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Today, in speciesism

Oh, look.  PETA’s back doing some attention whoring.

The group claims that the school’s use of Uga “drives demand for breathing-impaired breeds (BIBs),” like pugs, boxers, and English and French bulldogs.

Aren’t there some animals being tortured in lab tests you people should be worried about?  This dog lives one pampered life.



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I need some clicks.



This may be the first time I’ve seen somebody pull a hold my beer on himself.


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Today, in wretched excess


$2.5 million for a trophy?  Was Elon Musk a consultant?


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Our short national nightmare is over.

Todd Monken’s response to the news about Cameragate (or Snookgate, if you prefer) is pitch perfect.

“I hope that’s true,” UGA offensive coordinator Todd Monken said, laughing aloud when asked about it during Media Day on Thursday. “I hope we’ve been in their hotel. I hope we’ve been in their practices. I hope we’re logged into their computers.”

Monken quickly added – “That’s a joke.”

The add on is what’s really *** chef’s kiss *** level there.  Because you know if he hadn’t said that, a significant portion of the OSU fan base would have been prepared to take the first part at face value.


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Sports isn’t all he’s a menace to, folks.

Apparently, Zach Smith — yes, that Zach Smith — comes out of the “excessive profanity is how I keep my football analysis real” school of posting.

Astounding that Corch covered so long for this clown, innit?


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If at first you don’t succeed, spend, spend again.

Via Erik Evans (!), this is one helluva data point.

Auburn has now paid more money in buyouts to football coaches than Nick Saban has earned at the University of Alabama.

On the Plains, ROI is just a myth.


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The rising cost of mediocrity

Holy coaching salary inflation, Batman!

Dude making $6 mil a year has a losing record at his current school.  Is America great, or what?  Jimmy Sexton knows it’s the land of opportunity, that’s for sure.


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TFW you’ve never been the head of an SEC school

Seriously, WTF is with this?

University of Florida presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Ben Sasse apologized Tuesday for what he said was “the single ugliest, most scandalous thing” about his record: calling the SEC trash.

“I should confess that it is true that in 1981, as a 9-year-old, I did regularly decree that the SEC was ‘trash,’” Sasse said during his interview with the board of trustees. “That was wrong. If I could get the freedom to revise and extend my remarks, I should have said that Georgia, Alabama and LSU were trash.”

Hardy har har.

It’s one thing for a coach to stir up the rubes in the offseason with trash talk, but a university president meeting with the school’s trustees?  If that went over well, I’m not sure who it reflects worse on.

Then again, this is Florida we’re talking about.


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Stick to sports

Jeez, first time I don’t make it to Jacksonville for the game in over forty years and this happens:

The schools responded to that with a joint message this morning.

The whole thing is just pathetic and sad.  And I can’t help but wonder if it’s something that will come up when the schools and city begin negotiations on renewing the contract to play there.  (Not that I’m sure there’s much the city could do about crap like that.)

Anyway, I’m curious to hear from anyone who went to the game and saw that afterwards.  Was there any kind of reaction to it from the fans, or was it largely ignored?


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A simple question

Does Clay Travis hire stupid people for Outkick, or does working for Clay Travis make someone stupid?

That “probably” in the last sentence is doing some galactically heavy lifting.


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