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The Georgia Way’s latest crusade

Georgia’s playing Don Quixote again.

Under an SEC legislative proposal that Georgia is sponsoring, athletes like Taylor could not transfer to an SEC school if they had been disciplined for “serious misconduct” by a school or athletic department while enrolled at another college. Sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, dating violence or other forms of physical violence would be considered serious misconduct.

The hope, Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said, is that the proposal that will be considered this week at the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla, will help “avoid situations in the future, really for the integrity of the SEC. …We’re trying to propose it for standard operating procedure.”

A school could seek a waiver from the SEC’s executive committee if they wanted the athlete to enroll, according to the proposal.

“We’re saying that you just can’t do that unless it’s been vetted,” McGarity said.

The Georgia Way vs. Second Chance U.  It’s on, bitchez!

Aside from the issue of how this “vetting” would take place – what are the standards and who’s doing the vetting, anyway? – isn’t the real worry if this proposal were to pass that you’d just see student-athletes caught up in a troublesome situation bail out before being disciplined to beat the committee’s clock, so to speak?  And what about a kid who leaves the conference for, say, JUCO, and then looks to get back in?

It’s unclear what would happen in a case like that of quarterback Zach Mettenberger. He pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery for groping a woman at a bar during spring break, but that came after being dismissed by Georgia in 2010. He transferred to LSU after a season at junior college.

I don’t think this has any better chance of passing than Georgia’s windmill-tilting over drug policy did.  But bless their hearts for trying again.


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The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly.

Remember Chris Hawkins, the dude who got A.J. Green in hot water with the NCAA?

He’s just been indicted for violating North Carolina’s law that makes it illegal to entice collegiate athletes to sign contracts. Over something that happened five years ago.

The NCAA expresses its gratitude, fellas.

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When even Huntley Johnson can’t save you, who you gonna call?

Hey, he was a recruit of Boom’s.  Just sayin’.


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When football fans make laws

I’ve already mentioned my lack of appreciation for the so-called “Todd Gurley bill” that Governor Deal just signed into law.  But I thought I’d add one last little tidbit about how dumb this whole thing is and will be.

Angered that a dealer — and a Florida fan at that — had not only arranged for the signature sales but then tried to sell the story to the highest media bidder, state Rep. Barry Fleming, R-Harlem, started thinking about drafting a bill to prevent future shenanigans.

“That’s what really got most peoples’ dander up,” said Fleming, a rabid Bulldogs fan with undergraduate and law degrees from UGA. “I was disappointed when it happened. But I understand the young man comes from a very humble background. His mother didn’t have funds to properly repair the roof on the trailer she raised him in.”

The law has two possible penalties, one criminal, one civil, Fleming said.

“We plugged it into a law about alumni being overzealous,” he said. “Now it’s a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature. It can be up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

“On the civil side, the university can sue the person who does this for any damages sustained, like losing a TV contract, not going to bowl games.”

So, Georgia could sue some shady autograph dealer if a player were forced to sit due to taking money and the team missed out on a bowl game?  If it were a case of having to settle for a bowl game of lesser prestige (and presumably lesser money), how would the conference sharing bowl moneys fit in with a calculation of damages?  And would the University, in an amusing turn of the pen, be forced to argue that the name on the back of the jersey does in fact matter sometimes, as in, “if we’d have had good ol’ number 3 suited up, no way Georgia misses the CFP field”?

Of course, the truly amusing thing here is that the party with the reserve fund can sue for damages, but the kid of humble background?  I guess he doesn’t really get Barry’s dander up.  At least he can paper the roof of momma’s leaky trailer with a copy of the bill.


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Crime stoppers

Fair is fair, so I gotta admit this is the kind of media smarminess I’ve been waiting to see.


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Thursday morning buffet

Ready and steaming…

  • Here’s a look at the post-spring SEC quarterback situation.
  • Georgia’s incoming freshman Trent Thompson “becomes the team’s second biggest defensive lineman the minute he steps on campus.”  Yeah, he’s got a good chance of playing this season.
  • If you can’t get a second chance at Second Chance U, where can you?
  • Florida’s Dante Fowler, Jr., on Todd Gurley: “What gets me about him is how fast he is. He’s a big guy so you would think that he’s slow, but he’s even faster in person than what he looks like on TV. We had a mean defense. We had Sharrif Floyd, Dominique Easley, Matt Elam—three first-round draft picks—and we had a top-five defense in the country. To see what he was doing to us, as a freshman, I was like, man, this guy is going to be something else.” 
  • The New York Times has a great piece on what’s happened to the members of the NFL’s first round draft class of 1990.  It’s sad to see Ben Smith’s story.
  • Nick Saban explains what up-tempo offenses have done to Alabama’s secondary, and how he’s working to fix that.  (It’s been downhill since Jeremy Pruitt left.)
  • Ben Jones talks about his favorite memory at Georgia, Jacob Eason, Mark Richt and more here.
  • It’s insidious, but I fear I’m coming to like Jim McElwain.  Bastard.


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It’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Why can’t we just leave Kirk Herbstreit alone, dammit?

You know, it would just be a lot easier if he’d simply say he’s sorry that he didn’t express himself correctly, which is what I suspect he told Richt privately.  But if Herbstreit wants to leave it on us, that he was misunderstood, it’s hard to see how the snark ends.  Unless kids stop getting arrested…


UPDATE:  Welp, that’s fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Herbie has the utmost respect for Mark Richt and we misunderstood his intent when he tweeted.  Buck says that those of us continuing to poke at Herbstreit are part of the lunatic fringe, for not letting things go.  And Kincaid claims this is more about Georgia fans defending Richt from criticism than trying to hold Herbstreit accountable for his lack of consistency.

Thanks, guys.  I learned a lot.


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