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Today, in tone deafness

When last we saw former Baylor AD Ian McCaw in these parts, he was being hung out to dry by his ex-employer in fairly spectacular fashion.

In early 2015, Baylor’s Title IX Office first learned of the sexual assault allegation in connection with three other reports of sexual assault involving multiple football players. At the time, the Athletic Director was asked if he had any prior knowledge of an alleged gang rape within the football program. He denied having any knowledge of the alleged incident. Later in 2015, for the first time, the Athletic Director acknowledged that the student-athlete’s head coach told him about this report in 2013. The Athletic Director explained that he did not take any action, including reporting the alleged sexual assault to Judicial Affairs, because he thought the victim did not want to report the incident.[Emphasis added.]

As I posted at the time, first McCaw lied and then he tried to justify his decision to bury the complaint.  Pretty bad, eh?

Evidently not bad enough.

Not exactly the best choice of words there, Jerry, old boy.  On the other hand, it appears Art Briles may have just found his safe space.



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Today, in we’ve all been there sometime

Now, this is something.

Drake University’s head athletic trainer says he was fired in September after he peed into a tub, cleaned it, and told the athletic director.

Scott Kerr, who worked for the school for 31 years, said that he had a medical condition which required him to drink a lot of water and, in turn, pee a lot. On Aug. 29, the 61-year-old was alone cleaning a metal whirlpool when he needed to pee. Kerr’s attorney Jerry Crawford said that Kerr decided to pee in the tub since he wouldn’t make it to a bathroom, then scrubbed the tub with bleach to clean it.

Kerr later divulged what had happened to athletic director Sandy Hatfield Clubb…

Now, you may wonder what possessed him to tell the AD.  I know I did.  At least until I read this:

… not only did Clubb disapprove, she allegedly told Kerr that he should have peed himself instead, like she once did. Via WHO TV:

“The Athletic Director recounted a story where she herself urinated in her pants in an airport while on Drake business and told me I should have done the same thing,” said Kerr. “When I heard that story I was very confused, embarrassed, and I didn’t know quite how to react to that story,” said Kerr.

“The Athletic Director said to Scott that if he had urinated in his pants instead of in a metal container, he would still be there because that’s what she did at an airport,” said Crawford. “That’s as shocking as anything in this case,” he said.

That’s like seeing his “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that” and raising.

Drake sounds like an interesting place to work.


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Black athletes “are loved during competition but then subjected to racial discrimination in our everyday lives too.”

Pro tip for Wisconsin athletic administrators:  it’s probably not a good idea to refer to race-baiting garb worn to football games as costumes.


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Even Moar Go home, 2016 season. You’re drunk, ctd.

Jeez, man.  Get a grip.

How long before he’s on Finebaum’s show?


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Ken Starr is writing the Book of Love.

So this is what a man who’s lost every shred of decency and self-awareness sounds like.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Eat, eat…

  • “The top ten most talented teams in the country last year were Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Texas, and Michigan.”
  • You know the old joke about someone being so incompetent he could screw up a one-car funeral?  That would be Rutgers’ AD.
  • According to his dad, Pennsylvania’s D’Andre Swift was really impressed by the G-Day crowd:  “To be able to walk into the stadium and be a part of it and walk down and watch the guys coming through the ‘DawgWalk’ and see all the tradition that Georgia has was just remarkable. I’ve never seen how a town shuts down for a game. That city is a college football town, and everybody embraces that tradition and the football program fully. That, to me, was just remarkable about Georgia in every way.”  If you were there, take a bow.
  • The ACC is already trying to figure out what to do if Clemson, FSU and Louisville all wind up 11-1.
  • Good point in this post — if Missouri is an improved team in the SEC East, don’t forget that Florida and Tennessee both have yet to play the Tigers.
  • Hugh Freeze notes one difference between Kirby Smart’s defenses at Alabama and Georgia:  “He’s playing a lot more odd front. I’m sure he’s adjusting to what he thinks is best for his team. It’s been different from what we expect from them, but the results are well for him.”
  • Cool game management, Clay Helton.  You’re lucky Stanford didn’t have a two-point trick play up its sleeve.


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This week, in moronic punditry

Mark Bradley being Mark Bradley aside, anyone who uses last Saturday’s squeaker against Nicholls to justify questioning Georgia’s talent level doesn’t know nearly as much about college football as he’d like to make us believe he does.


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