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“He’s very hungry.”

Considering the circumstances that led to Natrez Patrick’s now-served suspension, I’m not sure that’s the best adjective to go with here, Reggie.  (Which isn’t the same thing as saying it’s inaccurate.  Because, munchies.)



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The return of Mudcat’s car

That’s a multi-gamer, then.  Combined with Reggie Carter’s injury, the timing couldn’t be much worse.

Oh, the “stopping, standing and parking where prohibited”?  Local cops still bringing it, bitchez.


UPDATE:  Deets are in.

Patrick was arrested after police saw a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville parked in a roadway with its flashers on at East Clayton Street and Wall Street in front of the Lay-Z-Shopper store downtown with nobody in the car at 9:51 p.m., according to a police incident report. Patrick, the driver of the vehicle, came out of the store. Police asked him for his driver’s license, which was in the car. When he opened and closed the door quickly, the officer smelled the odor of marijuana, according to the report.

Patrick was asked if there was marijuana in the vehcile or anyone recently had marijuana in it and said no. The officer looked through the window and saw “numerous small pieces of marijuana,” the report said. Patrick was handcuffed so the vehicle could be searched. After being asked again, Patrick told an officer that the marijuana was in the center council. A bag of green leafy substance was retrieved and identified as marijuana based off odor and appearance.

All I can say is that a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville is peak Mudcat.


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So you’re saying there’s still a chance?

Incredibly, Jim McElwain said Wednesday he has not closed the door on the return of any of the Credit Card Nine, which would, of course, include Antonio Callaway.

I wonder if the wheels of justice can spin swiftly enough to get Callaway back in time for the Cocktail Party.  Actually, I don’t wonder all that much.


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Calling Huntley Johnson

Shit just got realer in Gainesville.

Florida star receiver Antonio Callaway and starting tailback Jordan Scarlett were among the players charged with felonies on Monday by the state attorney’s office in Gainesville, Florida. Callaway, one of nine suspended players during the investigation, was charged with first-degree felony fraud/swindle obtaining property under $20,000 and felony fraud/impersonation for using or possessing another person’s ID without consent.

First degree felony fraud?  How far can the man get that knocked down?  And how fast?


UPDATE:  Wait — this only gets better.


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Down and out in Gainesville, Florida

The credit card case that’s surrounded a number of Gator football players appears to have legs.

The nine University of Florida football players who have been suspended indefinitely by the school for misuse of school funds, are also under investigation for credit card fraud, by two separate police departments in the Gainesville area, relating to an additional credit card fraud allegation.

Jordan Smith, a freshman defensive end, was suspended from all team activates after a report from The Read Optional that Smith had used stolen credit card information to pay rent at an apartment complex — around $1,000 dollars.

The credit card company blocked the charge, leading to an investigation by the Gainesville Police Department. Only one other player was initially connected to the Smith case — a separate case from the student aid fraud investigation (though the second player was involved in both).

Now, The Read Optional understands that several players have been linked to both cases.

Big, hairy legs.

The nine University of Florida Football players who are facing allegations of having misused school funds, could be arrested as early as the end of this week, sources have told The Read Optional.

Antonio Callaway, Jordan Smith, and one other player are likely to be arrested on charges of felony grand theft, with the possibility of further misdemeanour charges being tagged on, according to a lawyer representing one of the players. It’s anticipated that the other six players will also be arrested, but only three players have hired legal counsel thus far.

Man, has Antonio gone back to the Huntley Johnson well again?  If so, at least he hasn’t been high enough to lose that number.


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Zero tolerance from the school of second chances

Well, now.

Auburn quarterback Sean White, who was arrested early Sunday morning for public intoxication, has been dismissed from the team, a source told

Is that supposed to send a message to someone?


UPDATE:  Oops.  Forgot that White was already on his second chance.  Still seems like kind of weak sauce for a dismissal, though.


UPDATE #2:  This seems a little cold, Gus.


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The face when you’re tired of watching Gus’ Heisman Trophy candidates flop


Auburn quarterback Sean White was arrested for public intoxication early Sunday.(Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

We’ve all been there, brother.

I guess they could punish him by making him watch Auburn’s offense, but wouldn’t they have to let him off for time served?


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