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Huntley Johnson can’t save your ass now.

Once you’re an ex-Gator, dealing with the criminal justice system isn’t such a breeze.


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A Knoxville tradition unlike any other

Okay, this sounds familiar.

University of Tennessee football players A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams didn’t learn from police they were under investigation for rape the way most suspects do.

Instead, the players first heard the news from their Tennessee football coaches — in Johnson’s case, four hours before police showed up at the scene of the alleged crime to question him, according to sources and cell phone records obtained by The Tennessean.

Contrary to police best practices, potentially threatening the integrity of the investigation and in possible violation of state law, Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch and a detective made “professional courtesy” calls to Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones about the investigation — a practice Rausch says is common when police investigate alleged crimes involving an athlete at Tennessee.

I mean, just ask Chief Rausch.

Rausch has said that alerting the coach and staff when police are investigating an alleged crime against a UT athlete is a long-standing practice and a “professional courtesy.”

We can all appreciate a professional police department, but here’s where things potentially get weird, at least for Knoxville, Tennessee.

The calls may also have violated state law, according to a statement issued by the Knox County district attorney in response to an inquiry by The Tennessean.

“We cannot discuss the investigation of this case while the litigation is pending,” said Assistant District Attorney Sean McDermott.

“In any case, however, (Knox County District Attorney) General (Charme) Allen opposes pre-arrest notification to any person or agency that is not made in furtherance of the investigation,” the statement said. “A pre-arrest disclosure of sensitive information that is not made for the purpose of advancing the criminal investigation potentially could violate state law regarding the misuse of official information.”

Phil Fulmer ain’t buying that potential crap, fellas.  The police have their job to do in K-town.  They know it.  Booch knows it, too, even if he’s full of it on no discussion with his players.  You can’t spell courtesy without UT.



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“Baylor University was contacted.”

I’m beginning to believe that Baylor University exists to make Florida State look good in comparison.


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The smoking toilet

Here’s the key thing that let campus police crack the BB gun case (BB Gungate?) wide open:

Police were called after a repair person went into the dorm to look into a leaking toilet from a room upstairs and saw the BB gun, Stephens said.

According to the University of Georgia Police Daily Log, at 3:11 p.m. last Thursday UGA “officers responded to a complaint from Housing staff of an air/BB pistol in a room and multiple surfaces apparently damaged by BB’s, BB gun and drug related objects located during subsequent investigation.”

They were gonna put the BB gun away, but then they got high.

I hope for his sake that the name of our mystery maintenance person never gets out.  He could be the most unpopular person on campus since this guy.


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Where’s that Mark Richt character when you need him?

Kirby Smart has lost control, or something.

Two Georgia freshman early-enrollees were arrested overnight on two felony counts, according to Athens-Clarke County jail logs.

Defensive lineman Julian Rochester and cornerback Chad Clay were booked early Tuesday morning at 12:13 on two felony counts. As of this story’s publication, both were still incarcerated. Both are being charged with possessing a weapon in school zone and with criminal damage in the second degree.

Not good, fellas.  At least you could have waited until the campus open-carry law passed.


UPDATE:  This is so Georgia.

Looks like the latest make nice overtures to Jimmy Williamson the local constabulary are having the effect you might expect.  Which is to say, none.


UPDATE #2:  Speaking of effects you might expect…


UPDATE #3:  Bernie, for the win.


UPDATE #4:  Time for the lawyers.

According to Athens attorney Kim Stephens, the players apparently were shooting solo cups in their dorm room with a BB gun, which left marks on the door and in other areas of the room. The way the statute reads, anything that shoots a projectile — “including a straw and spitball” — fits the definition of a weapon on campus.

“Every kid eating with a steak knife in the campus dining hall commits a felony under the statute,” Stephens said.

He’s no Huntley Johnson, but that’s a pretty good line.


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Sign of the times

There’s a report of another Baylor player under investigation for sexual assault.

The school president admits he’s lawyered up about his institution’s repeated problems in that area.

So what does that leave?  How about a nifty sign at the practice field?


That ought to take care of the problem.


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Making nice

Well, this is right neighborly.

Of course, all that may have done was give ol’ Jimmy the chance to do a little proactive sizing up of potential arrest targets.

I wonder if, while he was there, anyone gave him a player roster with everyone’s middle names on it.  Might save some time in the future.


UPDATE:  Never let it be said I don’t pay attention to my readers.

Feel free to jump in, peeps.


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