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The First Rule of Baseball

You never talk about a no-hitter while it’s in progress.


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The Georgia Way versus The SEC Way?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s some daylight between Jere Morehead’s continuing desire for a conference-wide drug testing policy

“We have vigorously argued that we should all be operating under the same standards in the Southeastern Conference,” Morehead said. “I have articulated that view to the new commissioner. I think it’s important that we develop some conference-wide standards and rules, just as we did on the transfer matter that I sponsored related to the case involving domestic violence.”

… Morehead said UGA’s “high standard and high expectation” for its athletes serves the school well. He said no coach has ever raised the issue of wanting to change it in any meeting with him.

“I don’t think it any way has negatively affected our performance,” Morehead said. “I think it’s been a positive and I would hope and expect that our alumni and our supporters want us to maintain those highs standards.”

… and Mark Richt’s.

“I think if everybody could come up with something that made sense for the student-athlete and made it the same across the board, I’d be fine with that,” Richt said.

(Hint:  Turn on your sarcasm detector before digesting “If I didn’t know any better”.)

One thing I’ve always been curious to know is what Mark Richt really thought when he was told the athletic department was going to drug test his players upon their immediate return from spring break.  I’m guessing it wasn’t UGA’s “high standard and high expectation” for its athletes.  At least not in the way Morehead offers it.


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Tallahassee, Florida, where the law is on your side

You’ve probably heard by now about the Tallahassee Police Department releasing a copy of a police report about an alleged assault by a FSU player who supposedly punched a woman in the face, where the TPD redacted the name of the player, but not the victim.

What you probably haven’t heard is the explanation for doing that.  I tell you what, it’s a real doozy.

“Anything that is considered active criminal investigation is redacted,” said a Tallahassee Police records official on the phone Friday morning. “If the suspect has not been charged with a crime at this time, it’s redacted and then the Criminal Investigations Department is following up with it. If that person ever becomes charged, then it becomes public record. Obviously, a witness name is not gonna be released, because what they can provide is still part of an active criminal investigation.”

So why list the alleged victim’s name?

“Victim’s names are not exempt from public records law,” the official said, unless it’s a case involving sexual violence.

In other words, “Because we can. You got a problem with that?”

Jeebus.  It’s a wonder anyone goes to the trouble of filing charges down there.  What’s the point?


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Now, if they’d only do something about emerging from an alley…

This has to be a bummer for the editors at the AJ-C.

Of course, with what we know about the Georgia Way, the school may think about issuing press releases when an athlete’s involved.

Still, progress of a sort.


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Clemson has not lost control of bad news.

What is it with delayed reporting of news about Clemson players’ drug arrests?

Jimmy Williamson would not stand for such slackness, I tells ‘ya.


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Banned from Athens

I’d say this puts a serious crimp on recruiting (not that I expect Georgia to be recruiting Salomon anyway).

Kinda your ultimate Mark Richt has lost control story.


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Current Fulmer Cup standings

If you thought LSU leads, that’s because you have a short memory and forgot about Auburn’s April.

Georgia, believe it or not, currently has zero points, which means (1) either Georgia is recruiting higher character kids; (2) Richt has managed to run off every troublemaker in the program; or (3) we’re just waiting for this summer’s shoe to drop.

And, no, those three aren’t mutually exclusive possibilities.


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