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Cranking up the narrative to 11

So, based on this, this and this, by which game will it be when you expect ESPN crosses the line into outright skepticism about Kirby’s coaching acumen if Jacob Eason hasn’t been named the starter?


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It’s gonna be a long, hot summer.

I don’t mean what the thermometer will show in July and August.  I’m talking about the ESPN-led hype of Jacob Eason, which is off to an early start.

Even after a strong G-Day performance, hold off on crowning Georgia freshman QB Jacob Eason the team’s starter.

The staff has indicated this spring that Eason, the 6-foot-5 early enrollee from Washington, has some learning to do.

That said …

“There’s two or three throws a practice that make you stop and say, ‘Wow,’ ” a Georgia assistant told Insider.

Veteran Greyson Lambert would be the starter if the season began today, those close to the program have indicated. Eason has plenty of time between now and September to close the gap; it’s all about how consistently he can perform in Jim Chaney’s system by then.

Throw in this observation from one of the SEC Network’s talking heads…

… and, well, Kirby Smart may not want a quarterback controversy, but it looks like the WWL may do its damnedest to provide him with one anyway.


UPDATE:  Enter Herbstreit.


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Hey, everybody, ESPN’s back with those stats with initials!

Nah, not QBR.  It’s ESPN’s Football Power Index.

The Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team’s performance going forward for the rest of the season. FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. Projected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the rest of the season using FPI, results to date, and the remaining schedule. Ratings and projections update daily.


FWIW, Georgia’s ninth in FPI, which sounds nice, except that’s only good for fifth-best in the SEC, which doesn’t sound as nice.

I only mention this because it’s early April and I’m bored.  You can ignore this proprietary measurement for the rest of the season now.  Except when the WWL is shoving it in your face, that is.


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So far, they’re still geniuses.

Nobody’s gone broke overestimating the passion of college football fans, SEC fans in particular.

Viewership is up across the board. The SEC set an all-time record across all conferences with 7,784,376 fans in 2015, leading all FBS conferences in average attendance for the 18th consecutive year with 78,630 fans per game.  There were attendance records set at lower levels of CFB, as well.

Of the reams of data to go through at the linked article, here’s one that deserves a lot of attention:

  • For the seventh consecutive year, the “SEC ON CBS” was the highest-rated regular season college football package on any network. CBS Sports’ national coverage of SEC football averaged a national household rating/share of 3.4/8. This marked the 20th season of SEC football on CBS.
  • CBS also scored the season’s highest-rated and most-watched college football game with the SEC Championship between Alabama and Florida on Dec. 5. The game delivered an average national household rating/share of 7.8/17 and averaged 12.76 million viewers.
  • CBS also had the second most-watched game of the season: Alabama’s primetime showdown versus LSU on Nov. 7, which averaged 11.06 million viewers.

I guess free TV still has its upside.  Advantage:  SEC (and to a lesser extent, Notre Dame).  Think they’re dumb enough to give that up?  For the right amount of Mickey’s money, sure.


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An ESPN narrative we can all support.

For more than one reason, I am so down with this train of thought.

As he continues to reshape his image in Tuscaloosa, it feels like only a matter of time until Kiffin gets the call he’s looking for. After all, every radioactive element has a half-life; maybe we’ve reached Kiffin’s.

Saban will turn 65 years old this season and with his longtime defensive coordinator Kirby Smart now the head coach at Georgia, it’s unclear who Alabama would turn to in the event of his retirement. Former offensive coordinator Jim McElwain was a fan favorite after leading Colorado State to back-to-back bowl games in 2013-14, but now he’s at Florida for the foreseeable future. So does that leave Kiffin as the in-house candidate to replace Saban? If not now, then what about a few years from now, when he’s fully in tune with Saban’s process?

Junior as Saban’s successor?  One can only hope.

I think PAWWWLLL should start pushing this immediately.  Maybe a Herbstreit tweet is in order, too.

Run with this, WWL peeps.  The world needs the Laner in Tuscaloosa.


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Bad for Mickey’s business

Disney is threatening Nathan Deal with a boycott if Deal signs the religious liberty bill into law.  On its face, that affects Georgia’s movie bidness, although for the bill’s supporters, that might be more of a feature than a bug.  (Ed Kilgore notes there’s always been a little tension between culture and Mammon when it comes to handing out those movie-making tax credits:  “It’s becoming a regular amusement to watch right-wing politicians who blame Hollywood and its godless liberals and Jews for poisoning American culture turn around and offer to help pay for all the filth so long as it is produced locally.”)

That’s not what I’m really interested in, though.  Disney owns ESPN.  Is it possible the hostility could trickle down to there in some form or fashion?  As we’ve seen in Louisiana, mentioning that college football could be affected by state policy is at least perceived as being an effective threat.  I don’t know if that translates over to Georgia and this bill, but does anyone really want to chance that?

As Ed concludes, “Hollywood is influential in Georgia. But football is holy.”


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Mark Richt may be gone…

… but the spirit of Kirk Herbstreit at ESPN lives on.

Smart isn’t doing anything 99% of the other coaches in America already do, but only at Georgia is it an absolute disgrace.

Get a grip, people.  Wait, it’s ESPN and Finebaum – what am I thinking?


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