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Rapper Rico Richie

One thing that’s gratifying about hosting this blog is the little tidbits that people send me now and then (h/t Tatum).  Like this story about former Georgia Tech stalwart Reuben Houston.

A former star defensive back who dealt with a drug case while playing for Georgia Tech is facing new charges.

Reuben Houston, who once starred in the gold and white of a Georgia Tech football uniform and now is an aspiring rapper, sat in a jailhouse hearing room wearing a Fulton County Jail inmate uniform.

Documents say Houston is charged with trafficking marijuana and also faces a pair of gun charges, including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

When Houston appeared in court, the judge told him he is not authorized to set bond for his case.

Houston’s attorney, Manny Arora, says the studio where several pounds of marijuana were found had four other people in it. When asked exactly how much marijuana police found, Arora said, “The police say 11 pounds, but that’s with all the packaging on it. So once we actually get an actual weight I’m sure it will be a little bit less.”

That’s Chantastic.  After all, this isn’t Houston’s first rodeo.

You have to hope this doesn’t interfere with life after football for him.  He’s got so much going for him these days.

Entertainment lawyer Steve Sidman, who can boast a client list of multi-platinum artists across the musical spectrum, says Houston’s prospects as Rapper Rico Richie have just taken off.

“He has a single called ‘Poppin’ that is doing just that,” Sidman said. “My friend and client has enormous, almost limitless, prospects as a rapper.”

Well, of course.  Doesn’t everyone who matriculated at Georgia Tech?

By the way, it was good to see that the AJ-C was all over this story, wasn’t it?  Er… um… you mean the AJ-C wasn’t all over it?


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“I do also believe that this is an isolated incident.”

Another day, another second chance in the SEC.  (Okay, technically, it’s a first chance, but you get the drift.)


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“We will do better. I will not tolerate anything less.”

Andy Staples points out two big differences in the circumstances surrounding the arrests of FSU’s De’Andre Johnson and Dalvin Cook.

Fisher now has the chance to back up that statement by sending a message to his players. Dismissing Johnson was a no-brainer. The freshman from Jacksonville was caught on video, and he had the misfortune of being one of five scholarship quarterbacks. Simple probability suggests he was headed for a position change or transfer anyway. Cook, a sophomore from Miami, is another story entirely.

Without Cook, the Seminoles might not have won the ACC title in 2014.

No film and an important player.  I look forward to the wheels of justice in Tallahassee grinding slowly towards a proper resolution.  Is it too late to get Cook on the FSU baseball team?


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Jimbo Fisher strenuously objects.

Gosh, if only Mark Richt had known that all it took to get folks off his back for player misconduct was to issue a statement that “…was personal. It was essentially an apology for things outside of his control.”

Bonus question:  do you think the media would give Richt more of a pass for behavior problems on his watch if he’d won a national title?


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I’ve lost control of the lost control meme.

Seriously, things at FSU have gotten to the point where it’s beyond me to engage in mockery.

And I mean this sincerely – if Herbstreit was shaking his head/wagging his finger in Mark Richt’s direction, he’s got some ‘splaining to do now if he can’t bring himself to point that same finger in the direction of Tallahassee.


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Tape don’t lie.

After being caught on tape punching a woman in the face last month at a Tallahassee bar, FSU quarterback De’Andre Johnson managed to bypass a baseball team suspension and go straight to outright dismissal from the football program.

State’s attorney Willie Meggs, who decided to charge Johnson after seeing video of the incident, said the woman still had a black eye when he met with her last week.

Shit, when you’ve lost Willie Meggs, you’ve got real problems.


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“Riding around with football agents”

This Laremy Tunsil fracas is getting weirder by the day.

By the way, as this post points out, it’s not necessarily a rules violation for Tunsil to meet with agents.  But you have to wonder what caused everyone to go medieval on each other if it was simply an innocent get together.


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