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Just another day in Gainesville

Ordinarily, I’d say this comment is par for the course from a defense lawyer…

“That is bullsh–. There’s a certain amount of touching that is not intended to be a criminal matter,” Cervone said. “I could put my arm on your shoulder as I walk past you and technically that’s battery. Some people revel in something that’s not a big deal. It’s a football player and it becomes the end of the world.”

… but since it’s coming from State Attorney Bill Cervone, I’d expect there’s nothing much to sweat here.

I am so ready for Herbie to tweet that Dan Mullen has lost control in Gainesville, though.  Now that Richt’s retired, somebody’s gotta carry that torch.




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“I am confident that no charges will be filed against Mr. Young.”

Welcome to the 404, young man.  Sounds like you’ll fit right in.

His life changed dramatically late on the night of Dec. 14, however. Police allege that Young and a friend took a GPS device, Oakley sunglasses and a flashlight out of a truck in an apartment parking lot in Bentonville.

However, state prosecutors did not charge Young. Instead, on Feb. 27, Young was placed in a diversion program. By the rules of the program, if Young does not commit any criminal offenses and maintains good behavior over the next 12 months (from the program’s start) and completes 96 hours of community service, state prosecutors will not bring forward any charges.

It’s not the brush with the law that makes him special in any way.  Kids do dumb things all the time.  It’s the spectacular passive-aggressive attitude after the arrest that makes him a real winner.

He’s got a chip on his shoulder because he was young enough to qualify for a diversion program?  Ho-kay, man.  Enjoy you some Waffle House.


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The ball’s in your court, assholes.

Man, what’s a corrupt organization supposed to do these days?

The NCAA may have to judge Arizona’s basketball program by only what has already been presented in court and any additional evidence it finds during its own investigation.

Stan Wilcox, the NCAA’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs, told the Athletic on Thursday that federal officials will not turn over all of the information gathered in its investigation into college basketball.

“They have not agreed to provide us with all of the information we’re asking for,’’ Wilcox told the Athletic. “There are some wiretaps that were not presented in court, that may have been listened to in judge’s chambers and such, that we would love to get our hands on. But that hasn’t been offered to us at this point.’’

That’s kind of a shitty thing to do, feds. The NCAA is a taxpayer, too, you know. Uh, wait… never mind.

If the NCAA doesn’t find any additional evidence involving Arizona, and cannot corroborate allegations from court, such as Joe Pasternack’s alleged offer for Brian Bowen or Book Richardson’s wiretapped conversations about paying players, it may have to judge the Wildcats on Richardson’s guilty plea for bribery and the two NCAA violations Mark Phelps has been linked to.

If that happens, it would be a test case for NCAA bylaw, which says head coaches can be held responsible for the actions of their direct and indirect reports, facing punishments of up to a one-year suspension.

Hey, given the number of big-time programs that have been fingered, I’d say if you’re Cleveland State, you should be sweating a little right now.  ‘Cause that’s the way Emmert’s bunch likes to roll.


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“I don’t know who creates a story like this.”

Gosh, look who’s back in the news.

Zach Smith was arrested on Thursday by the Delaware County Sherriff’s Office for violating a Civil Protection Order. The former Ohio State wide receivers coach became confrontational with staff at Scioto Ridge Elementary when they did not allow him to pick up his children. He was arrested and taken to the Delaware County Jail, the Toledo Blade’s Kyle Rowland first reported.

Smith was charged with violating the CPO, which is a misdemeanor. He will be arraigned at 10 a.m. Friday.

Corch sure can pick ’em.

How this clown managed to stay on a coaching staff as long as he did is a testament to administrative tolerance and stubborn blindness.


UPDATE:  Zach Smith’s lawyer has been and is definitely still a douche bag.

Zach Smith’s attorney, Brad Koffel, told WSYX-TV in Columbus, “Same old, same old. Absolutely malicious move by his ex-wife to have Zach arrested at their kids’ school when he was there to pick them up. She’s in contempt of court for not giving him the kids last night which she was supposed to. Just very sad for the children. 100% avoidable by both of them.”


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Blame it on the weed.

Chip Towers is just sayin’, y’all.

Elijah Holyfield, Jonathan Ledbetter, Natrez Patrick and Jayson Stanley all had to deal with marijuana and/or impaired driving charges while at Georgia. All of them ended up as undrafted free agents. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe they’d have been undrafted anyway. There’s simply no way to know for sure.

Maybe is doing a shitload of work there, but Chip Towers is just sayin’, y’all.

Again, there were plenty of NFL draftees that had been arrested for something during college — or before — and still heard their name called during the draft. But I’d suggest that it still affected their stock.

Mississippi State defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons is the first that pops to mind. He was arrested for the awful offense of punching a woman in a fight when he was still a recruit. Yet, Simmons was drafted with the 19th pick by the Tennessee Titans. Without that significant blemish, though, his talent surely would have seen him be one of the first to go off the board this past Thursday.

Likewise, LSU’s Devin White went with the fifth pick despite a couple of arrests before he’d signed with the Tigers. One of his purported offenses was complicated beyond my comfort with even discussing it here and ultimately was expunged from his record, anyway. But White has the size of Georgia’s Patrick and ran a blistering 40.

Imagine how much higher in the draft White might have gone!  Chip Towers is just sayin’, y’all.

Chip Towers is just sayin’, y’all.


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Carried away

I know the underlying matter is serious and I shouldn’t laugh, but… well, this made me laugh.

In his defense he probably just thought he was recruiting? The only thing surprising about this is that it doesn’t happen more often:

Aggravated cyber-stalking is his job!

Damn it, Brian.


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Today, in profiles in courage

Greg Sankey, tower of jello.

Everything about this federal prosecution is a farce.


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