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“The second year, we broke through,” he added. “The third year, we finished.”

Per the New York Times,

The new-coach trajectory of a brief adjustment period followed by team buy-in seems to be the best formula for success. It is close to a fact of life that college football coaches who win a national title do so in their first few years. Since 2000, every title but two has been won by a coach in his second, third or fourth year with his team — or by a coach who has already done so with the same team. The same can be said of the head coaches for most runners-up.

Year 3 might be particularly magical for winning titles, with recent examples including Lloyd Carr at Michigan (1997); Pete Carroll at Southern California (2003); Les Miles at Louisiana State (2007); Nick Saban at Alabama (2009); and Urban Meyer at Ohio State (2014).

Okay, Kirby.  You’re on the clock.


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Around the horn

After watching a bunch of yesterday’s action, I’ve come to the only conclusion possible: College football, you’re drunk.

Which isn’t to say drunk can’t be entertaining.  Anyway, a few random observations from the season’s first Saturday:

  • Luke Del Rio is Florida’s Greyson Lambert.
  • Cam Cameron is to Les Miles what Brian Schottenheimer was to Mark Richt.  Les, in case you’re not sure, that’s an ominous comparison.
  • As embarrassing as LSU’s loss to Wisconsin was, it’s probably no worse than fourth on the list for the day.  Kentucky blew a three-touchdown lead to a mid-major with an offense coached by the coordinator Stoops fired after last season. Mississippi State lost on a clanked field goal to South Alabama.
  • At the top of the list, though, was USC’s humiliating seal-clubbing at the hands of Alabama.  It was the worst opening day loss in the program’s history.  Pat Haden’s legacy as a complete disaster as an athletic director is cemented.
  • The best coached team I watched play Saturday was Houston.  That’s a team that knows exactly what it wants to do on offense and goes out and does it.  It’s a talented team, too, as its complete emasculation of Oklahoma’s offensive line showed.
  • The weirdest game I saw was Auburn-Clemson.  Clemson looked like a team that had some rust to shake off, and maybe needed a little attitude adjustment.  Auburn looked somewhat competent on defense and totally off the rails on offense.  If Gus Malzahn is trying to sabotage his reputation as an offensive guru, he did an excellent job of it last night.  The only way to describe his quarterback rotation is flailing.
  • Don’t look now, but Texas A&M may be at a point where it’s going to win games with its defense instead of its offense.
  • If I were enough of a Virginia fan to care, I’d be wearing a bag over my head today. They were joined by two other teams that lost to FCS foes, Iowa State and Washington State.

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to putting together this week’s SEC Power Poll.


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Game day comment thread, non-Dawg edition

I got a request for an open thread for game day comments for other games, so we’ll give it a whirl.

I’m not going to play the “greatest opening weekend in the history of college football” card, because ESPN’s already giving that a ridiculous workout.  (Then again, they’ve paid handsomely for that privilege, so you could say Mickey’s entitled to use it.)  I’ll leave it to you guys to fashion a drinking game out of that, if you so choose.

Anyway, here are today’s big games:



12:00 PM

Both teams look to make a statement, but I think the Sooners have a bigger chance to do that.


Texas A&M

3:30 PM

I’m not all in on TAMU yet.



3:30 PM

You think Dave Aranda has a few insights about his old team?  LSU should roll.



8:00 PM

Both schools have great first team talent.  But nobody has depth like Alabama has depth.



9:00 PM

There’s been some late week pundit chatter about not sleeping on Auburn.  I know Clemson’s got some people on defense to replace, but if Deshaun Watson could handle Alabama’s defense, is there some reason he shouldn’t be able to do so with Auburn’s?

Feel free to discuss those, along with any others that catch your eye.


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OJ and Joe Namath walk into a bar…

Ah, the ’80s were a more innocent time.



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Thanks, Obama.


College football is back. Finally, a chance to step away from the maelstrom of campaign news for a few hours and focus only on the glory and struggle of sport, free of any political implications whatsoever.

Dream on.

As it turns out, even football games affect the way we evaluate politicians, at least in the short-term. New research by three Northwestern University political scientists finds that when a team wins a big game, its fans’ euphoria translates into higher approval ratings for the president. The loser’s fans, however, take it out on the president, evaluating him less charitably.

That’s probably enough to make some of you to wish Georgia struggles this season.


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Thursday morning buffet

Rounding things up to fill the breakfast bar…


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It’s that time again.

If you haven’t been paying attention, D-1 football kicks off tonight, Down Under, with Cal facing off against Hawaii.

Which means it is once again time to cue up the Stephen Fry clip and welcome another glorious season of college football.

It is a testament to how much I love CFB that I can appreciate an Iron Bowl game for the spectacle it is.  It’s my sincere hope that the people running the sport don’t screw up that vibe beyond redemption.


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