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Nawledge izz hard.

Arkansas equipment manager, you had one job.


Of course, with the upset win, maybe they’ll think it’s good luck.



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Michigan breaks a date with Bert.

Good to see this game come back.

In order to make room for it, though, something’s gotta give.  In this case, it’s the home-and-home the Wolverines scheduled with Arkansas.  How bad do they want out?

This bad.

Can you put a price tag on karma?


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“We both need a win; that’s what it is.”

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

Two great stats for this game:

  • The 28-21 loss dropped the Razorbacks to 0-9 under Bielema in games decided by fewer than 10 points…

  • And Tennessee and Jones are feeling the pressure that comes after being outscored 49-24 in the fourth quarter and overtime this season — after outscoring opponents 141-50 through the first three quarters.

I’m thinking these guys deserve… oh, I dunno, say about six overtimes on Saturday.  Their heads might explode over it.


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Quarter of the week 

Sure, Georgia – Alabama is the heavyweight SEC game this coming Saturday. 

But judging from their recent game management misadventures, the fourth quarter of Arkansas – Tennessee may be the most compelling fifteen minutes of football we’ll see, if, by compelling, we mean in the sense of an impending car crash from which we can’t look away. 


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You think Georgia’s got quarterback problems?

Arkansas lost to Toledo on Saturday, despite outgaining the Rockets by almost 200 yards.  Sure, the Hogs went minus-1 on in turnover margin, but, still, there’s got to be a better reason than that for an embarrassing home loss to a MAC squad.

How about this?

Inside the red zone, Brandon Allen’s QBR fell from 87.0 to 1.0, thanks to 2-of-11 passing, no touchdowns and one interception.

If you’re not a QBR fan, on the season Allen’s passer rating in the red zone is a woeful 52.91.

Considering that Allen currently ranks fourth in the SEC in overall passer rating, one of Georgia’s saving graces this season may turn out to be that there simply aren’t many consistently good quarterbacks in the conference.


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Clint Stoerner, just like everyone else, has an opinion.

He’s a former SEC quarterback (whose biggest claim to fame is this) who’s evidently been hired by the SEC Network, which I guess is supposed to mean that we’re expected to take utterances like this as being delivered with particular gravitas.

In a conversation about former USC quarterback Ricky Town transferring into the program, Finebaum asked Stoerner what his thoughts were on the Hogs this season, the pro-style offense and if the program is a Cinderella team to watch. You can also watch the video here.

“The pro-style offense — there’s not a lot of them around in the country, and Bret Bielema chooses to remain in that style of offense and believes he can do it at the University of Arkansas. They have become, in my opinion, hands down, the best pro-style running game in the country.”

I don’t know what it is about going on Finebaum and saying stupid shit, but can you even say Arkansas has the best pro-style running game in the conference, hands down?  Not according to the stats.

Then again, I’ve never fumbled in the arena, so what do I know?


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Monday morning buffet

Man, it’s already the first of June.


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