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Sunday morning buffet

Momma’s home cooking, if college football were your momma.


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As Dobbs goes, so goes Tennessee?

Barrett Sallee has written one of those typical “it’s May, so let’s post about something” pieces, in this case, a look at Joshua Dobbs’ Heisman possibilities.  It’s a fair look in that he’s not advocating either way – and as he notes, Dobbs is currently tenth on the early list – so it’s something I didn’t really pay attention to in the sense that, sure, it could go either way.

Until I saw this.

At which point, I was suddenly in wait a minute mode.  With whatever preseason hype he’s getting, Dobbs couldn’t have been that mediocre a passer last season, could he? Actually, he could and he was.  His passer rating for 2015 was 127.01.  That was good for eighth in the conference and 70th nationally.  His average yards per attempt, 6.7, was a full yard less than Grayson Lambert’s.  Sure, for a quarterback, he’s a dynamic runner, as we saw when he played Georgia, but to see all this as a basis for projecting him to become one of the best players in the country this season borders on wishful thinking, doesn’t it?

I’m not saying this to knock Dobbs, who by all accounts is a great kid and a terrific student.  But I am wondering if some of what we’re all projecting for Tennessee this season is based on the prevailing wisdom that it’s one of the few teams in the SEC that has a big advantage at quarterback based on having a returning starter there.  If that turns out not to be the case and what we’ve seen from Dobbs is really about all they’ll get, what’s a more realistic appraisal of the Vols’ chances?


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One man’s bold predictions…

As those sorts of columns go, this one’s actually kind of thought-provoking.

Start with this:

1. Tennessee will beat Alabama for the first time in a decade

It’s no surprise to regular readers I’ve been high on this year’s Volunteers for some time. Tennessee returns 18 starters, including a potentially dynamic quarterback in Joshua Dobbs, from a team that lost four games by a total of 16 points last year. The Vols will no doubt have Oct. 15 vs. the Crimson Tide circled on their calendar, and this is the year they finally get over the hump. It’s been a while. The last time Tennessee beat Alabama (2006), Mike Shula and Phillip Fulmer were the two head coaches. But unless the still-unresolved off-field controversy engulfs Butch Jones at some point (and there’s no evidence thus far that it will), this will be a memorable year in Knoxville.

Eh, maybe.  I still want to see Booch’s team climb the mountain first.  Yeah, they lost some close ones last year, but the point is they lost them.  And if he’s right that Alabama’s defense will be better than it was last season, that’s quite the mountain to climb.

But my real question is how hard will the Vols sell out for this game?  If they really give it everything they’ve got and lose, what kind of shape will they be in for their next game, which, although it’s against a team they’ve handled of late, will be their fifth conference game in a row?

Tennessee’s November is what Tennessee’s November usually looks like, so if Georgia is going to win the East, the Vols had best get dinged up before then.

And then there’s this:

5. Auburn will post its second straight losing SEC record

The Tigers improved toward the end of the year last season; that’s pretty much indisputable. And to their credit, they did not quit after a disastrous early-season slide. Trouble is, Auburn still has no answer at quarterback and did not upgrade after changes on the defensive coaching staff. Picking up Vanderbilt on the SEC schedule helps, though Texas A&M and Mississippi State are the only other likely wins on the Tigers’ conference slate. LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama are almost certain losses. Arkansas might be the swing game. A loss in that one would put the Tigers at 3-5 in the league. With a loss to Clemson in the opener (a virtual certainty), Auburn would finish 6-6. Though I’m not 100 percent certain it will happen, I’ll be consistent in what I’ve said in the past. If Gus Malzahn doesn’t win at least eight games this year, he’s done.

Would Auburn really do that?  If Chizik can get fired two seasons after winning a national championship, nothing’s really out of the question on the Plains.

The thing is, the Tigers usually do their best when nothing is expected out of them.  And that’s certainly the case in 2016.  Then again, I look at this schedule and only see seven wins right now.  To notch that eighth one, Gus is going to have to upset somebody.  Even if he doesn’t, is 7-5 bad enough to cost him his job?


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Thursday morning buffet

Haven’t had one of these in a little while.  Dig in.

  • Florida hasn’t lost to Tennessee in over a decade, but that’s not stopping Jim McElwain from playing the lowered expectations card for all it’s worth.
  • Speaking of Tennessee, if you’re a player in need of legal advice, the school would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Judging from this fiasco, it looks like coaches can behave as moronically on social media as teenagers do.  Go figure.
  • Kirby Smart likes the idea of beginning a season against a top opponent in a neutral site venue.
  • Mark Richt thinks satellite camps constitute “illegal recruiting”.
  • And while we on the subject of satellite camps, it sounds like a lot of SEC coaches are preparing to stay and see Georgia.
  • Here’s a list of eleven characteristics of “outstanding high school and college offensive coordinators”.
  • If you’re a receiver on the short side, it might pay to ask your coaches to let you switch to the other side of the ball.
  • Pete Fiutak’s got his Georgia preview posted here.  Related pieces here and here.


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“The university is confident the truth will come out…”

“In the situations identified in the lawsuit filed today; the University acted lawfully and in good faith, and we expect a court to agree.” — University of Tennessee legal counsel Bill Ramsey, 2/24/16

Not so fast, friend.

A sweeping sexual assault lawsuit against the University of Tennessee will proceed, after a federal judge denied a motion by attorneys for the university to dismiss the case.

Out of a number of requests for dismissal by university lawyers, U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger granted one.

As you might recall from March, Judge Trauger isn’t finding Bill’s arguments convincing.  And remembering what I posted when the suit was originally filed…

I don’t see how Tennessee has any choice but to fight this hard, given the way people all the way up the chain of command are named.  In any event, it sure looks like all the rumors about misbehaving Vol players being coddled by the administration going all the way back to the Fulmer era are coming home to roost.  Ugly.

… I stand by that last word there.  Either UT had better be prepared to write a large settlement check, or it had better be polishing up its PR skills when unflattering info comes leaking out of deposition testimony.  Either way, I imagine Bill Ramsey isn’t feeling so confident today.  That may go for Booch, as well.


UPDATE:  Oh, my.


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SOD’s legacy: a clean sweep

For the second – and unprecedented – year in a row, no Tennessee player heard his name called in the NFL draft.

At least they move on in life knowing their bathroom hygiene is flawless, though.  Four years of college is good for something.


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This never would have happened on Fulmer’s watch.

Boys, it’s the end of an era.

Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch won’t be making any more phone calls to University of Tennessee football coach Butch Jones about his players getting into legal trouble.

After the News Sentinel raised questions about Rausch’s string of calls with Jones following rape allegations against two players, Rausch and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero opted to review the practice.

There were four calls between Jones and Rausch on the day of the Nov. 16, 2014, rape allegations against former players A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams, according to Jones’ cell phone records obtained by the News Sentinel in a public records request.

“After reviewing our long-standing practice of courtesy notifications to the University of Tennessee administration of incidents involving UT students, it is clear that no investigations were compromised or improper information provided,” Rausch said in a prepared statement released Friday.

“But in the interest of transparency and to alleviate any appearance of conflict of interest, we have changed the previous practice, to ensure that investigators focus without hindrance on finding the facts and bringing justice to victims of crime.

“Going forward, in any incident involving a student at the University, KPD will make formal notification only to UT law enforcement, as required by state law and as part of our ongoing interdepartmental cooperation.”

I don’t understand.  Doesn’t the KPD want the Vols to win anymore?



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