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Today, in coaches say the darnedest things

Geez, Jimbo.

You made a decision to jump where the money was best.  Is there something you’re not saying out loud here?



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The greatest threat to Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman campaign…

is his little brother.


(h/t UncleBeezer, who is living proof that there are some ‘Bama fans who are good folks)


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The best preseason happy talk

… is the preseason happy talk that comes from the mouths of Georgia’s rivals.

Those Gators are gonna be awesome this year, I tells ‘ya.  ‘Cause nobody else has hard preseason workouts.


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Thursday morning buffet

I haven’t taken the chafing dishes out in a while, so here goes…


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Is the NFL trolling college football now?

You tell me.

When the NFL’s brightest stars take the field at the 2018 Pro Bowl in Orlando, they will be joined by UCF’s football team. In recognition of their national championship, undefeated season, the UCF Knights will be honored by the NFL following the first quarter of the game.

Maybe this is just a case of a school’s PR department getting a little too breathless and all that’s going on is a nice hat tip for a great, undefeated season.  Then again, maybe not.  Of course, this being the Pro Bowl, will anybody be watching to find out for sure?


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Today, in getting the band back together

John Jancek now works for Mike Bobo.

“I’ve had the opportunity to coach on the same staff with John at Georgia, and I’ve coordinated offenses that have gone up against his defenses,” Bobo said in a statement.

That’s the first time I’ve heard of a coach hiring a guy to make his offense look good in practice.


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The new guy

Honestly, when I read quotes like this,

“We’ve gotten a lot stronger and a lot more explosive,” Johnson said. “I got a lot stronger and more explosive, and a bunch of the freshmen made big jumps.”

Kelly said it’s no secret that the Vols dealt with numerous injuries during last year’s 9-4 season.

“I think we’re making sure we take care of our bodies more than we have in the past,” he said, “and that’s something we really need to take into consideration.”

… I wonder why football programs don’t hire a new strength and conditioning coach every damned year.  After all, who wouldn’t want to get stronger, more explosive and more careful all the time?  It’s guaranteed!


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