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He must be good. Everybody wants him.

Okay, so the drumbeat closing out the Les Miles’ era at LSU grows ever louder.

But don’t worry, LSU fans.  Your savior is near at hand.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher is the main target for many foundation members. Other names tossed around include Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney, TCU head coach Gary Patterson and even former NFL coach Jon Gruden.  [Emphasis added.]

If Gruden could charge something for every time his name is brought up by a fan base looking for a new coach, he’d be the richest man in America.


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When you need some go-to stupidity…

Shorter Verbatim Matt Hayes“As much as it pains me to admit this perfectly imperfect sport must move closer to the look and feel of the cold, antiseptic NFL, it’s the only way to save it from itself.”

In other words, we have to destroy college football to save it.

There are times when I wonder if we deserve being able to enjoy things.


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Tuesday morning buffet

A rich menu at today’s buffet bar…

  • Georgia not looking back at last year’s loss to Florida“?  I call bullshit on that.  In fact, they’d better be looking back, to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  • Man, Texas is undoing the rebranding.
  • Iowa State’s Paul Rhoades announced the firing of his offensive coordinator to the media before telling his team, because “I wanted to get to this point in the day and address you folks, then see them and look them in the eye at 1:30 when I get that opportunity…”  Yes, that makes no fucking sense.
  • Somebody in Vegas still likes Georgia“Georgia has been the favorite in this game for the entire year until now,” Kornegay said in an e-mail on Monday. “There are three reasons why the line has moved; Florida has been playing good football all year, Georgia lost their top running back, and the public has warmed up to the Gators. In our eyes, Georgia is still a better team and should be a short favorite. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Bulldogs the favorite once again on game day.”
  • There’s the second chance at Auburn, and then there’s the second chance in Athens.
  • Before you get too upset at Jeremy Pruitt for whatever faults you find in this year’s defense, at least Georgia’s never looked this bad on a play.
  • Yeah, that’s been a problem.
  • Don’t forget that Georgia will be without Dominick Sanders for the first half against Florida.


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Jimmy Williamson’s “potential embarrassment” doesn’t end well.

Perhaps you may recall earlier this year when Jimmy Williamson fired one of his employees because he didn’t interpret the law the way it was written the way Williamson interpreted the law.

This being ‘Murica, you can guess the next step.

Last month Puglise and his daughter and law partner, Brooke Puglise, sued on Park’s behalf the Board of Regents, Williamson, Huff and Rankin for wrongful termination and retaliation in violation of Georgia’s whistleblower law. They also brought claims for defamation, slander, obstruction of an officer, violation of oath of office and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

This being Jimmy Williamson, you can guess the conclusion.

A former University of Georgia police officer who filed a whistleblower suit claiming he was fired for obeying a 2014 law barring criminal charges against anyone voluntarily seeking medical help for an alcohol or drug overdose has reached a $325,000 settlement with state.

The settlement comes less than a month after the officer, Jay Park, sued the state Board of Regents, the UGA Police Department and his former superiors there. It includes an agreement under which the defendants will send a letter to the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council “exonerating him from any wrongdoing,” said Park’s attorney, Michael Puglise of Snellville’s Puglise Law Firm.

I bet writing the letter pisses off Williamson a lot more than the monetary settlement does.  After all, it’s not like the $325K is coming out of his pocket.


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Thursday morning buffet

Random off-week tidbits for your dining pleasure:

  • Nick Chubb’s surgery is scheduled for next week.  “Optimistic” seems to be the word of the day about that.
  • Anybody wanna bet that Carl Lawson is back in time for Auburn’s game with Georgia?
  • Both teams will be wearing the home jerseys in Jacksonville again.  Me likee.
  • Texas has reached a 15-year agreement with Nike expected to pay upwards of $200 million.  The Patterson rebranding pays off!
  • Any blog sporting the mantra “life’s too short to eat bad BBQ.” is going to get a nod from me.  Here’s a nice post that ought to be of interest to any Georgia fan planning on going to the Cocktail Party via St. Simons.
  • And here’s another young Georgia blogger getting started.
  • Brady Hoke second-guessing Jim Harbaugh is about as rich as it gets.
  • Florida has 216 people show up to try out for the walk-on kicker cast call.  “As long as they can flip it up there through the uprights, I’m good with it,” McElwain said Wednesday during the SEC coaches teleconference.
  • Here’s an update on some of Georgia’s walking wounded.
  • ESPN announces cuts of about 4% of its workforce; CEO says its “part of a broad strategy to ensure we’re in position to make the most of opportunities to build the future of ESPN.”   Uh huh.
  • Malcolm Mitchell loves him some Batman.  No, really.


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Friday morning buffet

Congrats.  You’ve made it this far, so nibble a little.

  • Are preseason polls better predictors of team strength than polls later in the season?  The answer may surprise you.
  • Another excellent piece from Chris Brown, this one on the power running game.
  • “A lot of kickers need coaching. Obviously I need it, and I go somewhere else to get it.”
  • We have an easy winner for Moron Of the Week.
  • Jerry Hinnen’s got a nice preview of the Georgia-Vandy game here.  Vandy’s bad in the secondary, so there’s another reason to see if Lambert can stretch the field more this week.
  • This Saturday, Florida will deploy its ninth different starting quarterback since 2009.  Between that and the musical chairs at the receivers coach position, it’s no wonder the Gator passing game has been almost nonexistent.
  • SEC coaches talking behind the backs of SEC West head coaches.
  • Even Josh Dobbs is amazed to learn that Tennessee’s last win as a ranked team came at the end of the 2007 season.


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Oh, Mi(ami)

You know how sometimes you don’t understand what people were thinking when they did something?

This is one of those times.


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