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Sometimes it’s okay to leave well enough alone. This is one of those times.


 “We have to take the Georgia-Florida game and turn it into something that resembles a National Championship game,” Gator Bowl Sports President and CEO Rick Catlett told 1010XL Jax Sports Radio.  “The events that go on around Georgia-Florida need to significantly be enhanced.  It’s a nice tailgate party in the pavilion area, but it needs to be all down the river.”

“We have to…”“The events… need to…”.

Such urgency.  And for what?  The only thing my cynical heart can suggest is for separating more of the contents of our wallets and purses from us.

You’ve got a great, great game, one of a dwindling number of such with a special tradition.  And you think the Cocktail Party needs to have the amps turned up to eleven.  Of course, there’s only one go-to source out there for making things extra special.

“You’ve got to create a three or four day festival around it.  Friday all day you’re going to have to have special events going on.  When you go to the NFL Experience (at the Super Bowl) it’s not just a tailgate party.  It gives people an opportunity to go to the facility, touch the game, touch the sport, but it also gives all the people coming in from out of town major entertainment, parties, events,” he said.  [Emphasis added.]

Be still, my heart.

This is part of what’s killing college football for me.  There seems to be a concerted effort to shed what makes the sport special to its fans and wrap the pro experience around it.  Rick, if I wanted an NFL Experience, I’d go buy Falcons’ season tickets, dude.

By the way, Chadd Scott’s P.S. is totally delusional.  I don’t care how magical an experience Catlett’s “festival” turns out to be, the minute the schools make more playing the game on a home-and-home basis, they’ll be out of Jacksonville like a shot.


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“A lot of sleepless nights” in Gainesville

Florida is down to seven offensive linemen for spring practice.  Three of them are redshirt freshmen.  A traditional spring game is just about out of the question (“I don’t see how you can (have a game) when you don’t have two units,” McElwain said.).

But there’s a silver lining to that cloud.

“The way I look at guys not being able to go in spring is it now gives the other guy an opportunity to get valuable reps. So, that’s what we really try to accomplish with them.”

McElwain intends to conduct a competition for the starting quarterback position.  If I were one of the candidates, I’m not sure how eager I’d be to step up right now.


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Thursday morning buffet

Perhaps you’ll find something nourishing here.


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Now that’s some recruiting service.

The NCAA has slapped Florida with a Level II recruiting violation finding about Joker Phillips breaking the bump rule with a recruit.  (The report doesn’t mention Phillips by name, but it’s not exactly tough to figure out he’s the subject of the violation.)

Phillips was canned and the Gators receive no other penalty, so that’s water under the bridge.  However, you need to check out some of the findings of fact.

From page 3:

The assistant coach was acquainted with an individual who works for a recruiting service that tracks high school prospective student-athletes (“recruiting service reporter”). They have known each other since approximately 2008, when the assistant coach was employed at another FBS institution. They maintained contact through the years. From January 1 through January 22, 2014, the assistant coach and recruiting service reporter exchanged 17 telephone calls. On January 23, 2014, the day the assistant coach committed the violation, they exchanged six calls between 12:41 p.m. and 10:26 p.m.

From page 3-4:

On January 18, 2014, the recruiting service reporter sent a text message to the assistant coach. It stated that the recruiting service reporter was with the 7-on-7 coach and that they wanted to discuss possible prep school options for the prospect. The assistant coach called the recruiting service reporter, who handed the phone to the 7-on-7 coach. They had a short conversation. The assistant coach informed the 7-on-7 coach, whom he believed to be the prospect’s high school coach, that he would be in the 7-on-7 coach’s area later that week and they could discuss the prep school issue further at that time.

From page 4:

The night before his arrival, the assistant coach and recruiting service reporter spoke by phone. During their conversation, the assistant coach confirmed that he was flying in the next day to see the prospect and conduct other business. When he landed just after noon, the assistant coach received a text message from the recruiting service reporter. The assistant coach phoned the recruiting service reporter shortly thereafter, they spoke about directions to the prospect’s school and the recruiting service reporter offered to lead him there. The recruiting service reporter had previously contacted the prospect about coming by to get an update on his recruitment. The assistant coach and recruiting service reporter met at a hotel and, in separate cars with the recruiting service reporter leading, proceeded to the prospect’s school.

The prospect’s high school operated in more than one location. The assistant coach and recruiting service reporter initially drove to the wrong campus. When they realized they were in the wrong location, the recruiting service reporter phoned the prospect and found out where he was. The assistant coach and recruiting service reporter then drove to that location. Prior to their arrival, the recruiting service provider informed the assistant coach that the prospect would be waiting outside.  [Emphasis added.]

From page 5:

In his interviews during the investigation, the prospect stated that the recruiting service reporter had texted him earlier in the day on January 23 to tell him that the recruiting service reporter would be bringing “a surprise” and “a special somebody” with him to the prospect’s school.

So, what do we call the “recruiting service reporter” here?  Bird dog, pimp, enabler, what?  Or was he just being helpful so he could give his subscribers some real inside info?

Joker knew what he was doing and deserved the consequences.  But I’d be real curious to know what became of Joker Number Two.


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Meanwhile, in Jacksonville

It looks like the Jaguars owner wants to build his own version of an IPF.  Of course, being the NFL, it’s got to be a little more than just that.

Yeah, that’s three tiers.  And it’s just part of what’s intended.

Speaking at at the Jaguars’ annual state of the franchise event, team owner Shad Khan and president Mark Lamping unveiled the construction plans aimed at revitalizing the Shipyards area, which spans about 48 acres of property owned by the city on the north bank of the St. Johns River. The project would bridge EverBank Field and the practice facility with the rest of the downtown area.

They have to get city approval, so it’s not happening tomorrow.  But assuming it gets greenlighted, you’d have to think there would be some construction interference with the Cocktail Party surroundings.

And then there’s this:

Included in the Shipyards plans are renovations to EverBank Field, which the Jaguars have occupied since it opened in 1995 as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Club seating renovations are planned and will reduce the stadium capacity by nearly 3,000 to 64,107, the team said.

Three thousand fewer tickets.  You wonder how Foley and McGarity would take that news.  Part of me thinks they’d be understandably upset.  Another part of me thinks they’d just use it as leverage to ask for a bigger check from the city to compensate for the inconvenience.


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Who needs quarterbacks?

I guess I wasn’t paying attention, but if you think Georgia is skating on thin ice this season with its quarterback situation, check out how Florida’s looks.


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Wednesday morning buffet

You can never have enough buffet.

  • Here’s the complete list of players invited to the NFL combine.  Almost twice as many invitees come from Louisville as from Georgia, for what that’s worth.
  • Here’s a weird suggestion for a solution to the coaches leaving after signing day problem:  The only solution might be for the NCAA to require each team’s staff to be set before signing day…”  Aside from the almost absurd logistics involved in setting the framework for that, wouldn’t it violate antitrust law?
  • A couple of thoughtful posts at Football Study Hall about how to improve the metrics of football recruiting rankings:  one from Ian Boyd and another from Bill Connelly.
  • “I never really wanted to play in the NFL.”
  • Reactions to the Tony Ball to LSU rumors.  A little hasty?  Perhaps.
  • Who said this“I do think as I go around the league and look at some other places, we probably need to do some more in our locker room. I also said I don’t think that’s the reason that we’re not where we need to be.”
  • An ESPN SEC roundtable about coaches under pressure after signing day with no mention of Mark Richt?  Well, then.
  • Here’s a big surprise.


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