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“He added that alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.”

Shot.   (See what I did there?)

Two lifelong friends house-sitting east of Bend got in an alcohol-fueled argument, then a fight over a college football game Saturday afternoon, prompting one man to get a shotgun and shoot the other, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said. The Bend man was jailed on attempted murder and other charges…

Detectives learned Honey and the other man were at the home, watching the LSU-Alabama football game. An argument escalated into a physical fight, which in turn led Honey to get a shotgun with a birdshot shell and shoot the other man once in the head and neck area as the man walked away in the driveway, Bailey said.


Bailey added that the man was not barricaded in the home and reportedly went back inside to finish watching the game before surrendering to deputies.

What are the odds PAWWWLLL!!! books this dude for his show this week?




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“It’s socialism, right?”

Florida AD Scott Stricklin’s solution for solving the player compensation problem?  Moar antitrust violations!

No, really.

“One of the problems we have from an optics standpoint is our athletes aren’t in a free-market setting,” Stricklin said. “They’re in a socialist setting. But yet we have coaches coaching them who are in the ultimate free-market setting. It’s really an uncomfortable dichotomy.

“If Congress wanted to cap coaches’ salaries and administrative salaries in college athletics, I’d have no problem with that. I think it’s un-American, but so is the system we have for student-athletes. It’s socialism, right? But it’s socialism in the name of providing opportunity in an academic setting that makes some kind of sense.

“So if they want to cap our salaries and then create a trust for athletes to tap into once they receive their college degrees, in addition to the tax-free, debt-free education they’re getting and we feel like it’s worthwhile, maybe that’s something [worth doing].”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, except when you’re a college athletics administrator.  Really, I weep for this country sometimes.


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Again, with the branding

This is the kind of shit you get when you’ve got more money than sense.

Auburn University responded to an open records request this morning concerning costs surrounding the development of the new “AU” shield and “visual identity system.”

Chermayeff & Gelsmar Havlv, LLC is providing the university consultation through 2019 for $30,000, but that may not be the total cost associated with the new logo.

That’s thirty grand for a “visual identity system” that’s been put on hold because the reaction to the minor logo change was overwhelmingly negative.

Rumors of the newly-developed logo being scrapped after an uproar from alumni and boosters swirled since September.

Student Government Association president Mary Margaret Turton said Ronald Burgess, Auburn University’s chief operating officer, told her the university will stick with its traditional logo at a meeting of the student senate earlier this week.

“Because we’ve had conversations regarding the visual identity system for the past few weeks in here, I do want to share an update that I got this morning,” Turton said, according to the Auburn Plainsman. “General Burgess announced that we will not be moving forward with the new logo this morning. We have plans from that directive to continue using the traditional Auburn logo, so I just wanted to share that.”

The new logo was shared among department heads in August and a source shared it with Auburn Undercover.

The new logo utilized the traditional “AU” shield framework, but closed the white space between the “A” and “U” to provide more focus on the “A” for Auburn. The “U” in the logo was also shorter in height than in the previous version.

Some people have way too much time on their hands.  And too much money.


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Sweet home Alabama

The stupid, it burns.

A University of Alabama student allegedly called in a bomb threat against Louisiana State University’s stadium during a football game because of a bet.

News outlets report 19-year-old Alabama freshman Connor Croll of Crozet, Virginia, is charged with making the threat during LSU’s 42-28 win Saturday over the University of Florida.

Officials in Baton Rouge contacted University of Alabama police after getting the call, and Croll was arrested. Police say he acknowledged making the threat in an attempt to interrupt the game because a friend was in danger of losing a “large bet.”

I wonder if the friend helped post his bail.


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If Harvey Updyke had a son…

… he’d want him to grow up to be just like Connor Bruce Croll.


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In furtherance of the academic mission

I dunno, Kansas, somehow this doesn’t exactly seem like something I’d expect from a university.

Schools are busting out stripper poles, but let’s point fingers at kids for spending money on tats.   Oh, and weed, you say?

Lines are kinda blurring here, if you get my drift.  Unless you think Jeff Long is some kind of visionary.

Shades of contracts with condom clauses.

This is what comes of old white dudes trying to pretend they’re trendy enough to understand rap culture.  Geniuses, all of ’em.


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Dabo goes full asshole.

You know, I thought college football’s 93 million dollar man had finally figured out that the smartest thing he could do was not to speak out about player compensation anymore.

Turns out I was wrong about that.  Like, really, really wrong.

“The collegiate model is a beautiful thing. And it’s been a great thing. The scholarship for a long time was archaic, and it needed to be changed and addressed. Nobody wants to acknowledge that. Right? Because that doesn’t fit the story. You know, they’re supposed to be starving. These guys ain’t starving. These guys got money. They got cars, they got tattoos, because they’ve got money. It’s a different situation than when I was in school.”

All he left out were the hoes and weed.  Lawd.


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