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Celebrate good times, come on!

From Tim Tebow setting scoring records to this…

I guess that makes him the Greatest Punter Of Our Era.  What a time to be a Gator fan!



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Dude, you misspelled “stay classy”.

Good times in Gainesville, Florida, for sure.


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Et tu, Spurdog?

There’s not a lot of new insight in this story about McElwain’s final days in Gainesville, but there is one minor gem unearthed:

With the Gators trailing 21-0 at the half in their eventual loss to Georgia, Spurrier walked through the press box and asked a handful of reporters, “What happened to the forward pass?”

Meanwhile, Florida’s engaged in its fifth coaching search since Spurrier left.



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Sometimes I enjoy watching a good dumpster fire.

Checking my Twitter feed in the early afternoon before kickoff gave me a hint yesterday was going to be a super day.

The truly glorious part about that is he might be right, but in the bigger scheme of things, it hardly matters at the moment.  Florida football is that bad.

Shit, ESPN, there you go talking about pre-1990 again.

So, how bad was Florida yesterday?  You want the short version?

Or the long one?

You knew it was broken. We all did. But not until the bottom fell out and the Gators face-planted so unceremoniously at Missouri on Saturday did anyone realize just how bad it was.


That Florida lost to an improving-but-still-pedestrian Missouri team is not that big of a surprise; the Gators are a team playing for an interim coach, one week after their coach was fired, and doing so without close to 20 scholarship players lost to suspensions, injuries, etc. But the 45-16 shellacking by the Tigers was way more than that. It was an embarrassment. It was cringe-worthy.

It was a total combination of all that has been so wrong with the Gators this season: horrific play-calling, lack of efficiency in the passing game, a lean, young defense that struggles mightily against the run. And the last two weeks a new culprit – a team that seemed to be going through the motions.

Screw that don’t kick the other guy when he’s down stuff.  If you’re a Georgia fan, these are the moments to savor.  I know I’m smiling.


UPDATE:  Never let it be said I don’t appreciate gallows humor, even from Gators.


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Friday morning buffet

Clearing out the GTP kitchen…

  • Here’s a review of what Coach Pittman has cobbled together to make a functional offensive line, something most of us labeled the team’s biggest question mark going into the season.
  • “We’re all in the plagiarism business, as far as plays.”
  • McElwain is gone and Malik Zaire has been tabbed as the Gators’ starting quarterback.
  • Jake Bentley’s a flopper and that’s cool with his head coach.
  • Here’s a list of the top 10 Georgia performers this season, as graded by PFF’s college overall game grades.
  • Here’s another example of how amazing it is that Jay Jacobs is still gainfully employed as Auburn’s athletic director.
  • If you believe Pat Dooley, Georgia did the Florida athletic department a favor by whipping some Gator ass last weekend.
  • “I’m Ernie Johnson, University of Georgia. Number one in the nation.”


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Today, in life comes at you fast

My, how things changed.


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“Anybody can throw a slant.”

Throwing a slant may be easy.  Defending a slant isn’t when you’re on the receiving end of a D’Andre Swift-lowered shoulder.

My, what a satisfying moment that was.


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