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Cinderella, Cinderella

Shorter John Feinstein:  The reason they’re not expanding the CFP field to eight this season is because Alabama was pissed off that UCF claimed a national title in 2017.


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How’s that CFP resume shaping up?

Chris Hummer has Georgia number three in his rankings, saying,

Georgia would have an argument as the nation’s No. 1 team if you just looked at the scores of its first two games. The Bulldogs are the only team on this list with a victory over a top 10 opponent (27-6 over No. 7 Auburn), and they beat Arkansas by 27 points in Week 1. But the committee watches these games, and it’s a difficult to get the Razorbacks’ 10-5 third-quarter lead out of my brain when thinking about the Bulldogs.

Georgia’s defense is elite, holding Auburn to a minuscule 2.73 yards per play. The talent is overwhelming. Yet it’s hard to look at the Bulldogs in the same light as Alabama and Clemson with such a shaky situation at QB, at least compared to the other elite teams in the country. But with Tennessee and then Alabama next on the schedule, the Bulldogs have an opportunity to close the month as No. 1.

It’s still early, so that first half against Arkansas is fresh on people’s minds.  It’ll fade, though, replaced by how the Dawgs fare against Alabama and Florida.


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Larry tried.

Hey, Larry Scott went through a lot of trouble to restart a football season to qualify for some of that sweet playoff cash he didn’t think was going to be there, and this is how you repay the favor, Mr. College Football Playoff Man?

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott asked the College Football Playoff management committee on Wednesday to consider expanding this year’s playoff to eight teams but the proposal was declined, playoff executive director Bill Hancock told USA TODAY Sports.

“After thorough, respectful and civil discussion, they decided that the best outcome would be to make no changes in the format, because it would have been such a significant change and would come with so many challenges, especially given that the season is already underway,” Hancock said.

That’s a shame.  Now Larry’s gonna have to argue with a straight face how his 6-1 conference champ deserves a spot alongside nine and ten-game winners.

Due to the league’s limited number of games compared to its Power Five peers, the Pac-12 would have stood to benefit most from increasing the number of teams in this year’s playoff.

A bigger tourney would have meant more TV money, too.  Sorry about that, Lar.


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CFP odds update

Not much change at the top, really.

But FSU at 300/1?  Surely you jest.  Based on what I saw Saturday, I’m not sure I’d take those odds for the Seminoles to turn a plus-.500 record this season.


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The “D” word

I don’t know if y’all saw it yesterday, but The Athletic’s national writers made their CFP picks ($$).  Georgia made five of the seven lists (Andy Staples picked the Dawgs to win the natty, FWIW), but, for once, that wasn’t what I found most significant.

Of those seven, one, Bruce Feldman, made a comment about team depth, when he wrote about Clemson, “I think the gap between the Tigers and the rest of the ACC is large enough for them to overcome any unexpected strains on depth that could arise over the course of the season” and another, Max Olsen, talked about Alabama’s “program infrastructure”.

I don’t know if they’re assuming COVID is going to avoid the playoff contenders, or if all of them have sufficient depth to weather whatever storms may come their way (a strange assumption to make in the case of UCF, which one writer picked to make the playoff field), but it seems like a gap in analysis to ignore it, especially when I see that Feldman, in picking Florida to make the playoff field, bases his call in part on “(m)ost of the rest of the top teams in the SEC have had some level of turnover either at the coordinator level or in their quarterback room, which figures to be a much bigger concern than usual given how the pandemic affected the offseason.”

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it seems like roster management is going to be huge in 2020.  (Which is why I tend to agree with Olsen that ‘Bama is the most likely team to win it all.)


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Ain’t played ‘Bama… yet.

Props to CFN for the best preseason troll of 2020 to date:

They didn’t have the guts to go all the way and call for the upset, though.  What a cop out.


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Hold on to your hats, folks.

Hey, the selection committee can’t have a recusal problem if its members’ affiliated schools aren’t playing this fall.


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TFW you realize your room deposit is non-refundable

Screenshot_2020-08-06 Brett McMurphy on Twitter College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said the selection[...]

In these traumatic times, it’s good to know we can always count on Bill Hancock for just the right touch of absurdity.

Don’t forget to leave your hats at the door, fellas.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Culinary treats from around the world of college football…

  • Yikes.  Not a good look, Iowa.
  • The University of Texas says it anticipates hosting football games this season at 50% capacity in the stands.  I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • On the flip side, Rutgers will limit crowd size at football games to 500.
  • Moar QB competition.
  • Here’s your regular reminder that interviewing Bill Hancock about anything is a waste of time.
  • Here’s Fiutak’s preseason SEC rankings, and, yes, he’s got Georgia ahead of Florida.
  • California has moved its high school football season to the end of the year.  In response, a top defensive player announced he will be skipping his senior season to enroll early at Texas A&M in January.  I bet he won’t be the only one who chooses to do that.


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“This is why the committee has 13 football experts…”

I am sure it is tempting to view the Big Ten’s decision to jettison non-conference play as some sort of apocalyptic decision that will lead to the end of college football as we currently know it, but Occam’s razor suggests that it’s more of a short-term move to get through a troubling year with as much of a season on the brink left intact as the suits can manage.

And let’s not forget it might not work.

Anyway, the most revealing comment from yesterday was this:

The Big Ten has yet to decide how many conference games it will play this season, or how it might determine its champion if the season is disrupted, but Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said Thursday that he had hoped for a 10-game schedule. The conference is expected to announce more details next week, Smith said.

When asked Thursday if there was an effort to get every conference to agree to play the same amount of games to help the CFP system, Smith, a former selection committee member, said, “That’s no longer a concern of mine.”

Maintaining the trappings to make a playoff that generates a whopping amount of revenue sound legitimate is no longer a concern for Gene Smith?  Yeah, I’d say that constitutes what survival mode sounds like.  They’ll take what they can get now and worry about the consequences later.  Bill Hancock already sounds like a guy who’s been given his new marching orders.

“Clearly there will be challenges this year,” Hancock said. “We’ll see what the challenges look like and work through them. Whatever the season looks like, the committee will select the best four teams using the protocol. Our committee’s fundamental mission has not changed.”


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