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Y’all go on without me.

One of the fantastic things about this past season for me was checking off not one, but two, cherished bucket list items, the trips to Notre Dame and the Rose Bowl.

In that light, I just want to make clear that if this one comes up for Georgia, I’ll take a pass.



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In honor of Jordan Peele garnering an Oscar nomination for Get Out, I thought I’d share something topical from “Key & Peele” that’s always made me laugh my ass off.


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Saying the quiet parts, right out loud

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Vrabel, new head coach of the Tennessee Titans:

“The NFL has the greatest farm system in the world. We pay our farm-system coaches $10 million to develop players,” Vrabel said. “[Alabama coach] Nick Saban is our farm system. [Ohio State coach] Urban Meyer is our farm system.”

The sentiment is no surprise, at least it shouldn’t be to any sentient being who follows college football, but WTF is with that “we”?  Are Saban’s and Meyer’s salaries being underwritten by the NFL and nobody told us about it?


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“You always know it’s a big game when Keith’s there.”

I suspect the passing of Keith Jackson is such a generational thing.  That probably saddens me as much as anything does about his death.

For example, this seems almost quaint:

Even after decades in the job, Mr. Jackson retained an old-fashioned, wide-eyed love for the college game.

“The N.C.A.A. can make anybody cynical,” Mr. Jackson once told Sports Illustrated. “But I’m not. It’s still fun to see new generations enjoy the game peaceably. I get there an hour and a half before the game and watch the bands rehearse, the people carry on. You let it seep into you.”

I said “almost”, because damned if I don’t feel the exact same way every time I step inside a college football stadium.  (Although I have to admit it gets harder to capture that feeling with every passing year of greed.)

If that sentiment seems a touch out of place, this part is downright alien to today’s broadcasting standards.

He prided himself on being concise and loath to steal the spotlight from the players.

“This is not my stage,” he said. “The stage belongs to the athletes and coaches who play the game. People don’t throw down 1,000 bucks for a TV to hear me talk.”

That’s the real generational thing that’s dying off — hell, dead already.  He’s the anti-Jesse Palmer.  I miss that approach more than anything these days.  If that solidifies my being an old fart, I’ll wear that badge with pride in this case.

Make sure you read this remembrance, too.  The man was college football.


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For love of the paycheck

Boy, this is one steaming pile of horseshit:

The 2018 AFCA Convention officially closed down on Wednesday, and the last event on the docket was executive director Todd Berry’s press conference. After meeting with the AFCA’s Board of Directors, Berry outlined the organization’s legislative agenda ahead of the NCAA Convention next week in Indianapolis.

Here were the highlights.

– Coaches don’t want to see the transfer rules changed. There is a proposal out there to give athletes a one-time transfer exemption, where a player could go from an FBS school to another FBS school without sitting out a year. The AFCA is against this. “The school that you’re going to, that’s really important to you. It’s not just about football, this is about the university,” Berry said…

Put simply, coaches ability to leave a job and work immediately — and getting paid six, seven or even eight figures to do so — while unpaid athletes do not have the ability to do the same does not poll well externally. Here’s how Berry rebutted that argument later in the press conference.

“You’d like to think that student-athlete is coming to the university because he loves that university and he wants to get an education from there. Coaches, professors, librarians, they come not necessarily because they love the university, because they’re paying them. It’s their job. The other thing is: when coaches leave, they don’t get to leave for free. I leave and I go to XYZ school, generally I owe X million dollars back to the university I just left.”

That last paragraph in particular is a doozy.  The only thing I can’t figure out is whether Berry truly believes what he’s saying there or if he’s simply that cynical.  Well, that and I can’t figure out which of those is worse.

In any event, players, just remember these guys ain’t exactly in it for your best interests.  Probably that’s a good reminder for fans as well.


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A new redshirt rule?

This is one of those things that sounds like it makes too much sense to be accepted.

My bet is that one concern over adopting this will be that it will make graduate transfers more likely.  Yeah, you and I know that’s not a bad thing, but neither of us are college administrators.


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The number one thing that sucks from last night?

No more college football for almost nine months.  Argh!


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