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Too cool for school

Really, this is too precious.

“Really cool”?  When’s the last time anyone thought PAWWWLLL was cool?



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Welp, there goes one expansion talking point.

Turns out America didn’t have a problem tuning in to an all-SEC national title game.

ESPN’s presentation of the epic College Football Playoff National Championship between Georgia and Alabama (Jan. 8 at 8 p.m.) delivered a massive 16.7 overnight on its Nielsen-rated networks (ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU) as part of its MegaCast production, up 9% from last season’s thrilling College Football Playoff National Championship on the same three Nielsen-rated networks. The ESPN-only presentation delivered a monster 16.0 overnight for the Crimson Tide’s overtime victory, up 8% from the ESPN-only presentation last season, a game which featured a dramatic, last minute touchdown to win the game.

I guess the pundits jonesing for an eight-team field who were predicting doom-and-gloom boredom will have to fall back on a “poor ol’ Central Florida” argument.  Sucks when a narrative doesn’t pan out…


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Coaches Film Room haz a crayon.

Well, now

Coaches Film Room Returns with Limited Commercial Breaks
After making its first College Football Playoff Semifinals debut, the popular Coaches Film Room (ESPNEWS) returns to the CFP National Championship MegaCast. Mike Bobo (Colorado State), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern) and Kevin Sumlin are among the coaches participating. Additional coaches will be added throughout the weekend.  [Emphasis added.]

That should make for some interesting informed commentary in a number of ways.


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The real playoff expansion question isn’t choosing between best and deserving teams.

If you still harbor illusions that it’s fans’ perceptions or those of pundits that will drive the four versus eight conversation going forward, you don’t understand what lies at the heart of postseason expansion.  Let former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson ‘splains it to you, Loocee:

The College Football Playoff will eventually expand to eight teams within the length of the current contract and be worth at least $10 billion, former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson predicted in a conversation with CBS Sports this week.

Pilson was reacting, in part, to the regionalized nature of Monday’s CFP National Championship between No. 2 Georgia and No. 4 Alabama.

“I think, from a television point of view, any sports executive would tell you he would prefer a team from the different part of the country,” said Pilson, now a longtime sports media consultant.

“The best would be a Big Ten team in terms of the size of market.”

ESPN’s best trumps our best seven days a week and twice on New Year’s Day.

For the first time in the CFP’s brief four-year history, a Big Ten team did not make the field. The Big Ten “footprint” — its dominant area of interest in the Midwest and Northeast — includes a quarter of the U.S population.

Also for the first time, two teams from one conference (SEC) are in the playoff. While that’s a bonanza for the schools, the SEC, the South and the site of the game (Atlanta), one TV consultant said this could be the lowest-rated game in CFP history.

“There will be some people who probably won’t watch it because it’s all-SEC,” said the consultant, who didn’t want to be identified. “It has the potential [to be the lowest rated].”

Low ratings could be one of the stressors that leads the CFP to expand, Pilson said.

Yeah, high blood pressure can be a bitch, Mickey.  You wouldn’t want to be stressed.

So don’t waste your breath arguing about the aesthetics of the ideal or fairest playoff pool.  It doesn’t matter.  In the end, we’ll get what they pay for and be told to like it.


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For those of you watching at home…

ESPN’s pulling out all the bells and whistles — even adding a couple of new ones — for your New Year’s Day viewing pleasure.

  • The standard broadcast of the two games, on ESPN’s main channel. Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Maria Taylor, and Tom Rinaldi have the Rose (5 p.m.) Joe Tessitore, Todd Blackledge, Holly Rowe, and Laura Rutledge have the Sugar (8:45 p.m.)
  • The popular Coaches’ Film Room, which the network’s been putting on during championships for years. That’s going to have Syracuse’s Dino Babers, UNC’s Larry Fedora, West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen, Ole Miss’ Matt Luke, TCU’s Gary Patterson, and former Arkansas and Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema. That’s on ESPNEWS.
  • Finebaum Film Room, with SEC radio host Paul Finebaum and a bunch of analysts watching the game and taking calls during it. This is on the SEC Network.
  • A SkyCam broadcast and an all-22 broadcast, with a wide enough camera angle that you can see just about every player on the field.
  • Various hometown audio options, with local radio calls.
  • The Command Center telecast, which is on ESPN and features “a split-screen with multiple camera views displayed simultaneously, which could include the main ESPN camera angle, the SkyCam view and isolated camera feeds of both head coaches at any given time. Enhanced statistics and real-time drive charts supplement the game action.” That sounds like a lot but could be your thing.
  • And College GameDay is airing, of course. That’ll be at the Rose Bowl, where panelist Herbstreit calls the game later in the day. It starts at 9 a.m. ET, which is 6 a.m. local time. More details on that are here.

There’s also this“ESPN will debut a camera inside the first-down-marker at the Sugar Bowl, the first time a camera has been positioned inside the equipment. The unique vantage point will provide viewers a look at the line to gain.”

Good Lord.


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Demand and supply

If you keep wondering why there seems to be no end in sight to the number of bowl games…

As long as we continue to display an appetite for watching them, Mickey’s gonna keep giving us what we want.


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Kirk Herbstreit has lost control over losing control.

Herbie doesn’t understand what the big deal is about meeting Micah Parsons on the GameDay set.

While bemused, I’m actually a little sympathetic. Maybe Herbstreit might want to try a little sympathy himself the next time he’s about to rush to judgment on social media.


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