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Auburn with a lake vs. Auburn

It suddenly dawned on me that the Auburn/Clemson game could be a lot of fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Auburn has more questions than answers at many of its positions.

For one, a newcomer could be Auburn’s starting quarterback when Clemson comes to the Plains. Auburn’s identity could also change at several position groups, including the entire defense with the addition of five new staff members, including former Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele.

Steele was fired at Clemson after West Virginia knocked off the Tigers 70-33 in the 2012 Orange Bowl.

Deshaun Watson facing the Auburn defense does not promise to generate a low-scoring result.


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And, now, some random semi-finals musings

It’s Alabama versus Clemson next Monday… week.  Thanks, ESPN.

  • Given the lopsided nature of both games yesterday, did the selection committee get things wrong, or is 2015 simply a season for which the old BCS format was better suited?
  • Yeah, Deshaun Watson is quite a player, but I came away from that game really impressed with the Clemson defense.  Hard to believe that’s some of the same bunch Georgia ran roughshod over just a couple of years ago.
  • Giving the devil his due, I was also impressed with the job Junior’s done as a position coach (even if I’m still not swooning over his playcalling).  One of the best defenses in the country schemed to make Jake Coker beat it, and Jake Coker did.  Can anyone imagine saying the same thing about, say, Greyson Lambert?
  • And for those out there who argue that recruiting rankings are overrated, that they’d rather have a team full of motivated three-star kids than whatever, last night’s Cotton Bowl pretty much showed differently.  Sure, you’d better be able to coach ’em, and motivation matters, but domination still begins with having more of the Jimmies and Joes than the other team does.

Oh, and let me finish with this bit of snark.


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The Clemson Way?

Jon Solomon does the math on the four CFP teams’ finances.  The money shot (see what I did there?) is this:

Clemson’s athletic department spent $73.5 million in 2013-14, while the other three CFP schools all exceeded $107 million for athletic expenses. Interestingly though, Clemson was No. 2 among the CFP teams in two key financial categories: salaries for football assistant coaches and support staff. In those measurements, the Tigers are closer to Alabama than they are to Michigan State and Oklahoma.  [Emphasis added.]

That’s a bang for the buck lesson it’s taken a long time for the suits in Butts-Mehre to grasp.


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‘Self-contained’ profit

It’s a good thing Clemson doesn’t have to pay Deshaun Watson a piece of what he’s helped the school generate this year (“As a Heisman Trophy candidate and with Clemson having the year that they’re having, (Watson’s) value is probably well beyond $2 million,” Brown said.), since it’ll need every penny of it to erase the operating deficit of $3 million it ran in 2014.

Thank Gawd for amateurism, I say.


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“Joey Jones led me to the Lord that night.”

For those of you who like to claim that Richt’s strong religious beliefs handicapped the program, how do you explain Clemson’s number one ranking and this?


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Clemson has not lost control of bad news.

What is it with delayed reporting of news about Clemson players’ drug arrests?

Jimmy Williamson would not stand for such slackness, I tells ‘ya.


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“It takes over 200 people, really, to make a day like today happen.”

I doubt Greg McGarity approves of this message.

Turnipseed spent his previous 11 years in Tuscaloosa, serving as Nick Saban’s director of external affairs. His old teammate and mentor from the early 90s plucked him away in May 2013.

“Thad Turnipseed has done a fantastic job helping us build what my vision for our program was as far as taking our recruiting to another level,” Swinney said. “We were a little behind, I thought, as far as our efficiency.”

This is the best way Swinney describes Turnipseed’s role: he wakes up every day and thinks about recruiting. That’s something a multitasking coach can’t say.

“Thad Turnipseed’s been an awesome addition,” said Jeff Scott, who was Clemson’s recruiting coordinator from 2009-14 before his promotion to co-offensive coordinator. “We’re light years ahead of where we were before he got here.”

Growing staff

There was one student volunteering her time to recruiting when Turnipseed arrived at Clemson.

A year and a half later, as many as 40 students at one time can be assisting Turnipseed or Scott, or new recruiting coordinator Brandon Streeter, or Scott’s father Brad, who handles player development, or director of high school relations Mike Dooley, or director of new media Jonathan Gantt. Turnipseed also has two full-time assistants and two graduate assistants.

Clemson University owns and operates one prop plane commonly used on recruiting trips. The athletic department employs three full-time pilots: James Allison, Dan Arblaster and Jason Williams.

Wretched excess?  In today’s world of football recruiting, it’s not even keeping up with the Joneses.

But it’s all relative. Staffs like Clemson’s still lag behind SEC powers like Alabama and Auburn.

“We’re definitely a lot smaller still. But we’re exactly what we need,” Turnipseed said.


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