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With friends like Huntley Johnson…

This is some article.  And this is some lede.

The warning came in December.

Huntley Johnson, a local attorney known for representing University of Florida athletes who get into trouble, wasn’t happy. His client, a star wide receiver, had been accused of sexual assault, and even though the athlete had been cleared by the university, Mr. Johnson criticized the process.

So he sent the university some demands. In a letter, he requested changes in how sexual-assault cases are handled, including how accused students are treated during an investigation. He also wanted the university to pay nearly $400,000 of the legal fees of the football player, Antonio Callaway.

If those conditions weren’t met, Mr. Johnson wrote, there would be consequences.

“It saddens us to think of the publicity that will be generated,” he told the university, “and the incredible amount of money that will be lost in the pursuit of remedies that should be reached quietly, quickly between the parties.”

Give Huntley credit where credit’s due.  He’s done exactly what he promised.

A month later, when the university hadn’t complied, Mr. Johnson showed he was a man of his word. He essentially declared war against his own alma mater and launched a barrage of public-records requests. He has filed more than 75 such requests since January.

The thousands of pages of records he obtained reveal numerous unflattering details about the University of Florida, including pornography purchases by a top administrator and improper spending on a new presidential house.

The continuing battle provides a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of one of the nation’s top public-research universities. It’s also a lesson in the disruption and damage that can occur when someone deeply connected to a university goes rogue.

Month after month, the university has been pummeled by negative headlines in The Gainesville Sun, just as Mr. Johnson promised. Is his crusade a form of accountability? Is it vengeance? Maybe it’s both.

With more to come, evidently.

The public pressure on Mr. Fuchs is likely to continue. After all, Mr. Johnson is still peppering the university with records requests.

Are more shoes about to drop?

“Unfortunately,” Mr. Johnson says, “this is not a two-legged animal. The answer to your question is yes.”

Never stand between a lawyer who knows where all the bodies are buried and his bill.



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Meanwhile, on the injury front

When it comes to health issues, I don’t wish ill on any student-athlete, but in light of Georgia’s schedule, I thought I’d mention a couple of key hits.

No, those don’t translate into automatic wins for Georgia, but for once it’s news like this coming from other camps, instead of Athens.


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Today, in thought experiments

As we all know, and as we’re constantly reminded by several commenters here, Georgia is on a three-game losing streak against Florida.  So here’s my question for those of you who continue to point the finger at the venue as an underlying cause for underachievement in the series:  what would Georgia’s record in those three games be had the series been played on a home-and-home basis?

Let’s assume that Gainesville would have hosted the 2014 and 2016 meetings and Athens would have been the site for the 2015 game.  (After all, that fits in with another narrative about how playing the Gators home and home would make for a better schedule in odd-numbered seasons.)  If playing away is bad news for the Dawgs, it would seem logical to assume two out-of-state losses right off the bat, which leaves me wondering if starting Bauta in between the hedges would have made any difference in the other game.

In other words, I think we’d still be staring at an 0-3 record in a home-and-home scenario.  What am I missing here?


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“Will somebody at least say we exist? That would be nice, I guess.”

Dude, if, for no other reason than 1980, the Gators didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them.


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Huntley Johnson, workin’

Soon to be appearing in a major season opener against Michigan…

For some reason, I can’t figure out the Afroman lyric that fits this fact pattern.


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They’re gonna need a bigger joke.

One of my wishes for the upcoming season is that some enterprising band of a school playing Florida breaks out the theme from Jaws at halftime.


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Now *THIS* is how to build a new rivalry.

With an epic troll.

I don’t say this often, but well played, Gators.


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