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Battle of the broadcast partners

This is from Dennis Dodd, so take it with an appropriately sized grain of salt.

Though there was a belief that Texas and Oklahoma may have been attempting to exit the Big 12 one year early in 2024, sources told Dodd that Fox would likely have demanded years of significant television inventory trades from ESPN as the marquee programs would have left its airwaves. That’s beyond what would have been a potentially massive early exit fee the programs would have needed to pay the Big 12 directly.

Fox and ESPN being as petty as their respective conferences are with each other?  I’d like to believe that’s true.  It’s the romantic in me.


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“The obvious answer is, don’t sub.”

It’s probably the asshole in me, but I love stuff like this.

The key moment in Kansas State’s 41-34 upset of then-No. 6 Oklahoma arguably occurred on a play that never even happened.

Trailing 24-20 in the middle of the third quarter, Oklahoma faced a 4th-and-5 from the K-State 43. Head coach Brent Venables opted to go for it, but in doing so the Sooners substituted, replacing running back Marcus Major with his backfield counterpart Eric Gray.

And that decision right there might have cost the Sooners the game.

Because Oklahoma substituted, K-State was allowed the opportunity to substitute. K-State head coach Chris Klieman noticed the substitution and shouted for his staff to send someone — anyone — on the field. Defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt send defensive end Nate Matlack to replace Cody Stufflebean, which required Matlack to run from his sideline over beyond the far hash.

Except instead of a run, it was more like a trot.

“We work on that,” Klieman told the Wichita Eagle. “It was a really sharp play by Coach Wyatt to get a defensive end for a defensive end. It would have been easy to just ship a corner out that was close to us, but we went defensive end for defensive end and we took our time.”

Because of the substitutions, Oklahoma didn’t get to snap the ball until four seconds were left on the game clock.  As a result, they never got the play off in time, took a delay of game penalty and punted.  Coaching genius, for the win!


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They’re pros. They know what they’re doing.

The shortsightedness, she burns.

First off, I disagree with McMurphy’s take.  The rivalry isn’t being destroyed by conference realignment.  It’s being destroyed by choice.  Nobody is stopping those schools from continuing to play each other, except for the two of them.  Whether that’s due to sheer pettiness, laziness (OSU has four games scheduled with Arkansas; how hard would it be to drop those for Oklahoma?) or simply a desire to play with a new toy I can’t say, but it’s something they could address if they wanted to.

And while I agree with Solomon’s overall point, I think he’s misjudged those who choose to push regional rivalries aside.  They’re greedy, not moronic.  They do care, because that’s how they get paid.  It’s simply that they’ve convinced themselves that they’re smart enough to have it all — our regional passion and general national interest.  A poll of their fan base would let them know they’re off base about that, but how do you tell someone who thinks they’re the smartest person in the room they’re not?

Oh, yeah…

Fuck Mike Gundy and the horse he rode in on.


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Some days you eat the other conference, and some days the other conference eats you.

Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark has a dream, y’all.

Speaking Wednesday during a visit to future Big 12 member Cincinnati, Yormark told reporters that the league would be interested in adding members from the Pacific time zone. The new commissioner has taken a bold approach toward expansion, saying at football media days, “The Big 12 is open for business.”

“Obviously, going out west is where I would like to go, entering that fourth time zone,” Yormark said Wednesday.

He added of the Big 12’s wish list: “A program that has national recognition, one that competes at the highest level in basketball and football, stands for the right things, is a good cultural fit.”

These days, does a good cultural fit mean anything more than enjoying a dick measuring contest?  I mean, this whole Big 12 vs. Pac-12 fight is the conference realignment equivalent of a meteor game.


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The Big 12, exceeding expectations?

I don’t know if you caught this chain of events yesterday, but they’re of interest.

It is possible that the new Big 12 commissioner is a shrewder cat than I expected.  Of course this is the perfect time for his conference to haggle with Mickey.  They’ll never have more leverage trying to squeeze financial concessions out of ESPN than they do right now playing the Okie/Texas card.  That he’s willing to suck in his ego and do what’s best for his conference… well, there’s more than one conference commissioner we can’t say that about.


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How the other half lives

I’ve been wondering about this.

Georgia football coach Kirby Smart wants the Florida-Georgia game moved from its permanent site in Jacksonville to campus sites. His reasoning is clear: recruiting.

Of course, OU-Texas has a permanent neutral site, and one reason the game is anchored in Dallas (and has been since 1929) is clear: recruiting.

I know, I know. It makes no sense. Welcome to the mind of college football coaches.

Nah, you can’t mean…

In the OU-Texas game, the designated home team gets to host recruits at the Cotton Bowl. But in Georgia-Florida, neither team is allowed to bring in recruits, via Southeastern Conference rules.

