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Anxiety DEFCON 1

This is fine.


UPDATE:  Now they’re piling on.


UPDATE #2:  Life comes at you fast, Georgia fans.


UPDATE #3:  It’s a done deal.

Congrats and best of luck to Coach Pittman.


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Speaking of the SEC’s most embarrassing loss yesterday…

It’s hard to be worse than Vanderbilt this season, but Morris managed to pull that off.


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“I’m not even sure what they were trying to accomplish right here.”

World to Kirby Smart:  Nice fake punt, dude.

Arkansas special teams:  Hold our beer.

Only slightly less astounding than the total ineptitude on display there is that the pick was only Auburn’s second of the year.


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Nowhere to go but up

I mentioned yesterday that Arkansas may have the worst roster in the SEC.  How bad are things in Fayetteville?  This bad.

Neither of Arkansas’ top two quarterbacks from 2018 will begin this season as the starter at their new school.

Ty Storey was announced as the runner-up in his battle at Western Kentucky on Tuesday, while Cole Kelley has been unable to overtake the returning starter at Southeastern Louisiana.

The pair combined to start 11 of the Razorbacks’ 12 games last year…



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It’s only Tuesday, but I’m pretty sure this is going down as my favorite story of the week.

Arkansas defensive backs Ryan Pulley and Kamren Curl have been suspended and are not expected to play in the Razorbacks’ game at Missouri on Friday.

Pulley and Curl were identified as the Arkansas players who were socializing with members of Mississippi State’s dance team prior to the Razorbacks’ 52-6 loss to the Bulldogs in Starkville, Miss., last Saturday.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Pulley and Curl were seen taking pictures with and talking to female members of the MSU squad prior to warmups.

“They will not be here today or yesterday or any part of this week for unacceptable behavior – actions that are completely unacceptable to anything we’re about,” Arkansas coach Chad Morris said Monday without specifically referencing the event at Mississippi State.

Classic.  Also, a handy excuse for the ass whipping Arky took from Mississippi State.

Asked about the incident following the game, Arkansas senior linebacker Dre Greenlaw said he was not aware of players talking with cheerleaders, but added, “That’s not something I would do. I surely wasn’t doing it.

“Some people have got different focuses. Obviously, you could see this game we weren’t in the right mindset.”

I’m sure suspending two starters in the secondary just in time to face Drew Lock will get your minds right, Dre.


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Approaching peak dumbass

We’re only three weeks into the season, and this may already qualify as the most embarrassing special teams play of 2018.

Arkansas was going to be a tough job this year, given the transition/personnel issues Chad Morris faces.  But damn, Hogs, you don’t need to go out of your way to make it worse.


UPDATE:  Why aren’t they blowing the whistle?  LOL.


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