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“The pros do that.”

Hey, the coaches want this newfangled technological shit and it’s another revenue source for college football, so I’d say we’re looking at a question of when, not if, it’s all embraced on a sideline near you.

“I think the coaches clearly want to investigate using technology to make the game better and I think that a competition committee can look at some of these,” SEC coordinator of officials Steve Shaw said. “Clearly we’re marching toward technology.”

After all, it’s always a plus when college football can be more like the NFL.  Especially the money making part.


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The Nostradamus of conference realignment

Who had the foresight to write this five years ago?

A collateral consideration for all of us as national leaders in intercollegiate athletics is the creation of a few “mega-conferences” may result in more governmental, legal and public scrutiny. Pressure to compete may rise with resulting higher salaries and more churning of ADs and coaches. Clear identification of the highest level of intercollegiate athletics reduced to a smaller grouping of (e.g. four 16-member conferences) could cause eventual tax consequences and tremendous pressure to pay those student-athletes responsible in programs driving the most revenue and pressure, and whose coaches and administrators are receiving more and more financial rewards.

The answer may – no, check that – will surprise you.

If the handwriting was on the wall that far back, it really makes the strategy we’ve seen the schools and the NCAA pursue in the interim look that much more futile.  Though not unexpected.

Conference realignment did reset the television rights market, which did make athletic directors and coaches a lot richer. At the same time, seeing people who insisted they weren’t part of a multibillion-dollar business acting exactly like they were part of a multibillion-dollar business turned public sentiment away from the schools and toward the athletes. O’Bannon v. NCAA was already in the pipeline, but these moves helped the plaintiffs’ attorneys to take the tack that would ultimately win them the case. Meanwhile, more lawyers smelled blood—or money, or both—and jumped in with suits of their own. Northwestern football players, aware of their role in the cable television universe, petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for the right to unionize. Under intense pressure, the wealthiest five conferences convinced the other Division I leagues to allow the richest to make rules for themselves so they could pay athletes more. (Leaders also acted as if this was charity and not a response to lawsuits.)

Camel farming is easy.  Managing oil production is a lot trickier.  And so far, these guys aren’t even living up to OPEC standards.


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Happy anniversary, conference realignment.

Had I thought about it, I’d have baked you a cake.

Stat of the day, from Stewart Mandel:

Today, 43 FBS schools — 33.6 percent of the current membership — compete in a different conference than they did five years ago. Along the way, one league (the WAC) died, while another (the former Big East) lost its name (it’s now the American Athletic Conference) and its privileged postseason status. All 10 remaining conferences include at least one team they did not claim in 2010.

But, of course we know today that paying players would lead to real chaos.


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“They don’t get to say whether they’re our rival or not.”

This is hilarious.  Insane, but hilarious.

The kicker is, if Diaco’s obnoxious enough about it, I can see the general irritation level rising to a point where it in essence becomes a rivalry.

And you think football coaches don’t have any free time on their hands.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Buffet away, dudes and dudines.


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Travel is power.

So, after reading the news that Mississippi State is traveling to UMass to play a game next season, it dawns on me that there’s a much simpler way to define which P5 conference schools are legitimate powers and which aren’t than Stewart Mandel’s “give me 100 Montanans and a feudal order” approach.

It boils down to one simple rule:  there are those schools that have to schedule road games with mid-majors and those that don’t.  Call it the “come to me, son of Jor-El!” rule.

Market power is the coin of the realm, to put it in Mandel’s vernacular.  All the rest is commentary.


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First thing, do no harm.

I know you guys mean well with this, but at this point, I’d settle for the people running college football not doing any more shit that makes the game worse.


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