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The case of the missing rabbit’s foot has been cracked.

Gus dropped it and Booch found it.

The Vols have also been lucky. In theory, that’s not something they’ll be able to count on. They recovered three second-half fumbles against Appalachian State, when recovering only two of three might not have allowed them to take the game to OT. And on Saturday, there were seven fumbles (five by VT, two by UT) … and they recovered all seven.

… Tennessee has recovered 10 of the 12 fumbles in its two games. The Vols have been sloppy in fumbling six times, but they’ve lost only one. This is crazy, and it won’t last.

I know when I’d like to see the Vols’ luck run out.


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Nobody’s making you live up to the stereotype, Vol fans.

Would it surprise you to learn that one of the stars at the Tennessee-Virginia Tech game is a garbage truck converted into a tailgating vehicle?


Donald Greene got the idea about eight years ago. The company he works for, Waste Connections, had retired a fleet of residential recycling trucks, and he thought it would be fun to retrofit the whole thing to serve as a tailgating vehicle…

Price tag on the renovation?

“Unknown,” Greene said.

That’s one way of putting it.


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Why Georgia? Because Tennessee.

Michael Elkon makes the case for Georgia winning the SEC East this season:

The Dawgs have the best player in the division (Nick Chubb), the biggest coaching upgrade at offensive coordinator and no road games against top contenders Tennessee and Florida.

Smart may not prove to be an upgrade over Richt, but his first season in Athens sets up nicely.

I have to give him major credit for one thing — he was off the Schottenheimer bandwagon last year before it even got started, so I give a lot of weight to his criticism of Tennessee offensive coordinator Mike DeBord (folks who’ve had crappy stints at Michigan usually give Michael a little extra schwinngg!, but his points about DeBord certainly have merit) — but I think he ignores something that’s a huge factor in Tennessee’s favor, the offseason hiring of Bob Shoop as its new defensive coordinator.

Chaney may very well turn out to be a significant upgrade over Schottenheimer, but I believe Shoop represents an even bigger step up from John Jancek. If that turns out to be as key a move as I believe it is, then DeBord’s margin of error grows exponentially. As Elkon notes, “When Michigan had great defenses (1997 and 2006), DeBord was passable.”  Passable may be all Booch needs out of his offense.

That may be especially true when you consider that Tennessee appears to have a significant advantage over Florida and Georgia in the area of special teams.  Bill Connelly’s revised S&P+ rankings for special teams have the Vols coming off a 28th finish last season, compared to Florida’s 95th and Georgia’s 103rd.  That may not seem like much, but when your analysis takes in Tennessee having to travel to Athens as a factor in picking who wins the division, every little bit counts.


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There’s a fine line between experience and history.

And that’s what Tennessee finds itself straddling as it goes into this season.

Tennessee: The Vols might be really good this season. They might win the SEC East. These things definitely fall within the realm of possibility. It’s just, this is the same Tennessee team that hasn’t beaten Florida since 2004 and hasn’t won against Georgia in Athens since 2006. It’s also 3-13 against ranked teams under Butch Jones, so while I see the potential, I’m still approaching with caution.  [Emphasis added.]

I’ve been thinking about my annual preseason SEC projection post for the past couple of days.  I think I may be less certain about which team wins the East than I’ve ever been before.  Hell, I can’t even figure out whether that’s because some team legitimately scores a breakthrough to become a powerhouse, or simply because one program muddles through 2016 a little better than everyone else.


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If there’s one thing they’re good at in Knoxville…

… it’s keeping people no longer working for UT on the payroll.


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From Mike Hamilton to Dave Hart to…?

In Knoxville, they’re taking the band apart, one instrument at a time.

Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek announced earlier in the summer that he will be stepping down when his replacement is found.

Now Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Dave Hart will follow him out the door, effective June 30, 2017, Tennessee confirmed on Thursday morning via a press release.

He was hired to put Tennessee athletics back in the black, which he’s done.  Which is a good thing, because they’ve certainly needed the money.

Hart faced plenty of adversity during his tenure.

Eight unidentified women sued Tennessee in February and said the school created a “hostile sexual environment” through a policy of indifference toward sexual assault complaints against athletes.

Two other lawsuits came after Tennessee completed the consolidation of its athletic department. Tennessee had been one of the last schools to have separate athletic departments for its men’s and women’s teams.

Former Tennessee associate director of sports medicine Jenny Moshak and two ex-Lady Vols strength coaches said they received less compensation than employees holding similar positions for men’s teams. A $750,000 settlement was announced in January, though costs exceeded $1 million once attorneys’ fees were included.

A $320,000 settlement was reached with former Lady Vols media director Debby Jennings, who said age and sex discrimination led to her forced retirement.

Adversity, you say?  Well, if you wanted an AD used to adversity, you certainly picked the right guy for that, UT.

Before Hart, an Alabama alumnus who played basketball for the Crimson Tide, took his post in Tuscaloosa in August 2008, he was the athletic director at Florida State (1995-2007)…

Florida State vacated 12 football wins, 22 men’s and women’s basketball wins and a men’s track national championship as a result of an academic cheating scandal at Florida that involved 61 student-athletes in 10 sports in 2006 and ’07. Cheek said the incident originated on the academic side of the school, and Hart indicated his decision to leave FSU was “unrelated” to the scandal.

Hart wrote in a letter to the NCAA Committee on Infractions in 2009 that he and FSU president T.K. Wetherell “disagreed on some core issues.”

Now, of course, the question for the school is where do you go from here?  I mean, Mike Hamilton and Dave Hart are some big, big shoes to fill.  I’d like to think I have the perfect candidate to take the reins in K-ville, and fortuitously, he’s available.  If anyone could use a little re-branding right now, it’s Tennessee.


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Thanks, Title IX.

The officer who serves as the liaison between the Knoxville Police Department and the University of Tennessee is out of a job.


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