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You pays your money and you makes your choice.


I don’t mean to offer that as the source of a Daily Gator post (although you’re free to take it that way), but instead, to ask this:  if paying players meant that athletic departments would be forced to exercise better judgment handing out coaching contracts so that stupid buyouts like this one were curtailed, would that be such a bad trade off?


UPDATE:  Oh, and this guy.

For some reason, he doesn’t mention the problem with coaches and administrators splitting the pot with the players.  I wonder why.


UPDATE #2:  This, too.

It’s nice to have friends with (other people’s) money.



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Too clever by half

Jeez, man.  This ain’t nearly as witty as you think it sounds.



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It isn’t paranoia if they really are out to get your team.

Bless your hearts, random Clemson fans.

The Post and Courier requested all ostarine-related emails, text messages and other correspondence from Dec. 1 to Feb. 10 involving athletic director Dan Radakovich, head coach Dabo Swinney, president Jim Clements and members of the sports medicine, training and nutrition staffs.

Clemson didn’t provide any correspondence involving  Swinney or Clements, except for Swinney’s pre-Cotton Bowl news conference statements, which were also heavily redacted.

But it did include a pair of emails sent to Clemson with thoughts on how players might have ingested the illegal PED.

Food tampering theory

“As a side note,” a person whose name is redacted wrote Radakovich in December, “Clemson does a lot of charitable work in hospitals with patients that could put players in jeopardy of being exposed to unknown chemicals.”

Another email was copied to six athletic department officials from a “serious tiger fan” in December. It puts forth the idea that Clemson players may have ingested ostarine as a result of food tampering at a team meal in Charlotte prior to the ACC Championship Game against Pittsburgh on Dec. 1.

Oh, a “serious” Clemson fan.  Well, then, that makes all the difference.


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TFW 44-16 is overrated

It is possible to believe — no, make that it is logical to think — both that the SEC is by far the best football conference in the country and that Danny Sheridan is a moronic hack.

Even better, it doesn’t require anyone to break a sweat.

And before you hit David with that “grind” narrative, be aware he’s ready for that.

Don’t confuse strength of schedule with strength of team.  Don’t be like Danny, who just made me defend Clemson.  Damn, I feel a little dirty now.


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Ken Starr’s tone deaf quest for fairness

Ugh.  I get the whole innocent until proven guilty bit (and, to be fair, Shawn Oakman was found not guilty) but Ken Starr raising money for a Baylor athlete’s defense fund after presiding over the school’s lack of support for sexual assault and Title IX-related accusations (which, to be fair again, cost Starr his presidency there) isn’t a good look.  At all.


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“This is the right thing to do, and it is in the best interests of the University.”

I’ve got one question after reading this story about Art Briles’ ill-fated interview process at Southern Mississippi.

Southern Mississippi supporters reacted swiftly after reports emerged that the school was interviewing former Baylor football coach Art Briles for its vacant offensive coordinator position.

In emails to the school’s administration and athletic officials, they lobbied against hiring Briles because of his role in a sexual-assault scandal that led to his firing at Baylor. Some threatened to revoke financial support, either through season tickets or donations.

They needn’t have worried.

Southern Mississippi’s interim athletic director had decided against the hire even before Briles set foot on campus for an interview on Monday, Feb. 4. In an email obtained by USA TODAY through a public-records request, Jeff Mitchell instructed head coach Jay Hopson early on Feb. 3 to “go in another direction” for that position.

Saying that he was following up on “our earlier communication both in person on Friday and via text this morning,” Mitchell also wrote that he “can’t get to a place to support” hiring Briles.  [Emphasis added.]

After openly defying his AD and embarrassing the school in the process, how is Jay Hopson still gainfully employed as Southern Miss’ head coach?


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Communication breakdown

In retrospect, Coach, maybe texting a German player “I’m your new Hitler” wasn’t the smartest approach to take.


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