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Bullshit just means more.

The logical contortions employed by the author of this article about LSU’s new football facility and the reactions thereto are certainly cringeworthy.  But then, he’s just following in the path of the AD:

LSU’s goal, as new athletic director Scott Woodward said, should be to be top notch in physics and football. Perhaps a facility like this will help LSU be better at both. Athletics should be the front porch of a university, attracting high-quality students and funding, not the other way round.

Yes, I’m sure the day funding to attract a quantum physics professor after discovering the football players have easy access to sleeping pods is just around the corner.



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Today, in self-ownership

That was said by the man whose conference added a championship game to a round-robin regular season conference schedule because he was worried about the playoffs.


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“Our time is coming…”

Just a reminder that when it comes to whistling in the dark, Larry Scott is a master.


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At Auburn, a tradition unlike any other

That sure didn’t take long.  Three days after Auburn’s spring game, they’re already comparing Joey Gatewood to Cam Newton.

Auburn, where there’s always another Heisman quarterback candidate waiting in the wings to blossom under Gus’ guidance.


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Next, they’ll be building statues to him.

Boy, Dan Mullen can be an arrogant bugger when it suits him.  Listen to what he says about Felipe Franks.

“There are three statues in front of the stadium that make playing quarterback at Florida different than almost every other school in America,” Mullen says. “There’s no bigger job in the SEC than being the quarterback at Florida. So with that comes a lot of responsibility. What did he end up with 31 touchdowns and six interceptions last year? A lot of places, you’re up there. Not here. You better come to grips with that.”

What he’s pitching there is that Franks isn’t getting the adulation normally due him because he’s the Florida quarterback, that a guy who posted a ninth-best 124.69 passer rating in league play would ordinarily be a household name we’d be singing hosannas to but for his unfortunate choice of uniform colors.  Yeah, sure.

You’d think if there really were no bigger job in the SEC than being Florida’s quarterback, they’d have found a great one after Tebow left.


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It’s a new day at Georgia Tech.

Preseason happy talk?  You’re at Georgia Tech!  YOU CAN DO THAT!!!

One thing I’ll say for the genius is that he didn’t waste any effort on smoke blowing.  He just blamed his defensive coordinators for being inept.  (Not that he didn’t have a point.)


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Preseason happy talk is for coaches, too.

If the number one category of blowing smoke over new coaches is in strength and conditioning (newer!  better!  harder!), right behind come coordinator changes.  Behold the magic in Knoxville:

“He figures out who his best players are and finds ways to get them the ball,” Pruitt said. “I think he’s a very good evaluator, and coaching against him, he’s very hard to defend.”

Of course he is, bless his heart.

When the day comes, Chaney’s eulogy ought to be nothing but what his head coaches had to say about him during the first spring after he was hired.


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