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Wednesday morning buffet

I haven’t served up one of these in a while.  Hope I still know what I’m doing.



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“Do you really care about Antonio Callaway?”

Boy, this is some article about the pros and cons of suspending the Florida player in the wake of being cited for marijuana possession.  I laughed; I cried.

No, really.  After reading this, I was laughing so hard it brought tears.

He also has shown lapses in judgment previously. The most prominent of these was the Title IX hearing where Callaway defended himself against sexual assault allegations. His excuse? That he was, “so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.”

Let he who is without judgment lapse cast the first stoner.

By the way, anybody who believes Jim McElwain is going to suspend his best wide receiver against Michigan is probably as high as Callaway was.


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Better call Huntley.

It’s a good thing Antonio Callaway already has the number on his speed dial.


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There’s bling. Then there’s bling.

One of Mike Bobo’s charges was arrested on a theft charge, but it’s not the charge that’s eye-catching so much as it’s what is alleged to have been stolen.

CSU safety Braylin Scott was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of stealing Rolex watches and diamond bracelets from a teammate’s dorm room, according to an affidavit for an arrest warrant filed to district court May 2…

In the warrant for his arrest, CSU Police Department Officer Torrey Cleveland said he responded to a report by Donnelly that a Rolex watch and four diamond bracelets were stolen April 14 from his desk drawer inside Alpine Hall on CSU’s campus.

Donnelly told police he estimated the cost of the watch at $20,000, and the four bracelets at approximately $2,000 each…

Three days earlier, Donnelly had also reported a different Rolex had been stolen out of his football locker inside Moby Arena.

Holy crap.  This kid could open his own jewelry store.  Then again, maybe it’s all just an extravagant way to apologize.

He told police he had bought the jewelry for his girlfriend.

That’s nicer than the way he treated an old flame.

The teammate Scott reportedly stole from also recently appeared on the police blotter: linebacker Hunter Donnelly, a redshirt freshman last season, who was arrested April 19 on allegations of violating a protection order for contacting a former girlfriend.

Sounds like quite the joint Bobo is running these days.



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The SEC’s real champions of life

Ron Higgins has his latest SEC preseason football rankings up here and here.  One thing he tracks is the offseason arrest rate for every program over the past six seasons, and according to his records, Vanderbilt has a noteworthy achievement in that regard:  zero arrests.

Here’s the complete list.

  • Vanderbilt:  0.0
  • Missouri:  0.14
  • Tennessee:  0.5
  • Arkansas:  0.67
  • Kentucky:  0.67
  • Mississippi:  0.67
  • Alabama:  0.83
  • South Carolina:  0.83
  • Ole Miss:  1.17
  • Texas A&M:  1.17
  • Auburn:  1.5
  • Georgia:  1.5
  • LSU:  1.67
  • Florida:  2.33

Vandy may be the conference’s champions of life, but Huntley Johnson is Florida’s MVP.


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On second thought, maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all.

The judge who excoriated Charlie Strong in open court has recused herself from the underlying case, citing a state judicial rule about a defendant fearing he won’t get a fair hearing because of “prejudice or bias of the judge.”

Obviously, Mark Richt has lost control over the Florida criminal courts.


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I’d say Charlie Strong is the new Mark Richt…

… except Richt has never been accused of losing control over his players by a sitting judge.  Holy crapola.

I eagerly await Herbie’s reaction to this news.


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