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What is this “nine-game” schedule you speak of?

Shorter Jay Clemons (the 2015 national winner for “Sports Blog Of The Year”, donchaknow):  When the college football playoffs are so awesome, who needs a decent conference schedule?

And by “who”, he doesn’t mean fans.


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“Your goal ought to be to hire the coach who can win the most games who will say yes.”

Interesting piece from Andy Staples on how some – okay, a few – ADs are using analytics to aid in hiring a new head coach.

Read it and see if it sounds like the Georgia Way to you.


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The slow death of romance

I’ve hesitated about penning a response (okay, not penning, exactly, but you know what I mean) to this Darrell Huckaby piece because I know it’s a well-intentioned cri de coeur.  But I have to admit the first thought that crossed my mind after reading this…

But college football is not so much fun for me anymore. The players seem to care more about the name on the back of the jersey than the school they represent. Too few of them seem to appreciate the opportunity they have been given. The twin gods, television and the almighty dollar, dictate everything that happens, from scheduling to starting time. It takes four hours to play a game that should be over in two. It costs more money to follow a team for a season than my father ever made in any three-year period of his life. Attending a game is an all-day commitment, sometimes a two- or three-day commitment.

… was, what took you so long?

Where we’re at in the here and now has been a long time in coming and the process only seems to be accelerating.  Conference realignment, monster television deals that result in conferences giving up more of their independence to Mickey, a postseason that grows and grows – we’ve been bitching about all that crap for years here.

The reality, as I’ve suggested before, is that there is a certain romance fans have always had about the sport.  Huckaby is no exception to that.  The cynical bastards who run college athletics count on it, even as the Steve Pattersons of the world work on nonsensical rebranding, not as a means to enhancing fan loyalty, but as an end of squeezing every last drop out of our wallets.  Because that’s what really matters these days.

And people like Huckaby give them a pass.  Sure, he’s disillusioned, but notice that he can’t even bring himself to blame the suits.  He goes straight from the selfish players who “care more about the name on the back of the jersey” to television and money without bothering to mention the middlemen who have made it all possible.

Michael Adams never broke his leg playing in Sanford Stadium.  Greg Sankey isn’t currently in rehab at the Shepherd Center (something, if you want to get shitty about it, that might not have happened if Gales’ school wasn’t busy chasing a paycheck to play in Athens).  They’re just part of the group of people who’ve done what they could to make our present day dissatisfaction possible.  The front of the jersey matters to them largely to the extent they can monetize it.

They treat college sports like a business, or at least their vision of a business.  Any perception otherwise on our part is bound to end in disappointment.  If it already hasn’t.


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Not the player strike we were expecting

There is a good bit of racial tension swirling about the campus of the University of Missouri, as evidenced by this Washington Post story.

Some of the football team has decided to up the ante.

The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere” We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!

No idea where this is heading… but if a football team can take down a school president, I imagine that going to shake up more than a few people.


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Our Long national nightmare is just beginning.

The selection committee spewed forth its first set of rankings last night.  The nation yawned as the committee’s master gave itself a major woody fawning over a bunch of ultimately irrelevant information.  So, I guess you’d have to say from the perspective of those running college football, it was a huge success.

Man, it’s gonna be a long two months.


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“In the big picture, the replay process is in good shape.”

Shorter Rogers Redding:  yeah, the replay process bites and needs fixing, but since when have the conferences cared about spending money to make officiating more credible?


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Slim pickings

Not exactly a week loaded with heavyweight action.


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