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Once more, in the land of second chances

Petrino’s gonna Petrino; Grantham’s gonna Grantham.

ESPN’s Max Olson reported Monday that Fields is visiting Bobby Petrino’s program this weekend and that the Cardinals are “in the lead” to land the 2014 preseason Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

Despite that honor, Fields didn’t play a snap of NCAA football this past season, having been “separated” from TCU after being connected with a domestic violence incident in July. Fields allegedly punched and threatened an ex-girlfriend, and after a planned transfer to Stephen F. Austin fell through, transferred to Trinity Valley Community Valley College in Athens, Texas.

Athens, Texas ain’t Athens, Georgia.  Louisville ain’t, either.


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Todd Grantham’s just here to help, boss.

In case you were wondering…


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“We’re not sure yet.”

With less than three weeks until the Belk Bowl, Bobby Petrino claims he doesn’t know who his starting quarterback will be.  Let the head games begin!


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Competing to see who can be the best Second Chance U.

At least he’s honest about it.


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Bobby Petrino is Bobby Petrino.

I may owe Todd Grantham an apology for thinking that he hauled ass out of Athens for purely mercenary reasons.  After seeing that Petrino went for it on fourth-and-four leading by forty-five points in the third quarter against Murray State, it may be simply that Todd found a head coach he could really believe in.

Let’s just say that’s something I doubt we’d ever see happen in Athens.


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I’ve got you under my skin.

Tyler catches this “ah, he wasn’t that bad” piece about Grantham that almost reads like something a troll would post in a comment thread here and has some fun with it.  But there’s something bigger I’m curious about.  It’s obvious we’ve got a few Georgia bloggers following Louisville’s season with interest, but is there more general interest than just us?  How many of you are going to add Louisville watching as a hobby this season?

Maybe I should add a recurring defensive comparison post to the blog this year.


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Yes, it is, Bobby.

“I have the utmost respect for Todd. I think he’s an expert at everything he does on defense. It’s great having him here because of his intensity, his knowledge, and with me being able to work on offense and him run the entire defense.

“We have a great relationship. We have the utmost respect for each other. We’re having a really good time in camp and I see our players getting better and smarter on defense every day.”

Remember, those kids were coached by Strong and Bedford last season.


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