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Thinking the Cocktail Party’s not long for Jax?

Well, you’ve got a friend in Mark Bradley.  Although I have to laugh at some of his reasoning, like this:

Most every coach would say after his school commits to a nice series, but if we’ve learned anything about Smart, it’s that his words bear weight. He learned about messaging under Nick Saban, who doesn’t allow assistants to speak for the record during the regular season. (One program, one voice.) If we’ve learned anything else, it’s that Smart tends to think as Saban thinks, and King Crimson is on record as loathing lousy games.

Yeah, that Nick Saban messaging is a potent force alright.  If it weren’t for ol’ Nick harping on it, we never would have gotten that nine-game conference schedule… oh, wait.

Then there’s this:

Weiszer reported that Georgia and Florida would forfeit $2.6 million for each home-and-home, but let’s face it: These aren’t FBC schools that require guaranteed money to pay the light bill. They’d make do.

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity gagging.  And I thought Mark knew Greg better than that.



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“This probably won’t help with coach Dan Mullen’s pleas for fans to fill the stadium.”

Well, that’s certainly one interpretation.  I like to think he’s telling Gator fans he thinks they’re number one.



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A simple lesson in why what any of us thinks about Jacksonville doesn’t matter.

At all.

Over and above all that is the financial side of things. Smart is definitely “The Man” at the moment and he has done some great things to raise the football program to another level. But he still answers to a president, an AD and a board of directors. And the facts regarding the Florida game are this: Georgia (and Florida) get $3 million a year to play in Jacksonville in the current deal that runs through 2021. That means they clear — all their expenses are paid — $6 million every two years.

To play that game home-and-home, Georgia would make $3.2 million when it plays at Sanford Stadium but lose about $500,000 when it played in Gainesville. So that’s $2.7 million every two years as opposed to $6 million…

Math is hard, but it ain’t that hard.  The game stays in Jax as long as the city is willing to pay for the privilege of hosting it, pure and simple.  So quit wasting time and energy explaining otherwise.


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En fuego

I ask you, who among us has not at some point yearned to burn a Gator flag because we don’t “give a d*** about the Gators”?



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Dan Mullen wants to thumb wrestle somebody.

After Florida’s second straight loss returned the Gators to the level of relevancy most expected them to occupy before the season started, Dan Mullen wanted to set the record straight about one thing.

It’s not his competitiveness that’s the problem.

“I don’t care what we’re doing. You want to thumb wrestle me right now? I’m going to kick your ass. Know what I mean? If you want to come on up, I gotcha. Want to go run stadiums? I’ll kick your ass. If you’re going to keep score and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose, I want to beat your ass.”

Yeah, well, tell us about it when your team wins, Dan.  In the meantime, get back to crapping on your fans for not showing up to watch you wanting to beat someone else’s ass.


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If you come, they will build it.

Dan Mullen says he’s found college football’s secret sauce.

“That’s how it works,” a frustrated Mullen said. “I’m gonna be honest with you, this is how it works too, when we sell out the stadium, we win a championship. It doesn’t go the other way. It’s not we win, you sell out. You sell out, you win. Go watch teams that have built programs. That’s how it works.”

If that’s really the case, why not give tickets away to make sure you fill the place every week?  If that’s really the case.


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“You grab a dog and shake ’em.”

Hmmm… if Franz Beard were still around, I wonder what he’d have to say about this.


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