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A CFP Yar!

Mike Leach, I love ‘ya, but no…


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When a regular season feature becomes a bug

Berry Tramel explores ten reasons for the Big 12’s apparent decline in this piece.  From the point of view of somebody who thinks playing a round robin schedule is the best way for a conference to determine its champion, for me, this sucks to read:

… The 10-school format makes for a great regular season, but it comes at a two-fold cost. The nine-game conference schedule makes it difficult for a team to go through the conference unscathed, and no conference championship game puts the Big 12 at a decided disadvantage with its four chief competitors, all of whom play that 13th game.

Playoff expansion will force the regular season to become ever more cookie cutter, as conferences will have little choice but to mold themselves into vehicles that have the best chance of delivering their teams to the postseason.  And given that no matter what they do, there are still only so many slots, it’s pretty obvious where things are headed.


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Another day, another whine

Gus Malzahn has his complaint with the CFP; Art Briles has his.

Geez.  If the playoffs are going to reduce every coach in America to behaving like a petulant seven-year old, then either give us a strictly objective field (conference champs need only apply) or go back to the BCS.  Have a little dignity, fellas.


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“A roomful of geniuses”

Bob Bowlsby admits he’s on the verge of going medieval on the Big 12’s round robin schedule if the conference gets shut out of the CFP for the second year in a row.  That generates a “remain calm, all is well” response from Bill Hancock, of all people.

Of course, if the Big 12 does go ahead and adopt a conference championship game after this season, I fully expect Hancock to praise the move as making the CFP that much stronger.  ‘Cause that’s just how he rolls.


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Poor, poor pitiful SEC

I’ll say one thing – you pay head coaches in this conference top dollar, you get world class-level whining from them.


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It’s the CFP’s world, and we’re just living in it.

For those of you who want to believe that playoff expansion will have little or no effect on college football, please consider the following tidbits:

  • Gary Pinkel thinks that if Notre Dame wants to play in the postseason, it should be made to join a conference first.
  • Bob Bowlsby admits that if the Big 12 gets shut out of the playoffs for the second season in a row, it would have to reconsider its current 10-school, round robin, no championship game approach to the regular season.
  • John Swofford’s perfect world has an eight-team college football playoff in it.
  • And while we’re on the subject of perfect worlds, here’s Hugh Freeze’s version“Let’s only play 11 games, no league title game & have 8 playoff teams”

And that’s just what’s dropped in the last day or so.  Give ’em time, folks.  They’re just getting warmed up.

Now, granted, these people don’t have any real power, like conference commissioners…er, wait… Aw, the hell, with this – we’re going to see the postseason expand until TV doesn’t want to pay any more.  Get used to the idea.

And if you think it’s gonna stop at eight, I have some marvelous investment opportunities I’d love to discuss with you.


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Eh, who needs results, anyway?

This Berry Tramel piece about Bobby Johnson’s approach to deciding which teams are playoff-worthy – which Tramel scathingly refers to as having a “god-complex” – is so, so good.  And so, so what is wrong about the CFP.

Former Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson has replaced Archie Manning on the committee, and Johnson told ESPN that he will “rely heavily on the eye test this fall,” according to the story that you can read here.

Oh brother. Will this never end? Will this self-belief that the committee members are anointed to be savants and look deep into the world of college football and determine who is the better team not by results, but by what they detect from the motion pictures they study?

Johnson said he will consider a variety of factors but “the old eye test is probably the most important. I don’t want to get too involved with statistics. I like to watch games and then I’ll go back and look at statistics and see what may have been the big difference in that one team winning or losing.

“It always gets down to who can execute and who can get the job done when the pressure’s on. To me, that’s the big thing. That’s looking at the coaching staff, that’s looking at the players, the kickers, everything. There’s a lot of stuff to look at, but when it gets down to it, the old eye test is probably the most important.”

I swear. If I’m ever in need of a strait jacket, you can blame the College Football Playoff committee. This incessant need to look past results drives me batty.

The most important thing to look at — no, the ONLY thing to look at — is results. Who did you play? Where did you play? Who did you beat?

C’mon, Berry, where’s the fun in that?  Even a computer could do that without having to meet every week in a Texas resort and then explain it on a weekly ESPN show… oh, wait.


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