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Monday morning buffet

For obvious reasons, today’s buffet is flavored with recruiting news.


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Thursday morning buffet

Rise and shine, peeps.

  • A Big 12 championship game could mean as much as $2.5 million-$3 million per school each season, but Bob Bowlsby claims the odds are no better than 50-50 that the conference suits will have a vote on it.  Uh hunh, right.
  • Deposed Mizzou president says football player’s strike was “the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a small fire”, but he is “willing to accept some of the responsibility for what happened”.  That’s mighty white of him.
  • Further tales from the wussification“You can’t assume this is safe for these guys anymore, which is a bummer.”
  • Ian Boyd explains why the free safety is the most important position against the spread.
  • Here’s an early (way too early?) look at Georgia’s 2016 depth chart.  Kendall Baker seems to be a guy to keep an eye on.
  • With regard to recruiting rankings, Bill Connelly posits that the ‘Bama bump is real.  And it’s spectacular okay.
  • Stewart Mandel hits on the same thing I noted a couple of days ago about the direction Big Ten recruiting is taking these days:  “There’s a twinge of hypocrisy to see this happening up north, where fans have long cast aspersions at Southern schools for what they perceived to be ethically questionable methods of ‘roster management.'”  You’ve come a long way, baby!


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What’s your hurry?

I guess I should be excited they’re resurrecting one of my favorite rivalry games…

… but, man, they sure are gonna take their sweet time getting there.  I just hope I’m still around to appreciate it.

Anyway, all bets will probably be off after the next round of conference realignment.

Ed. note:  Oops, forgot they’re playing in 2021, too.  How could I have overlooked that?


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Oklahoma’s got Texas envy.

OU President David Boren greets the news that the Big 12 can now have its conference championship game with gritted teeth.

“The Big 12 is disadvantaged when compared to the other conferences in three ways. We do not have at least twelve members, we do not have a conference network, and we do not have a championship game. I think that all three of these disadvantages need to be addressed at the same time. Addressing only one without addressing all three will not be adequate to improve the strength of the conference,” the statement read.

The math on 10 versus 12 conference members is pretty obvious.  How many schools are out there that can make up for slicing the pie into more pieces?  Not many, and it’s doubtful they’d willing to head the Big 12’s way.

As for a conference network, the Big 12 isn’t getting that unless Texas is prepared to give up the Longhorn Network… yeah, that’s gonna happen.

I suppose the question now is whether Boren will be satisfied with public grumbling to the school newspaper (and privately complaining to Bob Bowlsby) or whether he’s prepared to take things to the next level.  If so, I’m sure there are other conferences out there willing to give him a sympathetic ear.


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The Big 12 compromise

Bob Bowlsby wants that conference championship game.  He needs that conference championship game.  He’s been lobbying his fellow P5 commissioners to get that conference championship game.

And now it sounds like he’s gonna get that conference championship game.

… Several years ago, the Big 12 and ACC proposed legislation to let conferences stage championship games without 12 teams and however they want. The Big Ten filed an amendment that would require 10-team conferences have divisions.

This week, the Big Ten submitted a second amendment. It would allow conferences with less than 12 teams and that play a round-robin schedule to pair their two best teams as opposed to division champions meeting. That obviously benefits the Big 12, which is the smallest FBS conference (10 members). Bowlsby said the second amendment was crafted after consultation with the Big Ten. “It gets us most of the way we need to go,” Bowlsby told CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd. “I’d prefer total deregulation but we can live with it.”

I bet he can.  Never let it be said those guys don’t look out for their own.

It never dawned on me that a conference with a round robin schedule would want to stage a championship game between anyone other than its top two teams.  Which is obviously why I’m not conference commissioner material.


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Big Game Bob – no, not that one

Poor Bob Bowlsby.  His peers aren’t too thrilled with the idea of letting a 10-team conference have a free-form championship game.  Never mind that it doesn’t make much sense.  Bob simply doesn’t want them telling him what to do.

Reached by phone Sunday morning, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said: “We continue to support full deregulation and believe conferences should have full prerogative on how they conduct competition. Having stated our first preference, I believe we can find a compromise that will work.”

Asked if that compromise could include two divisions, Bowlsby said: “We do not want to add members or be forced to play two divisions. Any compromise would have to consider those two provisions.”

Don’t want to expand and don’t want divisional play… what exactly is left after that to compromise?

All this just to get a Big 12 team into the CFP – which the conference managed to do this year, anyway.  You almost get the feeling that Bowlsby latched on to this proposal a year ago and can’t give it up out of pure stubbornness.  That’s why they pay him the big bucks, I suppose.


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“That’s just the type of player I am…”

I don’t know about you, but if I were Bob Stoops, the last thing I’d want during the week leading up to my team’s CFP game is my starting quarterback trading shots with Gary Patterson, of all people.

On the other hand, if Baker Mayfield really plays better with a chip on his shoulder, then Stoops may need to thank this guy.


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