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Mickey haz a green woody.

Behold the wonder of ESPN’s college football page this morning, where the WWL has not one (“Notre Dame, the team everyone loves to hate, can disrupt the CFP“), not two (“Finebaum jumps on Notre Dame bandwagon“) but three effing pieces on the Irish and their college football playoff chances.

I think I’m gonna fwow up.  Could you be any less subtle if you tried?

I left South Bend with nothing but good vibes about Notre Dame and their fans.  ESPN is doing a bang up job of messing with that.  Thanks, assholes.



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“It is becoming increasingly clear that the wheels are falling off of satellite TV.”

An alert reader passed this Bloomberg article on to me.  There’s some ominous news if you’re a content delivery service.  Your business model is showing some severe cracks.

Barring a major fourth-quarter comeback, 2017 is on course to be the worst year for conventional pay-TV subscriber losses in history, surpassing last year’s 1.7 million, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. That figure doesn’t include online services like DirecTV Now. Even including those digital plans, the five biggest TV providers are projected to have lost 469,000 customers in the third quarter.

AT&T sank 6.1 percent, the biggest one-day loss since November 2008. Dish, which also provides satellite service, declined 5.1 percent. Viacom dropped 2.5 percent while AMC Networks Inc. fell 6.8 percent after Guggenheim Securities LLC downgraded the two stocks to neutral from buy.

Before you get all doomsday on college football’s and ESPN’s respective futures, though, don’t miss the key paragraph in that article:

Dallas-based AT&T is pushing headlong into TV programming by acquiring HBO and CNN owner Time Warner Inc. in an $85.4 billion deal. Chief Executive Officer Randall Stephenson has argued that the acquisition will let AT&T create compelling video packages for mobile subscribers and provide valuable targeting information for advertisers.

Content is still king and as long as ESPN keeps paying for live college football, it’s going to continue to be the 800-pound gorilla we all know and love.  It’s not overpaying for broadcast rights if that’s the one way to ensure it remains relevant from a marketing standpoint.

We still crave our college football and we’re still willing to pay to satisfy our craving.  Sure, there may be questions about how we’ll see Lee Corso don the mascot’s helmet in the future, but as long as it keeps shelling out the big bucks, Mickey ain’t going anywhere soon.


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ESPN has met the enemy.

And he is… Chris Petersen?

I didn’t take Petersen’s comments as a direct criticism of ESPN whatsoever — he seemed to be speaking generally about the situation and never uttered those four letters.

“We apologize for these late games,” Petersen said. “And I’d also like to reiterate it has nothing to do with us or the administration. We want to play at 1 o’clock.

“It hurts us tremendously in terms of national exposure. No one wants to watch our game on the East Coast that late, and we all know it.”

*** Herbstreit does an excellent job as a fair and reasonable advocate for the sport in all corners of the country. But his response to Petersen — he “should be thanking ESPN” — went far beyond what seemed necessary.

Kneel before Zod, Petersen.

It didn’t stop with Herbstreit, either.

No wonder Washington fans took umbrage with this during last night’s broadcast:

This cropped up during the broadcast of the UW game:

This was an especially nice touch.

No doubt Petersen already senses that this is a game he can’t win…

… but for his sake, he’d better hope that Washington’s case for the CFP is unassailable, because he’s not gonna get any help from Mickey.


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Great moments in broadcast planning

Did you know that Ole Miss and Baylor are scheduled to meet in the 2020 AdvoCare Texas Kickoff?  That has all the earmarks of a real classic, assuming there are enough scholarship players left at both schools to suit up.

Speaking of which, that could lead to a scenario where the Black Bear Rebels (or is it the Rebel Black Bears?) take a serious hit in the pocketbook.  Hey, just because schools aren’t proactive doesn’t mean Mickey ain’t.


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You don’t have to understand ESPN’s stats to mock them.

According to Mickey’s Power Football Index, college football’s top team as you read this is Ohio State, fresh off a pounding — at home — by Oklahoma.

Methinks your computer needs a tuneup, fellas.

Just remember that the next time some wayward troll decides to spout G-Day QBR numbers at you in the comments.


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Look out, it’s MegaCast!

A reader thought it would be worth mentioning that ESPN’s going all out with tonight’s broadcast of the Indiana-Ohio State game.

ESPN will unleash its MegaCast production for Ohio State at Indiana on Thursday, Aug. 31 (8 p.m. ET), beginning the 2017 college football season with the most extravagant regular-season game presentation the sport has ever experienced. The multi-network creation will feature the traditional telecast on ESPN and six alternate offerings for fans on ESPNU, ESPNEWS and ESPN3. All previous versions of ESPN’s MegaCast have been reserved for the College Football Playoff Semifinals and National Championship games.

For one low, low price, you get Coaches Film Room (Les Miles!), what sounds like an abominable idea with Homers Telecast and a ton of camera angles and stats on ESPN3, in addition to Herbstreit on the main broadcast.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Mack Brown, but the other coaches ought to be good for some insight on the Coaches Film Room.  Plus, they’ll be skipping some commercials — never a bad thing.  The Homers thing sounds like it’s definitely worth avoiding, but I’ve enjoyed the All-22 looks before when CBS has used them.

Anyway, what’s your thought, useful or overkill?  (If you’re a the Big Ten is dead to me kind of person, you needn’t bother to answer.)


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“Travis knows he can make the most money possible by criticizing ESPN…”

I’m the last person who thought it was possible to feel sympathy for the WWL, but Clay Travis seems bound and determined to prove me capable of it.  Sheesh, what a dick.


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