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The things that pop into my head sometimes.

Here’s a question for you:  ever thought about how Alabama’s and Georgia’s seasons would have played out if Kirby hadn’t flipped Jake Fromm from Alabama?



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Today’s dose of Steele

Steele ranks units not just nationally, but also by conference.  His SEC rankings for Georgia:

  • QB 1
  • RB 2
  • Rec 2
  • OL 1
  • DL 4
  • LB 3
  • DB 3
  • ST 1

Alabama ranks first in six categories (tied with Georgia at QB and OL), which is tops for the conference.  However, there’s more variation in the Tide’s rankings, as Steele ranks their receivers sixth and special teams seventh.

All in all, it’s another indication Steele perceives the gap is shrinking between the top to two programs in the SEC.


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Womp womp

You know without having to read another sentence where a post at Roll Bama Roll is headed after an opener like this:

I have never really paid any attention to ESPYS Awards.

I’m not sure I want to live in a world where Alabama doesn’t get any respect.


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Stay classy, “War Eagle”.

You never know if Twitter stories are true, but, Gawd, I really hope this one is.

Now there’s a different twist on the ol’ “How do you get a rival student/grad off your front porch? Tip him for the pizza” joke.


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The greatest threat to Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman campaign…

is his little brother.


(h/t UncleBeezer, who is living proof that there are some ‘Bama fans who are good folks)


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When did ‘Bama fans get so whiny?

I’m not even sure I understand the complaint here.


UPDATE:  Paul Myerberg points out that ‘Bama dropped a five-star quarterback in Blake Barnett, too.

Say it with me now… *crickets*.


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Filed away for future reference

Never interrupt a man in the middle of his golf game.

So much for putting that game behind him.


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