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The rising cost of mediocrity

Holy coaching salary inflation, Batman!

Dude making $6 mil a year has a losing record at his current school.  Is America great, or what?  Jimmy Sexton knows it’s the land of opportunity, that’s for sure.


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TFW you’ve never been the head of an SEC school

Seriously, WTF is with this?

University of Florida presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Ben Sasse apologized Tuesday for what he said was “the single ugliest, most scandalous thing” about his record: calling the SEC trash.

“I should confess that it is true that in 1981, as a 9-year-old, I did regularly decree that the SEC was ‘trash,’” Sasse said during his interview with the board of trustees. “That was wrong. If I could get the freedom to revise and extend my remarks, I should have said that Georgia, Alabama and LSU were trash.”

Hardy har har.

It’s one thing for a coach to stir up the rubes in the offseason with trash talk, but a university president meeting with the school’s trustees?  If that went over well, I’m not sure who it reflects worse on.

Then again, this is Florida we’re talking about.


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Stick to sports

Jeez, first time I don’t make it to Jacksonville for the game in over forty years and this happens:

The schools responded to that with a joint message this morning.

The whole thing is just pathetic and sad.  And I can’t help but wonder if it’s something that will come up when the schools and city begin negotiations on renewing the contract to play there.  (Not that I’m sure there’s much the city could do about crap like that.)

Anyway, I’m curious to hear from anyone who went to the game and saw that afterwards.  Was there any kind of reaction to it from the fans, or was it largely ignored?


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A simple question

Does Clay Travis hire stupid people for Outkick, or does working for Clay Travis make someone stupid?

That “probably” in the last sentence is doing some galactically heavy lifting.


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Stupid money

Richard Pryor once famously joked that cocaine was Gawd’s way of telling you you have too much money.

Richard Pryor never saw an athletic director fire a coach with a 67-26 record, just months after giving him a pay raise that will net a $16 million buyout.

What a time to be alive, eh?


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Now this is how you putdown.

Dana Holgorsen, with maybe the greatest response to a fan on a radio call in show:

“… definitely some perceived deficiencies” deserved every bit of “… and do not bring up that man’s name ever again” it got in response.  Dana, you go, girl.


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Death, taxes, and…

As Mencken famously said once, “No one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


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“It just means more”, on steroids

This chick makes Harvey Updyke look like a piker.

And you thought nobody west of the Rockies gave a shit about college football.  The Utes won, fortunately.


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It’s not that some people never learn. Some people never **want** to learn.

This is your college football administrator’s brain on drugs.

Urban Meyer has been contacted by Nebraska as the team continues its process of determining candidates for its head coaching vacancy, sources told CBS Sports on Saturday. It was not made clear whether Meyer was asked about his interest in holding the job.

Nebraska athletic director Trev Alberts went out of his way this week to caution that names mentioned in connection with the opening may not necessarily be candidates for the position. As such, Meyer may have been contacted as an outside source to vet other potential candidates for the position.

I exaggerate, of course.  I’ve never heard that Alberts is a drug addict.

Seriously, why would anyone in their right mind consider Corch for a head coaching job after the bang up work he did in Jacksonville?  For that matter, given that his last reference led to Addazio getting hired by Colorado State, why would anyone seek out his hiring advice?

Eh, don’t answer that.  Purely rhetorical questions.  Besides, part of me wants to see Nebraska do it, just so I can enjoy the flame out in three years.  Like day follows night.





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In a shocking development, reality intrudes.

Shit, now this made me laugh out loud:

A source told ESPN that the general feel among the presidents and chancellors on the call was that the college sports leaders have left too much money on the table by not implementing a new playoff before 2026, perhaps as much as a half-billion dollars. Much of the obstruction to the 12-team playoff appears to have dissipated, as media day comments from multiple leaders revealed some of the obstacles now appear to have been more performative than grounded in reality.

‘Ya think?

These people are too much.  We definitely aren’t getting the college sports leaders we deserve.


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