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No jorts were harmed in the making of this arrest.

Florida man, bitchez.


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Huntley Johnson can’t save your ass now.

Once you’re an ex-Gator, dealing with the criminal justice system isn’t such a breeze.


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Operation Go Gata, an early success

Gotta love this.

Kirby is clearly playing the long game when it comes to messing with rival programs.  You wouldn’t have seen that kind of stuff happening in Corch’s day, that’s for sure.



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Another day, another SEC coach making bank

Meet the conference’s newest member of the $4 million a year club.


UPDATE:  Who says you get what you pay for?


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The deal is done.

Those of you hoping to see Jacksonville permanently in the rear view mirror of every Georgia fan are going to have to wait a while longer.

I, on the other hand, am looking forward to a few more enjoyable weekends on Amelia Island.


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Huntley Johnson, super fan

I’m not sure if Huntley Johnson is or is not Antonio Callaway’s attorney, but what I do know is that Callaway hasn’t been arrested for anything and yet Johnson’s still involved in pleading his case… against the school.

On January 27, 2016 the University of Florida suspended Antonio Callaway for a violation of the Student Conduct Code.

The suspension was due to an incident which supposedly occurred in early December 2015.

Mr. Callaway is on interim suspension from the University of Florida pending resolution of the accusation.

At this time the University of Florida has not presented to Mr. Callaway or Undersigned Counsel any evidence relating to Mr. Callaway’s suspension.

Be that as it may, the law firm of Johnson & Osteryoung has conducted its own investigation as to the allegation that is the basis for the suspension.

There is no good reason why this investigation has not been closed.

This allegation has no merit.

I figure he’s one step away from advising McElwain on who should be starting.


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Cold beer here!

I’ll say it for the record:  beer sales in Sanford Stadium are a matter of when, not if.

Why am I so confident of that?  Because Greg McGarity just got cover from his mentor.

As the alcohol trend in college football continues to grow, Florida is the latest to jump on that revenue train.

In a press release Wednesday, the university announced that it will begin selling beer and wine at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium beginning with the 2016 football season.  The catch, though, is that the sale of alcohol will be limited to the premium seating areas of the stadium, specifically the Holloway Touchdown Terrace and Evans Champions Club. The O’Connell Center, the home of the basketball Gators, will also offer alcohol to its premium seat holders.

The school made sure to note in its release that the decision to allow alcohol inside its sports venues is exactly plowing new territory.

Beer and wine sales are commonplace on campuses across the country, including at softball and baseball NCAA Championships. At least 34 schools sell beer at football games, including at least 14 that limit the sale to luxury suites and/or club areas. UF football suite holders have been able to stock alcohol in their suites for several years.

Yeah, they’re keeping it from the hoi polloi at the start.  That won’t last, though, ’cause the great unwashed are where the money’s at.

In any event, stay thirsty, Dawgnation.  Beer is coming.


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