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It’s Thursday night… in Athens!

Putting 2+2 together

Be prepared for first-round Playoff games to kick off on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Or maybe all three. As Sports Illustrated has reported, this is expected. It’s something that CFP executive director Bill Hancock strongly suggested in a conversation with reporters Tuesday. Hancock said he’d be “surprised” if all four first-round games were on a Saturday. That’s for at least two reasons: avoiding competing with the NFL, which begins regular-season games on Saturdays in mid-December; and television windows.

“You’d like to have each game in its own window. As you know, there are just three windows: 12 [p.m.], 4 and 8,” Hancock says.

Inside the room, discussions have centered around several possibilities, including holding one Playoff game each night Wednesday through Friday and then a Saturday afternoon Playoff game leading into the NFL games.


There seems to be no sentiment to move the first-round games from on-campus stadiums to bowl sites. The topic did not arise during commissioners’ discussions on Tuesday, Hancock says. And most commissioners say privately they do not expect the first round to move from campuses.

Getting to a playoff game in metro Atlanta rush hour traffic? I mean, who wouldn’t like that?

Then again, you’d think that should be incentive enough to chase one of the top four seeds to get that coveted bye.


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One hand washes the other

And here ($$), in one paragraph, is the grand theory of the mindset of the folks running college football these days:

“I think it probably motivated everybody to say stuff is changing really quickly, and if we want to see some additional stability within a sort of realignment world, getting an expanded playoff was certainly a key to that,” Washington State’s Schulz said. “And so I think that helps many of the presidents say, ‘Hey, we need to get this done so we all know what that’s going to look like. Because if you’re in a 20-team conference, and there’s a four-team playoff, that may not look as attractive as being in a smaller conference with that ability to maybe get there. Now, if it’s an expanded playoff, and you know there’s more slots available, then some of the realignment may make more sense.”

Whatever gets y’all through the night, brother.


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Those eggs aren’t gonna break themselves to make that tasty CFP omelet.

There are times when I think college football is nothing but an elaborate experiment to see how effectively it can self-sabotage.  I mean, check out how they’re considering scheduling the post-expansion CFP ($$):

First round: It will be the third weekend in December, ideally with three games on Saturday, but that will depend on whether the CFP is willing to go head-to-head with the NFL’s Saturday games. Mind you, those games have recently been on NFL Network, not CBS/FOX, so is it really that big a conflict? Still, I could see one on Thursday night (which itself is an NFL conflict), one on Friday night and two on Saturday.

Quarterfinals: The goal is a New Year’s Day triple-header and a primetime Jan. 2 game, but the Rose Bowl’s contract will complicate that in 2024 and 2025. Also, don’t laugh, but even the Citrus and Outback bowls’ contracts lock them into their early New Year’s windows, so the parties involved would have to reach some compromises. If not, you may have a dreaded Dec. 31 game.

Semifinals: There’s currently no good answer here. The two games will have to be squeezed around NFL wild-card weekend, which now runs from Saturday to Monday. You could either play prime-time games Thursday and Friday or one Friday night and the other Saturday at noon or 12:30 ET. (The first NFL game is at 4:30.) However, in the Week 0 scenario, these games could move up to Jan. 1 which seems infinitely more desirable.

Championship game: The third Monday in January, after the NFL divisional rounds. Good news for all the Monday night complainers: They’ve moved this year’s game up a half hour to 7:30 p.m. ET, and I assume that will continue.

Thursday night college football!  It’s not just for MACtion anymore!

I’d like to say these fuckers deserve the consequences of their bad planning, but who am I kidding here?  As long as Mickey keeps sending the checks, they’re not going to care how many fans they alienate.


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The earlier bird catches the worm.

If you add another week or two of games to the college football schedule, which CFP expansion would do, you’ve either got to make it up somewhere else or rub elbows with the NFL.  You can guess which way the suits are headed.

A proposal to revamp the 365-day college football calendar calls for leaders to further examine moving up the start of the regular season as well as the bowl season.

… maybe the most significant item is the notion that officials need to “further explore potentially making Week 0 fully permissive,” the calendar notes. Under current rules, teams need a waiver to play a game during what’s termed “Week 0,” the weekend before the official start to the season. In another proposed change, bowl games would be permitted to start the second Saturday in December—a week earlier than normal.

