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This never would have happened on Fulmer’s watch.

Boys, it’s the end of an era.

Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch won’t be making any more phone calls to University of Tennessee football coach Butch Jones about his players getting into legal trouble.

After the News Sentinel raised questions about Rausch’s string of calls with Jones following rape allegations against two players, Rausch and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero opted to review the practice.

There were four calls between Jones and Rausch on the day of the Nov. 16, 2014, rape allegations against former players A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams, according to Jones’ cell phone records obtained by the News Sentinel in a public records request.

“After reviewing our long-standing practice of courtesy notifications to the University of Tennessee administration of incidents involving UT students, it is clear that no investigations were compromised or improper information provided,” Rausch said in a prepared statement released Friday.

“But in the interest of transparency and to alleviate any appearance of conflict of interest, we have changed the previous practice, to ensure that investigators focus without hindrance on finding the facts and bringing justice to victims of crime.

“Going forward, in any incident involving a student at the University, KPD will make formal notification only to UT law enforcement, as required by state law and as part of our ongoing interdepartmental cooperation.”

I don’t understand.  Doesn’t the KPD want the Vols to win anymore?



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A Knoxville tradition unlike any other

Okay, this sounds familiar.

University of Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams didn’t learn from police they were under investigation for rape the way most suspects do.

Instead, the players first heard the news from their Tennessee football coaches — in Johnson’s case, four hours before police showed up at the scene of the alleged crime to question him, according to sources and cell phone records obtained by The Tennessean.

Contrary to police best practices, potentially threatening the integrity of the investigation and in possible violation of state law, Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch and a detective made “professional courtesy” calls to Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones about the investigation — a practice Rausch says is common when police investigate alleged crimes involving an athlete at Tennessee.

I mean, just ask Chief Rausch.

Rausch has said that alerting the coach and staff when police are investigating an alleged crime against a UT athlete is a long-standing practice and a “professional courtesy.”

We can all appreciate a professional police department, but here’s where things potentially get weird, at least for Knoxville, Tennessee.

The calls may also have violated state law, according to a statement issued by the Knox County district attorney in response to an inquiry by The Tennessean.

“We cannot discuss the investigation of this case while the litigation is pending,” said Assistant District Attorney Sean McDermott.

“In any case, however, (Knox County District Attorney) General (Charme) Allen opposes pre-arrest notification to any person or agency that is not made in furtherance of the investigation,” the statement said. “A pre-arrest disclosure of sensitive information that is not made for the purpose of advancing the criminal investigation potentially could violate state law regarding the misuse of official information.”

Phil Fulmer ain’t buying that potential crap, fellas.  The police have their job to do in K-town.  They know it.  Booch knows it, too, even if he’s full of it on no discussion with his players.  You can’t spell courtesy without UT.



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Tennessee tries to move a road game.

Because we all know your chances to win are always better at home.  Unfortunately, no go.

A federal judge on Tuesday denied the University of Tennessee’s request to move a sweeping Title IX lawsuit to Knoxville.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger found that UT is an “arm of the state” and therefore can be sued in any federal court district in Tennessee.

“The entire state has an interest in the resolution of this case that has lodged serious allegations against the state’s premier higher education institution,” Trauger said in the ruling.

The eight plaintiffs argued it would be traumatic for the case to be considered in Knoxville. Trauger ruled that she was not swayed by UT’s argument about convenience because witnesses in the case live in both judicial districts.

“While it would clearly be more convenient for UT employees and other third party witnesses located in Knoxville to litigate this action there, UT has not pointed to any evidence, aside from the distance between Knoxville and Nashville, to show that this inconvenience would be so significant as to tip the scales in favor of relocating this lawsuit,” Trauger said in a memo supporting her ruling.

I guess they’re worried about a jury box being filled with Vanderbilt fans.  What are the odds they’d find twelve of those folks at one time, anyway?


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Friday morning buffet

Anyone hungry?

  • Another day, another athletic department in trouble with the Feds for something gender-based.
  • If anyone at Tennessee had a sense of humor, they’d let Fulmer present this award.
  • Jacob Eason, third-teamer.
  • Evidently we’re now at a point when Jim Harbaugh’s had enough “feuds” on Twitter that they can be ranked.
  • That probably explains why I’ve become jaded about stories like this.
  • I guess this stands as the highlight of Dylan Thompson’s career.
  • You a parent who’s worried about football and brain injury?  Well, Bruce Arians has some advice for you:  “people who say ‘I won’t let my son play it’ are fools.”  I guess that ends that discussion.
  • John Theus played through a rough season, physically speaking, last year.
  • And here’s a PSA (i.e., I have no financial interest in this) for those of you looking to find accommodations in Athens for G-Day.  Rent Like a Champion is a site that bills itself as a sort of “Airbnb, but with a primary focus on college football games”.  G-Day listings are here.  (BTW, if anyone uses the site, please report back here on your experience.)


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Jim Harbaugh… [drops the mic]

At this point, what more can you say about his epic trollery?

Purely from a blogging perspective, when the day comes that Saban retires, I hope Alabama throws a shit ton of money in Harbaugh’s direction to get him down here.  The fun would never stop.


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“I understand right from wrong.”

Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s interview with Booch is every bit the hard-hitting exercise in journalism you’d expect.  If I get the gist of Barnhart’s keen insight correctly, Jones and Tennessee have a couple of things working in their favor:  Booch’s dad was a police chief (“I have grown up in a law-enforcement culture,” Jones said.) and Notre Dame is facing a Title IX investigation, too.

Despite that, Mr. CW ponders the shocking possibility that UT might have to settle.

But even a successful fight could take years and several million dollars in legal fees. Given the nuances and the cut-throat nature of recruiting, could Tennessee football survive such a protracted legal battle in the court of public opinion? And will that same court of public opinion pronounce Tennessee guilty if it settles?

Will no one step up to comfort the Urnge if there’s no admission of liability?  As long as the man has a forum in which to express himself, I suspect he’ll be around with a box of Kleenex.


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Lawyerin’ up.

Not a good look for you, Curt Maggitt.


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