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Irish tradition

The most “just sayin'” tweet you’ll see today.

To be fair, Notre Dame no longer operates with a decided schematic advantage on offense these days.



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“I’m tired of people who don’t know who you are and they think you’re an asshole.”

Two thoughts on that:  first, Charlie Weis must be tired of a whole lot of folks, and second, just because they don’t know who you are, Charlie, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.


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The greatest trick Decided Schematic Advantage ever pulled…

At this point, Charlie Weis continuing to rake in obscene amounts of money from Notre Dame no longer amazes me.  What continues to amaze, though, is the realization that he leveraged all that stupidity off a loss.


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Great moments in snark

This is inspired.

“Impossible”, you say.  And then you stop for a minute…


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Thursday morning buffet

Bowls making you hungry?  Okay.

  • ESPN is reporting that Scott Cochran will be getting more than $600,000 a year to stay at Alabama.  $600K for a strength coach.  Jesus.
  • Speaking of salaries, you’ll be pleased to know that Charlie Weis comes off the Notre Dame payroll tomorrow.
  • This probably isn’t good.
  • I don’t know if you watched the Holiday Bowl last night, but some kid who had two career sacks coming into the game managed three – on three straight plays.  Wowser!
  • ESPN wants to dominate New Year’s Eve, much as the N.F.L. takes over Thanksgiving Day and the N.B.A. deploys five games in its bid to wrest control of Christmas from Santa Claus.”
  • Nobody at The Miami Beach Edition cares, ESPN.
  • Why they love bowl season:  Jake Ganus confesses to eating 13 lobster tails at the bowl game dinner.
  • I didn’t realize that Ivan Maisel wrote for the AJ-C.  It’s something to consider how much talent came and went at that paper.


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What trumps a decided schematic advantage?

Charlie Weis blames his failed, albeit well-paying, tenure at Notre Dame on… you ready?… ambitious assistant coaches.

No, really.

Weis said his struggles at Notre Dame could be traced to the composition of his coaching staff. Three of his assistants — Michael Haywood (Miami, Ohio), Rob Ianello (Akron) and Brian Polian (Nevada) — eventually left to run their own programs.

“I hired too many people that wanted to use the school as a steppingstone for a head coaching job,” Weis said.

What a prince.  Though it’s kind of hard to believe there isn’t a dumb enough AD left in America to give him another shot.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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