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Thursday morning buffet

If the end of signing day has left you empty, it’s time to fill up.


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Thursday morning buffet

Food for thought…


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Alabama can relax.

Jim Harbaugh’s contract turns out to be a 7-year, $5 million per year deal.  No need to rush out and give Nick Saban a raise tomorrow.

The Republic is saved.


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A conference with a network? Or a network of conference sports programming?

Jim Delany reportedly thinks the next Big Ten Network broadcast deal is going to make major bank for his member schools.

If that’s the case, I really don’t think he gives a damn if people like me criticize him bringing schools like Rutgers into the conference.

Don’t think his peers won’t take note, either.


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It’s hard to make a home run hire.

Spencer Hall has a point here.

True.  But only to an extent.  To overcome those shortcomings, Michigan had to shell out almost $50 million to bring back a Michigan man.

The question is, do you think Georgia has the resources, either financially or administratively (not to mention the will), to pull off a similar coup if Richt were no longer here?


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And furthermore, f– you, too!

Say what you will about him as a coach, Bo Pelini certainly knows how to make an unforgettable exit.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Another day, another buffet.


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