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He didn’t go there to paint.

The Bobby Petrino redemption tour is underway.

You gotta figure he’s angling for a Saban offer next, amirite?


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“I don’t look at this and say, ‘Geez, they spent all this money in recruiting and we went 2-10.’”

Let me just say there have been few more enjoyable developments in college football over the past year or so than watching the world’s take on post-“just win, baby” Bobby Petrino.  Reality finally became perception.

Which probably means he’s a lock for an analyst job in Tuscaloosa any day now.


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Today, in awkward

Okay, maybe it wasn’t a Kiffin-esque fire the coach on the airport tarmac moment, but you gotta admit canning a coach while his show is airing has a certain cold-bloodedness that you have to respect in this day and age.

I mean, if you have to pay the guy $14 million anyway, you might as well get your money’s worth out of publicly humiliating him.

I really wonder who’s the next idiotic/lazy AD to hire Petrino.  You know somebody will, despite the almost certainty of it ending in disaster.


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Death, taxes and…

“Petrino does not leave programs looking better than he found them, and Louisville will go down as no exception to the rule.”

And all the Cardinals will have to pay to prove it is $14 million.


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“Assistant coaches are generally tied to the head coach.”

That it’s cheaper for Louisville to fire Brian VanGorder along with Bobby Petrino, rather than as a separate mid-season move, is only my second favorite part of this piece.  My favorite?

Specifically, Smith finds fault with the play of the front seven — the defensive line and linebackers — two units coached by Petrino’s sons-in-law, L.D. Scott and Ryan Beard[Emphasis added.]

Nepotism, for the win.

After giving up 77 points to Clemson (the third time in four weeks that opponents had scored at least 56 points on the Cardinals) and allowing the Tigers to average better than 13 yards per rushing play, Louisville’s defense is 124th in points allowed and 115th in total defense.

VanGorder’s salary this season is just a tick under $1 million.

That’s so bad, I can’t even figure out what’s a feature and what’s a bug.


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“The university is not in a position to buy him out.”

This may be the ultimate college football “you made your bed, now lie in it” story.

It’s a real shame, too.


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