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Forget it, Jake. It’s Cupcakeville.

For those of you who insist that conferences still matter more than the national title hunt…

You can probably guess where that’s going.  Sigh.



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Thanks for playing.

While we’re on the subject of Central Florida’s 2017 season, hey, guys, you may not have a real natty, but at least you’ve got Bill Hancock’s patronizing to get you through the lean times.

Hancock said the 13 members of the selection committee met in early March to look at everything they had done last season and while the group discussed many things, UCF was not one of the big topics.

“There wasn’t much talk about it,” Hancock said. “UCF’s schedule didn’t give them the opportunity to show what they could do against the very best teams and that’s what it came down to. They had a wonderful season and I’m very happy for (UCF athletics director) Danny (White) and their coaches and their athletes.”

Sure you are.


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With eight, you get Tater Tot.

Terry Bowden wants — nay, needs — an eight-team college football playoff so he can look his players in the eye.

No, seriously, that’s exactly what he said.

On Monday, Bowden told WJOX 94.5 FM that the College Football Playoff should grow from four to eight teams. At this point in Bowden’s career, his stance isn’t a surprise. Given that he’s coaching outside of a power conference, Bowden admitted that his team doesn’t have a chance to compete for a national title each season. He said the situation would be improved if eight teams were allowed to participate in the College Football Playoff.

“I wish I could look my players in the eye and say, ‘Men, we’re playing for the national championship.’ But in reality, we’re not,” Bowden said on the radio appearance. “Now we can get a poster that says we’re the national champions just as Central Florida did. But as I said, the playoff must go to eight teams. Even a team with one loss in the SEC or even probably the Big Ten is going to be higher ranked than a team at the mid-major level because of strength of schedule. … It’s hard to justify which [are] really the strongest teams.”

Yeah, it’s really hard to tell Alabama and Akron apart in that regard.  I’m sold, Terry.


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College football’s most pointless “tradition” returns.

ESPN is thrilled.

Tuesday nights in November have meaning again.


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The CFP takes a victory lap.

The Jed Clampetts of the college football world get together and pronounce themselves satisfied.

For now, at least, there’s no hint of a desire to change anything.

“They are very happy with the way things are going,” Hancock said. “I can’t say it any more plainer. It’s been a good four years.”

Bill Hancock doubling down about the postseason?  I think we all know what that means.


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Never gonna give you up.

Look who’s celebrating their 2017 natty!

You know, maybe we’re looking at this all wrong.  Think where Central Florida’s narrative would be right now if the CFP or BCS had never existed.  You know there would be some poll out there that would have them at the top.

Hey, that’s how Bama got started with its eight hundred or so national titles.


UPDATE:  This is richly amusing on a number of levels.



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You can’t win if you don’t pay.

Alabama’s national title run didn’t come cheaply.

Including bowl bonuses paid out to football staffers, Alabama’s athletic department bill for its most recent title-winning run through the 2017-18 playoffs totaled nearly $7.6 million, up slightly from its 2016-17 playoff appearance.

Alabama’s combined expense report for its recent CFP appearance totaled more than $5.37 million, including in excess of $2.8 million for its national semifinal win over Clemson in the Sugar Bowl and another $2.5 million for its title victory over Georgia in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, according to documents released through a public records request by The Decatur Daily.

I’m curious to see Georgia’s numbers in that regard.  Whatever they turn out to be, one thing I feel fairly certain about:  if Michael Adams were still president, they would have been much higher.


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