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“We find Popeyes every state we go in.”

I can think of worse pre-game preparations.

It’s part of a family ritual for certain road games: While Travis is getting ready for the game, his mom  heads to Popeyes so she can buy him one of his favorites – either a chicken sandwich or chicken tenders. Then she brings him the food at his hotel the day before the game.

“We make a joke: that chicken gives him wings,” Donnetta Etienne said.

Only question unanswered:  spicy or mild?


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Today, in aw, shucks BS



I’d like to see LSU win the thing this year, because they’re a fun bunch to watch.  But I have to admit I’d like seeing that sanctimonious ass lose more.


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“The guy just can’t keep his trap shut.”

If we refer to the Florida-Tennessee match as a meteor game, what should we call the Finebaum-Swinney dust up?


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Dabo and The First Rule of Holes



Jeez, man, “a lot of people”?  Really?  Got any receipts for that?

You’ve worn the respect shtick to a nub at this point.  Find a new “aw, shucks” line or STFU.


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Whiny bitchez

Really, just two outstanding comments yesterday from leaders of young men:

Of the two, I’m leaning towards Dabo’s being the more obnoxious.  I mean, at least Saban was lashing out after losing a game his team really should have won, being on the receiving end of bad officiating (so much for that theory) and being outcoached by Gus on the play that ended the night for ‘Bama.

Dabo’s was simply pure, gratuitous whining for the sake of whining.  It doesn’t even make sense based on how the season played out.  What a dick.


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Dabo goes full asshole.

You know, I thought college football’s 93 million dollar man had finally figured out that the smartest thing he could do was not to speak out about player compensation anymore.

Turns out I was wrong about that.  Like, really, really wrong.

“The collegiate model is a beautiful thing. And it’s been a great thing. The scholarship for a long time was archaic, and it needed to be changed and addressed. Nobody wants to acknowledge that. Right? Because that doesn’t fit the story. You know, they’re supposed to be starving. These guys ain’t starving. These guys got money. They got cars, they got tattoos, because they’ve got money. It’s a different situation than when I was in school.”

All he left out were the hoes and weed.  Lawd.


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Cornpone shtick

I was in high school when Swinney was born and yet somehow he comes across like he grew up during the Depression.  I feel like we’re just a presser or two away from hearing how back in the day, he walked four miles to school barefoot.


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