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‘Screw it. Let ’em fire me.’

Okay, it’s taken a decade, but, as a by-product of the depth to which Tennessee’s football program has fallen, it was inevitable that Junior’s redemption story would take root.

I think we all know what the fairy tale ending would look like, no?



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“The answer is unknowable.”

I gotta tell you, as a Georgia fan, there are few things more enjoyable than a look back at Tennessee football over the last decade, starting with those memorable fourteen months (was it really that long?) of Junior.

Those were the days, my friends.


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Butthurt Junior is the best Junior.

Imagine the Laner getting his panties in a wad over somebody wanting attention.


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Wednesday morning buffet

A few nibbles here, a few nibbles there, and pretty soon you’ve got a full buffet.

  • Missouri has decided to celebrate its appeal of NCAA sanctions in a unique way.
  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers in Alston want to get paid.
  • Class is in with Mike Leach.
  • Lane Kiffin“You go to the national championship in what was it, the second year, and could have won the game a million times.”
  • Cocktail Party alert“On Tuesday night, the Jacksonville City Council voted 15-1 on Tuesday to approve an $18-million deal that sets the stage for the city to demolish the Landing…”
  • David Hale looks at how punters and kickers pass the time.
  • The secret to Georgia’s offensive line’s success?  Size and Sam Pittman.
  • Mose of the players who will appear in this game are two to four years old today.
  • Yeah, that Jeff Long is a fine athletic director.


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Junior’s sexy talk

Joey Freshwater, on the transfer portal:

Make no mistake, Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin still loves Twitter and its various trends. Just don’t expect him to follow college football fans in tweeting #PraisePortal anytime soon.

Kiffin called the NCAA’s transfer portal, which has quickly become a fan favorite on social media and message boards, “a sexy thing to do.”

“I can get in this portal so I can get some attention — we’re in a generation of just wanting attention no matter what — so now, I can go in this (portal), get an article written about me, and get re-recruited because I don’t like exactly how something’s going,” Kiffin said.

“Get an article written about me”?  Gee, sounds like the Laner’s a little jealous over the thought that somebody other than him could be sucking oxygen out of the media’s tent.

Anyway, all that’s a lead in to a truly terrible idea of his.

“I’m not saying kids shouldn’t transfer, shouldn’t be able to transfer … but if they do, you need to have the ability to replace them,” Kiffin said.

An inability to replace those players is what has Kiffin most frustrated. NCAA rule changes prevent teams from bringing more than 25 scholarship players to campus as part of a given signing class. A combination of transfers, graduation, and players leaving early for the NFL means FAU will not hit the 85-player limit.

Johnson’s transfer and Chris Robison’s indefinite suspension means the Owls only have one active scholarship quarterback: redshirt freshman Cordel Littlejohn.

“You’re gonna see rosters around the country that are not at 85 (scholarships) and they won’t be able to get to 85. So what do you do if you have 25 seniors and 10 guys transferring?” Kiffin asked. “That’s 35 off your roster, but you’re capped at 25.

Nick Saban is either kicking himself for not thinking of that first, or else he’s already sent Junior a congratulatory text for putting that out there.  Can you imagine Alabama with extra schollies to offer?  Hell, he’d probably put kids in the portal even if they didn’t want to leave Tuscaloosa.


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Guess who’s coming to dinner?

This has the potential to be epic.

Although if Kirby really had a sense of humor, he’d invite Spurrier.


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All about Junior

If there’s one thing the Laner does well, it’s self-promotion.


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