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If loving the Gators’ recruiting class is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

Stuart Mandel jumps on the woe-is-Florida meme.  And, boy, am I enjoying Jamie Newberg’s wistful summary:

“People don’t realize how poor [Florida]’s roster is offensively. They need a complete overhaul,” said Newberg. “They need to really attack that side of the ball with this group, or it’s going to set them back another year.”

Darn shame, that.


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Saturday morning buffet

Start your weekend off with a little something.


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“But it’s unrealistic to expect the Gators to fill the class.”

It’s pretty clear from this analysis that in 2015, Florida is going to sign its smallest recruiting class in years.  Now the author is correct that it’s not an immediate problem, given the relatively low number of seniors the Gators lost (although there are also a few early departures that may prove significant).  And I don’t doubt that McElwain will be shooting to sign a monster class in 2016 (although if you look at the chart in the linked article, it’s interesting to note that in the last decade UF never signed more than 25 kids in a single class).

Given a complete staff turnover, obvious talent shortcomings at key offensive positions and the lessened chance of the incoming class providing a massive injection of talent, it’s hard to see how Florida blows up big time and wins 10+ games this year.  Expect to hear a lot of setting the foundation for better times talk coming… and probably some indirect criticism of Boom and the somewhat bare cupboard he left.


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The Florida Way

I just read the official announcement about Florida’s IPF.  It saves the best for last.

The estimated $15 million project will be funded through private gifts and capital financing.

Capital financing?  Pffft.  Butts-Mehre should up the ante on them Gators when it comes to paying for things without touching the reserve fund.  I can see it now:  “Fan base, you really want this?  Fine.  You pay for it, then.”


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It’s a new era in SEC football.

Florida joins Georgia in the race to build a new IPF.

If Foley’s thrown in the towel, that should give McGarity some measure of comfort, right?


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Sunday morning buffet

Go for it.


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What’s in a name?

Randy Shannon is hired as Florida’s “Associate Head Coach,” co-defensive coordinator, and linebackers coach.

If you’re saying to yourself, “wait a minute, I thought Geoff Collins was hired as defensive coordinator”, you don’t know how to save $50,000 like Jeremy Foley does.


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