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Do nerds deserve a second chance?

My only question after reading this:  does Auburn have a computer engineering school?


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Friday morning buffet

Cold day, warm buffet.

  • Here’s a look at what Trent Thompson might bring to the table.  (By the way, can we stop with the “Ray Drew was a bust” crap?)
  • Bill Connelly drops his big ass spread sheet of 2014 receiving stats on us.  And, no, you won’t find any of Georgia’s guys lurking near the top of the list.
  • Regardless of where you think the truth may lie between Jameis Winston and the woman who claims he raped her, the idea of students gathering on FSU’s campus to celebrate Winston by calling her names ought to be a head shaker.
  • The Big Ten supports an early signing period, but with a caveat from a number of its head coaches that it should be accompanied by the implementation of early official visits.
  • Another tax front to open with collegiate athletic departments? (h/t Hogbody)
  • Turnover at South Carolina “… at least 36 percent of the Gamecocks scholarship roster will be first-year players. Including players who redshirted last season, 39 of the 85 players on the team will have never played a snap for South Carolina.”
  • The spread spreads – from high school.
  • “It’s a big deal to be the first to offer.”


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The opposite of “Why are you so nervous?”

So, a gun is fired on campus during a dust-up between two fraternities, the cops know who fired the gun, and all Jimmy Williamson can come up with is the shooter likely will be charged”?

I guess there are times it’s good not to be a football player.


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If you play it, they will come.

You know, as much as we fans tut-tut college and pro teams excusing player misconduct and as much as we like to hope that there’s at least a sense of shame in giving out second chances, the reality is that if someone guilty of bad behavior can play, some team is going to find a place for him.

Now coming out?  That’s different.


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Honesty in second-chance land

Well, I give Hugh Freeze a little credit about signing Chad “I’m going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.” Kelly.  He’s not tap dancing around his decision much.

“I’m not gonna sugar-coat anything,” Freeze told FOX Sports on Wednesday. “I’m not extremely confident that I can do that (say that Kelly isn’t gonna embarrass the Ole Miss program.) I’m not going to sit here and make promises. I know this: I believe kids certainly have value and deserve second and even third chances. I like the kid. I know that he has struggled with decisions in the social realm of things. I do think I have a gift for that. I’m not saying I can change him, but I sure think it’s worth the risk.

“Everybody gets tied up in the social media world and in the media world and (says), ‘Man, he can embarrass your program.’ Well, here’s the way I see it: I see it as you’re balancing an opportunity for a young man to change his life and his course and his story as opposed to me having some embarrassment on my program. You know what, I’ve been embarrassed before and I’ll be embarrassed again. To me, that scale is always balanced if you think it is at all salvageable and giving a young man a chance. That is the way I’ve always operated. If the worst thing that happens to me is that I’ll be embarrassed, well, I’ll be all right.”

At least he admits what’s going on.  The reality is that he’s no different that Petrino or Saban on making that call.  Except that neither Petrino nor Saban have a sense of embarrassment.


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Thursday morning buffet

If the end of signing day has left you empty, it’s time to fill up.


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Degrees of scummitude

Just when I think we’ve plumbed the depths of Bobby Petrino’s character, he up and says something about signing Devonte Fields that literally makes my skin crawl:

“I think we have a really good understanding of what went wrong, what happened,” Petrino said. “Talking to the attorneys and really knowing that we felt comfortable that, No. 1, there’s absolutely no gun there, and it’s a misdemeanor charge.”

Well, that’s a relief.  Petrino has standards.

At least you can say Fields is only getting a second chance.  At Alabama, Nick Saban is giving Jonathan Taylor a third one.

“The guy was charged. There’s no question about that,” Saban said. “He was accused. I can’t discuss the circumstances of all that. I’ve said this before: When people are young and they make a mistake — and that is not a mistake that we condone in any way, shape or form, that it’s any disrespect to any person, let alone a female — that there isn’t some occasion to not condemn them for life, but to give them another chance. And it’s up to them to prove that they deserve that chance.”

“Disrespect” – in that Taylor allegedly struck his girlfriend with a closed fist and choked her, that’s one helluva euphemism.  The thing with that approach is why stop at three?  If Taylor screws up again and disrespects somebody else, why condemn him for life at that point, either?

Nick feels your pain, peeps.  To an extent, anyway.

Saban said he understands the “sensitivity” about taking Taylor, who has unspecified behavioral stipulations imposed by Alabama. Taylor’s high school and junior college coaches spoke highly of him, Saban said.

Notice who Saban conveniently doesn’t mention?  That’s because you never want to ask a witness a question to which you don’t want to hear the answer.

What I love with both of these situations is the coaches piously insist they can’t discuss the surrounding circumstances.  That makes the tap dancing so much easier.  Ugh.


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