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Thursday morning buffet

Buffetwise, I’m on a roll.

  • Regarding the early signing period, I think Kirby Smart is on to something here:  “I think there’s going to be a lot of pressure on whatever you call them, middle-range, not the elite, elite guys that’s waiting till signing day. But all those other guys are going to get hammered.”
  • If you pay the players, think what will happen to all those poor associate athletic directors for new and creative media.
  • Here’s a look at ESPN’s early college football broadcast schedule.
  • Andy Staples mentions something I wonder about if the NCAA goes ahead and puts a cap on the size of coaching support staffs, namely, how would that survive an antitrust challenge?
  • Arrogance or ignorance?  SEC coaches claim to be stunned by the new NCAA recruiting rules.  It’s only your livelihood, control freaks, and you’re not paying attention?
  • Kirby Smart’s gonna take his sweet time adding a tenth assistant coach.
  • If playing a conference championship game after a round robin schedule sounds like a stupid belt-and-suspenders approach to the problem of having a team make the CFP, the Big 12 isn’t listening“Nobody else in college football can say that they can guarantee their two best teams will play each other at the end of the year.”  That nobody else thinks it’s necessary should be a clue, Bob.
  • Seth Emerson counts roster numbers and finds Georgia just under the 85-man limit.


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Does the Big 12 have an Oklahoma problem?

Boy, David Boren sure loves to hear himself talk about leaving the conference.


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When it comes to recruiting numbers, resistance is futile.

When you put it like this

“If you look at a map of where the Big 12 is, there’s not a lot of high school football in some of these states,” Casazza said. “In fact, I just did some research… Texas, for example, had about 1,100 schools that played (11 on 11) high school football. The Big 12’s other four states — Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and West Virginia — had fewer than 900 combined. There’s four Big 12 schools in Texas. You really can’t change the fact that 40 percent of your league plays in the bottom 20 in the country of high school football teams.”

On where the talent is spread and why the SEC has an advantage:

“The top four states in the past five years for four and five-star recruits are Georgia, Florida, California and Texas. Georgia, Florida and Texas… the SEC has nine schools in those states.”

… that paints a pretty bleak demographic picture.  There ain’t enough spread offense imaginable to bridge that gap.

Bottom line:  if the recruiting glass is big enough, it doesn’t matter if it’s half empty.  But it’s hard to quench your thirst drinking out of a thimble.


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A different kind of “going pro” story

Former Oklahoma cheerleader gets busted on prostitution charges.  I don’t know which part of the story is better, that her mom is the Sooners cheerleading coach, or that her pimp — okay, alleged pimp — played football for Oklahoma for a season.

Should make the family’s next Thanksgiving dinner a fun get-together.


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Today, in Baylor

The Big 12 decides to hit the Bears in the one place it might hurt.

They might need that money to settle a couple of lawsuits, so maybe that’ll work.


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Moar today, in Baylor, a continuing series

Hands down, this is the greatest thing Bob Bowlsby has ever and will ever utter:

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, meanwhile, didn’t pull punches Friday while speaking to ESPN during an appearance at a regularly scheduled conference board meeting in Dallas.

“I think everybody’s pretty much in the barrel, but I don’t know if anybody knows where the bottom of the barrel is,” Bowlsby said of Baylor.

It’s kind of like a prequel to the Rule of Holes — before you stop digging, you have to recognize you’ve hit the bottom.


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People, it’s not Bob Stoops. It’s us.

At least that’s what Bob would have us make of his decision to redshirt Joe Mixon after Mixon punched a girl’s lights out.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said Wednesday that Joe Mixon would be off the team if he had punched a woman now instead of 2½ years ago, when he suspended the star running back for a year in a move that has drawn sharp criticism.

Mixon was suspended after punching Oklahoma student Amelia Molitor in 2014. Mixon returned last year and helped the Sooners reach the College Football Playoff, and he has been a standout again this year for No. 7 Oklahoma.

In reversing course, Stoops said he believed that the then-18-year-old Mixon could redeem himself. He said times have changed, and society now has a no-tolerance policy on domestic violence incidents. He said that’s a good thing.

“Two-and-a-half-years later, dismissal is really the only thing that is possible,” Stoops said. “A young guy having an opportunity to rehabilitate and to have some kind of discipline and come back from it is really not there anymore. Hopefully that message goes down even to the high school level, that these things are just unacceptable to any degree.”

Ah, the good ol’ days, when it used to be okay to assault somebody and then have an opportunity to rehabilitate play football.  This country’s gotten too soft, I tells ‘ya.  Between this and Baylor, what’s a Big 12 program supposed to do?


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