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A sign it’s time for the opening of August camp

C’mon, Kirby.

I love Campbell as much as anyone, but that ain’t happening unless Baker has an unfortunate run in with Mudcat’s car.



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“I feel like everybody’s on the same page, and they get it.”

I guess this means the only barrier stopping the genius from kicking ass on the recruiting trail is now relegated to the dust bin of history.

By the time everyone at Georgia Tech figures out the scam, Johnson will be looking to retire, anyway.  At least they’ll have those spiffy Adidas uniforms to remember him by.


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Today, in damning with faint praise

Talk about your “of all the coaches I know, he’s certainly one of them” takes, here’s Alabama’s Damien Harris on new face in town Butch Jones:

“I think he’s going to do a great job and get with the coaches however he can. Whatever his job … I don’t really know what an analyst is supposed to do but whatever he’s supposed to do, I’m sure he’s going to do it at a very high level.”

Boy, I hope Booch puts that on his résumé.  It’s nothing less than what you’d expect to hear about a five-star champion of life.


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Today, in coaches say the darnedest things

Geez, Jimbo.

You made a decision to jump where the money was best.  Is there something you’re not saying out loud here?


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The greatest threat to Tua Tagovailoa’s Heisman campaign…

is his little brother.


(h/t UncleBeezer, who is living proof that there are some ‘Bama fans who are good folks)


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The best preseason happy talk

… is the preseason happy talk that comes from the mouths of Georgia’s rivals.

Those Gators are gonna be awesome this year, I tells ‘ya.  ‘Cause nobody else has hard preseason workouts.


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Thursday morning buffet

I haven’t taken the chafing dishes out in a while, so here goes…


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