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He had his moments.

Before we get all “eh, let’s see what Fromm can do” after G-Day, perhaps it’s worth remembering what Jacob Eason was capable of doing as a true freshman quarterback playing in an SEC game.

No, it wasn’t a perfect season by any measure, and, yes, I would have liked to have seen a little more growth towards year’s end, but you don’t toss crazy arm talent like that to the side just because there’s a shiny new toy that’s got your attention.



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Today, in one of these things is unlike the others

Can you pick out which team on this list hasn’t played for a national title through the entirety of the covered period?

I thought you could.


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Finished the drill.

Tracy Rocker tells Chip Towers he’s chilling in a good place, really.

I talked to Tracy Rocker on Friday. He didn’t have much to say.

“What are you up to?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Rocker said.

“You OK?”

“Everything’s good.”

“Well, can you tell me, did you leave Georgia on your own or were you dismissed?”

Here he sort of chuckled. “Everybody’s in a happy place,” he said.

“Do you have another job set up or are you taking some time off for a while?” I asked.

“You’ll know. Everything’s in a good place.”

Here Rocker ended the interview by saying “I’ve gotta run. Thanks for reaching out.”


Zen for the win, baby.


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The gift that keeps on giving

Georgia’s 2013 signing class, ladies and gentlemen.

There are more former Georgia players that will be going to the [NFL] combine than those that finished their college careers there.

Yes, the massive brain fart that went into the 2015 Florida game plan didn’t help matters, but Mark Richt isn’t Georgia’s head coach now because several years’ worth of poor roster management decisions came back to bite him in the arse.


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I blame Chubb.

No doubt Jeff Dantzler likes the way this Georgia fan thinks.

If people expect 2018 the year UGA can truly compete for a conference and maybe national championship, does Chubb and Michel returning hurt those chances a bit?  I know they will mention the young dawgs, but would think that on field time for Brian Herrien, Elijah Holyfield, and D’Andre Swift would be more valuable.
– Logan Duckworth

I’ve seen this line of thinking from others, and I respectfully disagree. The best way to get better as a program is to win, and Chubb and Michel give the team the best chance to win. That lifts everything, including recruiting. I know recruiting went well this year, but Smart and his staff were selling hope and playing time. There’s only so long you can do that. You need to sell winning. And they know that, which is why they didn’t try to talk Chubb and Michel from coming back.

The idea that some in the fan base would find it preferable that Chubb and Michel were discouraged from returning to play in 2017 leaves me shaking my head.  I guess for some the team needs at least one more throwaway season.  Hey, at least they’ve got a ready-made excuse if the team doesn’t check all the boxes in 2018.

Then again, maybe the guy could borrow a page from this concept, and ask Seth in another mailbag about benching Chubb and Michel for the Samford game so the young pups could get some prep work in for the following season.  The future is now, you know.


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If you could see through our eyes…

I wish I could claim credit for the subject of this post, but the truth of the matter is that I cribbed it from a message board comment.  Still, you take your inspiration whenever you can find it, right?

Anyway, a simple question for you all:  would it kill Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead to get out of their cushy boxes and spend an entire game day with the regular folks who make up the vast majority of the Georgia fan base?  You know — get a real feel for issues that bother us like tailgating restrictions, stadium concessions and bathrooms, ridiculously loud PA, etc. by living through them with the hoi polloi.  And then sit in post-game traffic for a while to get a real flavor for that horror show.

No, I wouldn’t expect a radical change to hearts and minds out of a single day’s experience.  But at least it might not make them so willingly dismissive of our demands for a level of service consummate with our financial contributions. Maybe.

Worth a shot?


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“You just want to be in the hunt.”

Once upon a time, Greg McGarity had hopes and dreams, like the rest of us.  What happened?


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