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Today, in (preseason) talk is cheap

Barrett Sallee includes this nugget on his list of post-spring overreactions for each SEC team:

Florida: Third-and-Grantham is a thing of the past

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham has been a lightning rod for criticism after a lackluster season in 2020. That has changed … at least according to head coach Dan Mullen. It’s nearly impossible to have a steadfast opinion on Florida’s spring due to the lack of spring game and access. But Mullen touted Grantham’s defense after every scrimmage, which is music to the ears of Florida fans. If that translates to the fall, then look out, SEC East.

And what song will Mullen be singing after the 2021 season is over, I wonder.


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Today, in Mark Richt has lost control of Kirk Herbstreit

Just gag me with a spoon.


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Of all the college towns in all the world…

… Auburn, Alabama is certainly one of them.


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They’re gonna crucify me.

Oh, FFS.


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TFW it’s hard keeping your stories straight


Screenshot_2021-01-28 Mark Ennis on Twitter


Screenshot_2021-01-28 Mark Ennis on Twitter(1)

After hiring Josh Heupel, Danny White may not be the AD Vol fans want, but is he the AD they need?  Or deserve?  Discuss.



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Use the force, Luke.

Kirby’s been just as flattering about Cincinnati.  Sounds like those bulletin boards are gonna be barren.


UPDATE:  Kirbs can give as good as he takes.


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“I mean, a lot of those things you saw, you’ve seen all year.”

You know, if you squint hard and forget Georgia played Florida a couple of weeks ago

Smart explained that Stetson Bennett and D’Wan Mathis could just as easily have connected on big plays like Daniels did against Mississippi State, when he completed four passes of 40 or more yards after the team had three completions of more than 40 yards in the first six games combined.

“Like I told you, I’d seen it in so many practices,” Smart said. “You guys have asked if we have confidence throwing it, and yeah. I’ve seen those same plays. I’d seen Stetson [Bennett] and D’wan [Mathis] make some of those plays against us in practice, so I knew it was there.”

I just can’t.

Kirbs, don’t tell us it’s raining.  Please.


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A bright future in sales

This is such good coachspeak that it would make Kirby jealous he hadn’t thought of it first.


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Let the good times roll.

Shorter Boom:  ‘Cock fans, if you ignore the 6-12 run we’re currently on, we’ve been really successful.


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U got the look.


Meanwhile, Gatewood, a former top-50 recruit and Auburn transfer, has appeared in each of the last three games. He played in the first three quarters of a game for the first time at Missouri.

Against Missouri, Gatewood completed 1 of 3 passes for 12 yards and gained six yards on three carries. Gatewood’s lone pass completion was then fumbled by wide receiver Josh Ali.


“He looked comfortable,” UK offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said of Gatewood earlier this week. “I liked his eyes in the huddle. He’s got a little bit of that Stevie Johnson deal. It just doesn’t faze him. He was excited.

I hope somebody asks Ojulari and the rest of Georgia’s pass rushers what they saw in Gatewood’s eyes when they meet.


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