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Carried away

I know the underlying matter is serious and I shouldn’t laugh, but… well, this made me laugh.

In his defense he probably just thought he was recruiting? The only thing surprising about this is that it doesn’t happen more often:

Aggravated cyber-stalking is his job!

Damn it, Brian.



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Hmmm… this sounds vaguely ominous.

During a recent appearance on Atlanta-based radio station 680 The Fan, Smart was asked if he was aware of Florida’s trolling of Georgia.

“Yeah, I heard,” Smart replied.

As for a response, Georgia’s coach didn’t really want to go there.

“I’m really comfortable not talking about it,” Smart said when asked for his response.

My guess is that he’ll be really comfortable watching his team bludgeon the Gators in Jacksonville, too.

Again, trolling only works when you can back it up, Dan.  See, for example, the Evil Genius.


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“I’m going to let you guys figure it out.”

When it comes to trolling Georgia, Dan Mullen is no Steve Spurrier.

I suspect the same standard can be applied to being the Florida head coach.


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Some thoughts on Florida’s schedule

There’s one mistake in this Sporting News piece, as the Gators’ opener against Miami has been moved back a week at Mickey’s request.  The end result is a pretty soft road for Florida:  the rare bye week trifecta, two games against FCS cupcakes and only three games against preseason ranked opponents — all three being SEC teams.  Throw in the rebuilding status of both Miami and FSU, Tennessee being a home game, and that’s a recipe for no worse than a 9-3 season.

It’s also soft enough that with a properly placed upset (technically, beating Auburn wouldn’t be an upset), Dan Mullen could be crowing about a real division race this season.


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Next, they’ll be building statues to him.

Boy, Dan Mullen can be an arrogant bugger when it suits him.  Listen to what he says about Felipe Franks.

“There are three statues in front of the stadium that make playing quarterback at Florida different than almost every other school in America,” Mullen says. “There’s no bigger job in the SEC than being the quarterback at Florida. So with that comes a lot of responsibility. What did he end up with 31 touchdowns and six interceptions last year? A lot of places, you’re up there. Not here. You better come to grips with that.”

What he’s pitching there is that Franks isn’t getting the adulation normally due him because he’s the Florida quarterback, that a guy who posted a ninth-best 124.69 passer rating in league play would ordinarily be a household name we’d be singing hosannas to but for his unfortunate choice of uniform colors.  Yeah, sure.

You’d think if there really were no bigger job in the SEC than being Florida’s quarterback, they’d have found a great one after Tebow left.


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Yes! There will be growth in the spring!

He’s one of the more sensible bloggers out there, so I’m not trying to mock David Wunderlich here, but, damned if this doesn’t read like something I might have tried to post a decade ago about an upcoming Georgia season.

I keep saying it, but it’s still weird to see the shoe on the other foot like that.  Not that I’m complaining…


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The evolution of jorts

Oh, baby, meet the “jantie”.

Before you ask, “what’s the big deal with that?”, consider what the average Florida fan you run across looks like.


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