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All about Junior

If there’s one thing the Laner does well, it’s self-promotion.



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“It’s the least I could do. We’re both part of the Alabama family.”

Is there any doubt Junior is signaling as hard as he can without looking completely desperate that he’ll be there for ‘Bama after Saban retires and neither Dabo nor Kirby takes the head coaching job?


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Today, in it just means more, Urnge edition

In three short years, Lane Kiffin went from being someone who was advised by security to wear a bulletproof vest on his first trip back to Knoxville as Alabama’s offensive coordinator to becoming the choice of many Tennessee fans to succeed Booch as the head coach there.

Only in America, my friends.  Or Knoxville, anyway.


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Junior, on Saban and Smart

If you think spending three years in Tuscaloosa gives Lane Kiffin any special insight about Alabama and Georgia facing off through the next few seasons, then you might be interested in this:

That team that he played in the national championship, though, might have something to say about how successful Saban is if he does, in fact, stick around for another decade. At least, according to Kiffin.

Georgia, in its second year under Kirby Smart, won the SEC title in 2017 over Auburn, and put Alabama in a 13-0 hole in the College Football Playoff National Championship before letting it slip away in a 26-23 overtime thriller. Smart was an assistant under Saban for Saban’s first nine years with Alabama, as well as one year each with LSU (2004) and the Miami Dolphins (2006).

That familiarity, coupled with the success he displayed in 2017 and recruiting base Smart has in Georgia, might present Saban’s toughest long-term challenge to date.

“That’s hard to do when you’ve got someone who’s been with you for 10 years, knows every single thing you do and every single reason why your program is successful,” Kiffin said. “For me, I went to Alabama for three years and it was already rolling. Kirby was there from Day 1 to see how coach [Saban] built it. That’s hard. The guy’s been there for 10 years and now he goes inside the conference and you’ve got to compete against him. But it isn’t the first time. [Saban] has been doing that a lot.”


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Jimmy Sexton’s Kryptonite

Apparently, there are some bridges that even Sexton can’t cross.

According to a report from Gridiron Now’s Mark Nagi, who recently spoke to Kiffin for an upcoming book on Tennessee football, former Vols athletic director John Currie told super agent Jimmy Sexton that his client would “never be the head coach” at Tennessee as long as he was in charge.

“What normally happens in those things is when jobs come open, there is usually communication with the agent and the athletic director,” Kiffin said in a phone interview earlier this week. “The agent says something like, ‘Hey, I got these eight to 10 guys; what do you think about this guy here or there?’ … Then the AD says, ‘I want to interview those two guys; those sound good.’

“In that conversation with [agent] Jimmy Sexton — who has a million guys obviously, so it’s not just about me, it’s about all the guys — … [then-Tennessee athletic director] John Currie says, ‘Lane will never be the head coach as long as I’m the athletics director here.’ So once he said that, I didn’t think about it. So that kind of answered that.”

Of course, if I had to pick a bridge, it would be Junior.  Sexton had to know the job was dangerous when he took it.


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Today, in you can’t make this stuff up if you tried

I’m starting to think Junior’s just trolling the hell out of everybody now.

Never one to shy away from unconventional moves, FAU coach Lane Kiffin chose 24-year-old Charlie Weis Jr. to be his new offensive coordinator, has learned.

The hiring will make Weis the youngest current coordinator at the FBS level, and likely the youngest coordinator in modern college football history.

Two chips off the old block.  I guess I’ll have to quit referring to the Laner as Junior.  Too confusing.


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Jake Fromm and the here and now

Junior, for some reason, feels the need to take a victory lap on Alabama’s recruiting.

Sure, right, whatever you say, Laner.  Fromm was just wasting your precious time when you evaluated him and extended an offer.  Even more curious –since when does anyone at Alabama care where a recruit gets drafted by the NFL?  Nick Saban’s got plenty of shiny rings from national championship seasons with QBs who never sniffed the first round.

You’ll have to excuse me if this kind of stuff matters more to me than a kid’s draft potential.

Fromm, the SEC Freshman of the Year, finished his rookie season 12-2 as a starter.

“Fromm is a very bright kid,” Ridley said. “You can ask anyone in the room that. He’s very talented and he’s very smart. Our coaches really trust him to make the right checks and the right reads. When he’s out there if he has confidence in you he’s going to continue to go to you. I guess I started out hot tonight and he continued to work me. Unfortunately we came up short, but it’s branding and it’s going to continue to grow.”

“I wouldn’t want to have no other quarterback,” said receiver Terry Godwin. “He’s out there making the right checks, putting us in the right plays, and off the field he’s caring about us. He’s an overall complete guy. On the field he’s the leader we need.”

Oh, and strangely enough,

… Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm starts with the best odds to win the Heisman Trophy.

According to Sports Betting Dime, Fromm has 10/1 odds of winning the award.

Too bad for us Georgia fans he won’t be drafted in the first round.


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