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Had to make sure

This one boggles my mind.

Kansas, it took you more than six years to figure out how incompetent this guy was?  Sheesh.



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Today, in WTF are you thinking?

Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to put out college football cleats festooned with money emojis?  I kid you not.

Words fail me.

(h/t 81Dog)


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Today, in mistakes were made

The only way to explain this story is to let George Constanza do the explaining.

Hey, that’s gotta work better than the truth.


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Falling up

Jesus, what nets you a big raise these days.

Ray Anderson will continue as Arizona State athletic director through September 2022 under terms of a three-year contract extension.

Anderson, 64, signed a five-year contract as ASU Vice President for Athletics that was due to expire in February 2019. He now will continue through at least the 2021-22 school year with an annual base salary of $800,000 that took effect in July 2017.

… Anderson made $642,600 per year in base salary under his original contract. He also is eligible for numerous academic and athletic performance bonuses that could potentially double his annual salary.

In 2016-17, Anderson earned $462,178 in bonuses — $112,208 based on athletic performance and $349,970 for academic performance such as Academic Progress Rate and athlete grade point average.

Aside from the ludicrousness of getting a bonus for student-athletes’ academic performance when they don’t, the athletic performance he’s being rewarded for is what, exactly?

ASU football, men’s basketball and baseball had losing seasons in 2016-17. Football and men’s basketball improved this school year although Anderson made a football coaching change and created a new leadership model for that sport.

ASU’s 2016-17 Directors’ Cup finish for overall athletic department on-field success was the lowest ever (No. 43).

Evidently, he’s on a roll.  With Herm Edwards’ coaching stint off to a blazing start, to boot.

And some of you wonder where they can come up with the money to pay players.


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Today’s money round-up

Four stories worth your consideration:

  • If you’re seriously concerned about where colleges will find the money to pay student-athletes if that dark day ever comes, let me suggest that such payment would be a better use of money than Michigan State spending half-a-million large on a PR firm to track social media on people who are upset with the school over the Larry Nassar scandal.  You really need to spend big bucks to confirm that somebody suing you doesn’t like you?  Hell, I’d have taken that gig for half price.
  • From California “In the midst of March Madness, Assemblymember Chris Holden announced introduction of his legislation, Assembly Bill 2747, the College Athletes’ Civil Rights Act of 2018, to protect to college athletes from harmful policies by the National College Athletics Association (NCAA). The legislation would allow college athletes to self-organize, create the possibility of the “Olympic Model” for college athletes such as commercial sponsorship, and help protect college athletes from abuses by college coaches, trainers, and other athletic staff.  If adopted, the legislation would be the first law in the country to regulate the NCAA.”
  • It looks like Jeffrey Kessler’s case is going to trial.  This doesn’t sound promising for the NCAA:  “In a 36-page opinion, Wilken did not give either side total victory. However, she rejected several of the NCAA’s critical contentions and set the stage for the plaintiffs to seek a new system that would apply to Division I men’s and women’s basketball players and to football players at Football Bowl Subdivision schools.”  Read the whole thing and remember a couple of key points.  One, Wilken has already ruled and been affirmed on appeal that the NCAA violated antitrust law.  Two, Kessler isn’t asking for money damages as relief, just asking for the restrictions set in place by the NCAA to be removed.  And this is where it seems to get particularly chilling for the NCAA’s chances:  “Under antitrust law, these types of restraints can exist if a defendant can show that the limits have certain benefits. In Wednesday’s ruling, Wilken said the NCAA produced “no evidence” to support six justifications it had offered in these cases, and she rejected the evidence they offered for a seventh.”
  • Everybody’s cashing in on Loyola-Chicago’s run to the Final Four, except, of course, the players, none of whom are expected to play in the NBA.


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“You had this feeling that at any minute it could turn into something that wasn’t pretty.”

MARTA was a nightmare to use after the national championship game.  Management guessed there would be a problem, but check out how they tried to deal with it:

Deputy General Manager Rob Troup told the board there weren’t enough employees available to handle the crowd. The agency asked for volunteers to work extra hours, but the employee turnout was 30 percent less than expected, he said.

Can you imagine the sales pitch for that?  “Guys, we know the weather sucks out there, and you’ll be dealing with a bunch of drunk college football fans, half of whom will be pissed off because their team lost, so how would you like to come in and help manage that situation into the wee small hours of the morning without getting paid?”

Hell, I’m surprised the turnout was only 30 percent less.  Maybe the rest figured that since the players weren’t getting paid, they shouldn’t, either.


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If you haven’t been keeping up with the Herm Edwards experiment at Arizona State…

… it’s going just about as you might expect.


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