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Your weekly non-Dawg game day post, 10/1 edition

Here are a few choice morsels for you to analyze today:


Georgia Tech

12:00 PM

Whatever your feelings about the coaching change, you gotta be rooting for the genius to continue to be owned at home by Richt, right?

North Carolina

#12Florida State

3:30 PM

Is this a handy gauge to measure Georgia’s performance in the opener?



3:30 PM

Wisconsin is a better team than I thought, but good enough to win in Ann Arbor?

#9Texas A&M

South Carolina

4:00 PM

May have to cover your eyes at times watching this one.



7:30 PM

One guess as to why this game’s of interest.



8:00 PM

We haven’t heard much from third-and-Grantham lately.  Will Deshaun Watson change that?



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Your weekly non-Dawg game day post

All football Saturdays are good.  This one’s a little gooder than average.


#8Michigan State

12:00 PM

Sparty is only a 3.5-point favorite at home.  Not sure why.



3:30 PM

Meteor game alert!  I like the Gators to cover here, for two reasons:  one, I respect a streak and two, the Florida defense is by far the best unit on the field today.


Western Kentucky

4:30 PM

From the venue to the spread — Vanderbilt is an eight-point road dog to a mid-major — there is something really wrong about this game.



6:00 PM

Hoo, boy, there are gonna be some tight sphincters at game time.

South Carolina


7:30 PM

This is the kind of game where each team’s fan base is pessimistic about their chances.



8:00 PM

Stanford is a slight favorite.


#10Texas A&M

9:00 PM

This game’s been a little under the radar this week, but should be a good one.  Nobody wants to lose in the West.

Feel free to toss in any other games of interest in the comments.


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Today, in duh

AP article tries to make a major whine out of the length of college football games, only to be ably rebutted by Rogers Redding, of all people.

“I don’t mean to sound flippant, but most fans make college football an all-day event anyway,” Redding said. “They’re already in the stadium, so I’m not sure if they care that much.”


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Leave it to the pros.

The Force Bullshit is strong in this one.

“I think it was a fad to bring in business people,” an ACC AD said. “And you saw where it resulted in a lot of them coming across like a bull in a china shop, firing people immediately, clashing with fans. Also, if I have 22 sports at my school; two of them make money. Would I run them like a business? No, of course not. I wouldn’t expect to cut 20 programs.”

No, the typical AD would rather overpay a mediocre football coach who’s got Jimmy Sexton as an agent and blow money upgrading perfectly fine facilities because he or she worried about keeping up with the competition.  Let’s see how this guy would do with those 20 programs if the TV money wasn’t rolling in.

And don’t get me started on the quality work turned in by non-business ADs at places like Baylor and Penn State.

Just because Dave Brandon was totally unsuited for the job doesn’t make the rest of you folks geniuses.  Or even competent.


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This week’s non-Dawg game day post

Lots of good games today.  Here are a few choices to get you started.

#2Florida State


11:00 AM

Man, it’s gonna be irritating if Louisville pulls this off.


Georgia Tech

11:30 AM

If Ted Roof can’t stop Vanderbilt’s offense…


#19Ole Miss

2:30 PM

The one bonus from Ole Miss winning this game would be an epic sad from PAWWWLLL.

#17Texas A&M


6:00 PM

The story coming into the Hot Seat Bowl is both teams’ improved defenses… which means this’ll be a shootout.

#3Ohio State


6:30 PM

It’s been a while since Big Game Bob’s faced a game like this as an underdog.



7:00 PM

This one’s gonna be ugly, right?


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Wednesday morning buffet

Plenty to nosh on this morning…


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Your weekly non-Dawg game comment thread post

It seemed to work well last week, so what the heck.  Although the price we pay for letting ESPN front-load opening week is having an entire slate of games today without a single matchup between ranked teams.

Here are a few games to opine about:



3:30 PM

Believe it or not, this is what passes for CBS’ SEC game of the week.

South Carolina

Mississippi State

7:00 PM

The winner will lead its division.  Ponder that for a moment, because it won’t last.



7:00 PM

Can Bert’s crew pull off the upset?

North Carolina


7:30 PM

I mention this one because it’s in Georgia’s interest to see the Heels winning games.

Iowa State


7:30 PM

Nobody pays much attention to this game, but it’s actually a pretty nasty rivalry.

Virginia Tech


8:00 PM

Let’s face it — if this game were being played anywhere but on a race track, it would be getting about a tenth of the attention it is.

There you go.  Feel free to blather about these, or anything else that catches your eye.


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