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Monday morning buffet

Knock yourselves out.

  • How does the transfer portal work?
  • ESPN’s Football Power Index projects Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Michigan and Oklahoma as favorites in every game on their respective schedules.
  • Here’s a look at the politics behind the move to name the Sanford Stadium field in honor of Vince Dooley.  Let’s just say Don Leebern wound up on the wrong side of history.
  • USA Today’s Paul Myerberg saw the same thing I saw at G-Day:  “The Bulldogs’ series of practices revealed a team loaded with underclassmen talent set to contribute at many important spots — such as the secondary, for example, which coach Kirby Smart singled out for praise multiple times in April.”
  • Pete Fiutak’s take on this year’s Auburn team“This year, grade the Tigers on a curve.”
  • Dabo is “disappointed” his program was mentioned unfavorably in the federal corruption trial into college basketball.  No shit, Sherlock.
  • Today’s SEC returning player stat may surprise you a little.


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TFW 44-16 is overrated

It is possible to believe — no, make that it is logical to think — both that the SEC is by far the best football conference in the country and that Danny Sheridan is a moronic hack.

Even better, it doesn’t require anyone to break a sweat.

And before you hit David with that “grind” narrative, be aware he’s ready for that.

Don’t confuse strength of schedule with strength of team.  Don’t be like Danny, who just made me defend Clemson.  Damn, I feel a little dirty now.


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Today, in IPTAY


I think that moves him ahead of Saban.

Every day, schools keep telling us they’re broke and everyday they keep proving they’re full of shit.


UPDATE:  The breakdown looks even more impressive.

One can only imagine what McGarity would be looking at should Smart ever bring home a natty.  Well, Jimmy Sexton probably already knows.


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Dabo wants Georgia.

Georgia hasn’t played Clemson since 2014, and the teams aren’t scheduled to meet again until 2024 in Atlanta.

Tigers coach Dabo Swinney thinks that’s too long, telling AJC-DawgNation on Saturday that Clemson would welcome an annual series with the Bulldogs.

“We should play Georgia every year if it was up to me,” Swinney said. “We’re 80 miles, and they need a game, we need a game. We had to travel to Texas A&M last year, when we could have gone 80 miles.”

“It’s a tough game because they are one of the best teams in the country, but it’sgreat game for the fans, and we have to play people. I’d just as soon play them than have to go all the way somewhere else to get a game.”

The man doesn’t like to travel, it sounds like.


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“Oh yeah, I mean, there’s a chance that it could come from anything.”

Well ain’t this a kick in the pants:

Clemson officials still don’t know or aren’t saying how three football players tested positive for an illegal performance-enhancing drug prior to the Dec. 29 Cotton Bowl. But as the program continues to appeal the suspensions, head coach Dabo Swinney acknowledged it could have come from within — mistakenly.

Swinney told The Post and Courier that the process is out of his hands and that the university’s legal team is still looking into all possibilities, which includes the chance that Clemson gave the players something the athletic department thought was cleared by the NCAA.

Dabo’s not saying that because it’s some random thought that just popped into his head.  He’s clearing the stage for what’s to come.  Hey, Clemson won the national championship, so it’s not like there are going to be repercussions he can’t handle, but if you’re one of the three kids who were banned from playing in the CFP, that’s small comfort.

That being said, if the program were giving players PEDs inadvertantly or not, Dabo’s lucky only three tested positive.


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“We would like to… professionalize him right away, be our Joe Namath.”

Trevor Lawrence, the Pacific Pro Football League wants you.

Yee added that there could be endorsements for the young quarterback as part of the deal.

“Adidas is one of our founding sponsors, and I think they might want to make him an endorsement proposal. He would be professional and he would learn an NFL-style game with us before he declares for the (NFL) draft.”

Current NFL rules dictate that a player must be at least three years removed from high school to enter the draft, which wouldn’t make Lawrence eligible until the 2021 NFL draft.

In addition to potential endorsements, Lawrence would be eligible for the rest of the Pacific Pro Football League’s benefits.

“Players will receive a salary, benefits, and even paid tuition and books for one year at community college,” the League website says. “Players also will be able to market themselves for compensation, and begin creating a financial retirement plan if they so choose. Pacific Pro’s top priority will be the proper development of the player, on and off the field, using professional protocols.

Does Lawrence feel like pioneering?  Would Clemson allow itself to be outbid for his services?  (I keed, I keed… I think.)  Doubtful.


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How dominant was Clemson in 2018?

I’m generally fascinated by the strength of schedule debate.  It’s certainly not irrelevant, but there is a danger in overrating its importance.  The simple truth is that a great team can play a weak schedule.  The latter shouldn’t define the former, but I’ve seen plenty of cases where that’s argued.

What’s important is that a great team should dominate mediocre opposition and do it on a consistent basis.  Take a look at what Matt wrote about Clemson’s latest national championship season.

A little less than four weeks ago, Clemson won their second national title in the past three seasons (and third overall). The Tigers dominated (on the scoreboard if not in the box score) an Alabama team that many thought might be one of the best of all-time. Clemson was touted as one of the best teams in the nation all season, but with the Tide sucking most of the oxygen out of the college football ecosystem, I feel like most casual football fans didn’t realize how dominant Clemson was this (I know I didn’t realize it until I was crunching the numbers for bowl season). The Tigers did survive a few tight games in 2018, edging Texas A&M in College Station and rallying to beat their Orange adversaries in Death Valley. However, those games share a common thread: quarterback Trevor Lawrence did not both start and finish them. In games Lawrence both started and finished, the Tigers won by an average of 36 points per game, with no team coming closer than twenty points!

He concludes, “The ACC was mediocre at best in 2018, but Clemson thoroughly dominated it, and with their non-conference performance (victories against two SEC bowl teams as well as a solid Sun Belt squad) and subsequent playoff thrashing of two unbeaten heavyweights, the Tigers can make a case they are the best national champion of the new century.”  Agree or disagree?  If you disagree, how much do you hold the overall weakness of last season’s ACC against Clemson?


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