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Stop, Gators.

If you think a ratty orange wife beater and a pair of jorts is a good looking outfit, you’re likely to find this pretty sharp.

As far as the rest of us… well, admitting to watching that all the way through is a banning offense at GTP.  For your own good.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Go get a plate and dig in.

  • Keith Marshall makes a funny about Bubba Watson.
  • It’s springtime, and you know what that means:  this year, the Florida offense is going to be good.
  • The SEC’s appeal of the NCAA’s interpretation of the rule permitting recruits to sign early multiple financial aid offers is being heard today.
  • A student task force at the University of Michigan found that Brady Hoke likely lied about a player who was alleged to have been involved in a sexual assault?  Whoa.  We’ll see if the rule about the coverup being a bigger problem than the original incident plays out in Ann Arbor.
  • Brice Ramsey, on his G-Day performance:  “I was picking up blitzes, making the right reads. I just need to put the ball on. I had a bad day throwing.”
  • ”In theory, it could give the private universities a recruiting advantage.”
  • John Pennington argues for a rule that would prevent SEC teams from signing kids who had been kicked out of other SEC programs for violations.  One rationale for that: “The fact that a booted player could come back to haunt a coach down the road might lead some to hang onto players a bit longer even if they’ve proven to be bad news.”  That’s never been a concern at Georgia, obviously.
  • And Seth Emerson says the NCAA can’t find a middle ground.  Wouldn’t it have to be looking for one first?


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Friday morning buffet

Pre-G-Day snack time…


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“Is this Florida?”

Give Andy Staples credit.  He is that rare bird – a Florida grad who acknowledges that life began before 1990.

… Thanks to a toxic combination of personnel, scheme and injuries, the Gators simply couldn’t move the football, and that failure contributed mightily to Florida’s first losing season since 1979. As the losses piled up, players who have never known a time when the program wasn’t great, or at least pretty good, couldn’t help but wonder.

“Is this Florida?” wide receiver Valdez Showers remembered asking himself.

It is, but a Florida remembered almost exclusively by people older than 45. There were decades when the Gators were college football’s version of the Chicago Cubs, bumbling along and occasionally coming tantalizingly close to an SEC title only to watch Georgia dash those dreams in Jacksonville.

Good times.


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Name that caption, knowledge is good edition

This is from Florida’s offensive line coach.

Now I know where Corrine Brown got her command of the English language from.

Go Gata! Sheesh.

Dominate that bad boy in the comments.

(h/t Andy Staples)


UPDATE:  Twitter, as you can imagine, is having a field day with this.


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I was sad because my team had no defense until I met a team that had no quarterback.

Spring practice in Gainesville is off and running.

… Driskel, still in the early process of learning the new offense, also had some shaky moments, right along with the other quarterbacks. He telegraphed a pass during seven-on-seven and would have thrown a pick six had true freshman cornerback Jalen Tabor not dropped the ball. Behind Driskel, sophomore Skyler Mornhinweg appeared to move ahead of true freshman Will Grier into the No. 2 spot, at least for the day. He was the first one in after Driskel took his reps in drills. Mornhinweg seems to be making good decisions with where to go with the ball, and his passes seem to have much more zip than they did last fall. His experience over Grier, it appears, is becoming a factor. Grier had another solid day. Once again, he was at his best throwing the ball on the short and intermediate routes. Although Driskel, Mornhinweg and Grier are the only scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, there are four walk-ons at the position who are not getting much in the way of reps. Of the four, Jacob Guy seems to be the most natural passer.

By the way, Andreu describes that as part of “another solid practice” for Driskel.  Hell, who knows?  It might have been, depending on where the bar was set.


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I do not think that word means what you think it means.


SI: But even with injuries, Florida should have made a bowl game, right? It seems inconceivable that the Gators went 4-8.

AH: It seems inconceivable — and yet it happened.

Kinda like the history of the Florida program pre-1990.


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Boom goes the shotgun.

Florida, as we’ve been told repeatedly over the last couple of months, is about to throw off the shackles of underperforming offensive schemes and unleash the hounds with Kurt Roper’s super-duper new pedal to the metal spread attack.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if Muschamp has completely bought into what’s coming.  Take this quote:

Muschamp rattled off a series of statistics that convinced him that running and passing out of a shotgun will fit the team’s personnel better than last year’s system. For example, in 2012, the Gators averaged 6.8 yards per running play out of the shotgun, and more than 60 percent completion percentage on passes from the gun. When Driskel was under center, Florida was a shade over 4 yards per carry, and its completion percentage was less than 50 percent.

2012 stats?  It took him more than an entire season to glom onto that?  I believe I detect a faint whiff of reluctance there.

If it takes Roper a while to get the kinks worked out – and let’s face it, there are a lot of kinks to work out – how patient do you think Boom will be?


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Mistakes were made. Go Gata!

Here’s something you don’t see every day, at least outside Gainesville, Florida:

To Mr. Debose: I apologize that my error put your name and reputation in jeopardy, no matter how briefly.  I take full responsibility for this error, and hope that the stories printed and published will correct your name and reputation.  Furthermore, I am extremely proud that you intervened in this incident and likely prevented anyone from being injured or killed.

-Officer Ben Tobias, PIO
Gainesville Police Spokesperson

No mention of Huntley Johnson, but it’s hard to believe he wasn’t on the case.

And if Jimmy Williamson had a grave, he’d be rolling over in it about now.

(h/t DawgPhan)


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An inspiring story

Here’s what got Georgia and Florida in the mood to wear home jerseys in Jax this year:

The uniform change, according to Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley, came about after a Gators fan sent him a picture from a game during the 1960s. In the picture, Florida quarterback Steve Spurrier was being tackled by a Georgia player in a red jersey.

I hope it was a Stanfill sack.  Maybe they can show the play on the big screen during the game.


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