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To know a man’s heart

How come none of you genius amateur psychiatrists who just knew Richt deliberately threw the Florida game so he could engineer a multi-million dollar buyout on his way to the sunny shores of Florida have offered up similar insights about Charlie Strong’s embarrassing loss to Kansas?



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Today, in bidness decisions

Tennessee football, don’t ever change.

I’m sure the prospect of Booch managing Smith’s future made an enormous difference, big enough that this was merely an irrelevant coincidence.

In the summer Tennessee hired Ashley Smith, Trey’s sister, to work in the football program with the title of executive assistant to the head coach.


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Today, in I don’t think that means what you think it means

Tray Matthews, one of a small number of college players who can proudly claim a starring role in not one, but two, iconic moments, refers to his attempted tackle of Leonard Fournette last season as a “business decision”.


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Greg Sankey wants you to know his heart is in the right place.

Jeez, how the man didn’t get laughed out of the room after saying this yesterday, I don’t know.

The commissioner of the SEC used his opening remarks at SEC Media Days to stress that his league would always try to ‘do the right thing.’

“… Our institutions are expected and will continue to handle these matters with integrity,” Sankey said. “We hope both of the current matters are completed in a timely manner. We understand there are issues that arise. That’s why the expectation for integrity is so high. And as we move forward together, we can’t have any more of those issues arise.”

Tennessee recently settled a Title XI lawsuit to the tune of a $2.48 million dollar settlement while Mississippi is currently in the middle of an NCAA investigation centered on allegations of players receiving impermissible benefits.

“The central thought must be, must be, we never have a team return a championship trophy, never vacate any wins, and never have one of our teams precluded from postseason competition because we either can’t follow the NCAA’s rules or can’t meet the expectations for academic success,” he added. “We have made enormous progress.”

Sankey said the league created a working group this offseason to help the SEC work towards meeting the NCAA expectations while “avoiding integrity compromises that challenge our entire mission.”

Your league is doing a bang-up job with that integrity thingy, Commish.

He added that it’s imperative the league must understand the high expectations placed on it when it comes to the personal conduct of each of its players.

“Young people need to understand the serious consequences associated with their behaviors, and our leaders need to make certain the laws and expectations of society are unquestionably followed,” said Sankey. “As leaders, we have to hold ourselves to high standards so that we are the example for our student-athletes.”



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The SEC East just got a lot tougher.

Booch wouldn’t be bullshitting us now, would he?


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Baghdad Bill rides again.

Bill Hancock may blame the decline in the college football playoffs’ TV ratings at least partly on a “sophomore slump”, but the slump doesn’t extend to the most awesome part of the CFP.

There will again be six weeks of rankings during the season, the first on Nov. 1 and with the final poll coming out Dec. 4.

“That’s a good number,” said Hancock, noting the first ranking will be after the ninth week of the season and provide “plenty of games to evaluate.”

Hancock believes the CFP rankings have helped the regular season.

“I think we probably underestimated how much boost that would give to the regular season, as fans from around the country could now look around and see who they had to cheer for,” he said.

So you see, we were more excited about the chase to see which schools would be in the semi-finals than we were the semi-finals themselves.  Boy, don’t I feel foolish now for ever having thought the regular season risked being diminished by an extended postseason.

I wonder how long it takes for him to come up with some of the crap he says.


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I got a fever, and the only prescription is more …

happy talk.

It sounds like Spurdog is cured, though.


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