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You want proof that Jim McElwain can coach a little?

How many programs can lose seven quarterbacks in four seasons and be the defending SEC East champs?


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Mark Richt has lost control of BB guns.

Hey, if I didn’t say it, somebody else was bound to.


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Say it ain’t so, Todd.

This is what’s wrong with capitalism.  I mean, say what you want about the tenets of amateurism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos that wouldn’t let Todd Gurley anywhere near orange and blue.



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Out of the mouths of Gators

Unfortunately, I don’t have a snappy comeback for that one.


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Go Gator

This has no football relevancy – no direct relevancy, anyway – but I think it’s worth bringing to your attention that Corrine Brown has just been indicted by the feds.

If Congresswoman Brown goes to trial, maybe she can call Corch and Percy Harvey as character witnesses.


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Message for a new coach

One of my favorite quotes ever was the subject of my first Envy and Jealousy post back in 2007.  All these years later, and it still resonates.

Miami: From a Bulldog perspective, if you looked at the state of Florida as though it were Afghanistan (and I do), the Gators, obviously, are the Taliban, while Miami is whatever warlord is running things in the Northeast. The Hurricanes don’t occupy anything remotely resembling moral high ground, but they are useful.

I bring this up now, because if you’re a Georgia fan, FSU and Miami should serve one useful purpose — crapping on Florida recruiting by sucking the oxygen out of the tent.  Bud Elliott writes that one of those two is keeping up its end of the bargain.

Florida State has enjoyed a strong run of success against Florida and Miami under Jimbo Fisher, and those wins are really paying dividends on the recruiting trail. For example, just this past year, the Gators and Hurricanes signed a combined 19 blue-chip recruits, while the Seminoles brought in 18 by themselves.

Coach Richt, I’m just sayin’.


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One more SEC East scheduling point

I noted yesterday that Georgia has at least a slight edge in scheduling over Tennessee because of the cross-division matchups.  If LSU is as good as some people believe, you’d have to think Georgia has a similar advantage over Florida.


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