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The most Urnge arrest you could imagine.

Read through this to the punchline at the end.

A University of Tennessee football player is accused of punching a Miami Beach police officer and then running from officers who tried to take him into custody.

Tennessee defensive back Kenneth George Jr. was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center early Thursday.

George faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, resisting an officer without violence and disorderly conduct.

According to a Miami Beach police report, George was being combative with officers who was walking in the middle of Espanola Way.

Police said George was cursing at one of the officers and ignoring his commands. As the officer tried to get him out of the street, George punched him and knocked the police radio out of his hands, the report said.

George then ran away before other officers caught up with him near Espanola Way and Washington Avenue, the report said.

According to the report, once in custody, George said, “He hit me first. Why can’t I hit him back?”

Upon hearing the news, Fulmer probably nodded his head in approval and thought, “that’s the way we roll in Knoxville”.



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50 shades of Urnge schadenfreude

Long-time readers of the blog will remember the absolute glee I took in learning that Lane Kiffin ditched Tennessee for Southern Cal.

I bring this up now because of an item in today’s Mandel Mailbag ($$).  A reader asks who Alabama would turn to if Nick Saban suddenly decided to call it a day in Tuscaloosa.  Mandel rejects the thought of an internal promotion (yeah, including Booch), as well as Dabo jumping ship for what Mandel refers to as a lateral move (ouch).  After skipping past Corch, here’s where Mandel goes next.

So then it would become — which of Saban’s protégés is A) qualified and B) interested? Georgia’s Kirby Smart is qualified but probably not interested. Tennessee’s Jeremy Pruitt would be very interested but is not yet qualified.

I think we all expect Pruitt would crawl over broken glass for the Alabama job were it offered.  My question is where that abandonment would rate on the Lulu and Junior departure scale, assuming that, oh, John Currie rated a zero and the Laner a white-hot ten.  I don’t sense that the UT fan base is quite as emotionally invested in Pruitt as it was in Kiffin, but on the other hand, Fulmer is.  (On the third hand, that might be just the opening Fulmer needs…)

I suspect Vol tears would flow more over rejection as a general principle than specifically tied to the coach, but who knows?  What do you think the response would be?


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Things are looking up in Urnge Country.

Well, this is certainly a nice backhanded compliment.

That doesn’t mean I believe Tennessee’s going to compete for a division title, but it should flirt heavily with bowl eligibility.

Hubba hubba!  Talk about damning with faint praise there… although I suspect the folks at Waffle House U would be secretly thrilled to have pundits talk the same way about their upcoming season.


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Forgive and forget.

Hey, if I were Jeremy Pruitt, I wouldn’t dwell on the 2018 season, either.

The Volunteers held their first spring practice of the year Thursday at Haslem Field, and when Pruitt was asked afterward about the difference compared to last spring, his response included “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week.”

Later, when asked another question about 2018, his first season with the program, he said, “We had our shots last year.

“It’s over with. There’s nothing we can do about it, so I’m not going to talk about it anymore. We’re going to worry about next year; it’s the only thing we have control over.”

It’s only a crappy season if you remember it.  That’s why he gets paid the big bucks.


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Five-star bling

Via 81Dog comes this smashing bit of snark.

Photoshop for yet another win.  Although I would have squeezed a trash can in there somewhere…


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Such a deal, Urnge edition

One more tidbit from that Chip Towers piece about Georgia’s new staff:

Chaney’s addition along with the hiring of Derrick Ansley as defensive coordinator and Tee Martin as wide receivers coach and some other staff moves mean that Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt is now paying his staff $800,000 more than Georgia is ($6.045 million). That’s primarily due to coordinator pay. Chaney ($1.6 million), Ansley ($1 million) and Chris Rumph ($805,000) all have multiyear contracts and make $3.4 million annually between them.

Georgia’s three coordinators are due $2.25 million in the next year.

There’s one thing you can say about Tennessee.  Bang for the buck has never been a concern in Knoxville.


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My, the Urnge Kool-Aid is refreshing.

That didn’t take long.

Anybody know what the difference is between an offense that’s six-flame en fuego and seven-flame?


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