of Athletics Ray Tanner announced Sunday that Will Muschamp is no longer the head football coach, effective immediately. With this announcement, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Mike Bobo will serve as the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

“After a thorough assessment of our football program, we have decided to make a change with the head football coach,” said Tanner. “I appreciate all that Will Muschamp has done for our program and wish him and his family the best moving forward. I believe our program will be well served by Coach Bobo as the interim head coach as we search for a new leader for Gamecock Football.”

UofSC President Bob Caslen and Tanner met with the coaching staff and student-athletes on Sunday to inform them of the change.

“I appreciate everything Coach Muschamp has done for our University. He is a true professional and strong advocate for our student-athletes,” said Caslen. “Under his leadership, our football players excelled in the classroom and served as mentors in the community. Will also brought much-needed stability to the program. However, I believe it is time to move in a different direction.”

A search for a new head football coach will begin immediately.

“We will begin a search immediately to find the best head coach for Carolina football,” added Tanner. “We have great facilities, a passionate fan base, a University that is committed to excellence in football and a support system that is second to none in developing student-athletes. We will be looking for someone with the energy, commitment and organizational skills that can move our program to a championship level.”

“Our search for a new head football coach begins today, and I have every confidence that Coach Tanner will find the right person to lead our program,” added Caslen. “A vibrant athletics program is integral to the college experience. I know how much football means to our students, faculty, alumni, and donors; I share that passion. Our priority remains winning a championship at the University of South Carolina.”

Muschamp was in his fifth season as South Carolina’s head coach with a record of 28-30, including a 2-5 mark this season. He is also the only coach to take the Gamecocks to bowl games in each of his first three seasons.

What a rich legacy he leaves behind!  It’s only too bad he leaves before his good buddy Kirby Smart could give him one last chance at redemption.

Not trying to be too snarky here.  By all accounts, when he’s not on the field, Muschamp’s a good guy.  It’s not like he hasn’t been taken care of, either.

No doubt he’ll be somebody’s defensive coordinator next season, ’cause college football’s always gonna college football.

South Carolina, on the other hand, is a worthy target for sarcasm.  The early leader to succeed Boom is Liberty’s Hugh Freeze, assuming he can get past Greg Sankey’s delicate sensibilities.

Freeze is the leader in the clubhouse, and the clubhouse isn’t very big. Think of it this way: Perhaps South Carolina opened because Freeze is successful and available. Freeze is an accomplished SEC head coach who needs a lifeline out of Liberty after the way he exited Ole Miss. The Flames are undefeated and ranked for the first time in school history. There isn’t a buyout that can keep Freeze at Liberty, especially when an SEC school is involved. Freeze signed an extension through 2026 last week. It doesn’t matter. Common sense would dictate that Freeze’s moral failings at Ole Miss have been mitigated by a car wash through Liberty. There might not even be a phone call to Flames athletic director Ian McCaw.

Praise the Lord!  Dabo vs. Freeze, in the Sanctimony Bowl, college football’s newest meteor game.

Oh, one other reason Freeze is the likely first choice?

Both Muschamp and Freeze are represented by super agent Jimmy Sexton.

Remember, coaches may come and coaches may go, but Jimmy Sexton is eternal.


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