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A couple of random Florida thoughts

I had a similar thought to Ian’s when I looked at the conference passer rating stats earlier this week.  Trask is fourth and to me it looks like he’s a poor man’s Jake Fromm in that Mullen is trying not to load too much onto his shoulders as a passer, while still getting good production from the position.  His completion percentage has been above 60% in all three of his SEC games.  He’s only thrown two interceptions since becoming the starter.

No, it’s not the stuff legends are made of, but it’s certainly functional.  I know we all love to knock Mullen, but if there’s one thing he’s been good at at both UF and Mississippi State, it’s been generating good quarterback play.

Speaking of Mississippi State, I don’t know if anybody else shares this thought, but I find myself wondering if there’s much of a parallel between the vibes following the Gators’ big win over Auburn last Saturday and a certain game from 2017.



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Dan Mullen is always gonna Dan Mullen.

Your team gets a huge win as a home underdog, you’re in the thick of things now… and somehow you still make the time to whine about something you admit you aren’t fully aware of.

During a halftime interview with Jamie Erdahl on the CBS broadcast, Mullen said “Hopefully the league really tries to keep quarterbacks safe from dirty plays.”

The Florida head coach doubled down during his postgame news conference, even after initially saying “I didn’t see the play. I saw part of it and saw it on the replay.”

“Here’s my deal, is intention or not, I mean, we’ve got to try to do a good job of protecting guys out there on the field,” Mullen said. “I mean that’s what the rules are in place for. I go down and watch it on film and see what happens. I’m certainly not saying they’re trying to do that. They’re not being coached to do that. I don’t think the guys’ intent is to do that. You know what I mean? But we have rules in place to protect players and we’ll look on film to see whether or not there was a targeting, whether there was a low hit. Hit the quarterback low, I mean, what the explanation on those is.”

You’re Dan Mullen!  You can do that!

The irony here (at least for me) is that Marlon Davidson genuinely sounded contrite after the game, even though he was blocked into Trask.  Thanks for making me feel sympathetic towards an Auburn defensive lineman, Dan.


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What he said

I know just what you mean, man.  Too bad it didn’t happen.


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Today, in concern trolling

I don’t know what the opposite of a national treasure is, but whatever it is, PAWWWLLL!!! qualifies as one.


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Your Daily Gator is confident.

Impressive what curb stomping a hapless Tennessee squad will do for some folks.


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TFW nobody cares about the meteor

This is almost sad.


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Your Daily Gator is blowing smoke.

Dan, Dan, Dan…

As I tend to say, “probably” is doing a shit ton of work there.

Screenshot_2019-09-12 BigOrangePruitt on Twitter SECfootball Todd Grantham - Total Defense rankings since 2010 FLO ‘19 13th[...](1)

His highest finish on that list was fueled by a ridiculous amount of experienced talent — and should have been better.  But if you’re good with him, Coach, we are, too.  Especially on third down.


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