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Not far enough.

We all know an AD who has no problem with Jeremy Foley.


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That’s so Gators.

My favorite two tweets today:

Clearly, Huntley Johnson needs to open a multi-state practice.


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Looking for the perfect Gator

Although Jeremy Foley is scheduled to leave his position at month’s end, Florida still hasn’t hired his replacement.  This, despite the fact that the school has been interviewing prospects most of the summer.  Why the delay?  Welp,

In conversations with people familiar with the matter, one potential issue has come up several times: Foley’s continued presence at Florida in an emeritus position. Essentially, some higher-profile athletics directors who might have been interested in the job aren’t sure about the dynamics of having Foley, who was credited for much of Florida’s athletics success during his 25-year run, right down the hall…

Florida remains focused on hiring a sitting athletics director, likely one within the Power Five.

I can think of at least one P5 sitting athletics director who’s accustomed to working with Foley right down the hall.


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Good thing Florida is playing its usual tough opener…

Jim McElwain has suspended two key players immediately from practice and team activities.

The Florida coach announced Wednesday that All-American cornerback Jalen Tabor and tight end C’yontai Lewis will not play in the season opener on Sept. 3 against UMass.

“Both C’yontai and Jalen will not be involved with the team or practice due to behavior that is not acceptable,” McElwain said. “By no means are these bad guys and yet consequences have been handed down. We will not look the other way when it comes to breaking of team policies.

“I want to echo what I said earlier, these are both fine young men who will learn and be stronger from their actions. They will also be suspended for the first game. There are life lessons in everything we do. We will be better because of it and no one person is bigger than the Florida Gators.”

Man, that’s gonna shave at least a couple of points off the spread, right?

Speaking of no one person being bigger than the Florida Gators, would this be the appropriate time to mention that this isn’t Tabor’s first suspension rodeo?


UPDATE:  At least it’s for something different.


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“I was so stoned I had no interest in having sex with anyone.”

Man… when I first started reading this post about what the return of Antonio Callaway means to Florida’s chances this season, I was chuckling about how over the top his argument was, but by the end of it, I felt like I needed to take a shower.  Ugh.


UPDATE:  Jim McElwain is on the mutha.


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Leaving it to the professionals

So, how tone deaf has Florida been handling the Title IX inquiry involving Gators receiver Antonio Callaway?  This tone deaf:

Florida athletics officials, including athletic director Jeremy Foley, were furious with their university-side counterparts Friday for the way they handled this situation. If not for this, the athletic department could have explained any outcome with this: The university has handled this from the start. Here are all the steps that were taken. This was all by the book.

Shades of We want to build a university our football team can be proud of. Too bad they can’t live up to that lofty standard.

Maybe Foley will testify at the civil trial.


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Florida’s entry into the Title IX sweepstakes

I’ll just leave you with this:

A woman who accused Florida football players Antonio Callaway and Treon Harris of sexually assaulting her in December is boycotting a Title IX hearing because the university appointed a Gators football booster to adjudicate the case…

Florida officials appointed attorney Jake Schickel to serve as a hearing officer. Schickel, a founding partner of a Jacksonville, Florida law firm, has a bachelor’s degree in political science and law degree from Florida. He is also a past trustee of Florida’s Levin College of Law.

A former track and field athlete at Florida, Schickel is a Scholarship Club donor to Florida Football Boosters, which requires annual contributions of $4,800 to $8,599, according to a 2014-15 “Year In Review” program published by the UF athletics department. According to the documents, Schickel is also a 3-Point Club donor to Florida basketball, which requires annual contributions of $2,000 to $4,999.

“To be clear, this letter is not intended to cast any aspersions about Mr. Schickel’s character or his service to his alma mater,” Clune wrote in an Aug. 2 letter to Hass. “However, UF should never have asked him to serve as an objective reviewer and decision-maker on this matter when the claim has been brought against a star member of the very team for which both he and his law partners have provided considerable financial support.

“:Quite frankly, short of finding a relative of Mr. Calloway, I’m not sure how UF could have found someone with more conflicts [than] Mr. Schickel.”

I’m sure he’ll be fair and impartial.  Go Gata!


UPDATE:  Huntley Johnson will not let this aggression stand, man.


UPDATE #2:  Believe it or not, this apparently is the school’s official response:

The University of Florida is prohibited to comment on the existence or substance of student disciplinary matters under state and federal law.

However, I can tell you that our student conduct process may be handled by a hearing officer, who could be a university employee or an outside professional, or by a committee of faculty and students.

Any hearing officer and all committee members are trained and vetted for their impartiality. A hearing officer or committee member would not be disqualified or lack objectivity simply because he or she had been a student athlete decades earlier or purchases athletic tickets as more than 90,000 people do each year.  [Emphasis added.]


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