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Vols gonna Vol.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest those Fourth-and-1 Wednesday sessions aren’t doing the trick.

But, hey, Butch is on the mother.


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The Great Crab Legs Caper of 2014

So Winston said it was all about getting hooked up by a store employee.

Jimbo Fisher takes him at his word, adding a school investigation as support:

According to the coach, the FSU compliance department looked into the issue at the time — they contacted the Publix store — and found it to be an isolated incident, although Winston’s public comments has the department taking a peek yet again. “[T]hey think it’s totally an isolated incident that happened and [we’re in] the process working it right now. So I don’t think it’s anything else more than that,” Fisher said.

The problem with that, it seems, is FSU doesn’t know anything about that.

“We have become aware of statements made by Jameis Winston during a recent interview with Jim Harbaugh describing the circumstances of his alleged receipt of food from a local grocery store. The details disclosed by Winston in that interview were not previously known to the University. As is the case with all matters of this type, we will work in partnership with the NCAA to determine whether a violation occurred.”

And neither does Publix.

Following Winston’s claim on ESPN’s Draft Academy that the April 2014 incident wasn’t shoplifting but an inside connection, a Publix spokeswoman affirmed that the company’s investigation in May did not suggest an employee had given Winston merchandise.

“When we conducted the original investigation with the store associates and management both, we found no information that would corroborate the story that there was any arrangement for Jameis or any other FSU athlete to get any product for free,” said Maria Brous, Publix’s director of media and community relations.

What everyone does know is what Winston claimed when it happened.

Brous pointed to the report from the sheriff’s office in which Winston said he forgot to pay, which was consistent with the statement his lawyer released to the media at that time[Emphasis added.]

So, what I can’t figure out here is that Winston went to great lengths to hide the truth from a lot of people, including his own lawyer, took a hit on a criminal charge… and now, almost casually, goes ahead and spills the beans on what he says really went down.  Why now?

Then, again, I’m not going to be the first pick in the NFL draft, so does it really matter?

As the Arizona Cardinals general manager puts it,

Hell, maybe the suspension from the baseball team was overly harsh.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Another day full of buffet goodness:

  • Art Briles says Baylor’s non-conference schedule had “zero impact” on his team not making the CFP last season.  He’s right, in that had Baylor not lost to West Virginia, it would have been in.  He’s wrong in that the non-conference schedule left Baylor with zero margin for error.
  • What do you get when some economics professors rank the intensity of college football rivalries?  This“Within a conference, the most intense two-way rivalry was between Central Michigan and Western Michigan…”  You might want to think about tweaking your measurements, fellas.
  • If Natrez Patrick stays at inside linebacker, at ten or so pounds heavier than Alec Ogletree, he’d be the biggest player ever to suit up at the position under Richt.
  • Nick Saban wants to be clear about satellite camps.  He’s agin’ ’em.  And you don’t want to offend Alabama on the recruiting front, people.
  • So, there was an inside guy on the Winston crab legs heist?  Steve Spurrier’s gonna have to come up with a new nickname for FSU, methinks.
  • It’s only April and the 2015 watch lists for awards march has started.  Wake me when it’s over.
  • It looks like Georgia Tech has landed its B-back for this season.
  • Year2 discusses the case for Nick Chubb’s Heisman possibilities.


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“We have had it up to here with these students, with the public intoxication, public sex acts and fights.”

I don’t understand all the angst about handling this.  The solution is real simple:  outsource Jimmy Williamson and his troops for the week.  Nobody’s left to roust in Athens then anyway.


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I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

Per some site called, Georgia is tied for first among SEC programs in player arrests since August 3, 2010.

On the bright side, if you rank conference schools in order of most recent arrests, Georgia would only place tenth.

Progress, of a sort.

Either that, or Jimmy Williamson’s been on an extended vacation.


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A prom night to remember

I bet Soso Jamabo woke up this morning wishing he’d have been an early enrollee at UCLA.


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Latest edition to the Second Chance U recruiting class

And best of all, Boom signed him once already.


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