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Another early Thanksgiving thought

These are what glory years look like, Vol fans.

The best thing about that is how much crowing Tennessee fans would do over the winter, celebrating a season when their team lost to Georgia State and BYU.



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Today’s semi-meteor game

If you haven’t been paying attention — and, really, who could blame you for that? — the South Carolina-Tennessee series has been amazingly close for years now.

The Gamecocks have won the past three series meetings by a combined 12 points, the Vols won the three before that by a combined eight points and the matchup has not been decided by more than two touchdowns since 2009.

Whatever the reason for that, I don’t think it’s this:

“This matchup is always close and always a nail-biter, because they’re a good team, we’re a good team and good teams always fight it out until the very end,” Tennessee senior outside linebacker Darrell Taylor said.

Yeah, I’m not going with that, Darrell.  Sorry.

And how about this factoid?

Will Muschamp has never lost to Tennessee as a head coach, going 4-0 at Florida prior to winning the past three with the Gamecocks.

Between that and the Vanderbilt streak, these have definitely been the glory years for Vol football.  Today’s meeting has all the makings of a classic.


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Coaching ’em up

Jeremy Pruitt, master motivator.

That’s what happens when you realize Vandy’s tied you in the divisional standings again.


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Why not?

Just because a Tennessee beat writer’s interview with Kevin “That High School Coach Who Never Punts” Kelley ($$) was inevitable after Jeremy Pruitt’s joking presser about “they always onside kick, they never punt” doesn’t make it any less awesome.

“He knows that playing regular football, lining up and running the ball and playing good defense, unless Alabama makes a lot of mistakes, they really don’t have a good chance to win. The Vegas line (which favors Alabama by 35.5 points), which is made by some of the smartest people in the world, shows that,” Kelley said. “So if that’s the case, and you’re trying to give your team the best chance to win, it’s not by lining up and playing regular football. So I would for sure do it. But of course, I believe in this system. I do it. But I’d be doing a lot of those things and a lot of different things than I’ve done in the past just to give us a better chance to win.”

I’d love to see Pruitt do it, if for no other reason than it would be guaranteed to make Fulmer shit a brick.


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If Jeremy Pruitt has a hair on his ass…

I would pay good money to watch him elevate this from a joke to reality.

Tennessee will travel to Tuscaloosa to take on No. 1 Alabama Saturday night in the rivalry known as the “Third Saturday in October.” The Vols will be lucky if the game isn’t over by the third quarter considering they opened as nearly five-touchdown underdogs to the Crimson Tide.

The Volunteers will be without linebacker Henry To’o To’o for the first half after the freshman was popped for a targeting call in the second half of last weekend’s victory over Mississippi State. He is second on the team in tackles with 34 and fourth in tackles for loss with 2.5. So what’s the game plan in his absence? Coach Jeremy Pruitt could turn to an incredibly creative strategy to keep the ball away from the deadly Alabama offense.

“I was thinking about there’s a high school team over in Arkansas, they always onside kick, they never punt,” he said. “I’ve never seen them play, [but] I always hear people talk about it. In fact, I think they played one of the high school teams here in our state this year, somebody was talking about it. So, we really kind of considered that as our game plan. Just don’t give them the ball, if we can do that.”

I mean, why the hell not?  At this point, it’s not as if Tennessee even has its dignity to lose.  That went out the window with the Georgia State loss.  Pruitt can call a boring, meathead game and lose by a substantial margin, or he can come out swinging and give everyone something to talk about.

He keeds, he keeds, I know.  Too bad.


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The fightin’ Pruitts

Really, this sounds fine.

Jeremy Pruitt didn’t see the skirmish on Tennessee’s sideline during the second half of Saturday night’s loss to Georgia, but the second-year head coach of the Vols was glad to hear about it when he was told about it after the fact.

Various accounts of the brouhaha on the sideline included offensive line coach Will Friend, another member of the support staff and a handful of players, but Pruitt didn’t get into any of the specifics when asked about the situation on Monday during his weekly press conference.

Pruitt also admitted he wasn’t all that bothered by what he heard about it.

He was excited instead.

“No, I don’t think it was with Will Friend,” Pruitt said. “I think it was some of our players. I didn’t see it either, so I got told about it, and when I got told about it, I was fired up. I’m glad we got some passion around here that people want to do things the right way. We need a few more of them, if you ask me.”

Hey, you can’t accuse Jeremy of not practicing what he preaches, at least judging from some of the rumors that surfaced during his time in Athens.


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No brag, just fact

Hoo, boy.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have watched the game if the Vols weren’t playing.


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