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Now he belongs to the ages.

No surprise here.

My only question is what’s left to be named after the GPOOE™?


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The difference between Athens and Gainesville

So, we get a BB-gate update in which Rochester and Clay’s attorney Kim Stephens expresses the hope that Rochester and Clay will be allowed to enter a pre-trial diversionary program, which would result in the charges levied against them being purged from their record upon completion.

Somehow, I think we’d be hearing something stronger than hope if you took out the words “Kim Stephens” and substituted “Huntley Johnson” in their stead.


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Huntley Johnson is still on the mother.

Florida’s suspended wide receiver Antonio Callaway continues his long journey back into the light.

Suspended Florida receiver Antonio Callaway moved closer to playing for the Gators this fall, as the school is now allowing him to take classes and work out at the team’s facilities.

Callaway was suspended by the school in January for violating the university’s code of conduct policy. He remains suspended from the team.

Gainesville attorney Huntley Johnson issued a statement on Callaway’s behalf announcing the changes in the wide receiver’s status.

“We are working through the process that the University has in place to reach a final resolution in this matter,” Johnson wrote. “There will be no further comment at that this time.”

That is the sound a lawyer makes when he’s fairly confident where things will wind up.

There are probably a few folks in Waco and Knoxville who wish Johnson had a multi-state practice.


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Dawgs and Gators, living together…

Okay, not exactly.

Florida and Georgia will be holding satellite camps at the same venue in Atlanta on the same day. According to, Georgia’s camp at KIPP Atlanta High on June 15 will go from 2 to 5 p.m. and Florida’s camp will run from 6 to 9 p.m.

Both events will be run by I Dare-U Training in Atlanta. I Dar-U founder Glenn Ford told that he expects about 100 players to do both events and said Florida coaches can watch the Georgia event and Georgia coaches can work the Florida event.

Unlike many other camps around the nation, coaching staffs from no other schools are working these camps — only Georgia staff at the Georgia camp and only Florida staff at the Florida camp.

So much for that whole “satellite camps are for the small programs’ exposure” riff…

“This is actually very predictable and everyone could see this coming,” Rivals National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell said. “There’s no way Florida comes into Atlanta and runs their own camp and Georgia doesn’t respond.

“But again, this is where satellite camps are headed, run by training groups and with one staff at a time, so where’s the exposure for kids to smaller schools? This is what the NCAA feared, an arms race between SEC schools and camps run simply out of rivalry. I expect this will happen in other states with other schools as well.”

I don’t blame Kirby for going on defense.  Hell, maybe it’s his subtle way of throwing sand in the machine to get the NCAA to back off on allowing these camps.


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Thursday morning buffet

Haven’t had one of these in a little while.  Dig in.

  • Florida hasn’t lost to Tennessee in over a decade, but that’s not stopping Jim McElwain from playing the lowered expectations card for all it’s worth.
  • Speaking of Tennessee, if you’re a player in need of legal advice, the school would be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • Judging from this fiasco, it looks like coaches can behave as moronically on social media as teenagers do.  Go figure.
  • Kirby Smart likes the idea of beginning a season against a top opponent in a neutral site venue.
  • Mark Richt thinks satellite camps constitute “illegal recruiting”.
  • And while we on the subject of satellite camps, it sounds like a lot of SEC coaches are preparing to stay and see Georgia.
  • Here’s a list of eleven characteristics of “outstanding high school and college offensive coordinators”.
  • If you’re a receiver on the short side, it might pay to ask your coaches to let you switch to the other side of the ball.
  • Pete Fiutak’s got his Georgia preview posted here.  Related pieces here and here.


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No jorts were harmed in the making of this arrest.

Florida man, bitchez.


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Huntley Johnson can’t save your ass now.

Once you’re an ex-Gator, dealing with the criminal justice system isn’t such a breeze.


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