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It’s Bo time!

Here’s a quarterback who knows the value of showing a little love to his offensive linemen:


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A recurring thought on Clemson

Three tweets from David Hale:

Getting a healthy Justyn Ross back will be huge…”  I continue to maintain that Georgia’s opening game will be decided by which team’s offensive line has the most success, but if you’re looking for the key player, I’m becoming more convinced that Ross’ health is the second more important factor.  Clemson’s got a lot of talented, lanky receivers, but they didn’t get as much out of the group last season as you would have expected.  Ross back in the lineup makes them a more dangerous bunch.

It’s interesting that with less than two months to go, there’s still no word on whether he has a clean bill of health.  It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.


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Alex, I’ll take “Delusional” for $200.

Does anybody wanna tell ’em?


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I’m beginning to think I need to start a Your Daily Tiger feature.

Yeah, I know that unlike Florida, Clemson has a national relevancy of late, but still, dumb is dumb.  And this is a classic by those standards.

Yes, he’s using the 2013 game and Todd Grantham’s defense to make a point about this year’s game.  And there’s more where that came from in the message board thread.  That’s some incredible insight there; I may have to rethink my entire take on Georgia’s opener now.


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Eight weeks away

With all the recent craziness surrounding college football, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what we’re hanging around for.

David Hale: Clemson and Georgia is the perfect September football game. It’s an established title contender in Clemson vs. the trendy pick for 2021 in Georgia. It’s a matchup of big-armed QBs from Southern California. It’s two teams that have recruited at the highest level for years. And rather than a one-off spectacle, this is a matchup that actually has history on its side, too, with UGA and Clemson playing 64 times in the past, with the last matchup in 2014 including Deshaun Watson’s awe-inspiriting first TD throw and an absolute huge performance from Bulldogs’ superstar Todd Gurley on the ground. This is as good an opening weekend showdown as we’ve had in college football in a long time.

Amen to that.  I can’t wait.


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Another key to Georgia’s opener?

CFN’s preseason All-ACC players preview is out and, no surprise, Clemson dominates with seven of the top twenty players in the conference.  There’s one interesting catch, though.

Justyn Ross is listed at number four, with an asterisk:  *If healthy and close to 100% by the start of the season.

We’re almost at the end of June and Ross’ health is still a question.  That strikes me as being kind of a big deal.

I still believe that the team with the offensive line that holds up best wins Georgia’s opener, but I’m willing to entertain the thought that Ross’ play may be a solid number two factor.  Healthy, he’s that good — and don’t forget Clemson was scheming to play him out of the slot this season, which would make him a matchup nightmare.

What do y’all think?


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Interesting tidbit from Pete Fiutak’s Clemson preview:

Only two teams hit the 200-yard rushing mark against the Clemson defense last year – Notre Dame and Ohio State. Those were the two losses, and they were the only time all year the Tigers allowed over five yards per carry.

The 2019 team didn’t allow over 200 rushing yards to anyone, but the only time it gave up more than five yards per crack was to Ohio State in the epic Fiesta Bowl and to LSU in the national championship loss.

Those two 200-yard rushing days against the Tigers were the only time anyone got to the mark since Alabama did it in the 2016 national championship – Jalen Hurts had something to do with that. Before that, Louisville ran for 273 thanks to some Lamar Jackson guy.

Over those same two seasons, Georgia cleared 200 yards rushing ten times.  They won all ten games.

Outside of the opener against Georgia, be shocked if anyone can get close to 200.

Clemson’s got the d-line to try — do the Tigers play to stop the run and make Daniels beat them over the top?  Does Monken take what he’s offered?


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Today, in be careful what you wish for

Found this on a message board and it’s too good not to share (although I really, really hope it’s not just sarcasm).

I hope Clemson only kicks field goals in the opener, too.


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About Clemson

Bill Connelly looks at Clemson and likes what he sees ($$).  The Tigers’ projected win total is just a smidge under eleven and they’re second in projected SP+.  They’re favored in every game on their schedule and only the opener against the Dawgs is seen as a relative toss-up.  (“That Week 1 battle with Georgia is going to be spectacular, though.”)

What’s more interesting to me is his breakdown of the team, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Uiagalelei will be fine.
  • The defensive line is ridiculously good, maybe the best in college football this season.
  • Relatively speaking, the secondary is something of a question mark, especially with Kendrick’s departure.
  • The skill position talent is good, but as good as last year’s?  Probably not.

I have yet to see anything to change my mind from its first position on the Clemson-Georgia game, which is, simply, the team with the offensive line that holds up best wins.  And you?


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The road to the CFP

… is paved with a regular season schedule so weak Ohio State can mock it.

Granted, they’ll likely pick up either Miami or North Carolina in the ACCCG, but still, that leaves a lot to be desired.  (Although it’s not Clemson’s fault the ACC’s depth blows this season.)


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