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House money

Vegas remains impressed with Georgia.

  • Georgia’s 10.5 wins is tops on the board, along with Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma.
  • Georgia is tied at third, with Ohio State, for national title odds.
  • Jake Fromm is third in Heisman odds, tied with Tagovailoa.  (Swift is also on the list, at 33/1.)


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Today, in $$

File this under why Butts-Mehre can have nice things.

Even with an increase in prices, demand for Georgia football season tickets exceeded supply coming off a trip to the national championship game, athletic director Greg McGarity told the athletic board’s finance committee.

“We’re happy to announce we’re all sold out of season tickets,” McGarity said in a meeting Wednesday. “Our fans have responded very well and again have answered the call.”

The Hartman Fund has generated $31 million in donations for the right to buy season tickets so far this cycle, an increase of about $4 million from this time last year, according to executive associate athletic director Matt Borman, who oversees athletic fundraising.

“Individuals wanted to improve their location, be in a better position for road tickets, things of that nature,” McGarity said. “So there was a substantial increase in that.”

“… be in a better position for road tickets”.  They’re getting better at milking us, aren’t they?


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When baby needs a new pair of shoes…

A couple of random points about the brave new world of sports betting coming down the turnpike and how that might affect college football in ways we haven’t thought about too much yet:

  • We all know what kind of control freaks college head coaches are when it comes to their rosters and the information flow.  (Jim Harbaugh, for example, doesn’t even publish a depth chart.)  So, this is going to be interesting to watch, to say the least:

Even if South Carolina doesn’t jump in the betting pool, enough other states will create a ripple that requires the NCAA and/or college conferences to adopt a uniform policy of injury reporting in football and basketball.

The weekly NFL injury report is all about gambling, to eliminate (lofty goal) or limit (more likely) inside information on injuries.

Such a college policy would take lots of pressure off the student trainer and walk-on punter, ideally cutting down on inquiries from guys who are just curious about how the starting running back’s knee feels this week.

As it is, some college teams keep injury reports to themselves. Others are only slightly less murky.

Look around at a lot of their “crowds” during those lonely Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday night games and you know it’s not a sustainable business in and of itself. These schools are basically being subsidized because the cable channels need content and gamblers need juice. That’s the only reason they exist.


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Glad you decided to stick around.

Okay, maybe it’s not as big a deal as when the Big Four decided to pass on entering the NFL draft before last season, but Deandre Baker’s decision to play one more year in Athens is still big.  How big?  Welp,

Lockdown corners don’t grow on trees and having one makes things easier when you’ve got to replace two/three starters in the secondary.  So, yeah, big.


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Finally, a catch phrase I can get behind

If you haven’t listened to Kirby Smart’s interview with Finebaum referenced in yesterday’s last post of the day, you missed a gem.

It may not be quite as succinct as Finish the Drill, but “Be a butthead butthole on the field” is not without its own charms.  I mean, there’s something just crying for its own bumper sticker.

GATA, Kirby.


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Filed away for future reference

Never interrupt a man in the middle of his golf game.

So much for putting that game behind him.


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In the (red) zone

Remember when the red zone was a place of danger for Georgia?  Good times, right?

Well, that was then and this is last season.

That’ll win you a few games.


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