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Just shut up, dude.

The real disadvantage the Big 12 has is its conference commissioner.


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“We probably don’t want to be dark on that last weekend…”

For those of you who don’t get why I fret about an expanded college football postseason weakening the significance of the best regular season in organized sport, consider that the Big 12 is weighing the idea of moving its last week of regular season games to the same weekend as other conferences’ championship games so it won’t get lost in the shuffle by the selection committee.

But after finishing their regular season on the last weekend of November, the Sooners fell from the No. 3 slot to No. 4 in the final Playoff ranking – leaving Big 12 members wondering whether and how much they were impacted by not having that 13th game (or in the parlance of the selection committee, a “13th data point”). Oklahoma was one of six teams in its conference sitting out while other Playoff contenders were still playing.

“You just want to have a presence,” TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte said. “It’s not about a statement game. It’s about being relevant that day.”

Twenty years from now, these guys are going to wonder what happened to them.  And they still won’t really know.


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When the process matters as much as the results…

I wonder how many others share this guy’s view that certainty in the CFP semi-finals field is a bug, not a feature.


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What is this “nine-game” schedule you speak of?

Shorter Jay Clemons (the 2015 national winner for “Sports Blog Of The Year”, donchaknow):  When the college football playoffs are so awesome, who needs a decent conference schedule?

And by “who”, he doesn’t mean fans.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Been a while since I’ve stocked up the breakfast bar.

  • Does anyone believe Larry Scott when he says, “Very, very low on the totem pole is what’s best to get a team in the playoff.”?
  • Herbie runs his mouth again, apologizes..
  • James Carville says it’s time for a fan bill of rights.  Not gonna happen.
  • Continuing problems with the Neyland Stadium turf?  I’m shocked, shocked to hear that.
  • SEC Network’s Dari Nowkhah on the media’s preseason love for Auburn:  “But we believed the hype about Jeremy Johnson. We believed the hype about Will Muschamp.”  Well, whose fault is that?
  • Miami goes with a search committee and a search firm in its hunt for a new coach.  Nice belt and suspenders approach there.  At least the AD will have plenty of people to blame if the hire flops.
  • Further evidence that the people running college sports have no clue how to manage a dollar:  University of South Carolina president Harris Pastides said the school’s decision to pay Steve Spurrier for the remainder of his current contract year even though Spurrier resigned mid-season was made at least partially out of concern that it would end up having to pay him an even greater amount of money.
  • Gosh, you’d think winning a national title and playing for another one this decade would make Auburn fans less grumpy than this.


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“I am of the opinion they will not leave out a major conference champion for Notre Dame.”

College football, live by the completely subjective playoff process, die by the completely subjective playoff process.

There is no way these people get all the way to the end of the current contract with a four-team postseason field.  No frickin’ way.


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We gave up the computer formulas for this?

Really, what can you say about Jeff Long’s comment?

If that’s the best you can do, you might as well let the Coaches Poll back in the tent.  Sheesh.


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