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Georgia – Georgia Tech tickets are Chantastically priced.

That’s right, campers.  You can buy a three-pack including the Georgia game for a hundred bucks.  And considering you have a choice of tickets to the North Carolina, Pitt and Virginia Tech games which you can certainly resell on line to fill out the pack, you ought to be able to come out at the end with a Georgia ticket for a very reasonable price.

If they’re gonna play like Georgia is the home team, they might as well charge like it, too.

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CFN’s Georgia preview…

… could stand some better editing – there’s a reference to Jacob Park being in the mix for quarterback and some strange mention of LSU in the section about the schedule that’s a clear whiff – but it’s hard to argue with this:

Okay, so we know what Georgia is.

This is once again going to be another really, really good team that should flirt with a top ten ranking. There’s going to be a ton of NFL talent on both sides of the ball, there will be some moments when this looks like one of the best teams in college football, there will be talk of a Mark Richt hot seat despite all the success, and once again, Georgia is going to come up with a heartbreaking loss or two that keeps it from finally turning the corner.

Consistent winning seasons aren’t always enough for some programs – ask Nebraska – but coming up with three campaigns in the last four years with ten wins or more is impressive by any measure, especially in the SEC. This year’s Bulldog team might not have anything special compared to past Richt squads, but someday all the right breaks have to go this program’s way.

But the team has to make its own good fortune, too.

There was nothing that could’ve been done about the rash of injuries in 2013, but last year the Dawgs lost a shootout to a mediocre South Carolina team, and was inexplicably trampled over by Florida. They did what they needed to do against Arkansas, the destroyed Missouri in Columbia, and they destroyed Auburn. They were good enough, and they were certainly better than a Mizzou team that won its second straight East title. But that’s the way it is in the SEC world – being very, very good isn’t necessarily going to be good enough.

Or this:

But even though there’s enough in the bad to win the East, and even though the team should be just good enough to think about going go the playoff, it’s Georgia.

It’s going to win ten games, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch on both sides of the ball.

And then 2016 will supposedly be the year.

Lather, rinse, repeat, etc.

If you want to stop reading stuff like this about yourselves, there’s an obvious solution, Dawgs.


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Greg Pyke, gettin’ the love

You saw his name on the conference SID SEC First Team list, now here’s an article at about which guards and centers are already attracting the attention of pro scouts, with Pyke’s name at the top.  Details:

1. Greg Pyke, Georgia

Maybe it’s my background in an offensive line family, but watching tape of Pyke absolutely made my day! In fairness, I don’t live the most exciting life anymore, but when I see a guard mash his opponents with pure power, good footwork and timing on combination blocks — that makes me happy. Pyke uses quick, choppy steps to get himself in position and then plays with a strong base to lock defenders out. And he loves to scrap on every snap. I’m getting fired up just typing this. He bends at the waist too often and needs to play with a little better pad level, but he’s going to open plenty of holes for Nick Chubb this year.

A good example of that mashing can be found at about the 1:05 mark on this clip of Chubb’s game against Auburn.  It’s the play where Richt changed his mind and decided to go for it on fourth down – perhaps the key play of the game.

Pyke actually lined up outside his usual guard position there, but if you watch what he does on that play, he basically destroys everyone in his path.  Chubb lines up on his inside shoulder and just follows him into the end zone.

Should be plenty more of that to watch this season.


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We’re delusional. (Well, some of us, anyway.)

So, Field Street Forum links to a post judging that the Georgia fan base is the eighth-most delusional of its kind in the country.  But not for the reason you’d think.  Quite the opposite, actually.

Even with all of that being said, the major reason the Bulldogs find themselves at No. 8 is the cries from within the fan ranks to dismiss Richt. Sure, he seems to have been the bridesmaid many times while never actually getting to be the bride, but he’s a fine recruiter and has turned Georgia into a perennial contender. That’s more than we can say for his predecessors Jim Donnan and Ray Goff. If Richt does get bounced, the Georgia opening would be an extremely attractive one, but Bulldog fans should be careful what they wish for, as there’s no guarantees Richt’s replacement would be the one to take the program higher than it’s been.

Heh.  Where have I heard that before?  Oh, yeah…


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The First Rule of Baseball

You never talk about a no-hitter while it’s in progress.


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The Georgia Way versus The SEC Way?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s some daylight between Jere Morehead’s continuing desire for a conference-wide drug testing policy

“We have vigorously argued that we should all be operating under the same standards in the Southeastern Conference,” Morehead said. “I have articulated that view to the new commissioner. I think it’s important that we develop some conference-wide standards and rules, just as we did on the transfer matter that I sponsored related to the case involving domestic violence.”

… Morehead said UGA’s “high standard and high expectation” for its athletes serves the school well. He said no coach has ever raised the issue of wanting to change it in any meeting with him.

“I don’t think it any way has negatively affected our performance,” Morehead said. “I think it’s been a positive and I would hope and expect that our alumni and our supporters want us to maintain those highs standards.”

… and Mark Richt’s.

“I think if everybody could come up with something that made sense for the student-athlete and made it the same across the board, I’d be fine with that,” Richt said.

(Hint:  Turn on your sarcasm detector before digesting “If I didn’t know any better”.)

One thing I’ve always been curious to know is what Mark Richt really thought when he was told the athletic department was going to drug test his players upon their immediate return from spring break.  I’m guessing it wasn’t UGA’s “high standard and high expectation” for its athletes.  At least not in the way Morehead offers it.


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Golden Nugget individual game lines are out…

… and some of Georgia’s numbers may surprise you.

  • South Carolina Gamecocks at Georgia Bulldogs (-11)
  • Alabama Crimson Tide at Georgia Bulldogs (Pick)
  • Georgia Bulldogs at Tennessee Volunteers (Pick)
  • Missouri Tigers at Georgia Bulldogs (-8.5)
  • Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs (-12) in Jacksonville
  • Georgia Bulldogs at Auburn Tigers (Pick)
  • Georgia Bulldogs (-1) at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Were that Alabama-Georgia line to hold up ’til game day, it would be the first time in something like seventy games in which the Tide didn’t enter a game as the favorite.

That’s not the weirdest to me, though.  Tennessee is getting some crazy love at home – a home pick ’em against Georgia and a three-point favorite against Oklahoma, for starters.  But the Vols are still listed as a ten-point dog in Tuscaloosa.

Oh, and that Tech line?  FSU is a one-point underdog in Atlanta.


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