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Et tu, broadcast partner?

Is this good?  I don’t think this is good.

The Big 12 is in the marketplace with three of its conference championship football games, including one that kicks off in just 11 months.

The conference has been shopping the 2019, 2021 and 2023 games to media companies over the last several months after Fox told Big 12 officials that it was not interested.

The Big 12 had hoped that Fox, one of its two primary media partners, would pick up the rights to the championship games in the odd-numbered years. Fox carried the 2017 game as part of a mediated settlement around conference expansion, paying about $25 million for its rights. But the network and the conference could not come to terms on the other three available games. Sources said the last offer made to Fox valued the game in the high teens.

Maybe slapping a conference title game on after a round robin regular season schedule for the purpose of getting that last bit of selection committee attention isn’t such a great marketing strategy.

These guys keep telling themselves they’re geniuses despite all evidence to the contrary.



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Today, in sweating the small stuff

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, a tower of rectitude, demanded a public apology from a Texas player.  Why?  Because he acted like a fan.

Hager was told that Kansas put up 40 points and 524 yards on the No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners while the Longhorns were playing, to which Hager quipped: “Hey, OU has no defense.”

He followed that up by pointing at a clock and saying: “And what time is it? It’s 11:12, and OU still sucks.”

First off, let me just say as a Georgia fan that a Texas player making a clock reference like that is both ironic and hilarious.  But I digress.

Where I really want to go is wishing that Bowlsby had been half as huffy about the Baylor situation as he’s been about some kid poking a little fun at a rival.  Of course, there’s no money involved with Hager, so I guess it’s easier for Big Bob.

The Big 12 still sucks, in other words.


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Monday morning buffet

With my Internet access at work down for almost a week, I had a bunch of stuff parked that I couldn’t post, so it’s time to sweep out the ashes.


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Horns down

Typical SEC fan:  Man, wasn’t it bullshit when SEC refs would flag opposing players for doing the Gator chomp while letting Tebow show his ass with that all the damned time?

Big 12 officials:  Son, hold our beers.


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Big 12 blues

I got news for Bob Bowlsby:  the day the selection committee leaves an undefeated Notre Dame out of the CFP will truly be the day hell freezes over.

Just be honest, Bob, skip the lame straw man argument that nobody’s gonna swallow and lobby for that sweet, sweet eight-team pool so your conference never again has to sweat getting an entry in.


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The game stats from Oklahoma’s overtime win over Army (!) are insane:

  • First downs, 26-19 in favor of Army
  • Total yards, 379-355, in favor of Army
  • Plays run, 87-40, in favor of Army
  • Time of possession, 44:41-15:19, in favor of Army

Which makes this post-game scene pretty cool.


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The opposite of Nick Saban’s Coke bottle

Mike Gundy was feeling pretty loose after yesterday’s win.

There’s more than one way to plug a product, peeps.


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