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Where’s the moral outrage now?

Here’s a helluva lede:

The dispute between two Florida State teammates that allegedly led to a December shooting and an attempted murder charge for a third-party man has now also reportedly resulted in the arrest of one of the Seminoles involved.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported that redshirt freshman offensive lineman Ira Denson was arrested Tuesday and charged with illegal use of a credit card and petty theft.

Herbstreit’s Twitter feed?  Crickets.  Herbie’s too busy with March Madness, I guess.

Fisher’s dismissed Denson from the team.  But that’s hardly relevant if you want to vent about coaches and programs creating lax atmospheres in which players don’t seem all that concerned about the consequences of their bad actions.  Of course, it’s possible Herbstreit views FSU as a place where there’s little history of poor behavior… yeah, that’s it.  That’s the ticket.

All of which is why I think Jerry Hinnen gets what we’re morally outraged about with regard to this bullshit.


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“Maybe ya’ll wanted to hear about football.”

Or maybe not.

Technically it was a nondescript first day of spring football practice. But because four of his players were arrested and jailed on theft charges 18 hours before it started, Georgia coach Mark Richt was greeted by a couple of dozen media members and cameras from all four of Atlanta’s network television stations after the 90-minute practice concluded.

None of them got the answer they were seeking: How does he plan on punishing the four offending players?

Kinda rude of Mark not to accommodate them.


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Never leave a man behind.

The quality of Jimmy Williamson’s mercy is not strained.

A Georgia assistant athletic director who works in finance met with UGA police on March 3 to report the checks cashed twice and police began to investigate. Warrants were issued for the arrests of the players on Monday–after students returned from spring break–and a Clarke County Magistrate Court judge signed the warrant.

“We normally don’t take out warrants on students during spring break because we’re afraid they may get stopped,” Williamson said. “I don’t want one of them to get stopped for some traffic violation and then that county lock them up. We would do that for all students.”

Yeah, damn it.  If anybody’s gonna do any locking up, it’ll be Jimmy’s guys.  Woof, woof!


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“Their mugshots were not immediately available.”

If it’s spring break, it must be jail time.

Four University of Georgia football players were arrested Monday night and charged with misdemeanor theft by deception, according to Athens-Clarke County jail records

Within two hours, all four players were released on bond, booking records show. Details regarding what led to the arrests were not available late Monday. But UGA police Chief Jimmy Williamson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the alleged thefts involved the university’s athletic department.

Uriay LeMay, a wide receiver, was charged with four counts of theft by deception. His bond was set at $6,000, jail records show. Tray Matthews, a safety, was charged with three counts of theft by deception. His bond was set at $4,500.

Jonathan Taylor and James DeLoach, defensive linemen, were each charged with two counts of theft by deception. Bonds for both Taylor and DeLoach were set at $3,000.

There’s a part of me that won’t be surprised in the least if this turns out to be something really stupid in nature.  But there’s another part of me that’s pissed off because nobody seems to learn that stupid behavior has consequences, despite all the recent examples.

Mudcat’s car rides again.


UPDATE:  In case you were wondering

“Theft by deception” is explained thusly by the Georgia Code of Law:

(a) A person commits the offense of theft by deception when he obtains property by any deceitful means or artful practice with the intention of depriving the owner of the property.

(b) A person deceives if he intentionally:

- (1) Creates or confirms another’s impression of an existing fact or past event which is false and which the accused knows or believes to be false;

- (2) Fails to correct a false impression of an existing fact or past event which he has previously created or confirmed;

- (3) Prevents another from acquiring information pertinent to the disposition of the property involved;

- (4) Sells or otherwise transfers or encumbers property intentionally failing to disclose a substantial and valid known lien, adverse claim, or other legal impediment to the enjoyment of the property, whether such impediment is or is not a matter of official record; or

- (5) Promises performance of services which he does not intend to perform or knows will not be performed. Evidence of failure to perform standing alone shall not be sufficient to authorize a conviction under this subsection.


UPDATE #2:  Seth Emerson has the gory details.

The players are charged with what amounts to double-dipping: Each allegedly took normal stipend checks from UGA and deposited them via a mobile ap, and then also cashed them somewhere else, according to UGA chief of police Jimmy Williamson.

The UGA athletics department detected the checks clearing twice and contacted the UGA police, Williamson said.

Can you say fucking morons?  I thought you could.  Of course you’re going to get caught doing this and of course the athletic department is going to report it, if for no other reason than it has to assume you’re not a bunch of fucking morons and that somebody else stole your checks.

Jesus.  Maybe we shouldn’t blame Grantham entirely for last season’s communication difficulties, unless it’s his fault he didn’t realize how much he needed to dumb things down for some of his audience.


UPDATE #3:  There are days when I wonder if Richt thinks it’s even worth getting out of bed.


UPDATE #4:  And I didn’t think I could laugh about this yet.


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Mistakes were made. Go Gata!

Here’s something you don’t see every day, at least outside Gainesville, Florida:

To Mr. Debose: I apologize that my error put your name and reputation in jeopardy, no matter how briefly.  I take full responsibility for this error, and hope that the stories printed and published will correct your name and reputation.  Furthermore, I am extremely proud that you intervened in this incident and likely prevented anyone from being injured or killed.

-Officer Ben Tobias, PIO
Gainesville Police Spokesperson

No mention of Huntley Johnson, but it’s hard to believe he wasn’t on the case.

And if Jimmy Williamson had a grave, he’d be rolling over in it about now.

(h/t DawgPhan)


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At least they got shoes.

A missing debit card, shoes taken as “collateral” (at Free Shoes University!) and an attempted murder charge… maybe this is why Jeremy Pruitt decided it was wise to get out of Dodge City Tallahassee while the gettin’ was still good.


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Wednesday brunch buffet

More tasty morsels for your reading pleasure:

  • Lots of early contenders for the Fulmer Cup lead, including Ole Miss.
  • For everyone advocating the SEC ending divisional play as a means of straightening out football scheduling, it hasn’t done much for basketball.
  • Good news!  To accommodate DISH, the SEC Network is moving its launch date up a couple of weeks. That means we can have more PAWWWLLL.
  • Mike McQueary confided to a dozen Nittany Lions players that he could relate to the helplessness of the young boy he had seen with Sandusky in a campus shower a decade earlier because he was abused as a boy…”  Too bad his experience didn’t motivate him to respond in a better way.
  • Georgia is the only SEC team facing two BCS conference opponents this season.
  • South Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward and his staff were in Austin last Friday, Saturday and Sunday to talk strategy with new Texas coach Charlie Strong and his defensive staff.”  While we’re passing rule changes, you know one I’d like?  A rule prohibiting defensive coordinators of teams on Georgia’s schedule from consulting with Charlie Strong.
  • And don’t forget the NCAA’s football rules committee has its review of the 10-second substitution proposal scheduled today.


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“Everything is about choices.”

So choose beautiful Knoxville.

(NOTE:  Jimmy Williamson does not approve this message.)


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Tuesday lunch buffet

Some mid-day nourishment for you.


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Driving Mudcat’s car

While I appreciate the effort here, any attempt to study the impact of five-star recruits signed by Mark Richt has to take in the full measure of what they brought to the table during their time in Athens to be truly meaningful.  Let’s face it – Marquis Elmore’s legacy is something more than what mere statistics can measure and will always be cherished by the true Dawg fan.


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