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Sabotaging the product

I’m no AD, but it seems like this isn’t the most welcoming move to make with the folks you want to turn into ticket buyers 20 years down the road.

Considering UConn is coming off a horrendous 1-11 season, that’s a boss move.  Michael Adams would be proud.

Benedict is one of those guys who’s going to wake up in a decade or so and wonder what happened to the sport’s popularity.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Soon, grasshoppers, soon.


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Coaching math

The only person more consoled by that than Arizona fans right now is Jimmy Sexton.

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Hello, old friend. Good to see you again.

As long as the people running college football can manage to avoid screwing up the sport beyond the pale, I’ll keep posting this wonderful Stephen Fry clip to celebrate the start of another season.

Call it cockeyed optimism.


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Friday morning buffet

One day ’til college football, and counting.


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Is strength of schedule a matter of perspective?

From Mandel’s latest Mailbag ($$) comes this bit of wisdom from Brian Fremeau:

Imagine two schedules. Schedule A consists of the six best teams in the country and the six worst. Schedule B consists of the 12 most average teams in the country. Which is tougher? Ask Alabama, and they’ll obviously say Schedule A. Alabama would have a much easier time running the table against Schedule B. But ask the worst team in the country which one is easier, and they’ll say the opposite. The worst team in the country would have a hell of a time winning a single game against Schedule B.

That’s a really sharp observation, if for no other reason than it’s a good reminder of one of college football’s defining features, its lack of parity.


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Today, in puns

Cereal bowl, get it?  Har har har.

I’ll be here all week, folks.  Try the veal.


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