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I know what you mean and I like the way you say it.

I love a good malaprop as much as anything.  And I feel like we haven’t heard a really good one out of a Georgia football player since Charles Grant’s immortal “motivation stone” utterance.  But I think Lorenzo Carter has stepped up to fill the breech breach.

Despite not having a game to prepare for, Jeremy Pruitt is still popping in tape to teach and explain his defense.

But the second year defensive coordinator isn’t just pulling from what he saw from the Georgia defense last season. He is also drawing on his time as a defensive backs coach at Alabama and as a defensive coordinator Florida State.

Spots where he won multiple national championships.

“We’ve seen so many different places where he’s been and produced,” sophomore Lorenzo Carter said. “We’ll watch film from his Alabama team and his Florida State team. It’s all matriculating in.”

“It’s all matriculating in” may have to become this season’s catchphrase.  I dig it.


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Mark Richt could show you the scrimmage stats. But then he’d have to kill you.

Today is the day for Georgia’s first scrimmage of the spring.  It is A Very Big Deal.

“We had a little shorter practice today,” coach Mark Richt said in a news release. “Tomorrow is a very important day. It’s the first scrimmage of the spring and practice number seven. We’re almost halfway through. We’ll find out where we’re at tomorrow.”

As is usually the case with such things, the scrimmage will not be open to the public or the media.  But Richt has decided to go one step beyond the usual.

We’ll have to rely on observations of players and Richt afterwards because Georgia has said there won’t be statistics provided.

No stats? Say what? Doesn’t Richt realize what he’s setting up if we don’t get scrimmage stats?  The only thing we’ll have to chew over the summer will be G-Day QBR numbers.

The horror.

Seriously, I suspect the quarterback situation is the real reason behind the decision to keep us in the dark.  And it’s understandable to an extent.

Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta and Jacob Park will continue their spring competition for the starting job.

Ramsey figures offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is “kind of just feeling it all out right now,” and is looking for “consistency of play and grasp of the playbook and knowledge of knowing what’s going on with everyone on the field, making the right decisions, getting us in the right runs. Just normal stuff an offensive coordinator would want.”

Asked if he felt this was a true open competition, Park said: “I guess so. I’m not really one to ask that question. As far as playing time and as far as opportunities out there, I think it’s definitely a pretty equal chance.”

The less public second-guessing, the better.  At least from the coaches’ standpoint.  But it’s frustrating for the rest of us.  Especially when you consider the list of items of interest Weiszer lays out in his piece.

Ah, well, there’s always G-Day.  Unless they make the quarterbacks wear disguises.


UPDATE:  Turns out we get stats after all.


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Where have all the DBs gone?

Yeah, this one made me blink a little, too.

Since signing with Georgia in 2013, Mauger has watched six of his classmates from the secondary alone bolt with eligibility remaining — Paris Bostick, Shaquille Fluker, J.J. Green, Brendan Langley, Tray Matthews and Shaq Wiggins.

Now, that’s attrition.  No wonder it felt like at times last year Pruitt might have to pull people out of the stands to fill out a two deep.

“It does feel kind of weird,” Mauger said. “It’s kind of like I’m the last guy standing, but the coaches always say that they’re going to work with the people who stay here.”

I hear ‘ya, dude.


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“He should be fine in a matter of weeks.”

Well, this sucks.

Georgia tailback Sony Michel has re-injured his collarbone and is expected to miss the rest of spring practice, head coach Mark Richt confirmed.

The injury will not require an operation, added Richt.


Seriously, tough luck for Sony.  You hope this isn’t something that chases him throughout his career.


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The only thing more porn-y than Dawg porn…

… is Dawg recruiting porn.

Eason could be mentioned up there with the likes of Stafford, Murray and David Greene as one of the best quarterbacks of the Mark Richt era at Georgia. In fact, it is a safe bet. Furthermore, the Bulldogs are chasing an elusive National Championship (none since 1980) and you can see the pieces to their program talent-wise coming into place in other areas (like defense under coordinator and ace recruiter/evaluator Jeremy Pruitt). Having a guy with this much talent as your future signal caller is a huge piece to the puzzle moving forward for UGA.



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Herschel Walker, wordsmith

He’s still got it.


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The Bro abides.

I have no idea who wins the starting quarterback job this season, but if it’s Jacob Park, prepare for a slight change of tone.

Jacob Park is an interesting Dog. There haven’t been many other Georgia quarterbacks I’ve covered the last decade or so who would refer to a reporter as “bro” when answering his question. There’s definitely a sort of hip-hop persona to this tall, athletic redshirt freshman from Goose Creek, S.C., complete with the resident brashness and confidence one might expect from a star entertainer.

If he makes it work, that’s fine.  My only question for Towers is who were the other Georgia quarterbacks who called reporters “bro”?


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