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Now this is what I call detached from reality.

If you’ve ever wondered why UT blogger Chip Brown is widely mocked, here’s Exhibit “A”.

The only thing more bizarre than insisting the Big Ten and SEC would willingly forego their revenue advantage over other conferences is the idea that Florida and Georgia would willingly leave the SEC to join ACC-lite.  Pure nutso stuff.

This is the best part, though:

If members of Congress cry foul and question the status of athletic departments as tax exempt, the P5 can have them call Texas athletic director Steve Patterson.

Patterson, the king of doom and gloom forecasts about the rising costs of college athletics, can tell Congress how every school is about to be coated in red ink.

Yes, because there isn’t a more respected name in college athletics these days than Steve Patterson.


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I knew that song sucked.

Texas A&M had to reinforce the south end zone stands at Kyle Field after they shifted unsettlingly during the Aggies’ loss to LSU because of the playing of “Sandstorm”.

I wonder if that’s what McGarity was referring to when he said “…we have an opportunity to do certain things that will get our crowd excited in a proactive manner, rather than in a reactive manner.”


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Happy birthday, America.

Home of the brave, land of the free to indulge your inner moron.

Happy Fourth, for those of you with enough intelligence to appreciate it.


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W. T. F.

If you need further proof that it’s a long offseason, here you go.


UPDATE:  Don’t miss this Twitter thread David Hale started.


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Scrimmages tell us everything about a team. Except when they don’t.

One of the things I most admire about the trollery we’re subjected to in these parts this time of year is its intellectual rigor.

Any stat from any scrimmage is fair game to spin a complete picture of… well, everything from the prospects of divisional contention to how a starting quarterback should be selected.  Obviously most of the concern is of the negative variety – after all, that’s kind of the point to trolling in the first place, no? – but it seems that only Georgia will suffer negative consequences in the take from a controlled scrimmage.

It’s never that way for, say, Missouri.  Funny how that works.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Definite Georgia flavor to the buffet today…


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Tuesday morning buffet

A little of this, a little of that…

  • This is awkward.
  • A.J. Turman’s good spring is getting him some attention.
  • Florida is now down to six healthy scholarship linemen for the final three spring practices, including the spring game Saturday.  Maybe Boom can make another crack about McElwain’s dog.
  • You don’t like how Georgia’s spring scrimmages have gone?  Check out Missouri’s.
  • Speaking of scrimmages, it sounds like Auburn’s got a ways to go to meet it eight bombs a game goal.
  • The Pac-12 ponders furthering its academic mission by going into competition with the likes of IMG.
  • Seth Emerson looks down the stretch of Georgia’s spring practice.


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