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Monday morning buffet

Man, it’s already the first of June.



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You know us, Bert. We’re always here to help.

Sometimes, comment threads almost write themselves.

This is one of those times.  Have at it.


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Bert goes pervy.

Arkansas sends fifteen letters… to a recruit’s girlfriend.

I wonder when she gets her scholarship offer.


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“Everybody should have a boss.”

I don’t know if serving as the grand poobah of the CFP’s selection committee has gone to his head, or if it’s something else, but Jeff Long wants you to know he’s the man, damn it.

“It comes down to a simple thing. Many times, these coaches have been allowed to be their own bosses and take their programs and operate it as a single entity more powerful and more important than the rest of the athletic department or university. That’s wrong. Our coaches know it. I don’t say this because I’m some big tough guy, but our coaches know they have a boss. They have to answer to me. They know we’re going to keep things focused the right way.

“I have a boss. I have a chancellor, I have a system president, I have a board of trustees. Those people are my bosses, and they’re going to keep me in line and make sure I’m running our program the way they want it run.”

Long believes you see schools getting in trouble when that hierarchy isn’t in place.

“I think our profession is guilty of allowing certain high-profile individuals become larger than the program, larger than the department, larger than the university, and that’s wrong. I think that’s where you see these coaches and programs get into trouble,” Long said. “I don’t puff out my chest and say I’m Bret Bielema’s boss, but I am.”

Easy to say when Nick Saban isn’t your head football coach, dude.  Too bad Bobby Petrino didn’t get the message.


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Calling Pork Rind Jimmy!

Hard to believe, but one day Arkansas fans may look back on the Houston Nutt era as a period of relative calm and stability.

With a little work, Jeff Long could be the new Mike Hamilton.


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Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert. Bert.

Ah, hell.  Felt bad about the game when the fumble call was overturned near the end of the first half.

Congrats to Missouri, who did it the hard way.

Next time, don’t take Florida lightly, Dawgs.

On to Tech.


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Boss Hawgs

I mentioned in my SEC Power Poll post that Georgia’s wins against Arkansas and Missouri look better with each passing week.  The computers agree.  Georgia is now second in Sagarin’s rankings, helped by a 5-1 record against teams in his top thirty.  Georgia has also risen to third in Football Perspective’s SRS rankings.

People are just falling over themselves about Arkansas, a team fresh off two straight shutouts of SEC West opponents.  You’d think that would make for a strong perception of Georgia.  After all, the 38 points Georgia scored in the first half against the Razorbacks was a record under Richt.  It was the last game of this season, at least to date, in which Arkansas was dominated.  But if Bruce Feldman is any indication, that’s not how the game is being seen in retrospect. Oh sure, Georgia won… the first half.

After the debacle that was Bielema’s first season at Arkansas, much of the talk was how suspect the defensive personnel was and about how dismal Bobby Petrino’s final couple recruiting classes had been. Enter Smith, who brought with him his quarter-quarter-half D and a premium on tackling fundamentals based on a system his old boss Greg Schiano had devised almost a decade ago at Rutgers. After allowing 45 points in the opener at Auburn, the Hogs started to show progress. In mid-October, they held Alabama to just 2.1 yards per carry and only 227 total yards in a 14-13 Crimson Tide win. Smith, though, says the moment he feels the Hogs turned the corner was earlier this month in a 17-10 loss at No. 1 Miss. State.

“We got back from the Miss. State game and there was a sense, ‘It’s time,'” Smith said. “We tackled the best we had tackled and we communicated really well. We really only had one communication problem, and that had led to a touchdown.”

Smith’s sense was spot on. Since then, they’ve outscored their opponents — LSU and Ole Miss — 47-0. But the defensive transformation had been in the works before the wins started to come. In their last 10 quarters at home in SEC play, Arkansas has outscored three ranked opponents — Georgia, LSU and Ole Miss — 73-7. Even more impressively, in their last 14 quarters in the SEC, facing four ranked teams, the Hogs have allowed just two touchdowns.

That’s some pretty nifty cherry picking going on there.  It’s almost as if that first half in Little Rock – and Nick Chubb’s 202 rushing yards – never happened. Sure, the Dawgs relaxed a little in the second half, but it’s not as if the outcome was ever in doubt.

There’s a certain amount of irony in all this.  It’s great that Arkansas is generating more respect as the season closes out, but what if that doesn’t carry over to the Dawgs in the public eye?  (Note that Feldman doesn’t even mention the Arkansas win in his summary of #9 Georgia.)  If the computers like Georgia more than people do, how does that play in to what the selection committee thinks? Especially if Arkansas beats Missouri Friday?


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