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Maybe he’s just getting warmed up.

Hey, remember that whole “don’t judge Dan Mullen’s recruiting by MSU, ’cause Starkville” narrative?  Well…

I know it’s a long way to December/February, but don’t you think a few Gator Nation assholes are puckering just a wee bit over that news, especially since Florida sits 29th in those same rankings?

Maybe Mullen’s better than he showed at his old gig, but is he better than FSU or Miami?  Great recruits are more plentiful in the Sunshine State, but so are the great recruiters.



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Gators gonna Gator.

Florida men, for the win:

Former Pro Bowl cornerback and Jacksonville native Lito Sheppard’s vehicle was vandalized by a former high school and college teammate on Monday in Jacksonville Beach, police said.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department responded to a call from Sheppard, who said he was eating inside the Pier Cantina when his vehicle was vandalized. Sheppard said he wasn’t aware that his vehicle was damaged until he was driving it home from the restaurant. He said once he pulled over, he had to get his vehicle towed to the BMW dealership for repair.

Sheppard said he called the restaurant and they allowed him to view the surveillance video. He named former Florida Gators teammate Derrick “Jabar” Gaffney and his longtime girlfriend as suspects, according to the police report. He said the two have an ongoing feud that began in 2012.



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From a Tiger to a Gator

Really, what more needs to be said about Florida’s decision to hire former Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs as Executive Associate Athletic Director than what Scott Stricklin says?

“Florida Athletics is fortunate to have someone of Jay’s caliber joining the UAA,” Stricklin said. “His character, vision, experience and ability to connect with people will be tremendous assets to our department. Additionally, having served in a leadership role in the SEC, Jay understands the great privilege and responsibility we have as a member of this wonderful conference. It’s exciting to have Jay joining the Gators.”

In case you need a quick reminder of what “Jay’s caliber” is really like — and evidently Stricklin desperately needs one — here’s a sampling of Jacobs’ latest and greatest hits:

Of course, he’s got a retirement deal that pays him more than half a million a year, so at least he’s working cheap these days.  Then again, what’s the old saw about getting what you pay for?

The SEC, where recycling hacks just means more.


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A blackout in Gainesville

Dan Mullen’s into fashion statements.

Florida coach Dan Mullen hasn’t been shy about the fact that he’s willing to try some new things and form some new traditions for the Gators now that he’s back in town as head coach.

And that might include some very untraditional looks for the Gators on the field.

“Here’s the one thing I want to do and it gets into uniforms,” Mullen said Wednesday night at a spring speaking stop in Pensacola. “We won’t be able to get a black uniform this year because they’ve all been ordered (already) but we will have a blackout game.”

Florida has worn a number of different jersey combinations in recent years, with the biggest break from tradition an alligator scales, dark olive green uniform last season against Texas A&M.

That jersey met with mixed results, but it still included mostly school colors.

A black jersey would potentially represent an even more stark break from tradition, as it isn’t a school color. Still, Mullen wants to shake things up.

“We’re going to do some cool things, I’ll tell you this, because what we have to do, we can’t be afraid,” Mullen said. “We’re not going to turn our back on tradition and the great tradition that we have at Florida. But also we’re not going to shy away from the future and how do we make ourselves better and have fun.”

I can understand wanting to get away from the color orange, but, damn, son, black?

My fervent wish is that the Gators trot out black jerseys for the Cocktail Party and get their asses handed to them, just so I can hear a Georgia player derisively dismiss “fake juice”.


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“… a unique scheduling opportunity”

This is what happens when you tire of paying ever higher guarantee fees.

The Florida Gators and USF Bulls have agreed to a three-game series in football, beginning in 2022 in the Swamp.

UF announced the two schools also will play 2023 in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium and again in Gainesville in 2025.  [Emphasis added.]

That Florida is doing this should tell you we’re not in Jeremy Foley’s world any more.  Color me a little surprised.


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“On the surface, this one might not seem believable.”

Now, why would a Gator fan writing for Saturday Down South say that?

… Georgia has a history of producing NFL running backs, while Florida’s most recent successful pro running back is Mike Gillislee. This isn’t about history, however, it’s about the 2018 roster.

Make no mistake, any SEC team (including UF) would love to have D’Andre Swift, Elijah Holyfield, Brian Herrien and Zamir White. Swift averaged an eye-popping 7.63 yards per carry as a freshman. A 5-star recruit, White was ranked the No. 1 running back in the 2018 recruiting class. But one ball-carrier tips the ground game in Florida’s favor: Jordan Scarlett.


It’s all about a combination of cherry-picked stats, ignoring that Chubb and Michel sucked most of the oxygen out of the room for Georgia’s backs last season (understandably) and not mentioning either team’s offensive line.  With a stretch like that, I don’t think it’s just on the surface, brother.

Again, it’s amazing to watch how suddenly Florida folks have had to abandon their traditional air of superiority and grab on to an almost Stingtalk-like approach to assuring themselves.  Is it wrong to be looking forward to this year’s Cocktail Party as much as I am now?


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“That, of course, is a judgment call, and the judgment call involves, how much dirty laundry do we want to hang out in the public?”

As a Georgia blogger pondering the spectacle of a meteor lawsuit, all I can say is hang it out there, baby.  All of it.


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