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Gary Danielson is rounding into mid-season form.

Grumble, grumble” I’ve been a bit dismayed that the Heisman now goes to best spread quarterback in college football. That’s who wins it almost every year.”

Okay, so maybe I was a little surprised he accepted the premise of Ohio State as the number one team in the country without quibbling.  Of course, he could be just biding his time with that.


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“How do you figure out if a kid wiIl translate to a two- or three-year starter as a college quarterback?”

Um… don’t you just look at who had the best stats at G-Day?

Evidently there’s more to it than that.  Who could have known?


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And, lo, there was college football. And it was good.

Georgia won’t get going for another week, but that doesn’t mean today isn’t a good day.

Your favorite team probably doesn’t kick off until September 5 (or if you’re lucky, September 3). But your eyes should turn to Missoula, Montana this Saturday, August 29, for the true start of the season.

North Dakota State takes on Montana in the newly annual FCS Kickoff game, showcasing the best college football’s second tier has to offer. And this really is the best it has to offer, at least on one side. Montana has a fascinating new coach and hopes of getting back amongst the FCS elite, and North Dakota State is a true dynasty, a four-time championship steamroller that would look at home in the FBS.

We don’t get many opportunities to witness the power of a fully operational battle station. Here’s why you should watch NDSU try to blow up a planet at 3:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

Say no more, right?


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It’s gonna be a long season.

I always hope when I see articles like “Reverse Engineering a Champion”, there will be some really cool insight that leads to an unexpected conclusion.

I really shouldn’t get my hopes up like that.


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Gentlemen, hit the head.

Rich Rodriguez spills the beans about halftime adjustments.

And what about halftime adju-

“The halftime talk is way overrated! First of all, the first five minutes and last five minutes are probably to use the restroom. We’re old! We’re not passing up on a chance to go to the bathroom! But then our coaches are talking to each other for five minutes, too. You’re not going to invent a whole lot of things. You have to keep things simple enough that if you make adjustments, everybody already kind of knows why.”

So much for the Knute Rockne halftime motivational speech.

Although I have to admit I think more clearly with an empty bladder, too.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Chock full of preseason goodness.


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Before you get too smug, SEC…

With regard to all the back patting that the SEC did in the wake of passing its no transfer “Jonathan Taylor” rule, it’s worth considering what Dan Wolken wrote in response to the Sam Ukwuachu debacle unfolding at Baylor:

And yet, given what we know, it isn’t clear-cut that even the SEC’s new transfer rule would have prevented one of their schools from accepting Ukwuachu. Again, no police report, no formal university discipline.

Rules or no rules, in the end, it boils down to coaches, or the athletic directors those coaches allegedly answer to, having enough of a moral compass to look past the short-term goal of winning.  Especially the latter, who often seem to lack the balls to deal with the pressure coming from successful coaches.

The problem, though, is that too many schools have yielded too much power over those decisions to coaches who risk nothing by taking the player (“Hey, if he screws up, we can just dismiss him”) and have very little incentive to say no.

As long as there’s an envelope to push, there’s always a head coach out there willing to take that chance.


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