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Caution! Emerging meme!

Expect a lot more of this stuff as the offseason goes by.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Jump right in, folks.


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Friday morning buffet

Indulge yourself a little.


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He never said he was good at math.

Arian Foster previously admitted publicly that he received money from boosters while at Tennessee.  Asked to put a dollar amount on what he pocketed during his stint in Knoxville, Foster estimated it ran somewhere in the neighborhood of ’40, 50 grand’.  Needless to say, much hilarity resulted from the admission as players who knew Foster then jumped all over that figure.

So eventually came the backtrack.  Such as it was.

LMAO.  He’s just a little bit pregnant, Vols.


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When you say “Jim Bob Cooter”, you’ve said it all.

With Mike Bajakian’s departure, Tennessee is looking for a replacement at offensive coordinator.

… Various levels of homecoming fantasy – Peyton Manning, Tee Martin, Jim Bob Cooter – may dominate early fan conversation, but if the Vols do go outside the existing family, it seems more likely than not it will be to a name you weren’t really familiar with before hot boards started showing up today.

That may not be the most Vol thing ever, but UT fans yearning for the return of Jim Bob Cooter has to be up in the top three, at least.


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Friday morning buffet

It’s a chilly, rainy morning… you got something better to do?

  • Patrick Garbin looks at Georgia’s offensive line recruiting efforts.  As you can guess, he doesn’t paint a pretty picture.
  • There’s so much rivalry in this lawsuit story, it’s hilarious.
  • Bulldog Illustrated reports that mat drills are no more.
  • The next lawsuit frontier is breachedO’Bannon attorney sues NCAA and North Carolina over the academic scandal.
  • “We’ll get all the information from him and decide what to do…” Looks like Nick Saban’s got a bookend for Jonathan Taylor.
  • And Hugh Freeze has more forgivin’ to do, too.
  • ESPN asks a bunch of recruits at the Under Armour All-American Game how much facilities matter in their choice of school, and gets a consensus that it’s not much, because all the big schools have good ones.  Sounds like a good argument for keeping up, and not running ahead of the pack.
  • Butch Jones has issues with roster management.
  • On the bright side for Tennessee, with offensive coordinator Tim Bajakian leaving for Tampa Bay, the Vols will actually get paid something for a coach’s departure from Knoxville.


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“Outside of his success as a sports agent, Jimmy’s just a good person.”

Despite this

Consider that Tennessee is in its current rebuilding position largely because Sexton clients — Fulmer, Kiffin and Dooley — have all failed to some extent. Hamilton estimates that during those coaching transitions, from Fulmer to Kiffin to Dooley, and now to Butch Jones, the Vols lost 10-12 players to attrition each time.

“That’s gutting a program in the SEC,” Hamilton said.

The Kiffin exit, you’ll recall, was tabloid messy, with Kiffin lasting all of one season in Knoxville before bolting for USC in a move that sent the entire state of Tennessee into an uproar that still hasn’t ended.

Hamilton eventually hired Dooley, at approximately $2 million per year, to replace Kiffin. Three years later, Dooley was gone, too. Tennessee’s program, on Hamilton’s watch, has been set back considerably by missteps that Sexton had a significant role in facilitating.

… Mike Hamilton doesn’t have a harsh buzz about Jimmy Sexton.  Quite the contrary.

Hard feelings?

Hardly. In fact, Hamilton, who first met Sexton 23 years ago as Tennessee’s assistant AD for development, remains close friends with Sexton — who even took the initiative to stage a fundraiser for one of Hamilton’s pet non-profit projects in Hamilton’s home.

“Beautiful evening,” Hamilton said of the Sexton-produced fundraiser.

That explains a lot about both Hamilton and Sexton.


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