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TFW the game is bigger than the fans

We're All Trying To Find The Guy Who Did This | Know Your Meme

After running through a compelling home schedule to date full of cupcakes, Junior is concerned that the fans aren’t staying in the stadium for a full sixty minutes.

Poor baby.

Attendance hasn’t exactly been great at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium through the first three home games of the season. With a capacity of 64,038, the Rebels have yet to exceed 61,000 in a game. According to the school, the attendance figures have been:

  • Week 1 vs. Troy: 60,533
  • Week 2 vs. Central Arkansas: 58,373
  • Week 4 vs. Tulsa: 60,641

Tickets are expensive.  Concessions are expensive.  Combine that with an overload of cupcakes — gotta make sure that bowl eligibility issue is covered! — and what do you expect?

Unless you’re a football coach.  Then, the game isn’t entertainment for the fans.  It’s an obligation.

Eh, Kentucky comes calling this week.  Maybe the fans will stay.


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I pity the fool.

My Gawd.

How bad is it when Junior decides to be merciful?


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Playing the Lane game

This is fucking hilarious.

It would be entirely fitting if he gets an NIL deal out of the notoriety.


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No stone unturned

The most Laner story you’ll read today:

When it comes to finding walk-ons on college football rosters over the years, coaches from across the country have found players in a variety of places you would never expect. In desperate need of another punter, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin told his players to search on campus and go find him a punter. And sure enough, they delivered. In Saturday’s press conference with the media, Kiffin shared the hilarious story about how his players found the latest addition to their football team at a frat party.

“Yeah, I don’t know a whole lot about him. I think he was down at the frat house. You know, like, at a keg party or something. Where they got him from. So, we’ve got some conditioning work to do with my guy. We just said, ‘Hey, someone go find a punter on campus.’ And so, we found one that actually used to punt Division I. So, you never know,” Kiffin said.

Kismet, baby.

The Rebels added Charlie Pollock to their official roster via the transfer portal on Thursday, August 11th. Pollock came to Ole Miss from Nevada and was expected to join the team as soon as Friday, per reports. He did not play football in 2021. He averaged 39.9 yards per punt as a high school senior.

That’s what you get when you’re known for always going for it on fourth down, I guess.


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“If you don’t got it, you definitely don’t got it.”

Regrets?  Matt Corral’s got a few.

When asked about dealing with a quarterback competition, Corral looked back to his college days at Ole Miss.

“I took the easy way out because I felt I could play right away,” he said about his decision to go to Oxford, Miss. “Knowing what I know now and trusting my instincts and trusting my work ethic, I would have went to a place that would have made me compete.”

… That process of learning the playbook is a key reason why Corral isn’t expected to be a serious competitor for the team’s starting job.

The transition between Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin’s system to Panthers’ offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s hasn’t been easy even as Corral’s made good progress during the offseason.

I can’t imagine anyone would want to use that in a negative way against Junior on the recruiting trail.  Well, actually I can.


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Happy Father’s Day, Nick, from your favorite son

I would have posted this yesterday, had I seen it then.

Some people never worry about poking the bear.


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Leave Nick alone!

Junior, if you don’t mind me saying so, your suck up is showing just a little bit here.


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Joey Freshwater goes to the prom.

Regular pervy, or just a little?

Either way, you almost have to admire the “no fucks to give” way Junior approaches life.


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Junior be flingin’

Evidently, the Laner didn’t take kindly to Jimbo Fisher’s “clown” remark.

“I’ve obviously said a lot about NIL from the beginning of it,” Kiffin said. “Let’s make sure that we understand I love that the players are getting paid, and I just say how it is.

“I guess I got called a clown before for saying how it is. NIL has a lot to do with where players go, and to not think that is crazy.”

Not that he’s slowing down…

Um… does a Portal King outrank a Portal Master, or vice versa?


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The laziest recruiter in the SEC?

Mullen is gone, so the crown passes to…

Junior is so convinced of his allure, he thinks he can conquer the world with some social media bites.  And don’t get me wrong here — he’s had some success in the transfer portal, but Ole Miss finished tenth in the conference in the 2022 recruiting rankings.  That won’t get it done in the SEC West.

Plus, this.

Transfers won’t win championships by themselves.  But the Laner is entertaining, I’ll grant him that.

And, in related news…

Guess not liking recruiting runs in the family.


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