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“It’s the idols we worship.”

The two Presbyterian College professors who offer the “Religion of SEC Football” course open up about what that’s all about.  There’s actually a little substance there… well, except for using the Clay Travis book, I suppose.

And I have to admit this struck a chord with me.

… This season, Barr won’t go to an Alabama game because his family has too many activities to prepare for his oldest daughter’s wedding. But he still loves the elation of counting down the days until football starts.

“I’ve thought recently, well, the Jewish New Year is in the fall and my dad would get so excited about all of it,” Barr said. “Maybe that’s just another way to see renewal. Maybe this is another thing that happens and another way to mark your time. I just feel young again with football. I love the renewal.”

Me, too.


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Saturday morning buffet

Time for a little college football nosh.


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Monday morning buffet

More for the chafing dishes…


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“… It’s called common sense.”

Jimbo Fisher knows what’s wrong with college football.

On the eve of a potential shift in the ACC’s scheduling, Florida State Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher advocated for uniform schedules across the Power 5 leagues and a college football commissioner.

“I’d like to play for a championship where everyone has the same rules,” he said. “… You don’t think we need a commissioner and a set of rules to make things even? We’re the only sport in America that doesn’t have the same set of rules for everybody that plays.”

Yeah, moar NFL.  That’s the ticket.

How far do you want to push even, Jimbo?  You wanna operate on, say, Wake Forest’s football budget?  That would be fair.  You think it might be a good idea to reduce the scholarship limits to spread the talent out farther?  That would make things more even.

I suspect your conception of what rules need to be evened and Mike Leach’s might be different.

While we’re at it, who do you have in mind for college football czar?  Who’s the guy or gal who could make Delany and Sankey willingly cede authority?  Yeah, me neither.

It’s amazing to me the number of people who believe the best thing college football can do is to trash what makes it so unique, its regional roots.


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Wednesday brunch buffet

Brunch is served.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Eh, there are always a few tasty morsels ready to fill the chafing dishes.

  • Here’s a handy guide to the new rule changes.  (h/t)
  • If you’re interested, here’s a little more detail on the low blocking zone rule change.  After hearing the talk there about tight ends, I wonder how much Georgia will be affected by this.
  • This probably won’t help BYU’s chances of joining the Big 12.
  • Admittedly, this has nothing to do with college football, but I simply couldn’t help myself by linking to it.
  • Big talk from Hugh Freeze“It hasn’t stolen our joy at all.”
  • Wonder who the best and worst coaches are in close games?  Here you go.
  • Pro Football Focus gives a preseason look at North Carolina.  They’re fairly impressed, although at least Kirby won’t have to worry about defending an athletic quarterback in the opener.
  • Thomas Brown on Mark Richt“When he released the opportunity to be the OC and call the plays and take over the head coaching role only (at Georgia), it took some of the competition out of him.”


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“The strength coach knows more about the team than anybody in the building.”

Here’s a good New York Times piece on why people like Alabama’s Scott Cochran are making the big bucks.

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