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IPTAY in action

I admit that I’m something of a sucker for When Bad Things Happen To Rival Programs stories, so this piece about two former Clemson football players being arrested for robbery was a little catnip, as far as I’m concerned.  What’s curious about it — and what makes it worth sharing with you here — is presented as a sidelight.

According to documents and surveillance footage obtained from the Clemson Police Department, the three men pulled into a city parking deck on the afternoon of March 28, were recorded on camera exiting Fuller’s white Mercedes, pulled hoods over their heads, then allegedly proceeded to knock on the door of an apartment that police say belongs to a current Clemson football player.

An unidentified 20-year-old victim who says she is the teammate’s girlfriend told police she was napping in the back bedroom around 4 p.m. when she heard the knock. She answered the door and was allegedly robbed at gunpoint.

One suspect, she said, had a gun and went to the kitchen for cash in a cabinet above the refrigerator. She considered running outside but said she saw the third suspect by the stairs, whom she assumed was the lookout man.

Knowing her boyfriend kept a gun in the nightstand, the victim told police she ran to the back bedroom where she wrestled with the other suspect on the bed before he also took a large amount of cash from that nightstand. According to documents, the victim said she thought the men were football players.

To recap, Fuller, a “former Clemson running back who was set to graduate and transfer from the university this summer”, drives a Mercedes to the apartment of a current Clemson football player.  In the apartment, one of the robbers knows immediately where to head for cash stashed away hidden in the kitchen and another goes into a bedroom to take a large amount of cash.

Is it just me, or does any of that beg a certain question about what’s going on at Clemson?



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“I do think down the road you will see Clemson and Georgia playing each other…”

Not as often as Dabo would like, though.


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“You don’t really look forward to playing Georgia.”

Dabo’s all in on Clemson-Georgia being an annual thing.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, who likes to test his team with an SEC opponent other than South Carolina, would be a fan of Georgia and Clemson renewing their rivalry.

“Absolutely,” Swinney said when asked whether he would like to play Georgia every year. “I think it’d be great for both fan bases. I’ve said that for a long time. We’re going to play somebody like that every year. We go to Texas A&M this year, then they come to us. We played Auburn a bunch of times. So I think that would be great.”

Hey, I’m down with that, especially if it meant dumping a cupcake game from the schedule.  Somehow, I’ve got the feeling Kirby and McGarity might feel differently in that regard.


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Dabo disses Corch.

I can feel a whole new book of grievances coming on.

… Swinney said he doesn’t watch many Big Ten games during the season but felt the conference was overrated after watching Ohio State in preparation for the bowl game.

“Go back to last year. We’re trying to figure out a way to put four Big Ten teams in the playoff,” Swinney said. “And I didn’t pay no attention to the Big Ten. You just kind of buy it (the Big Ten hype), right? That’s just what’s out there. And then we get ready to play Ohio State and I start watching the tape, I watch every single game and I go in and tell our guys, I’m like, ‘Boys, these guys are in trouble.’ I mean, I’ve watched the whole league, I’ve gone through the whole league both sides, these guys are in trouble. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Next time your teams meet, Dabo, I’d keep an eye on how many timeouts Meyer keeps in his pocket in the second half.  Just sayin’.


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“I’m not going to be the Twitter police.”

South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley decided to take a little pride in his team on social media and promptly got the kind of feedback that makes you proud to be a fan of college football.

South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley made some waves in the offseason, giving a few confident thoughts about how his team stacks up with national champion Clemson. Predictably, this got him a fair share of flack on social media.

And a couple unlikely users led the way.

“It was crazy,” Bentley said. “These two elderly ladies always killing me on it. That’s part of the reason you stay off Twitter.”

Only in America.


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Eh, but who’s counting?

I’m not sure if it qualifies as bulletin board material, but the South Carolina Department of Transportation is installing two more highway signs celebrating the Gamecocks’ national championship in women’s basketball than it did for Clemson’s football natty.

Then again, maybe that’s their way of saying South Carolina’s a basketball state now.


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They said, they said.

Talk about your meteor pissing match — Dabo and Boom (“obviously, there was a racial slur”) argue about insults being tossed by Clemson players before their game without having any direct knowledge of whether or not that occurred.


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