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“I don’t want there to be any fuss over anything.”

Maybe the quarterback situation isn’t as under control as Richt has let on.


UPDATE:  Per Fletcher Page, it’s all about the backups.

Georgia’s recent involvement with transfer quarterbacks is about the situation.

It’s not about the starter.

Here’s the thing — players transfer when they don’t get to start or play enough.

That’s why these names, such as Everett Golson earlier this month and now Greyson Lambert, keep popping up in your Twitter feed.

While Georgia’s coaches keep pushing the idea of an ongoing quarterback competition, they’re worried Fauta Bauta or Jacob Park will be the next name on the open market.

The staff, I’m told by people I trust, is petrified of that happening.


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Nice team you got there, Georgia.

Lindy’s is out with its SEC preseason rag.  The anonymous coach comments used to be one of my favorite things to read when Tuberville was still in the SEC, because often he barely made the effort to disguise his anonymity (or his contempt towards some, for that matter).

Now it’s much more bland, which is a shame.  But judging from this, somebody’s evidently not a big Georgia fan.

On the defense

“Jeremy Pruitt said last year he had the worst collection of defensive backs he ever had to coach. He said he inherited defensive backs that weren’t SEC-caliber. But he’s taken the bull by the horns on defense and he will lean on some young guys in the secondary. I think those two guys at outside linebacker (Leonard Floyd, Jordan Jenkins) are talented, but not superstars. I think they are a product of the recruiting machine and hype.”

On the offense

“They lose one of the best running backs in the country, but they’ve got Nick Chubb. When’s the last time you saw Georgia without a great running back? … Georgia and Alabama have new quarterbacks, but the difference is, Alabama’s new quarterback was coached by the same coach last year. Georgia has a new offensive coordinator. Advantage Alabama.”

That last part sounds cocky enough to resemble something Junior would say in his prime.  But I doubt even he would stoop to slamming a player for being “a product of the recruiting machine and hype.”


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“Georgia has a favorable schedule for a title run.”

You know, every so often I come across an article that makes me say to myself, “hmmm… I bet if I post a link to this, it’ll stir up at least of third of my readership.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is this is one of those articles.  Enjoy.


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A dollar here, a dollar there… and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Marc Weiszer reports that Georgia’s football budget for the next fiscal year will increase by more than one-third.

Georgia’s budget for football will increase 35.66 percent from $17,275,044 to $23,434,888, according to figures presented to the UGA Athletic Association board of directors last week.

Compensation and monthly payroll totals increased from $7,810,479 to $10,732,324.

This is my favorite part of the news:

Richt said additional support staff helps “to manage all the issues that our young men have. I don’t know exactly where every single dollar is going but the great majority of it is to help make it better for our players.”  [Emphasis added.]

For once, I guess that means he really has lost control of something.


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Not as smart as they used to be

Seth Emerson gives a straightforward rendition of why Mark Richt has lost control of Georgia’s APR:

Georgia’s APR score this year is 960, which ranks ninth among the SEC’s 14 football programs. But the program is still well clear of any potential penalties, which begin only when a team’s score is 930 and below.

The APR formula measures a team’s ability to retain student-athletes and their progress towards graduation. A team’s score is hurt when a player leaves early, particularly during a semester, so last year’s departures (such as Josh Harvey-Clemons, Tray Matthews and Shaq Wiggins) did not help.

I blame Pruitt, of course.

By the way, nameless AJ-C editor, what’s with the header?  “Early departures hurt Georgia’s APR rate”?  What kind of click bait is that?


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Keying on the keys

Jake Rowe’s got a list of five keys for Georgia to make the 2015 CFP.  It’s certainly a decent list – hell, we’ve probably discussed every item on it already – but what I’m curious about is how you would prioritize one as the single most important of those.

So let’s have a reader poll!

Feel free to elaborate on your choice in the comments.  Or, if you don’t like any of Rowe’s options, tell us about your own.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The SEC is in Destin.  The rest of the college football world isn’t.

  • Nick Saban thinks fondly of Jeremy Pruitt.
  • Here’s a nice smackdown of Bert’s “you play eight games in the SEC” comment.
  • Dennis Dodd gets all prissy about the SEC not already having a ban on its books for transfers of kids dismissed for domestic violence – something that no conference has at present.
  • We’re 100 days out from the start of the 2015 season, so it’s fashionable to do 100 things to look forward to pieces.  Here’s one.
  • David Wunderlich thinks the practice of ranking teams based on loss order is still a thing… and it is.  But I suspect as the CFP grows, loss-ranking will matter less.
  • There’s still a chance:  Chauncey Gardner is taking an unofficial visit to Athens.  Make a blogger happy, dude.  Be a Dawg, and let me have a few years with that name.
  • “It’s an attempt to change behavior”Mike Slive intends to come down hard on post-game celebrations.


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