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If you can’t beat the SEC, join it.

Not only does Jim Harbaugh like the idea of holding camps and spring practice in the South, he’s taken to emulating a familiar recruiting strategy, to boot.  Awaiting Jim Delany’s criticism in  3… 2… aw, who am I kidding here?

By the way, it appears a four-star, 6’7″ offensive tackle is suddenly on the market.  Just sayin’, Coach Pittman.


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Jim Harbaugh isn’t through messing with SEC coaches’ minds.

Now he wants to hold part of Michigan’s spring practice at IMG Academy in Florida.

That should go over well at the SEC’s spring meetings.


UPDATE:  The empire strikes back.


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“Someone else wants them and is going to spend more money than we’re willing to pay.”

Barry Alvarez, on why SEC schools keep poaching his football coaches (h/t):

How can LSU afford to more than double Aranda’s salary? One answer is that most schools in the SEC have around 18 sports programs to underwrite (the Tigers have 19 sports) while the average in the Big Ten Conference is 23 (the Badgers have 23).

“The reason they can go up higher (in the SEC) is they’re not supporting as many sports,” Alvarez said. “It’s a difference in philosophy. The Big Ten is known for being more broad-based in its sports offerings. We are committed to supporting a broad-based athletic program. People may dismiss that, but it’s a real thing. They can sink more of their money into football.

“But we still feel we’re very competitive. We’re very cognizant of what everyone else is paying. We make adjustments annually.

“You can get your entire staff out of whack if every time someone has a job (offer) you have to give them a raise. You have to make decisions as you go along, what you can handle and what you can’t, and go from there.”

Does he have a point?

Well, it’s true that only three schools in the country spend more on athletics than Wisconsin does, and LSU isn’t one of them.  But even within the Big Ten, Wisconsin ranks only no better than eighth in assistant coaches’ salaries (Northwestern and Penn State don’t report).  And it looks like Barry ramped up Wisconsin’s athletic spending significantly in the last three years.  I dunno, did the Badgers add that many programs lately?


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You don’t have to be lonely at the Rose Bowl.

How can you not love Stanford’s band?

If I were an Iowa fan, I would have appreciated the halftime distraction. Any halftime distraction.


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Thursday morning buffet

Bowls making you hungry?  Okay.

  • ESPN is reporting that Scott Cochran will be getting more than $600,000 a year to stay at Alabama.  $600K for a strength coach.  Jesus.
  • Speaking of salaries, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlie Weis comes off the Notre Dame payroll tomorrow.
  • This probably isn’t good.
  • I don’t know if you watched the Holiday Bowl last night, but some kid who had two career sacks coming into the game managed three – on three straight plays.  Wowser!
  • ESPN wants to dominate New Year’s Eve, much as the N.F.L. takes over Thanksgiving Day and the N.B.A. deploys five games in its bid to wrest control of Christmas from Santa Claus.”
  • Nobody at The Miami Beach Edition cares, ESPN.
  • Why they love bowl season:  Jake Ganus confesses to eating 13 lobster tails at the bowl game dinner.
  • I didn’t realize that Ivan Maisel wrote for the AJ-C.  It’s something to consider how much talent came and went at that paper.


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“Rutgers Is Big.”

Yeah, that Jim Delany’s a genius, alright.


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“I’m sympathetic to what Bob wants to achieve…”

Why does it seem like every time Jim Delany wants to start a conversation about something, the inevitable result is to screw somebody else over?

“I agree a conference should not have to expand in order to have a championship game,” Delany told “That wouldn’t be right. That’s tail wagging dog. On the other hand, I want to have some familiarity — some knowledge as to how these things are going to play out. I don’t want unintended consequences. I don’t want to wake up one morning and see some odd structure that’s unfamiliar.

“We don’t think he should have to expand to have the same option we have,” Delany said, “but we feel he should have a structure similar to ours.”

The Big Ten’s amendment calls for championship games to be between two members that are divisional champions. Deregulation opens the possibility of having the top two teams in the league play each other without divisions.

Not that I disagree with him here.  The idea of a championship game for a conference without divisions… what’s the point?  Okay, okay, what’s the competitive point?  We know the reasons conferences like the Big 12 are jonesing for this are to manipulate the selection committee and make a few extra bucks.  But it’s a spectacularly pointless move for a conference that plays a round robin schedule, like Bob Bowlsby’s.

If Bowlsby winds up getting his way on this – admittedly, Delany’s just made that a lot harder – I truly hope the Big 12’s first championship game winds up knocking out its one school that had a clear shot at the playoffs.


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