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This is why they pay Colin Cowherd the big bucks.

I would venture to say that every reader at this blog knows more about Joe Burrow than this lazy ass does.

You have to admire Corch’s restraint there.  I’m not sure I could have held the snark back there in response.



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Back to the drawing board

You’ll be relieved to know that your use of the word “THE” isn’t restricted.


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Phoning it in

Mark Richt’s football cuddle wasn’t the most surrealistic moment of the day yesterday.  Hands down that would have to go to Hugh Freeze, who chose to coach his Liberty team from a hospital bed.

That’s the look of a man whose afraid he’s gonna be wally pipped if he doesn’t show up for work.

This was… inspirational, I suppose.

Or maybe it was just a thank you for coaching his team to a shutout.


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Sabotaging the product

I’m no AD, but it seems like this isn’t the most welcoming move to make with the folks you want to turn into ticket buyers 20 years down the road.

Considering UConn is coming off a horrendous 1-11 season, that’s a boss move.  Michael Adams would be proud.

Benedict is one of those guys who’s going to wake up in a decade or so and wonder what happened to the sport’s popularity.


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“It’s all about gratitude.”

NCAA to college athletes:  free college, room and board, and a COA stipend are plenty fair compensation for you.

UL football coach Billy Napier:  hold my beer, assholes.

Starting with the beginning of this school year, all scholarship UL football players will be required to be a minimal level $50 member of the RCAF. The rule will be optional for walk-on members of the squad.

If you’ve wondered where the first football players’ strike might originate…


UPDATE:  Looks like we have another First Rule of Holes violation.

Napier reappeared in front of the media Friday after this blew up into a national story and said he misspoke the first time around and that the program was voluntary. However, he clearly doubled-down on the donation as a positive gesture as opposed to a completely misguided and inappropriate idea that never should have seen the light of day.

“If they cant afford it or maybe they feel like they’re stretched a little thin, they can easily come see me personally, or if they disagree with it they can see me personally and I’ll pay theirs on my behalf,” Napier said. “This is something I think we need. I think young people need it and I feel like it’s part of my job to teach them those principles and values that go along with our football program. and we’re talking about 50 a year for four years, 200 bucks, $4 and a quarter a month, 17 cents a day to basically say thank you to the people who have contributed to their experience.”

Yep, amateurs being persuaded to help fund the salaries of professionals is a principle and value that goes with a football program.

I never thought it was possible, but it appears that someone is worse at PR than Greg McGarity.


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You pays your money and you makes your choice.


I don’t mean to offer that as the source of a Daily Gator post (although you’re free to take it that way), but instead, to ask this:  if paying players meant that athletic departments would be forced to exercise better judgment handing out coaching contracts so that stupid buyouts like this one were curtailed, would that be such a bad trade off?


UPDATE:  Oh, and this guy.

For some reason, he doesn’t mention the problem with coaches and administrators splitting the pot with the players.  I wonder why.


UPDATE #2:  This, too.

It’s nice to have friends with (other people’s) money.


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Too clever by half

Jeez, man.  This ain’t nearly as witty as you think it sounds.



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