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From the people who brought you QBR…

… comes preseason FPI.

I have no idea how the math works, but I can tell you that Georgia’s ranking went up three spots since March “after gaining a starter”.  Take that for what it’s worth.


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Unbundling and the limits of ESPN

Here are a couple of questions for you.  Let’s say this becomes a real thing in the near future:

One industry source I spoke to believes ESPN would have to charge sports fans at least $30 a month for an a la carte version of the networks to offset lost cable subscriber fees and advertising. MoffettNathanson Research believes Disney would have to charge $36.30 a month for ESPN to achieve the same level of reach it enjoys today.

At this point, we’ve reached a similar structure to European television. Channels such as Sky Sports, which carries popular properties like the English Premiere League, are not part of the basic service and run at $40 a month for the family of networks. Sky Sports even offers “day passes” for roughly $15. While hardcore American sports fans can justify similar prices here in the States, casual fans will balk and just catch the big event games on over-the-air networks.

Would you subscribe and pay $40 a month for the privilege of watching ESPN?

Me?  I probably would, if I could just subscribe for football season.  The rest of the year would be a waste of money.  I kind of doubt that’s the customer base ESPN’s looking for, though.

But if I’m typical, what happens to college athletics’ current business model when the broadcast revenue stream takes a significant hit from Mickey’s wallet shrinkage?  With regard to Ovies’ last point, keep in mind that there is very little college football shown on an over-the-air basis now, so chasing the casual fans in bulk, which is implicit in building up a national playoff, is not as easy as it sounds anymore.

Eh, it’s probably no big deal.  Delany, Sankey and Scott are on the mother, right?


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“But all good things must come to an end.”

I don’t think Spurdog is gonna be real thrilled with the latest ESPN narrative.


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Your cable dollars at work.

Just shoot meNow.


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ESPN College Football Final, I don’t know you anymore.

Well, things are certainly looking up.

Whatever the WWL comes up with as a replacement, it can’t be any worse than the Holtz-May clown show was.


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Bowling for dollars

College football is adding three new bowl games this season.  Now, I’m not complaining – when it comes down to it, college football is like beer; you can never have too much on hand – but I’m detecting a note of quasi-shame from the decision makers about it.

“I’ve quit worrying about numbers,” said Wright Waters, the Football Bowl Association’s executive director. But he and others in the bowl industry are aware they’re nearing a saturation point.

“There’s got to be one,” Waters told USA TODAY Sports, “but I don’t know where it is. Every time I meet a mathematician, I ask him to solve this problem for me. They all look at me and laugh.”

The math guys may laugh, but you know who isn’t laughing?  The bean counters at ESPN.

Disney’s cable networks reported 9% lower operating income to $1.8 billion. The decrease was caused by higher programming and production costs at ESPN, which had higher rights fees for the college football playoffs, an added NFL playoff game and the newly launched SEC network. Cable revenues were up 11% to $4 billion.

Add three new bowl games, and you offset the hit to the bottom line a little bit.  And every little bit helps.

“At some point this is gonna be a self-limiting thing,” American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco told USA TODAY SPORTS. “It wouldn’t be responsible to have bowls beyond that certain point – but I don’t know where that point is.”

Brother, that’s something you need not worry about.  If that day ever comes, Mickey will let you know, for sure.


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It’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Why can’t we just leave Kirk Herbstreit alone, dammit?

You know, it would just be a lot easier if he’d simply say he’s sorry that he didn’t express himself correctly, which is what I suspect he told Richt privately.  But if Herbstreit wants to leave it on us, that he was misunderstood, it’s hard to see how the snark ends.  Unless kids stop getting arrested…


UPDATE:  Welp, that’s fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Herbie has the utmost respect for Mark Richt and we misunderstood his intent when he tweeted.  Buck says that those of us continuing to poke at Herbstreit are part of the lunatic fringe, for not letting things go.  And Kincaid claims this is more about Georgia fans defending Richt from criticism than trying to hold Herbstreit accountable for his lack of consistency.

Thanks, guys.  I learned a lot.


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