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Today, in timing is everything

Every time I see shit like this, I think of A.J. Green and Todd Gurley losing significant chunks of a season and get mad all over again.

Tennessee has self-reported an NCAA violation that involved a football player advertising the sale of a replica version of his jersey on Facebook.

The incident was among seven Level III and Level IV violations that Tennessee reported over the last six months. The reports were obtained Monday through a public records request.

The Facebook-related violation involved a player permitting the use of his name and image to promote a commercial project. The player wasn’t identified.

After the player made the post, which has since been deleted, a Facebook friend of his paid the player $300 for four jerseys. The player said the jersey manufacturer was an acquaintance of someone from the player’s hometown.

The player said he intended to give the $300 to that acquaintance but could never reach the jersey manufacturer to confirm shipment.

The buyer was disappointed over the delay in receiving the jerseys and contacted school administrators on Dec. 4. Compliance officials then determined a violation had been committed.

The player paid the compliance office $300, which was refunded to the buyer. The player and the buyer were Facebook friends but didn’t know each other personally. The player also had no direct contact with the jersey manufacturer.

The player received education on the rules and was held out of athletic competition until the NCAA reinstated him on Dec. 19.

So, Nameless Urnge Player was suspended on December 4 and reinstated on December 19.  How convenient for everyone concerned.


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It’s always November in Knoxville.

Scenes from an epic comeback against the team that finished fourth in the Big Ten East:

Low bar there, Jeremy.

After losing to Georgia State and BYU at home and to the only three ranked teams on its schedule by a combined score of 112-30, the Vols racked up six straight wins against a Sun Belt team and five others with a collective record of 29-33 to finish 8-5.

Compared with the previous two seasons, that’s certainly an improvement, but just because you’re convinced you can see a light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean you’re out of the tunnel.


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Kirby’s work here is done.

The Georgia Tech trolling has worked so well that he’s managed to offend Tennessee’s Assistant Director of Player Personnel in the process.

Well played, Kirbs.

I wonder if these guys are stupid enough to try using this against Georgia on the recruiting trail.  Probably.


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“I mean, I’ll give my tickets to you if you want ’em.”

Clearly, the Vols aren’t used to going to bowl games anymore.  First, the school indicated to its fan base that it’s headed to the Music City Bowl.  Tennessee fans jumped on tickets to said bowl as soon as they were made available.  UT then pivoted to the Gator Bowl.  Hilarity ensued ($$).

On Sunday, he jumped the gun and purchased a pair of tickets to the Music City Bowl for $250 before the matchup was decided. The 42-year-old fishing lure designer drives five hours from his home in Camden, Tenn., for every Tennessee home game, but the only bowl he’d ever attended was the 2016 Music City Bowl. Now, Tennessee was back, and Powley was going to make a return of his own.

Instead, despite initial reports that said otherwise, Tennessee ended up in the Gator Bowl against Indiana in Jacksonville, Fla., and Powley was stuck with rapidly depreciating tickets. He called up a family of Mississippi State fans he knows with an offer for a pair of tickets to see the Bulldogs take on Louisville in Nashville.

“They laughed,” Powley said. “And said I’m about the 10th person that they personally know that called them in the same situation.”

So much for that whole “act like you’ve been there before” attitude.


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These are the glory years.



Somewhere, Jimmy Sexton smiles knowingly.


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Jeremy Pruitt isn’t a doctor.

He just plays one in Knoxville.

Former employees with Tennessee’s sports medicine staff told Outside the Lines that in those first months, Pruitt tried to pressure athletic trainers and interfere with how sports medicine staff managed injured athletes. They said he would yell at them to hold off on immediately tending to fallen athletes.

“He wanted us to wait until he decided it was OK. He thought that the players were too soft and sometimes they needed a second to get up and shake it off. But that’s not his decision to make,” one former employee said. “Jeremy [Pruitt] had enough juice behind him to where if he really wanted to, he could get things his way. If you invest this much money in a coach, that’s their guy.”

Another former employee confirmed Pruitt’s request but said that in the interest of athlete health, the athletic training staff didn’t always comply.

That shit works, until it doesn’t.


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Another early Thanksgiving thought

These are what glory years look like, Vol fans.

The best thing about that is how much crowing Tennessee fans would do over the winter, celebrating a season when their team lost to Georgia State and BYU.


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