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Your Daily Gator has Georgia on its mind.

The outsourcing, she is good.

They really do sound like a bizarro world echo chamber.


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“The top one percent of one percent”

Corch, Corch, Corch…

Huntley Johnson had to be one busy son of a gun back then.


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I have come not to bury your Daily Gator.

The offseason marks a good time for Gator sport here at the blog.  There are plenty of reasons to mock Florida fans’ dreams of world domination in 2020, but one of those probably isn’t losses from the receiving corps, as this David Wunderlich post demonstrates.

I am curious to see what happens in 2020. There is a clear top three of returning wide receivers in Grimes, Toney, and Copeland, and Pitts easily could lead the team in targets and catches again. If Toney stays healthy, I want to see how much he does with routes and traditional receiver stuff in addition to taking screens and handoffs and using his elusiveness to try to break big gains. This will be his fourth year as a receiver, the second under a highly regarded developer in Billy Gonzales. If he has the full receiver toolset in him, we should start to see it this year.

After those four, it’s a complete crapshoot.

Yeah, they’ve got some holes to fill, but they’re not anywhere near the void Georgia was facing before the start of last season.  Just sayin’.


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Your Daily Gator is deeply offended.

PFF joins the pack in issuing a way-too-early 2020 set of rankings, but unlike the pack, ranks Georgia as its highest SEC team.

3. Georgia Bulldogs

As of now, the SEC is running through the Georgia Bulldogs. They return the second most WAA among non-quarterbacks as a team, with Eric Stokes and George Pickens leading the way. And they were fortunate enough to land the biggest graduate transfer of this offseason in Jamie Newman. During Newman’s 2019 season at Wake Forest, he displayed traits that Jake Fromm couldn’t touch — such as tight-window accuracy and effective deep passing — while displaying far superior athleticism. His tight-window passing grade and deep-passing grade (20-plus yards) both were second to only Joe Burrow this season. That’s pretty good company. Getting him out of Wake Forest’s up-tempo, RPO system will allow Newman to do what he does best — beat defenses with his arm instead of his legs.

(WAA is their acronym for wins above average.  There’s a link to a fuller explanation in the opening paragraph you may want to click on for understanding.)

Oh, you might ask, Georgia higher than the Mighty Gators?  How can that be?

19. Florida Gators

Before Florida fans start complaining over their team’s No. 19 ranking, they should keep in mind that the Gators are losing three of their six most valuable players — Jonathan Greenard, Freddie Swain and Van Jefferson — and Kyle Trask rarely impressed on a game-to-game basis. Trask had just two game grades above 70.0 all season long. On the bright side, the Gators return one of the best young cornerbacks in Kaiir Elam, who allowed just 10 catches on 23 targets and was responsible for six combined pass breakups and interceptions. A healthy Kadarius Toney should help matters, too.

If you think that’s probably not sitting well in certain quarters… well, you’d be right.


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Your Daily Gator is doin’ the time warp.

They’re bitching about the beat writers now at Swamp247, but this comment takes the cake:

Personally I will take a Florida 4 star over a Georgia 5 star any day.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a Georgia fan express the exact same sentiment about Florida, I could have retired years ago.  In the meantime…


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Your Daily Gator isn’t fazed.

The denizens of Swamp247 don’t seem particularly impressed with the Monken hire.


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A 2020 motivation stone?

Screenshot_2020-01-17 Matt Hinton on Twitter Also – Have to assume LSU will drop a bit as the emphasis shifts from defendin[...]

I’m sure Gator fans will be positively giddy over the status quo Hinton cites there.  (I’ll be curious to see if the media projections at SEC Media Days reflect that.)  If we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll get a snarky comment from Mullen, to boot — after all, it’s kind of a Florida coaching tradition to keep the rubes stoked about that in the offseason.

What I’m not curious about is how Smart will react to such a narrative.  Oh, sure, he’ll have some anodyne public comment about how it shows his team will just have to work harder in 2020, but I’m betting the reaction behind closed doors will be a lot harsher.  Now, can he translate that into positive motivation for his program?


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