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Thursday morning buffet

A little noshfest from around the world of football:


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The stadium ate my field goal, mom.

One byproduct of spring football is that the bad calls come earlier, and this one’s a doozy.

Believe it or not, the call was upheld on review, because, why not.  Eastern Washington lost the game, naturally, although not on the ensuing series, which left the Big Sky with a little egg on its face.  And, boy, did the conference double down on it.

“Sorry, but it’s the stadium’s fault” has to go down as one of the more outstanding blame shifts of the decade.  Sounds like we’ve got some officials who are ready to move up and join the Pac 12.  Very well played, fellas.


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Sunday reader bleg

Reader Alex sent me an email this week asking for a discussion on this:

Me, I watch that and see typical college kid dumbassery not worth a discussion, but Alex disagreeed with me:  “… I’d be interesting in seeing what the lawyers and wannabe lawyers think happens with the lawsuit”.

So, be my guest and have at it in the comments.


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Pay no attention to the fine print!

It’s amazing to think there’s a well-paid PR staffer who was convinced that was a good idea.


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My 2020 Florida highlight clip

You know, a friend of mine mentioned this moment to me the other day, and upon reflection, I’m not sure we’ve given it the fair consideration it’s due.

Wilson’s display of stupidity is awesome, of course, but what really makes the whole thing is the referee’s “20 yards down the field” touch.  Chef’s kiss, baby.


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Molder of young men

I really don’t know what goes through some people’s brains sometimes.

Dude’s been fired, to no one’s surprise.


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There’s always a hot take when you need one.

And this one’s… something.

You know, there’s no rule that says once you type something moronic you have to click on “Tweet”.


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Weakest analogy of 2020

This one’s cringeworthy, but, considering the source, hardly surprising.

No, Bill, that’s not even in the same zip code as the least you can do.


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The triumphant return of Mudcat’s car

I’m very glad that’s the case, but, shit, if this doesn’t sound familiar.

According to Athens-Clarke County Police, LeCounte was unresponsive when first responders arrived at the scene. He was traveling west on Macon Highway at an unknown rate of speed on an unregistered off-road motorcycle that was not equipped with lights or turn signals. Police estimate the accident occurred at 6:49 p.m., which would have been after sunset.  [Emphasis added.]

A 2019 Mazda 3 sedan driven by a 76-year-old man was traveling west on the same road and attempting to turn left into a convenience store. He did not see LeCounte coming.

That’s so Georgia.  All he needed to complete the trifecta was to have done that emerging from an alley.


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“I have a lot of trust to build back.”

No shit, Sherlock.

I don’t care where you personally stand on BLM, if you’re an athletic director, doing an “all lives matter” take on anything these days is a galactically empty headed move.  Well played, genius.


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