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The smartest people in the world

Every new article I read about playoff expansion reinforces my belief that the people running college football (you can add “into the ground” here, if you like) are morons.  Check out the brilliance radiating from Dennis Dodd’s piece.

Driving the discussion now are several factors. Obviously, there is the money. Two industry sources said, depending on the size of the field, an expanded playoff could be worth two or perhaps even three times more than the current $7.2 billion that ESPN is paying the CFP. The average annual payout of the current deal is $475 million. However, typical of media rights deals the payout is backloaded to increase in the final years.

A significant part of the discussion is less about access and more about enhancing the value of the regular season. A sort-of playoff fatigue has formed around the recent stranglehold Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma have put on the game.

“We could go to 24 , and you might still have Alabama and Clemson playing for the championship,” said one person with intimate knowledge of the process.

That’s some enhancement you got there, fellas.

It sounds like Greg Sankey has other fish to fry, though.

“The SEC is going to push 12 because of their brand. I’m hearing 12,” a Group of Five AD told CBS Sports.

A 12-team field would presumably allow for six automatic bids — Power Five conference champions and the top-ranked Group of Five team — along with six at-large bids.

While the SEC might not be overtly driving the discussion for 12 teams, such a structure would likely benefit the game’s most powerful conference. In an eight-team bracket, the SEC would all but be guaranteed two spots annually. In a 12-team bracket, that number could be three or four teams given the current strength of the league and how well it performs in the CFP Rankings.

“The SEC wants more at-larges,” one AD located in the South said.

No shit, Sherlock.  Even SEC hater Danny Kanell gets that.

Oh, speaking of enhancing regular season value, the suits are concerned.  Just ask ’em.

Concern was expressed that ESPN’s “Who’s In?” advertising campaign for the CFP has drained interest from the second half of the college football season. That source wasn’t the only one who thought the playoff-or-bust mentality had impacted interest. A growing number of ADs and coaches have been critical.

There has been enough thought on the subject that one Power Five source speculated about the impact of a 24-team field.

“You’d have half of FBS that would still be alive in November for those slots,” the source said. “We’re not going to 24, but theoretically, that’s what I think we can accomplish with this.”

Sure, man.  Everybody knows the cure for playoff-or-bust mentality is to keep growing the playoff because that will make Mickey pay less attention to an event it has the exclusive broadcast rights for.

What really gets me about all this crap is that these are the same people who led playoff expansion for college basketball.  They know from real world experience what happens to the value of the regular season as the postseason grows, not just in terms of the impact of the games themselves, but also in terms of the broadcast dollars.  That they have convinced themselves it’ll be different this time is borderline delusional.  But not surprising.  It’s what you get when the dumbest people in the room are convinced they’re the smartest.


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Whoa, oh, Alabama

I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t make you laugh, there’s something wrong.

You know the old saying that we get the politicians we deserve?  Tubs looks like the exception that proves the rule.


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Thursday morning buffet

A little noshfest from around the world of football:


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The stadium ate my field goal, mom.

One byproduct of spring football is that the bad calls come earlier, and this one’s a doozy.

Believe it or not, the call was upheld on review, because, why not.  Eastern Washington lost the game, naturally, although not on the ensuing series, which left the Big Sky with a little egg on its face.  And, boy, did the conference double down on it.

“Sorry, but it’s the stadium’s fault” has to go down as one of the more outstanding blame shifts of the decade.  Sounds like we’ve got some officials who are ready to move up and join the Pac 12.  Very well played, fellas.


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Sunday reader bleg

Reader Alex sent me an email this week asking for a discussion on this:

Me, I watch that and see typical college kid dumbassery not worth a discussion, but Alex disagreeed with me:  “… I’d be interesting in seeing what the lawyers and wannabe lawyers think happens with the lawsuit”.

So, be my guest and have at it in the comments.


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Pay no attention to the fine print!

It’s amazing to think there’s a well-paid PR staffer who was convinced that was a good idea.


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My 2020 Florida highlight clip

You know, a friend of mine mentioned this moment to me the other day, and upon reflection, I’m not sure we’ve given it the fair consideration it’s due.

Wilson’s display of stupidity is awesome, of course, but what really makes the whole thing is the referee’s “20 yards down the field” touch.  Chef’s kiss, baby.


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Molder of young men

I really don’t know what goes through some people’s brains sometimes.

Dude’s been fired, to no one’s surprise.


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There’s always a hot take when you need one.

And this one’s… something.

You know, there’s no rule that says once you type something moronic you have to click on “Tweet”.


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Weakest analogy of 2020

This one’s cringeworthy, but, considering the source, hardly surprising.

No, Bill, that’s not even in the same zip code as the least you can do.


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