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Friday morning buffet

Clearing out the GTP kitchen…

  • Here’s a review of what Coach Pittman has cobbled together to make a functional offensive line, something most of us labeled the team’s biggest question mark going into the season.
  • “We’re all in the plagiarism business, as far as plays.”
  • McElwain is gone and Malik Zaire has been tabbed as the Gators’ starting quarterback.
  • Jake Bentley’s a flopper and that’s cool with his head coach.
  • Here’s a list of the top 10 Georgia performers this season, as graded by PFF’s college overall game grades.
  • Here’s another example of how amazing it is that Jay Jacobs is still gainfully employed as Auburn’s athletic director.
  • If you believe Pat Dooley, Georgia did the Florida athletic department a favor by whipping some Gator ass last weekend.
  • “I’m Ernie Johnson, University of Georgia. Number one in the nation.”


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Today, in life comes at you fast

My, how things changed.


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“Anybody can throw a slant.”

Throwing a slant may be easy.  Defending a slant isn’t when you’re on the receiving end of a D’Andre Swift-lowered shoulder.

My, what a satisfying moment that was.


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It’s time.

Matt Brown neatly sums up what Spurrier hath wrought in this series.

For decades, Georgia mostly owned this rivalry. Before Steve Spurrier took over at Florida in 1990, the Bulldogs had won 15 of the previous 19 games. Since the Spurrier and SEC East eras began, however, Georgia has often struggled, even as a substantial favorite.

In the past 25 years, Georgia has entered the Cocktail Party game ranked in the AP top 10 eight times. It is just 1-7 in those games, with five of those seven losses coming in games in which Florida had a lower ranking or no ranking.

In 1992, Florida and Georgia both finished 6-2 in the SEC, but the Gators played in the inaugural SEC title game because they upset the No. 7 Bulldogs. In 2002, Georgia suffered its only loss of the season to an unranked Florida. In 2003, No. 4 Georgia fell to No. 23 Florida by a field goal. In 2005, undefeated Georgia had its perfect season spoiled by the Gators. In 2014, the beginning of the end of the Mark Richt era effectively came when No. 9 Georgia lost 38-20 to a 3-3 Florida team — sound familiar? — that completed three passes all game.

Sure, there were plenty of seasons sprinkled in there when Florida had clearly the better, more talented teams.  It’s just as clear, though, that Georgia’s been a head case for those 25 years.  Just ask the expert.

As much as the season’s at stake, then, it’s just as big for the Dawgs to take a step forward and return the balance of the Cocktail Party to a rational setting.

It all adds up to make Saturday’s game one of the biggest in the rivalry in years because, no matter how far behind Florida appears, Georgia can’t help but measure itself based on how it performs against the Gators. Even when it’s having a great season, it often still has a Florida problem. If it wants to flip the balance of power in the SEC East, it has to take care of business against a struggling Florida team and emphasize that the pecking order truly is changing.

If there’s ever been a time to make a statement in the Cocktail Party, this is it.

No shit.  As I posted earlier in the week, that’s really Kirby’s next test.  I hope he passes it with flying colors.


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A tale of two game preps

So, there’s a big rivalry game being played in a couple of days.  One coach is covering all contingencies by making sure his team is ready to defend a quarterback who might not even take the field.  The other coach evidently spends time this week “managing” a death threat story his own athletic department can’t confirm.

I’m doing my damnedest to tamp down my enthusiasm for Georgia’s chances Saturday, but stuff like this makes me wonder if we’re about to see the inverse of that horrible 2015 game.  Either that, or Jim McElwain is a wizard.


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A Cocktail Party by any other name

“But as far as what they call it, it’s the Georgia-Florida game to me.”

Don’t worry about it, fellas.  We got this one.


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“It was one of my better games.”

I will always have a particular soft spot in my jaded heart for the ’85 Cocktail Party game.  Florida rolled in ranked number one in the polls for the first time in program history and proceeded to get rolled out by the Dawgs to the tune of 24-3.  It was glorious.

Georgia’s running game was virtually unstoppable.  Florida countered with Kerwin Bell’s 408 passing yards.  The reason those yards were the football equivalent of empty calories was in large part due to the efforts of one Greg “Muddy” Waters, who had a modest day:  13 tackles, one sack and two pass breakups.  Waters was in the Florida backfield so much he might as well have huddled with them.

It turns out there’s a capper to the story I wasn’t aware of until I saw this story.  Florida’s offense had a tell.

Although the Gators’ offense was talented, led by quarterback Kerwin Bell and running back Neal Anderson, it had a crucial tell that could be detected.

And exploited.

“We noticed that when they passed, their [offensive] line would tilt back in their stance,” Waters said. “That would kind of tip off the passing game.”

Stupid Gators.


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