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Now this is how you putdown.

Dana Holgorsen, with maybe the greatest response to a fan on a radio call in show:

“… definitely some perceived deficiencies” deserved every bit of “… and do not bring up that man’s name ever again” it got in response.  Dana, you go, girl.



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Time flies when you’re having a good time.

Holy effing shit.

Congrats, NCAA.  At least you’ve gotten around to this while Briles is still alive and on this earth.


UPDATE:  This is like the punchline to a bad joke.

What it really is, is a decision not to get dragged into another Penn State situation.


UPDATE #2:  You knew this was coming.

Only if they’re playing college football in hell, you bastard.


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The power of rehabilitation

Imagine how hard up you have to be about the state of your football program to take active steps promoting this possibility:

Just win, baby, to the nth degree.


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The least self-aware person in America

This guy.

Honestly, I don’t think the connection ever crossed his mind.  Which explains how he ran Baylor, not to put too fine a point on it.


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If at first you don’t succeed…

What the fuck

A ruling by the NCAA after a lengthy investigation into Baylor University’s athletic department was supposed to be announced by the end of the summer, but the process may be pushed back to the beginning as part of a new procedure that changes the way investigations are conducted.

According to sources, in early August the NCAA informed Baylor that it may send its case to its newly created “independent adjudicative authority.”

This is a new form of rule and enforcement that is clear of the traditional NCAA’s Committee on Infractions that previously decided cases involving potential rules violations.

The NCAA opened an investigation into Baylor’s athletic department in June 2017 after the sexual assault scandal that led to the firing of football coach Art Briles in May 2016, and the eventual resignation of president Ken Starr.

In September 2018, it sent Baylor a “notice of allegations,” with charges against Briles and a “lack of institutional control” on the part of administrators.

Sources familiar with the process felt the case would be resolved in the spring of 2019, and then, at the latest, the summer.

On Aug. 1, the NCAA announced a new “Independent Accountability Resolution Process.” This was created after the recommendations were made by the Commission on College Basketball, which was chaired by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

After more than two years, a complete do-over?  Leave it to the NCAA to come up with a way to make me feel at least somewhat sympathetic to Baylor.  I didn’t think that was possible.


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“Vetting”? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Dude, just say you wanted to hire Briles and didn’t care about the rest of it.  You’ll look less moronic.

This is why ADs hire search firms, by the way.


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Art Briles has a new home.

You know, they say in the PR business that if there’s news you have to release when people aren’t paying attention — at least you hope they aren’t — it’s late Friday.  Even better, late Friday on a holiday weekend.

That being said, I don’t think there’s late Friday enough to bury a news dump like this one.

The first thing you notice is that Briles is described as someone who “coached at three Texas universities” without, you know, actually mentioning Baylor by name.

There are so many cringeworthy quotes in that announcement that you wonder who thought it was a good idea to let people speak.  Start with the man himself:

“High school football is a Texas institution.  As a coach, it’s my first love. You’ll make no bigger impact in this world than when you shape the lives of young people — one practice, one game, and one life at a time.”

Oh, hells yeah.

His new boss is all into shaping, too.

“We are pleased to welcome Coach Briles back home to Texas,” he said. “He brings with him a wealth of not only football experience but also life experience. He is passionate about investing in the lives of young people and helping them to succeed both on the field and in life. After a thorough due diligence process and several earnest conversations, we believe our students will benefit greatly from his skills and experience.”

How people can say shit like this with a straight face is beyond me.  Still, I have to say Grant Teaff, who once was the Executive Director of the American Football Coaches Association and — get this — supervisor of the association’s Ethics Committee, wins the holiday weekend with this beaut:

“I have known Art Briles for over 30 years as an extremely successful high school coach and through his years as a college coach,” he said. “I have observed him as a man, husband, father, grandfather, and as a coach, always forthright and stellar.”

He went on to say that Briles never incurred a single recruiting infraction during his time at the collegiate level, as if that matters.

Nah, all that matters is winning… football games, that is.

Sounds like they’re all in for that.  High school, sheesh.


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A rock in Waco has just been turned over.

Who knows what’s going to crawl out?

A federal judge in Texas ruled Thursday that a law firm must turn over thousands of records that lawyers believe will give a fuller accounting of how Baylor University responded to sexual assault allegations made by students.

Judge Robert Pitman said in his order that Philadelphia-based Pepper Hamilton must produce all materials related to its internal review that resulted in a 2016 summary report finding an “institutional failure at every level.”

The firm “must produce all materials” in its control that Baylor either has not produced or doesn’t possess, Pitman determined. He swept aside several objections that Pepper Hamilton had lodged, including that the federal court in Waco, home to the university, did not have jurisdiction in the matter. He ordered that the materials be provided by April 11.

I have no idea myself, but hope it puts Ken Starr in the worst possible light.


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Ken Starr’s tone deaf quest for fairness

Ugh.  I get the whole innocent until proven guilty bit (and, to be fair, Shawn Oakman was found not guilty) but Ken Starr raising money for a Baylor athlete’s defense fund after presiding over the school’s lack of support for sexual assault and Title IX-related accusations (which, to be fair again, cost Starr his presidency there) isn’t a good look.  At all.


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One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.

A commenter asked me yesterday if Shawn Oakman’s acquittal changed my opinion on Briles and what reportedly transpired at Baylor.

I’m gonna have to go with nah on that.


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