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A humble Lane Kiffin is not the Lane Kiffin America needs.

I mean, shit, where’s the fun in this?

He also thanked Alabama coach Nick Saban for giving him a chance when no one else would.

“I’m very grateful to Coach Saban,” Kiffin told reporters. “My phone was not ringing very much at the time after USC, and that was a very humbling experience after being let go there and to go through that process. You start calling a lot of people that don’t call you back all of a sudden, and you realize things about people.”

He also said, contrary to reports that suggest otherwise, he has a “great relationship” with Saban.

“As he says, I get my ass-chewings from time to time. I’ve learned to accept those. It’s been a great run,” Kiffin said.

Boe.  Ring.

I hope a few wins gets Junior’s head out of his humble ass, ’cause that ain’t gonna cut it.


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Junior’s gonna Junior.

Leave it to the Laner, who was lobbying former Alabama quarterback Blake Barnett to join him in sunny Florida before Kiffin had the FAU job.


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Kicking Junior when he’s down

Man, talk about your low blows

It’s not as if a few silly statements are going to scare off a team desperate to win. If Bobby Petrino can get another job, so can Kiffin. But there’s a big difference. Despite being a rather despicable individual, Petrino has proven himself as a college head coach. Kiffin has not…

That one’s gonna leave a mark.

The Laner may go down as Jimmy Sexton’s biggest challenge.


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When swinging dicks collide

Purely for selfish reasons, I’m sorry Junior didn’t get the Houston job.  But if if wasn’t what fate has in store for Lane Kiffin, at least we got this lovely parting gift from Houston regent Tilman Fertitta, an entrepreneur who owns the restaurant corporation Landry’s Inc., is the host of a CNBC reality television show called “Billion Dollar Buyer” and clearly wanted to make sure the Laner knew who was the biggest asshole in the room:

“He said ‘Write the contract the way you want it,'” said Fertitta, who also is a prominent booster for the school’s athletic program. “Lane Kiffin looked me in the eye and he knew when he sat down at that table that he was going to go with the contract that I put in front of him with the buyout that I wanted in front of him. And we never even got there.”

Man, I bet you got a real tingle from that.

A scant few years ago, we might have gotten a snippy retort from the Junior we grew to know and love — you know, something like “Fine… I’ll move on to something else, but you’ll always be Houston”.  Maybe no response there is a sign of maturity on his part.

Then again, maybe it’s just a sign of desperation.


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Damn it, Houston. You had one job.

The proposed buyout provision must have been a monster.


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Tuesday morning buffet



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‘Coach, they’re not going to do anything to you. It’s your son they’re after.’

According to Eric Berry, Monte Kiffin was so worried about his personal safety after Junior bailed on Tennessee that he wouldn’t leave his office until all the fires that had been set on campus were put out.


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