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Today, in ‘Murica

I swear, every time I read a story like this, I think of my favorite line from Nobody’s Fool.

At least no trees were harmed.



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Peace in our time

As the final chapter to the tale of one of the most arrogantly stupid decisions in SEC history, Ole Miss swallows its institutional pride and apologizes to Houston Nutt.

You don’t have to be a moron to run an SEC athletic department.  It just seems that way.


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How big a putz is Jay Jacobs?

Big enough that Auburn’s own associate athletic director for strategic communications had to tell ESPN that some of Jacobs’ comments about a softball coach who left the program were “unfortunate” and possibly “misleading”.

Is it just me, or does the SEC appear to have more than its fair share of athletic directors who couldn’t find their way out of an open paper bag?

Maybe Greg Sankey needs to provide conference-wide logistical support for how to conduct media relations.  Sure, that might cost a few bucks, but you can’t put a price on avoiding self-inflicted wounds.


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Heckuva job, Indiana.

This is quite the screw up.

Enjoy your unplanned redshirt season, kid.


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So much for that disciplined team we’ve been hearing about

Jason Butt talked with someone who was fortunate enough to observe yesterday’s scrimmage and shared this tidbit:

As a whole, however, head coach Kirby Smart was dead-on about the receiver group. It was an inconsistent day for the receivers apparently. In addition, one receiver picked up a celebration penalty following a score, which irritated Smart. The receiver was forced to run stadium steps as a result.

What is this Tennessee game you refer to, Coach?

The great thing here is thinking running stadium steps is going to have an effect when getting gut-punched at the last second in a game that Georgia had all but won didn’t.  There aren’t enough stadium steps in the world for that, I’m afraid.


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Today, in tonedeafness

It’s already been taken down, but whoever in the Ole Miss athletic department thought it was a good idea to post this on Twitter is pretty much clueless.


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In the SEC, it just means more.

Trust me, you don’t really need to go past the header of this story.


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