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“I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity…”


Former Houston offensive coordinator Kendal Briles has accepted the same position at Florida State, the school announced Sunday…

“I’m excited about the addition of Kendal to our staff,” Florida State coach Willie Taggart said. “He brings play-calling experience and familiarity with the type of scheme and tempo we will run, which is similar to the offenses he has coordinated. His ability to recruit, manage an offensive staff, develop quarterbacks and make in-game adjustments will be beneficial to us as we evolve in our offense. Kendal has success at the Power 5 level and has also shown his adaptability to personnel and situations that occur during a season. He had multiple opportunities following the 2018 season and we feel the fit here will be a good one.”


Somewhere out there, Zach Smith wonders if he should be angry about a double standard, or if he should submit his resume to Willie Taggart.


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Baylor is so bad, it can’t even throw itself under the bus.

You probably won’t be shocked to learn that the NCAA finally hit Baylor with a formal notice of allegations.

Former football coach Art Briles is among those alleged to have committed NCAA infractions. Sources confirmed the allegations against Briles fall under “Head Coach Responsibility: Failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance.” Also among the NCAA allegations is a “lack of institutional control.”

Kind of a no-brainer, right?  Well, the school was initially hoping otherwise, based on some reasoning that manages to combine chutzpah and cluelessness into a neat package.

Baylor had initially hoped to avoid any serious punishment from the NCAA, based on North Carolina’s experience with its academic fraud case in 2017. Normally the NCAA punishes universities when infractions are specific to the athletic department or when athletes receive benefits that are not available to the entire student population.

In recent months, evidence has shown that the handling of sexual assault cases at Baylor was not merely an athletic department issue.

Yecch.  Even so, hope was abandoned.

In the early summer of 2018, however, the mood changed at Baylor when NCAA investigators continued to interview more former school officials and coaches. Among them was former Baylor strength and conditioning coach Kaz Kazadi. Part of his responsibility under Briles was to handle the disciplining of football players. That includes potential punishment for various team infractions, such as running early in the morning, etc.

So — stay with me here — it started with “the athletic department was troubled”, went to “the athletic department was no worse than the school as a whole” and finished with “okay, the school might have its problems, but the athletic department is a friggin’ disaster”.  Good look for you, Baylor.


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Tuesday morning buffet

You know you want some.


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Oh, **those** papers.

In case you had any doubts about whether Art Briles is scum…

Top Baylor University administrators discussed sexual assault allegations against Tevin Elliott and put potential disciplinary action on hold months before the then-football player raped another student, according to emails and other documents filed Thursday in a Title IX lawsuit against the school.

Art Briles, the former head football coach fired in May 2016 during the school’s sexual assault scandal, handed over the documents late last month in response to a subpoena from lawyers representing 10 women suing the school.

Emails included in a filing Thursday reveal administrators with oversight of student conduct discussing allegations against Elliott in October 2011, shortly before he raped a then-Baylor student in April 2012. Elliott is serving a 20-year prison sentence after being convicted of sexual assault in the case in January 2014.  [Emphasis added.]

That’s why you sue assholes.  Otherwise, you never find out what they’ve been up to.


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“We are all trying to do due diligence.”

For some unknown reason, people associated with Baylor football during the Briles era keep opening their mouth in the deluded belief that it will make things better.  Pro tip:  it doesn’t.

Here’s what former defensive coordinator Phil Bennett had to say about Sam Ukwuachu, a transfer student who was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a Baylor student athlete.  (He played after being indicted.)

Included in that TM report was an anecdote that Bennett told a group of Baylor fans in a June ‘15 gathering for the Baylor Sports Network that Ukwuachu was expected to play that fall. At the time, Ukwuachu was scheduled to stand trial for allegedly raping a member of the Baylor women’s soccer team.

Why did you make that comment?

“It was at Joe T. Garcia’s (in Fort Worth). I was asked about it. I never mentioned it until I was asked. I would do a rundown of the defensive players (for the audience). I would say, ‘At left defensive end, we have so and so.’ I never said his name. Someone asked me, ‘What about Sam?’ I said, ‘We expect him back.’ We didn’t go into personnel or anything. He had just been cleared by our judicial affairs, who said, ‘We think this is going to be cleared.’ “

Who told you he would be clear?

“Sam told me. He took out a $5,000 loan to pay for his own lie detector test. And (the staff) was told that he gave (Baylor chief judicial officer) Bethany McCraw all the facts. We were told he would be clear. How do you end up getting convicted and six months’ probation?”

“Gee, dumbass, maybe next time you don’t take an accused player at his word without doing your own due diligence” would seem to be the obvious retort here, but Bennett’s got a response for that, too.

How did the staff handle it when Texas Monthly published the story about Ukwuachu?

“We were committed and we knew more about the situation than anybody else. Art would say, ‘(athletic director Ian McCaw) says, “Stick with due process ‘til it’s done.” ’ (Ukwuachu’s) roommate was there (during the alleged attack). And, at the same time, you said it yourself: How do you know? You can’t live with that if you’re wrong. It was not our job to do it, and we were going on what we were told.

“If we had had (Title IX coordinator) Patty Crawford (who was hired in November ‘14) in place, this all would have been out of our hands and they would have handled it. Art would have survived. We all would have survived. I go back to Sam’s deal; the sensationalism and the lies that he played. He never played. He never set foot in the weight room or the locker room. I’ve said this from the get-go: This was a systematic problem. Baylor never wanted Title IX in the first place.”

The idea that the same “Sam told me” guy also claims that he know more about the situation than anybody else beggars belief.  Well, almost as much as this:

Quite the jump from moody to multiple counts of sexual assault, eh?

Then again, that’s Baylor.


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It’s the only way to be sure.

Some of you saw the egregious bullshit former Baylor AD Ian McCaw tried to sell about the sexual assault scandal that rocked the football program and the school:

Liberty University Athletics Director Ian McCaw in a deposition said Baylor University undertook “an elaborate plan that essentially scapegoated black football players and the football program for being responsible for what was a decades-long, universitywide sexual assault scandal,” according to a motion filed Wednesday in Waco’s U.S. District Court.

McCaw said he was “disgusted” by Baylor regents’ racism and by a “phony” 13-page document held up by the board as a summary of a nine-month investigation into how Baylor responded to reports of sexual assault. He was questioned June 19 by lawyers representing 10 women who allege Baylor denied them educational opportunities protected by Title IX after they were assaulted. The motion includes excerpts from McCaw’s sworn testimony.

McCaw spent 13 years as Baylor’s athletics director and accepted the same role at Liberty in November 2016. At the height of the scandal in May 2016, Baylor regents sanctioned McCaw and placed him on probation, and McCaw resigned days later.

McCaw said he resigned because he “did not want to be part of some Enron cover-up scheme,” according to Wednesday’s motion.

No part of any cover up.  Uh hunh.  Right.

Make no mistake about it.  His defense, such as it is, is completely vile:  pay no attention to the student-athletes who were arrested and convicted of sexual assault nor to the football program that did its damnedest to protect them, because they were scapegoats in the face of a larger scandal.

Cry me a river, Ian.

Of course, this has given the usual suspect the opening you’d suspect he’d run through.

Ugh.  These people.

I have only one thing to say in response.


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