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Another genius shown the door

Say goodbye to Bert’s boss.

Jeff Long will not return as the Arkansas athletics director, sources told FootballScoop Wednesday. Sources told FootballScoop the announcement is set for today. Tyler Thomason of KARK-TV in Little Rock first reported the news.

Long’s contract was set to expire on June 30. The Arkansas board of directors held a lengthy meeting last week in which no action was taken on Long or Bret Bielema’s respective employment statuses.

I doubt that’s good news for Bielema.  If so, this has the potential of being a real shit show in terms of find a new head coach.



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Everybody’s AD sucks.

And here I thought Jeff Long was a genius.

University of Arkansas trustees have met in executive session but taken no action against Athletic Director Jeff Long or Head Football Coach Bret Bielema.

The UA trustees had gone into a closed-door executive session starting at 8:45 a.m. Thursday and came out shortly after noon having taken no action.

We had been told before the meeting that some of the trustees have not been happy with the direction of the athletic program, especially the football team. Many fans and supporters have been restless over the disappointing football season and the team’s lack of success with a 4-5 record so far this season.

Another place where the natives appear to be getting restless, which can only be good news for Jimmy Sexton.



UPDATE:  A hero for our time emerges.

Tuberville, who joined me on The Opening Kickoff on WNSP-FM 105.5 on Thursday, was asked if he would be interested in the Auburn’s athletic director position.

“I would love to help Auburn’s athletic program,” Tuberville said. “I don’t think there’s anyone more qualified than me. I know it. I know the people. I know the boosters, the alumni. I know the city, the community. I would love to talk to the president, whether I am a candidate or whether I can help.”

On the bright side, if he got the gig, at least we wouldn’t have to listen to him mail it in any more on ESPN.


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Today, in life imitates art

You know the old joke about a guy leaving two Falcons tickets on his windshield at the mall for anyone to take, only to come back and find four?

It’s no joke at Arkansas.


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The natives are getting restless.

Just send the damned check in, okay?


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Nawledge izz hard.

Arkansas equipment manager, you had one job.


Of course, with the upset win, maybe they’ll think it’s good luck.


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Michigan breaks a date with Bert.

Good to see this game come back.

In order to make room for it, though, something’s gotta give.  In this case, it’s the home-and-home the Wolverines scheduled with Arkansas.  How bad do they want out?

This bad.

Can you put a price tag on karma?


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“We both need a win; that’s what it is.”

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

Two great stats for this game:

  • The 28-21 loss dropped the Razorbacks to 0-9 under Bielema in games decided by fewer than 10 points…

  • And Tennessee and Jones are feeling the pressure that comes after being outscored 49-24 in the fourth quarter and overtime this season — after outscoring opponents 141-50 through the first three quarters.

I’m thinking these guys deserve… oh, I dunno, say about six overtimes on Saturday.  Their heads might explode over it.


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