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Shamed, shamed, shamed

Athletic directors are still capable of being shamed?

Apparently so.  Who’da thunk it?

Of course, if you’re at Nebraska and a Husker god weighs in ($$)

Even the great Johnny Rodgers, the first Nebraska Heisman Trophy winner, star of the 1971 OU game and never an instigator, weighed in with a blast, telling the Associated Press, “If we’re going to start getting our reputation back, we’ve got to start beating and playing the best.”


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Shame, shame, shame

As someone who grew up on this game when it was one of the top annual events in college football, I am offended.

Pathetic, Huskers.  Just pathetic.


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Jeff Long rides off into the sunset.

Of course, you just knew that if anyone would raise a “do it for the kids” defense, it would be Long.

“I’m pretty upset, but I know how the world works. I’m just sick because I tried to do everything the right way with high ethics and morals and doing the right thing for young people. That’s the only thing that disappoints me,” Long said.

What a smarmy asshole.

Unfortunately for Jeff, that’s not what disappoints everyone else with a brain who’s watched Kansas athletics since he took the helm.

The tide on Long retaining his job seemed to turn Tuesday afternoon when it seemed he would remain in control and be allowed to make the next hire. However, when asked during a Zoom call about his history of football hires (Miles, Bobby Petrino, Bret Bielema) he became defensive.

When Long asked how those hires had been deficient, a media member replied, “on the field.” Kansas alums and fans reacted negatively on local radio and social media after the Zoom conference.

They ought to inscribe that on his tombstone.


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Kansas has standards? Who knew?

Whoomp, there it is.

I guess we’ll never know whom Jeff was going to make his next mistake with… at least not at Kansas.


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Is Kansas’ administration playing a game of Can You Top This?

Jeff Long has to be the shittiest vetter in the history of employment.  How this didn’t raise a red flag completely escapes me.

Long claimed that a series of background checks were conducted before the Jayhawks hired Miles in 2018, and no one in LSU’s athletic department raised any red flags.

“I also asked coach Miles, directly during the interview process, whether there was anything in the past that could potentially embarrass the university, or himself or our program, and he said no,” Long said. “We also did our due diligence by talking to individuals within the LSU athletic department to see if there was anything we should be aware of regarding coach Miles’ tenure at LSU and received no indications of any issues.”

When they learned of the legal dispute that was settled out of court, Long said Kansas “requested copies of any and all reported related to Miles when he was at LSU.”

“We were given a variety of reasons from Miles’s legal counsel why that would not be provided to us,” Long said.

The first response to that should have been, “well, fuck you, if your guy wants the job, you’d best provide that”.  Instead, Long opted for “welcome aboard, Les!”.

That’s not even the most jaw dropping thing Long said yesterday, as he tried to explain why Kansas is handing Miles almost $2 million to walk away from a job he shouldn’t have been hired for in the first place.  This is:

Long was asked why Miles wasn’t fired for cause if Miles lied to him.

“That’s really a legal question as to how he could or couldn’t respond at that time. But that was his response,” Long said.

When pressed again, Long said, “That is debatable whether that is a lie, and I’ll leave that to our legal people to dice that out. We felt it was important to move our program forward, that we needed to basically agree to mutually part and pay Les through the remainder of ’21 is basically what it came down to.”

My Gawd.  Incredibly, it looks like the school is going to let Long hire Miles’ replacement.  The dude’s recent track record includes hiring Bobby Petrino, botching the firing of David Beaty and, now, the hiring and firing of Les Miles.  It’s almost as if Long is doing a round of “hold my beer” with himself.

At least, maybe Long can negotiate a lower buyout in case the next guy gets caught lying.


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Adios, muchacho.

Les Miles has been cut loose at Kansas and Jeff Long is “extremely disappointed”.  I really feel for him.  It was a mutual decision, which I assume means Les gets some money and Jeff avoids another embarrassing deposition.  Truly something for both sides.  At least Les can now get back to his acting career.

Unlike when he hired Miles, Long has hired a search firm this time around, not that it’s going to deflect the barrage of criticism he’s got to be trying to fend off frantically right now.

