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Thursday morning buffet

Everybody needs a little buffet in their lives.

  • Athlon ranks the SEC towns.  We’re number two! (Though, where are these “East Georgia mountains” you speak of?)
  • Seriously, “the most vexing issue facing those in charge of the postseason system” is the Army-Navy game?
  • Meanwhile, “two members of the Florida State Board of Trustees expressed concern at a March meeting over the ACC’s status and one called for an expansion of the College Football Playoff.”  I guess not everyone’s convinced about that Army-Navy problem.
  • You think Georgia’s had a run of bad luck on the offensive line before?  Florida can make a case for the same right now.
  • Throw the damned ball, Schottenheimer.
  • David Shaw says it’s not his job to get his players ready for the NFL.  (He’s right.)
  • Mark Richt has lost control of Christian Robinson.  Really.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Another day full of buffet goodness:

  • Art Briles says Baylor’s non-conference schedule had “zero impact” on his team not making the CFP last season.  He’s right, in that had Baylor not lost to West Virginia, it would have been in.  He’s wrong in that the non-conference schedule left Baylor with zero margin for error.
  • What do you get when some economics professors rank the intensity of college football rivalries?  This“Within a conference, the most intense two-way rivalry was between Central Michigan and Western Michigan…”  You might want to think about tweaking your measurements, fellas.
  • If Natrez Patrick stays at inside linebacker, at ten or so pounds heavier than Alec Ogletree, he’d be the biggest player ever to suit up at the position under Richt.
  • Nick Saban wants to be clear about satellite camps.  He’s agin’ ’em.  And you don’t want to offend Alabama on the recruiting front, people.
  • So, there was an inside guy on the Winston crab legs heist?  Steve Spurrier’s gonna have to come up with a new nickname for FSU, methinks.
  • It’s only April and the 2015 watch lists for awards march has started.  Wake me when it’s over.
  • It looks like Georgia Tech has landed its B-back for this season.
  • Year2 discusses the case for Nick Chubb’s Heisman possibilities.


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Saturday morning buffet

A few odds and ends to get your weekend going:


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Why the CFP is better than the BCS.

Cha-ching, baby.


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“If a team can finish ninth in its conference and then be crowned national champion, your playoff is too big.”

Michael Elkon noticed something about the latest Final Four…

After a year in which college basketball was roundly criticized for being boring, too physical, too slow, too defensive and increasingly unpopular, the Final Four and the Championship Game got the best TV ratings in decades. Both the Final Four and the tournament as a whole got their highest ratings since 1993.

Like 2015, 1993 featured the rare trio of No. 1 seeds reaching the Final Four.

… and draws a useful conclusion for college football from that.

So what does this mean for college football? Simple: the tournament is an endorsement of modern-day college football in two important respects.

First, the 2015 tournament shows it’s much better to have the best teams playing the semifinals than it is to have a stagecoach full of Cinderella. Yes, it was fun to see VCU, Butler and George Mason make Final Fours, but the viewing public tuned out because it gauged that these were not the best teams in the country. In contrast, put together a Final Four with three No. 1 seeds and another perennial power, and you have TV gold.

Right now, the College Football Playoff is designed to produce that exact formula. It aims to take the four best teams in the country, not the four that have gone 4-0 in a tournament.  [Emphasis added.]

Two things in response:  he’s right and ultimately it won’t matter that he’s right.

The same people who are responsible for the current enlarged basketball playoff field – and would have been happy to bloat things even further had some broadcaster been willing to pay for the privilege – are making the call on college football’s postseason.  And there are too many elements of a perfect storm out there waiting for just the right moment to spring Bill Hancock’s next breathless announcement about how this time they’ve really got things nailed.

If I can mix aquatic movie metaphors for just a minute, we’re all just waiting for someone to say they’re gonna need a bigger boat.


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“I was told the reason we had a [selection] committee is we were going to take all that stuff out of it. ”

You didn’t really believe that, did you, Gary Patterson?

Actually, no.

It’s never been adequately explained by committee folks how TCU could be good enough to be No. 3 after 11 games, but fall three places after winning its final game by 52 points.

Patterson said Wednesday he had inkling that would happen. On the field before that Iowa State game, he told Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads, “We’re not going to the playoffs.”

“I’m pretty good at gut feelings,” Patterson added. “I watched all the articles during the week. I actually thought that was the kiss of death moving to three.”

That 2007 Georgia team knows how you feel, brother.


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“Where there’s a cluster, you cluster.”

And the CFP selection committee, to what should be absolutely nobody’s surprise, has decided to cluster on a weekly basis again this season.

ESPN salutes the committee’s dedication.


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