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Foiling Jimmy Williamson

Eh, who am I kidding?  If there any place in the world someone can be charged with a drug-related violation in the absence of any drugs, it’s Athens, Georgia.


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We’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn.

Let this sink in for a moment.

Baylor University officials were mostly mum Tuesday following the resignation of Patty Crawford, the school’s first full-time Title IX coordinator, other than to say the school was surprised by the move and found “troubling” a request by Crawford “to retain book and movie rights” regarding her time at Baylor, which included the yearlong sexual assault scandal the school is trying to move past.

Eh, how much could those rights be worth?

Media reports Tuesday afternoon indicated Baylor offered Crawford a $1.5 million settlement in response to a human resources complaint alleging retaliation that Crawford filed against Reagan Ramsower, Baylor’s chief operating officer and senior vice president.

Hoo, boy.  Now the school is denying the numbers, but even so, the spokesperson for Baylor didn’t deny the media reports that she was offered $50,000 to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Which she turned down.

“Ms. Crawford wants to make sure her story is told so the public knows what is really going on at Baylor, and women there can receive the protection they deserve,” Dunn said in the release. “Patty is justifiably proud of what she was able to accomplish, but also profoundly troubled by what she views as Baylor’s efforts to impede her ability to fully perform her Title IX responsibilities.”

Hoo, boy, indeed.


UPDATE:  Did I say hoo, boy?

Yeah, this is gonna go well.


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Her work is done here.

Baylor’s Title IX coordinator resigned.  Talk about a fun job search to fill that position…


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Righteous halftime show, Owl Marching Band.

The Rice marching band formed a “IX” on Friday night at halftime of a 38-10 loss to visiting Baylor in an apparent reference to the sexual assault scandal that has rocked the Waco, Texas, school this year.

The Marching Owl Band, which has long been known for its parody-driven performances, took the formation in front of the Baylor fan section, in an apparent reference to Title IX.

Too bad Art Briles didn’t stick around to watch.



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The ultimate “Second Chance U” candidate?

After all, you know how some coaches love offensive linemen with a nasty streak.


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That’s so Gators.

My favorite two tweets today:

Clearly, Huntley Johnson needs to open a multi-state practice.


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Oh, to be young and in Louisiana…

Except when LSU loses.

A new study points to an even more disturbing pattern of haphazard justice: In Louisiana, juvenile court judges appear to have issued harsher punishments following an unexpected loss by the Louisiana State University football team. And disproportionately, those longer sentences fell on black children.

LSU economists Ozkan Eren and Naci Mocan came to these conclusions after studying more than a decade of state court data. In a draft of their paper, released this week by the National Bureau of Economic Research, they show that the Louisiana judges sentenced children differently during the football season, depending on how well LSU had played the previous weekend.

If I were a Louisiana criminal lawyer with a juvenile defendant, I guess I’d be doing anything I could to get a continuance this week.  Thanks, Coach Miles!


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