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Today, in meow, Part Two

Let’s turn our attention north, to Knoxville, where I’m just gonna leave you with this astute observation:

“Jeremy lucked out getting rid of Tyson Helton and hiring Jim Chaney,” the coach said. “I think he’s the best, most proven offensive coordinator in the league. I think Jim is outstanding. If Jeremy will leave him alone, Jim will be fine.”



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Good news for Lulu and Junior

It’s one thing to mock Georgia Tech football for its ticket woes (and at least Collins is struggling mightily to inject some life into that program).

It’s another thing when it’s Tennessee.

Tennessee for the first time is offering a season-ticket style pass that will allow fans to attend every home football game, but would not ensure them the same seats for each game.

The pass is dubbed the Vol Pass and sells for $280. It is available now and will cover all eight home games this season. The pass has been offered the past three seasons for men’s and women’s basketball.

Fans with the pass would secure their seats through an online selection process before each home game.

The seat inventory for each game will be available to view Monday morning of each game week until noon ET on Friday. During the seat selection process, fans will have the opportunity to purchase additional single-game tickets, if available, at face value.

No tickets for this pass will be mailed or held at will call. They must be downloaded via cellphone.

Traditional season tickets remain on sale for the football season.

College football programs are combating declining attendance.

The Vols’ announced attendance for last season’s seven home games totaled 650,887 for an average crowd of 92,984. Neyland Stadium’s listed capacity is 102,455.

Announced attendance reflects tickets distributed – not the number of fans who actually attend the game. As for actual attendance, records showed Tennessee totaled 545,343 fans in 2018, which equates to an average actual crowd of 77,906.

No word yet on whether Fulmer is considering a “4 tickets, 4 doughnuts, 4 cokes” promotion.


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A touching commitment story

You guys know I don’t like digging into commitment stories, because commitments don’t mean anything until Mr. Star signs his NLI/enrolls.

I’m making an exception today, though, ’cause this is an image too good not to share here.

Have a nice day, Lulu and Junior.


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“I think the optics are that the football coach is in line for a new deal.”

You gotta love the need for a lengthy Knoxville News Sentinel article explaining to the Vol faithful — complete with commentary from not one, but two, college professors — why Rick Barnes is paid more than a guy whose complete resume as a football head coach is one 5-7 season.

No doubt Jimmy Sexton appreciates it.


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A tale of two offenses

I appreciate Barrett Sallee’s work, but somebody’s gonna have to explain to me how these two post-spring SEC observations mesh:



“A little shaky”, eh?  That’s certainly one way to describe it.

When they play everyone’s favorite meteor game, there may not be enough decent offensive linemen combined to fashion a good SEC line from.  If that’s a recipe for “darn good offense”, then Jim Chaney really is a wizard.


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The future’s not bright enough to need shades yet.

I’m trying to figure out which is my favorite line from this Chattanooga Times Free Press post-spring take on Tennessee, as it’s a tough call between “It’s not about whether the newcomers can help immediately. It’s about how many are going to be asked to”, “That seemingly takes the unit [offensive line] from bad to just not-so-good” and “Chaney’s infectious nature and experience developing offenses around talent — or a lack thereof — will make the Vols a better offensive team in 2019”.

Notably, the phrase “work in progress” is never used.  I wonder why.


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Tasting the bitter with the sweet

On the one hand, it’s a little sad to see Georgia only fourth on this list…

… but on the other, how ’bout them ‘Dores!


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