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“I can assure you Georgia isn’t any different than Clemson or Florida State or some other teams we play.”

That second win between the hedges has made the genius a little salty, it seems.

Maybe I should say a little more salty.


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He’s only in it for the money.

Is it just me, or does Matt Hayes seem particularly fixated on Mark Richt’s latest raise?


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Georgia-Tennessee: have we got your attention yet?

Field Street Forum links to a Vol site’s analysis of this year’s matchup.  Here’s the conclusion:

Georgia’s won five straight in this one, but ever since the 41-14 waxing in 2010, every game in this series since has been decided by one score, with a couple games coming down to the very final seconds.

The Bulldogs clearly have the upper hand right now, but aren’t at the point of owning this series yet.

I don’t know what the author’s definition of ownage may be, but five in a row is pretty damned dominant, regardless of point spread.

And with regard to that, even there, you can find a little back story.  Yes, every one of the last four games came down to a one-score margin.

  • 2014:  35-32
  • 2013:  34-31
  • 2012:  51-44
  • 2011:  20-12  (Note:  UT scored with 2:45 left on the clock in the fourth quarter.)

But you know what else every one of those four games sported?  A big (at least two scores) Georgia lead.

  • 2014:  21-10
  • 2013:  17-3
  • 2012:  27-10
  • 2011:  20-6

This team has recently had a bad habit of relaxing against Tennessee.  Maybe it’s time to take the Vols seriously for a full sixty minutes.  Try hanging on to that big lead, guys, or stay focused by struggling for the game’s entirety.


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Assessing Pruitt’s impact

One gratifying thing I’ve found about blogging is that if I wait long enough, eventually somebody comes along to do the heavy lifting for me.

Such is the story with this excellent post over at, exploring how much of an impact Jeremy Pruitt had on Georgia’s defense last season.  The stats make a pretty compelling case that when Pruitt said before the season that his two main goals were to increase takeaways and limit big plays, he meant it.

And while the run defense was disappointing in key games, it wasn’t a complete disaster.

Heck, even in the one area in which we took a significant statistical step backwards – rushing defense – we weren’t really THAT bad outside of two anomalous performances.  Those dreadful performances happened and they cannot be ignored, however neither can the fact that we held 8 of our 11 other opponents under their season rushing averages or the fact that without those two embarrassing efforts we were essentially a top 20 rush defense.

All this from a guy who had to install a new defensive scheme and work with a secondary that was depleted from a talent standpoint.  Imagine what he might be able to do with a defense that has a year’s experience with his system under its belt and a rising amount of quality depth.


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“He’s been a speed guy from the very beginning…”

Richt reports that Keith Marshall’s lost weight.

After two consecutive injury-ridden years, Richt said Marshall appears healthy while trimming his weight to improve his on-field speed.

“(Marshall’s) moving very well. He’s decided to cut his weight down to closer to where he was earlier in his career,” Richt said. “You show up as a freshman, about 210 pounds, and then you just get in the weight room, and you eat. You get the nutrition and training table, and before you know it, you weigh 225, 230 and still look like dynamite. But I think he feels more comfortable carrying a little less weight to help his quickness and speed.

“He’s been a speed guy from the very beginning, so that will help him. But I think he’s in great shape, great spirits, and he’s been a guy that we’re going to count on. He’s been a guy we have counted on, and we expect to see a bunch from him.”

That seems like a good idea, and not just because it will help his quickness.  Some of what’s been holding Marshall back is confidence – understandably, for sure – and if the weight drop makes him feel more comfortable about his running, that’s bound to help.

I doubt there’s a Georgia player who will have the fan base more in his corner this season than Keith Marshall.  Here’s hoping that this is a step towards giving us plenty to cheer about in his case.


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The SEC East and the Alabama hangover

So, Barrett Sallee has a post up about potential snagging points in Georgia’s path to Atlanta.  As far as it goes, it’s not a crazy list.  But there are a couple of items on there that he, along with others, have raised that I question, at least a little bit.

First, there’s this.

Of all of the teams in the SEC East, Georgia got perhaps the worst draw of any team.

The Bulldogs draw Alabama out of the SEC West in addition to the traditional cross-division rivalry with Auburn. Those two teams were picked to finish first and second in the SEC West by the members of the media at media days, respectively, with the Tigers pegged as the overall conference champion.

‘Bama is ‘Bama.  I get that.  But when does Richt get credit for handling Auburn the way he has over the past few seasons?  Auburn’s got two wins in the modern “Mark Richt sux” era, neither of which was exactly dominating.  Meanwhile, Georgia can claim more than one rout in its set of victories over that period.  None of which is to dismiss Auburn’s chances, obviously.  But I think Georgia’s entitled to go into that game not wetting its pants.

But speaking of ‘Bama and pants wetting, read this and despair.

On top of that, the Bulldogs have to travel to Knoxville to play Tennessee—which was picked second in the SEC East—the week after facing the Crimson Tide in Athens. SEC teams are 10-13 the week after playing Nick Saban’s squad over the last four years, with three of those wins coming against out-of-conference competition.

Ooh, automatic trap game!

Not to say that the close way the Vols have played Georgia the last two season doesn’t make me nervous, but the Alabama hangover is a little overrated there.  Some of those 23 games were played by some pretty bad teams – it may be hard to believe now that every coach in the West is making bank, but just a few short years ago, Ole Miss and Arkansas stunk – and a bunch of those next week games came against ranked opponents.  I can’t say the Dawgs will be dominant this season, but I’m pretty confident they’ll win more games than they’ll lose.  And if Tennessee is a ranked opponent, it’s going to mean wins against Oklahoma, Florida and Arkansas before Georgia rolls into Knoxville.  We’ll see about that.

Besides, let’s not forget the Alabama hangover cuts both ways.  Tennessee has to play at Kentucky the week after its Alabama meeting, and I have it on good authority that the Wildcats won’t suck this season.


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Getting buttah on defense

Fletcher Page ranks the Georgia position groups here.  Whatever you may think about his individual rankings (I’d move the special teams unit up some, and maybe drop QB a slot), what it should really tell you is something I’ve heard muttered for a while, namely, that the Dawgs still have a ways to go in having across the board SEC-level talent on defense.

One of these days, it’s going to dawn on us just how good a job Jeremy Pruitt did last season dropping the defensive scoring average over eight points a game from 2013 – in the spread, HUNH era, to boot.  Dude can coach a little.


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