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Just shut up, dude.

The real disadvantage the Big 12 has is its conference commissioner.


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“We didn’t envision this when he came on campus.”

Baker Mayfield continues to be screwed by a program that never even gave him a scholarship.

The school that needed that unrecruited walk-on to bail them out would not let go. In fact, Texas Tech has more control over an All-America caliber quarterback — more than 24 months in the team’s rear-view mirror — than anyone except perhaps Mayfield’s parents.

The NCAA, the conference, and the school — specifically coach Kliff Kingsbury — would not sign off on Mayfield getting a fourth year of eligibility in 2017. The Red Raiders did not provide him with the opportunity to use a one-time transfer exception. Oh sure, they can hide behind Big 12 and NCAA rules, but the fact remains.

By not signing off on waiving Mayfield’s redshirt year after he transferred to Oklahoma in 2014, none of them agreed to do the right thing.

Because Texas Tech refused to grant the exception, Mayfield’s career at Oklahoma will come to an end after next season.  That’s fair, right?

Evidently the conference thinks so.

The Big 12 faculty athletic representatives who denied an appeal in May won’t so much as reveal the vote totals against Mayfield’s request. All we know is that it was a majority, at least 6-4 against.

Those FARs are supposed to be a moral conscious of fair treatment of the student-athlete. In this case, they’re hiding behind their votes.

As with most cases like this, the right thing to do gets lost in the crossfire. No doubt, Big 12 and NCAA officials are worried an exemption for Mayfield will open some sort of loophole — except that none of us can remember many unrecruited walk-ons becoming All-Americans.

Yeah, can’t set any precedents that might favor student-athletes.  That way lies madness.


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“I’m sympathetic to what Bob wants to achieve…”

Why does it seem like every time Jim Delany wants to start a conversation about something, the inevitable result is to screw somebody else over?

“I agree a conference should not have to expand in order to have a championship game,” Delany told “That wouldn’t be right. That’s tail wagging dog. On the other hand, I want to have some familiarity — some knowledge as to how these things are going to play out. I don’t want unintended consequences. I don’t want to wake up one morning and see some odd structure that’s unfamiliar.

“We don’t think he should have to expand to have the same option we have,” Delany said, “but we feel he should have a structure similar to ours.”

The Big Ten’s amendment calls for championship games to be between two members that are divisional champions. Deregulation opens the possibility of having the top two teams in the league play each other without divisions.

Not that I disagree with him here.  The idea of a championship game for a conference without divisions… what’s the point?  Okay, okay, what’s the competitive point?  We know the reasons conferences like the Big 12 are jonesing for this are to manipulate the selection committee and make a few extra bucks.  But it’s a spectacularly pointless move for a conference that plays a round robin schedule, like Bob Bowlsby’s.

If Bowlsby winds up getting his way on this – admittedly, Delany’s just made that a lot harder – I truly hope the Big 12’s first championship game winds up knocking out its one school that had a clear shot at the playoffs.


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Monday morning buffet

Fuel up, folks.

  • The Georgia Way  – it’s not just for the athletic department anymore! (h/t Lrgk9)
  • How was this kid not ejected from the game?
  • Add Iowa State to the coaching carousel list.
  • They’re just now getting around to figuring out how to fill all the bowl game slots?
  • Les Miles’ fate at LSU sounds like it’s moved from the if to the when stage.
  • Stuff like this probably doesn’t help.
  • Does playing Georgia Southern’s triple option help the Dawgs prepare to play Georgia Tech’s version?
  • Speaking of Tech, the season’s been disappointing enough that even the denizens at StingTalk can’t work up much an argument against Georgia being installed as a 4.5-point favorite.


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This is what comes from chasing a national playoff.

No surprise here.

Because if there’s anything a conference playing a round-robin schedule needs, it’s a championship game.

A decade or so from now, these assholes are going to wake up and wonder how they lost us.


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He “slanders us every time he’s on radio.”

Talk about your meteor pissing match.


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Baby did a bad, bad thing.

The Sam Ukwuachu affair just gets curiouser and curiouser.  Art Briles has strongly suggested that Chris Peterson and Boise State did not offer him or anyone else at Baylor details about Ukwuachu’s checkered past.  Yet, according to’s Evans and Thamel, somebody else sure got word about it.

Florida considered taking Ukwuachu in May 2013, but then-Gators coach Will Muschamp decided against it after a Boise State athletic department employee detailed Ukwuachu’s troubles with a girlfriend, according to two former Florida athletic department employees.

That included the former freshman All-America defensive end’s alleged physical abuse of his girlfriend and an allegation that Ukwuachu put his fist through a window while drunk at the couple’s home, one of the ex-staffers said. (Ukwuachu was not charged in either incident.)

“There was no way,” one of the former Florida employees told The Inside Read of Ukwuachu. “[Muschamp] wouldn’t touch him.”

… “Just a bad situation,” one of the former Florida staffers said. “It just wasn’t good.”

Ukwuachu also wasn’t completely forthcoming with Florida about his relationship with his former girlfriend, the former Gators athletic department employee said. But the Boise State athletic department employee was clear about Ukwuachu’s issues, according to the former Florida staffer.

Said the ex-Florida official: “There was absolutely no doubt.”

First of all, good on Boom and Florida to walk away after due diligence.

Second, it sounds like Ken Starr needs to add somebody to Baylor’s witness list.


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