Seems like rather than move the game, the answer is just change the rule to the Big 12 version.

I guess you can.  Sounds like somebody needs to start pushing Greg Sankey harder.  (Also, it makes you wonder what the SEC is going to do when Oklahoma and Texas join the conference.)


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Domino effect?

Couple of things went down yesterday that make me wonder if they might be related.

First, this.

The Big 12 and Pac-12 have ended talks about a potential merger or partnership after multiple conversations between the conferences across the last couple of weeks. The Big 12 ultimately walked away from the negotiating table Monday night after reviewing its options, sources tell CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd.

The Big 12 reportedly approached the Pac-12 first with the leagues discussing options including a full merger, pooling television rights or a scheduling partnership, according to ESPN. Ultimately, the Big 12 believed a merger might be most beneficial but decided it had better options as adding many of the Pac-12’s programs would not help the league substantially increase its media rights revenue.

Might this be one of those “better options”?

Notre Dame would remain independent if it can earn at least $75 million annually in media rights revenue from current broadcast partner NBC, sources told CBS Sports. The Fighting Irish’s deal with the network is set to expire in 2025.

For NBC to feel comfortable raising Notre Dame’s valuation to such a level, it is seeking “shoulder programming” (in this case, games played before and/or after Notre Dame’s contests) from a Power Five conference to enhance its college football coverage.

When such a move had been speculated previously, the Big Ten was the conference mentioned most often as a target. However, the Big 12 has emerged as a strong option to fill NBC’s shoulder programming needs.

… Outgoing Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby had not heard anything specific on NBC targeting the Big 12 for additional programming but said such a move “makes sense.” The Big 12 may be one of the few leagues with inventory available as its media rights deal also expires in 2025.

I never thought taking Notre Dame’s sloppy seconds would amount to much of a lifeline for a P5 league, but apparently that’s where we might be.  Go figure.


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“And if you don’t disrupt, you will get disrupted.”

The Big 12’s new commissioner sounds exactly like what you’d expect in this day and age ($$).

What has your relationship to college football been in your career? Have you gone to many games?

Not a lot. I went to Indiana, I’m a big fan of Indiana. I went to a couple games last year because my daughter was there. And I watch it on TV, I watch sports. But other than that, there isn’t a real connection to college football.

When I read up on your background, the question I wondered was: Why did you want to move down to Dallas and run the Big 12? Why leave your life in New York and the career you’ve built there for this job?

I like to build things. You know, it’s interesting. I’ve always been a gut guy. And when I was at the Nets and then I left for NASCAR, everyone said the same thing. “NASCAR? You’re from the Northeast. You don’t know anything about race car driving.” And I fell in love with the business of NASCAR.



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Cool, mane

Big 12 Media Days are underway and the new commissioner, Brett Yormark, is introducing himself to the media for the first time.  I wonder how that’s going…

Grandpa Simpson Gif GIFs | Tenor


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The Big 12’s “fearless leader”

Welp, it seems like the Big 12 had one main requirement for the person hired to succeed Bob Bowlsby as its next commissioner:  don’t be Bob Bowlsby.

Brett Yormark, the COO of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, is finalizing a deal to be the new leader of the Power 5 league, sources tell Sports Illustrated, a stunning move that brings yet another outsider into college sports’ most exclusive and powerful group.

Yormark, 55, has spent the last three years at Roc Nation, originally as co-CEO with twin brother Michael. In his various roles at Roc Nation, he’s worked with artists, athletes, leagues, teams and brands and oversees sponsorship, licensing, content partnerships and brand strategy. These are essential elements and qualities especially beneficial in an ever-changing college sports landscape that entered a new phase last July with the lifting of the NCAA’s amateurism rules. The era of name, image and likeness (NIL) has brought legalized athlete pay, agent involvement and player branding never before seen in college sports.

… Yormark has little if any college sports experience but he’s been integral in professional basketball. Before joining Roc Nation in 2019, he spent 14 years as CEO of BSE Global, which manages the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Nets. Under his leadership, Barclays secured agreements to host NCAA men’s basketball tournament games, the ACC men’s basketball tournament and several high-profile non-conference matchups in the sport involving Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and North Carolina. The Nets, meanwhile, moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn under his watch.

Prior to that, Yormark worked for NASCAR for six years, where he helped build the stock-car racing company into a major sports property.

So, he’s moved a sports franchise, helped NASCAR go from a regional property to a national one and knows his way around branding an athlete.  Sounds like a man for our times.

He also sounds like a guy who will be open to joining the Alliance, which already has two commissioners with little to no prior experience in college sports.  I can’t wait to hear him dictate terms to Greg Sankey.


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