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Auburn’s former head coach is getting dunked on from all quarters about this tweet…

and rightfully so.

Aside from the obvious hypocrisy, what really gets me is this is coming from the same guy who won a natty with a quarterback who was widely assumed to have enrolled at Auburn because of $180,000 being thrown around in his father’s direction as an incentive to sign.

I dunno.  Maybe Gene just thinks offensive linemen aren’t worth that kind of money.



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The Chiz, saying the quiet part out loud

Dayum, Gene.

LOL.  I think yesterday’s post is the last time I’ll take a shot at the man.


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Thursday morning buffet

Indulge yourselves.

  • As the Auburn-Louisville game in Atlanta approaches, prepare to hear more of this.
  • Regrets, Gene Chizik has a few.
  • Mark Schlabach predicts this is Steve Spurrier’s last season.
  • Delusional optimism, And The Valley Shook style.
  • Kids, these days.
  • Spurrier, on Finebaum“Every now and then when I listen in to your show, I know the SEC fans are a little upset at Ohio State’s schedule and rightfully so to tell you the truth.” 
  • We’ve known Bobby Petrino’s an ambitious dick.  We just didn’t know how far back that went. “He opted to join the Tigers without informing his boss, Tom Coughlin, who was alerted of his offensive coordinator’s departure through an Auburn news release.”  And so, a legend was born.
  • Les Miles overdosed on coffee this week?  Sure, I can see that.


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Chiz Whiz

I can’t figure out what I find more amusing about Gene Chizik becoming Larry Fedora’s new defensive coordinator – that he’s going to coach defense at school that ran more offensive plays than Malzahn called at Auburn (remember, that’s why Malzahn left Auburn in the first place), or that Andrea Adelson questions the hire because Chizik once had Trooper Taylor working for him.


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The Chiz is back.

He’s a solid defensive coordinator, so it’s not a dumb hire by any means.

I just wonder how much less he’ll be making than Boom.


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“I said, no, no, no. We don’t want to play Georgia Tech.”

What is it with Auburn coaches running away from ACC competition?  The Chiz wouldn’t step up against the genius? “You talk to any coach out there they do not want to play the Georgia Techs of the world.”

If nothing else, that ought to disqualify him from another head coaching job ever.


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Friday morning buffet

Just because it’s June doesn’t mean I can’t fill a few chafing dishes for you.

  • I’ll go into detail later this summer about it, but perhaps this is the best thing Georgia’s secondary has going for it this season.
  • Bitcoin is going to sponsor a bowl game.  Will it hand out a virtual trophy?
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Aereo case may impact how we watch the NFL, but keep in mind what’s written in this piece could also apply to CBS and its contract with the SEC.
  • Here’s the Post and Courier’s preview of the Clemson-Georgia game.  And here’s the preview of the South Carolina-Georgia game.
  • One reason the schools fear Jeffrey Kessler’s lawsuit:  one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys used to be an associate director of enforcement for the NCAA.
  • Believe it or not, ESPN preseason rankings have Georgia’s secondary as seventh best in the conference.
  • Gene Chizik predicts a 10-2 season for Auburn, with losses to South Carolina and Alabama.
  • Vanderbilt checks in at #74 in Paul Myerberg’s preseason roundup.
  • College coaches try to figure out the best way to utilize the new rules on summer supervision.  (Brian Kelly knows what to do, but if he told you, then he’d have to kill you.)
  • We’re guessing that many people would agree that college president or medical school dean is slightly more beneficial to humanity than being a football coach.”  Depends whom you ask, I suspect.
  • Bill Connelly looks at this year’s Clemson Tigers team and comes away impressed, particularly with that defensive line.


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Friday lunch buffet

No turkey in this buffet.


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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, why not.


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A Chiz can dream, can’t he?

How ’bout this“In a 27-year coaching career, Chizik had never left a job because of somebody else’s decision.”

That’s what happens when you’re the guy with the program that turned in the fourth-worst offensive and third-worst defensive showings in the SEC in the last six years.  Maybe we should be impressed that Auburn managed to win three games last year, given that.

It’s obvious Chizik wants to coach again.  That’s why he spent the time strenuously objecting to Selena Roberts’ report the other day.  (By the way, “we did it right” includes spending $77,000 to have private security enforce Auburn football player curfews during last season?  Ho-kay, fine.)

“It’s been a time of reflection. I’m not one to dwell on the past and look at all the ‘what-ifs’ and things of that nature, but naturally, you reflect,” Chizik said. “But I’ve also stayed busy. I’m in a place right now where I’m continuing to map out a plan.”

Careful with that kind of talk, Geno.  Remember what happened with the last SEC head coach who had a plan.


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