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Obituary for a Portal Master™

If you’d like to hear the sounds of dirt being shoveled over Dan Mullen’s grave in Gainesville, start with this, from last year’s bye week…

Q: What do you expect to happen from this point forward?
A: Change. It needs to happen. Something is not right and needs to be fixed all around the team from the coaches to the players. No one thought we would be here. We were talking about the playoffs in camp and we haven’t been able to respond to getting punched in the mouth. That has to change.

Q: Do you believe Dan Mullen can turn it around or is it the beginning of the end for him at Florida?
A: For our sake and his and the other coaches and their families, I hope he does. We all want to win. He is the head coach of the team and I hope he can make some changes so that we can get back to where we were last year when we were so close that we felt like this was going to be our year. Losing sucks.

and finish with this post-season biopsy.

“… they gave up even trying.”  I guess Dan wasn’t kidding with all that leaving for the NFL talk.


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Your Daily Gator has a secret weapon.

Somebody just forwarded this to me and I am rolling on the floor:

Who needs a special teams coordinator when you can have a gamechanger?

I bet Booch is kicking himself for not thinking of that first.  It’s right up his alley.


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Decided schematic advantage, my ass

Inject this directly into my veins ($$):

Most of the time when a coach gets fired, the writing is on the wall long before he has a losing season. Justin Fuente at Virginia Tech. Dan Mullen at Florida. Clay Helton at USC. The list of coaches in that same boat goes on. All of these guys were failing to meet expectations in the recruiting realm, then boom, a losing season turns into a firing. The same thing applies for coaches who have been recruiting well. How many times did I write in this space that Kirby Smart was eventually going to win a national title? All you have to do is look at the recruiting rankings.

When the inevitable round of 2022 best coaches lists turns up, how many pundits who had Mullen ranked ahead of Smart last year are going to acknowledge they didn’t know what they were talking about?


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Zero-calorie trolling

I got a number of emails and messages about this tweet:

David got dunked on a fair amount yesterday for posting that, so needless to say, if his purpose was to troll Georgia fans, he succeeded.

As for me, there wasn’t any real outrage or offense taken, mainly because there was zero substance to his criticism.  Who are the active coaches he refers to?  How would they have made Georgia better?  For that matter, what exactly does “better” mean in the context of a team that went undefeated in the regular season, set a school record for wins in a season and won thirteen games by a margin of 15 or more points?

Bottom line, Gator fan’s gonna Gator fan.  It’s not worth getting worked up over.


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Your Daily Gator is flexing.

Man, it doesn’t take long for these guys to bounce back, does it?

I gotta say, if there’s one thing Florida fans do well, it’s living in the past.  (Although he needs to check his math on those NY6 bowl wins.)


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Not with a bang, but with an FU

How it started…

How it’s going

I know it’s highly unlikely to the point of almost impossible, but I’d love to see Jones transfer to a school on UF’s schedule next season, start against the Gators, go something like 3-13 and still have his team come out with the win.


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“You’re ruining her legacy, son.”

Coach 30 breaks down Florida’s latest loss.


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Not your daddy’s Gators

If, for some strange reason, you find yourself accosted by a Florida fan who feels the need to blow about the series record since 1990, smile and cite this fact right back at ’em:

And then follow that with “Even Ron Zook never had a losing record!”.

These are the glory years in Gainesville, I tells ‘ya.


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Christmas came early, my friends.

There’s nothing better than watching Florida lose to a G5 team… well, except for watching Florida lose to a G5 team and then get in an on-field scrum after the loss.

The Gator Standard, circa 2021.

Billy Napier should send Dan Mullen a thank you note for setting as low a bar as he could.


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Your Daily Gator is unhinged.

This NSFW message is sponsored by the Gasparilla Bowl.

Somebody really needs a girlfriend.


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