Bruce Feldman ($$) is quick out of the gate with some possible replacements, with the most viable option, as he puts it, being the guy I’m glad Tennessee or South Carolina didn’t go after hard:

The most viable option for Kansas, based on what we’ve heard from industry sources, is Buffalo’s Lance Leipold. The 56-year-old has strong Midwest ties, knows the Big 12 footprint, and is a proven winner, having won six Division III national titles at Wisconsin-Whitewater. He left for Buffalo, one of the toughest places to win in the FBS, and has won there, too. In his fourth season, the Bulls went 10-4. They are 24-10 over the last three years, and that includes a top-25 finish in 2020. Leipold, a two-time MAC Coach of the Year, keeps finding and developing big-time players. He also spent over a decade coaching in Nebraska and worked three seasons on Frank Solich’s staff with the Cornhuskers.

I didn’t realize Leipold had a Big 12 history.  He’s almost too perfect for the job, which probably means he’ll get passed over for it by Long.


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Less than a week in, we’re already into the ass-covering phase.


On Saturday, Miles’ attorney Peter Ginsberg described Kansas’ decision to put Miles on leave as being based on “media blowback” and categorized it as being “disturbing and unfair.”

“Bending to the winds of media blowback, Kansas has now decided to put Coach Miles on administrative leave,” Ginsberg said in a statement. “Before the release of the reports this week, Kansas had been provided with significant information supporting Taylor Porter’s conclusions. KU also had performed thorough due diligence before hiring Coach Miles. Kansas’ decision to put Les Miles on administrative leave is both disturbing and unfair. To fail to recognize that a person’s career should not be compromised by unsubstantiated allegations hardly is consistent with the example an institution of higher learning should champion.”


Kansas found no red flags with Les Miles during what it claims were extensive background checks prior to his hiring in 2018, school sources told CBS Sports. Those sources defended KU’s vetting of Miles, who is currently on administrative leave after an LSU investigation that found allegations of sexual harassment by two women became public knowledge.

“We did background checks. We did all of those kinds of things,” said a high-ranking school official who did not want to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the proceedings and Kansas’ ongoing investigation. “We talked to people about Les and what he was doing. No one gave any indication of this. No investigations, no reports, no nothing. Zero.”

Kansas athletic director Jeff Long released a statement Friday noting this is the first time the athletic department had “access” to both an LSU in-house report and a third-party investigation detailing allegations against Miles.

Miles would not have been hired if there was any “inkling” of the information contained in the reports, school sources told CBS Sports.

Long and Miles became close when they were together at Michigan from 1988-94. During that time, Miles coached the offensive line under Bo Schembechler, while Long was an associate AD until 1998.

“[Long] did not hire him because he is a friend,” said a Kansas source, which insisted it was Miles’ coaching ability that made him the top candidate for the Jayhawks.

Yeah, sure, whatever.  Miles’ coaching ability has, for the time being, put the Kansas program on a 0-13 trajectory.  Truly vaunted.

As for those extensive background checks…

About all that’s left is for Long to say he’s never even heard of LSU.


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The power of rehabilitation

Imagine how hard up you have to be about the state of your football program to take active steps promoting this possibility:

Just win, baby, to the nth degree.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Sights and sounds from around the world of college football for your dining pleasure:


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Baylor’s AD is offended because Houston coach Dana Holgorsen expressed frustration that Baylor sat on its COVID situation (plus one of its players being suspended) until the day before the game, when it announced it wouldn’t play.

“I don’t know how it gets to 22 hours before the game,” Holgorsen said Monday of the postponement. “There’s a reason why our conference and the Big 12 tests three times a week. So, I would think that our opponent kinda knows where they’re at just like we kinda knew where we were at. … We had five buses out there, hotels lined up, we’ve got our equipment truck parked [at McLane Stadium].”

That’s construed as “chirping”, whatever that means.  Evidently chirping is a big deal.

“Yeah, you know, I’ll be candid: I’m disappointed in their head coach and the chirping,” Rhoades said. “And I let the [Houston athletic director] know it. And, you know, in my opinion, [it’s] not professional, but we’ll move on and we’ll move forward.”

Somehow complaining about a program’s unprofessional approach is unprofessional.  Welcome to 2020.


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