Boy, they really want to avoid something.

While opening the door for teams to have an additional bye week, lifting the Week 0 waiver process could be the first step in a move to eventually shift up a week the entire regular season. The change would expand a tight December window in which to play additional playoff games, alleviating a cramped timeline that includes conference championship games, NFL regular-season games (some played on Saturday), midyear exams and graduation.

How would that Week 0 deal work?

The calendar’s most striking component—opening up Week 0 to all schools—is not a new topic, but its inclusion in the proposal speaks to the serious nature of the possibility. Eleven games involving FBS teams were played on Week 0 this year, including Northwestern’s win over Nebraska in Ireland. Waivers to play on Week 0 are granted for various reasons, most notably for those teams that play at Hawaii, an incentive for programs to travel to such a remote location. If the waiver process is eliminated, teams could host recruits for home games played on Week 0, the calendar says.

Host recruits for home games played on Week 0? You can bet Kirby Smart will be on that particular mother in a heartbeat.


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Regionalized? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

As the saying goes, when they tell you what they’re doing, you’d better believe it.

Despite his league winning 12 of the last 16 national championships, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said one of the most important components of an expanded 12-team College Football Playoff would be helping the sport not to be so regionalized.

“My view is how do you bring more people into November, including in our league,” Sankey told ESPN. “Our league would be fine, even at 16 teams with a four-team playoff. At 14, we’ve taken half the field a couple of times. Nobody else has done that. When we go to 16 and add Texas and Oklahoma, we’re not going to have less opportunity by adding those two. We’re going to have more.

“But we’ve excluded the West Coast and everything west of the Rockies for all but two years. We want college football to be strong nationally, and I think that’s the responsibility we all have.”

Stupid me.  I thought they had a responsibility to maintain the uniqueness of the sport.  But that would mean telling Mickey to stuff their marketing in a bag and set it on fire.  So, instead they’ll tell themselves this is for the best.  And when it comes to their bank accounts, it may very well be.


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Top heavy

Hell, man, this ain’t nothin’ a 12-team CFP can’t fix:

The College Football Playoff race is looking chalky at the top.

So much so that the Allstate Playoff Predictor has never been this confident in Week 3 on the top three teams’ individual chances to land a berth to the playoff.

Never in the model’s five-year history has it had three teams with at least a 70% chance each to reach the playoff ahead of Week 3 the way it currently does with Alabama (84%), Ohio State (80%) and Georgia (70%). And the cumulative 233% chance is also higher than the top three teams at this stage since and including 2018, when the Allstate Playoff Predictor began.

Maybe they should have a 12-team playoff to determine who should be the fourth team in the real playoff.


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Natty light

This is good.

Wished they’d have done this for the last one, but I’ll take it going forward.

I’m just sayin’.  😉


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White pundits on dope


“There is parity in college football”?  Whatever these two are smoking, it must be some powerful stuff.


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TFW a bowl game’s beneath you

This what a CFP-or-bust approach to your season gets you.



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Real men of genius

Remember, it’s not just expanding the CFP to twelve teams that’s going to dilute the impact of the regular season, it’s the compromises the suits will make along the way.

For decades now, college football’s biggest rivalry games have kicked off on what has been coined Rivalry Week. For many, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend has been built around such matchups.

A side of turkey with the Egg Bowl. A dollop of cranberry sauce to go alongside The Game. Mashed potatoes and FSU-Florida.

In the new world of college football, maybe that’s in for a change.

The calendar took center stage on Thursday as leaders began exploring details of an expansion to the College Football Playoff, and that includes the possibility of moving the entire schedule up a week…

In this concept, the official start of the season (Week 1) would move up to Week 0, thus shifting up the calendar by a week and expanding a tight December window in which to play the 11 playoff games. In this scenario, Rivalry Week would move into the third week of November and conference title games would kick off on Thanksgiving Week.

I feel like I’m watching an experiment in real time to see how quickly these people can eviscerate regional interest in the sport.  You almost have to respect their relentless nihilism.  Anything for a buck, I suppose.


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