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I mean, is this the way a man should talk to the best defensive coordinator in all of college football?

As I said yesterday, the perfect topper to this would be the SEC fining Grantham for not following proper mask protocol.


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Tastes great

Damn, what is with this guy?


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Thanks for the reminder.

I haven’t thrown anything in anger at a television screen in a long time, but I gotta admit this tempted me:

Right out of the gate, Feleipe Effing Franks goes where no Georgia quarterback could against that Grantham secondary.  Just shoot me and put me out of my misery, will ‘ya?


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Today’s genius take


Lack of a bye week favors Florida? Tell that to Steve Spurrier.


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Gary Danielson’s quick Cocktail Party take

I think that’s Gary’s polite way of saying it’s on Todd Grantham.


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Pitted against Pitts

Something I did not know:

But the Bulldogs’ may have a secret weapon against Pitts. Georgia nickel back Mark Webb, who likely will draw Pitts more than any other defender, grew up playing rec ball and training with Pitts in Warminster, Pa., where they both attended Archbishop Wood Academy.

“It’s just crazy the improvement he’s gone through to now,” Webb said. “I remember when he couldn’t catch a cold. Now he catches everything that comes to him. It’s crazy to see him blossom, and I love that for him.”

But Webb made it clear he won’t love it for Pitts on Saturday.

It’s gonna take more than that to shut Pitts down, Mark.


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Khan, I’m laughing at the superior recruiter.

A curious observation from Andy Staples ($$):

But in the case of Florida and Georgia, the Mullen staff seems to be superior in terms of development and the Smart staff seems to have the edge in recruiting.

I know everything these days filters through the quarterback position, and, yeah, Trask has developed more than Bennett has.  But can somebody list all the other position groups where Mullen’s staff has done a better job developing talent than has Smart’s?  ‘Cause I’d like to know.


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“It’s all about the football game, and very little else.”

Just a reminder that this year’s Cocktail Party is more in the nature of a business trip for fans.

The game-day experience on Saturday will mirror the policies that have been in effect for Jaguars games. Masks must be worn from the time fans walk through the gates until they leave, and may be removed only when “actively eating or drinking.” Seating will be socially distant and the parking lot will have a space between each car.

The city said no fans will be allowed in the stadium lots without a game ticket.

There is one key difference from Jaguars games: no tailgating will be permitted at all, a policy the city of Jacksonville said is in line with the policy at Florida and Georgia home games. The Jaguars “discourage” tailgating but fans are allowed to eat at their vehicles.

The tradeoff for fans is that beer and wine will be sold inside the stadium. That and all concessions are being sold on a cashless basis.

Of course, the two schools and the city have no control over private lots and there may be a party atmosphere there, for fans who decide to chance the coronavirus spike in the area.

This was interesting to learn, though.

The maximum number of fans that will be allowed at TIAA Bank Field on Saturday will be 25 percent of stadium capacity, or 17,962. Georgia get 8,962 tickets, Florida received 8,700 (the home team usually gets about 200-to-300 more) and season ticket-holders and top-end boosters will get first dibs.

Since TIAA Bank Field was renovated in 1995 for the Jaguars’ first season, the Georgia-Florida game has packed in 80,000 or more fans each time. If all available seats are filled on Saturday, it will be the lowest attendance since an estimated 17,000 fans watched the Dawgs win 19-6 in 1938.

That may make it harder to tell when Gator fans leave in the fourth quarter.


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Your Daily Gator’s misty water-colored memories of the way we were

This is rich, coming from the fan base that still insists Florida would have won the 2007 Cocktail Party if Tebow’s shoulder had been 100%.

Screenshot_2020-11-03 Georgia

Man, it used to be that Gator fans believe history didn’t start until 1990.  Now, it’s starting to blur before 2008.


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