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Heckuva job, Indiana.

This is quite the screw up.

Enjoy your unplanned redshirt season, kid.



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So much for that disciplined team we’ve been hearing about

Jason Butt talked with someone who was fortunate enough to observe yesterday’s scrimmage and shared this tidbit:

As a whole, however, head coach Kirby Smart was dead-on about the receiver group. It was an inconsistent day for the receivers apparently. In addition, one receiver picked up a celebration penalty following a score, which irritated Smart. The receiver was forced to run stadium steps as a result.

What is this Tennessee game you refer to, Coach?

The great thing here is thinking running stadium steps is going to have an effect when getting gut-punched at the last second in a game that Georgia had all but won didn’t.  There aren’t enough stadium steps in the world for that, I’m afraid.


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Today, in tonedeafness

It’s already been taken down, but whoever in the Ole Miss athletic department thought it was a good idea to post this on Twitter is pretty much clueless.


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In the SEC, it just means more.

Trust me, you don’t really need to go past the header of this story.


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Thanks, mom.

The things that go through people’s minds some days

For Christensen and her fiance, Shawn Ostroskie, the decision was simple. “Her dad and I both love sports and he has an older daughter,” Rachel Christensen, an administrative assistant at Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Ore., said in a phone interview. “He didn’t want to have any more kids and then I was pregnant and I wanted him to be excited about being pregnant. I saw Espn in the name book and after that he was like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna have a kid named Espn!’”

ESPN may be ubiquitous, but Espn the baby name isn’t. It doesn’t appear among the top 1,000 choices since 1980 for either a boy or a girl in the Social Security Administration’s database. Admittedly, not everyone gets the choice.

“We didn’t know if she was going to be a boy or girl, but we both liked it,” Christensen said. “Everybody thinks we’re crazy and nobody can say it right.”

Umm… they may have a point.


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Bringing a pellet gun to a gun fight

So much for vigilante justice in Nashville, Tennessee.

A Vanderbilt University football player’s plan to recover his stolen iPhone sparked a shooting outside a Nashville Target on Monday night and led to two of his teammates being shot, according to police.

The shooting, which took place at the store at on White Bridge Road, stemmed from an arranged meeting between two groups — a trio of football players and the thieves who Metro police say stole the phone and fired the shots.

Both groups brought weapons, police said, although one side — the players — had only a pellet gun.

As of Tuesday, the shooting suspects remained at large and both injured players were expected to recover, police spokesman Don Aaron said.

When pellet guns are outlawed, only football players will have pellet guns.  Or something like that.


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He’s on the case, man.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the latest sexual assault mess at Michigan State, but one aspect of it goes to show that sometimes there’s a price to pay for dumbassery.

Michigan State University police walked former football staff member Curtis Blackwell out of the football building in handcuffs in early February, minutes after determining that he interfered with their investigation of a reported on-campus sexual assault weeks earlier.

Blackwell told investigators he had spoken with two players later identified as suspects about the incident days after it occurred on Jan. 16. That was before MSU police and the university’s Title IX office knew about the alleged involvement of the two players, records show.

Blackwell didn’t tell police or university officials about his discussions with the players until police interviewed him Feb. 8 at the Duffy Daugherty Building.

In a report submitted to prosecutors, which the State Journal obtained through an open records request, police wrote that Blackwell “took it upon himself to investigate” the incident, interviewed suspects and did not share that information he received with police or MSU’s Title IX office.

“I wasn’t doing an investigation or anything,” Blackwell told police. “I was just trying to find out exactly what happened.”

He’s not a police officer.  He just plays one in the athletic department.


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