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Rapid response

I continue to be impressed as hell with the staff’s prowess on the recruiting trail.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  Shortly after Tom Herman took over at Texas, he turned his sights on a Georgia commit out of that state, running back Toneil Carter, and convinced Carter to take an official visit to UT.

Smart’s response?  Not gonna happen.

That’s not exactly convincing an in state kid to turn down an invite to see Paul Johnson.  Herman’s an excellent recruiter who learned his trade from one of the best in Urban Meyer, has plenty of contacts in the state of Texas and is playing on his home turf.  And yet Smart was able to move fast and shut that approach down cold.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.


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Coaching ’em up.

The capper to a memorable season…

Georgia had three last year — Theus, Floyd and Sanders.


UPDATE:  “That’s the first time Georgia has been shut out of the coaches All-SEC teams since 1990.”  I’m sorry, but don’t try to sell me on the cupboard being that bare.


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The meaning of bowl season, circa 2016

Kirby’s plantin’ those seeds, peeps.

“We’ll reconvene, come to Memphis and get our practices in, get a game week type prep while we’re in Memphis and get ready to play the game,” head coach Kirby Smart said. “You’ve got to be careful you don’t overdo it and you can’t under-do it. You’ve got to use it to develop your team. We’re certainly going to take the opportunity to do that while we’re in Athens before we head to Memphis.”  [Emphasis added.]

One day, maybe after Georgia prepares for its third consecutive trip to the national title game, we’ll look back on the Liberty Bowl prep work as the time when it all came together.


UPDATE:  Seth Emerson speculates on some of the players who might benefit from bowl practices.


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Hel-low, StubHub.

You want tickets for next season’s Notre Dame game?  It’ll take 75,000 Hartman Fund priority points to order any through the school.


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The Get It Over With Bowl

Oh, what might have been.

A couple of years ago, a Georgia-TCU bowl matchup would have been Sports and Grits‘ wet dream.  Now?  It’s just two teams playing out the string.

Motivation level: Eh. After going 3-3 down the stretch and needing a field goal at the buzzer to avoid an upset at Kentucky, Georgia wants to put Smart’s debut season in the rear-view mirror so it can focus on what it hopes will be a brighter future under its new coach. This will not be an exciting bowl season for a team that sat at No. 9 in the Associated Press Top 25 early in the fall.

Motivation level: The Horned Frogs just need to turn the page on this season. They backed into bowl season with four losses in six games to finish 6-6. TCU needs a bowl win to avoid a third losing season in the past 19 years, so it’s got that to motivate it through December — and much of its roster returns in 2017.

I can’t wait for McGarity and Smart to push ticket sales by telling the fan base it needs to show up in Memphis to impress recruits.

On the bright side, it’s another noon start, so it’s not like we’ll have to break any viewing habits.


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“He’s got the ability to step in right away.”

Judging from this, that remake of Georgia’s offensive line into a powerhouse is gonna take some time.  And by “some time”, I mean “more time than we thought”.


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“Kirby Smart has his own way of doing things at Georgia.”

This tweet got a lot of attention yesterday.

As we all know, by agreement between the two schools, no hosting of recruits occurs at the Cocktail Party… which is stupid on Georgia’s part, but I digress.

The idea that bringing the Florida game home and away would pay dividends in recruiting sounds reasonable, until you consider this:

By my count, the Bulldogs hosted a total of four official visitors during the entire 2016 season. Georgia will have more than that this weekend and will have tripled that total after next weekend.

Smart wants to win games first. The staff would rather focus on 1-2 official visitors and their families at the most on Saturdays. That’s one specific season.

Recruiting is also a year-round sport and yet the reality is the weeks that will define the program start this weekend. This is recruiting season.

Given the quality of the 2017 class he’s putting together, I tend to give Smart the benefit of the doubt regarding his priorities.  Regardless of your stance on where the Georgia-Florida series should be played, then, it doesn’t seem like recruiting is a factor.


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