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Time to put that ticket price increase to work

This article is a reminder that a certain someone is in line for a big raise that we haven’t heard about yet.

Towers throws out a few numbers for comparison:

Georgia’s signing of basketball coach Tom Crean to a six-year, $19.2 million contract last week made a statement…

According to USA Today’s latest report, Saban currently earns $6.94 million annually. That’s actually less than the salaries that new Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher ($7.5 million) and old Auburn coach Gus Malzahn ($7 million) are due to pull in based on new contracts…

Dan Mullen went from Mississippi State to Florida and now makes $6.1 million a year. Tennessee hired Jeremy Pruitt from Alabama and he’s due to draw a $4 million salary from the Vols.

And just like that, they all make more than Smart ($3.75 million). Now what?

He then speculates that if McGarity is of a mind to make a statement as he did with Crean’s salary, Kirby is about to become Georgia’s “first Six Million Dollar Man”.  The thing is, even if McGarity’s not of such a mind, Jimmy Sexton no doubt is.

Does six mill sound about right to you?  If so, where do things go if Kirby actually drags a national championship trophy back to Athens in the near future?



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Life after Wims

If you’re among those worried about whom Jake Fromm will be throwing to with his favorite receiver from last season off to the NFL, maybe you should keep calm, as these two options should carry on.

That’s not just SEC, but all FBS programs.  In other words, Jake’s got something to work with.


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“They are definitely not losing any football capabilities here.”

Worried about who will be stepping into Davin Bellamy’s and Lorenzo Carter’s shoes?  They’re not.

That’s why they know the 2018 season will offer the chance for more Bulldogs to get their starting turns on the defense. Bellamy’s first pick in the “next Wolfpack up” category would be senior D’Andre Walker.

Bellamy felt Walker also could have started for a lot of SEC teams last year, too.

“He finished last year with like 15.5 tackles for a loss and something like six sacks,” Bellamy said. “He really made some game-changing plays for us in only a short amount of playing time. I’m really looking for him to take the next step.”

But he also had a couple more names in mind. That was sophomore Walter Grant. Grant saw extended action last year for the program as a true freshman member of Georgia’s “Wolfpack” core at OLB.

Walker roomed with Carter last year. Grant roomed with Bellamy. That certainly sounds like those two were being groomed to take over those starting spots in 2018. They were able to learn from a veteran and see what it took to hold down a starting spot.

Grant stood out.

“He has the length and size to be in that Leonard Floyd and Lorenzo Carter category and has a nose for the football,” Bellamy said.

Bellamy also felt that Grant picked up the playbook faster than any freshman he’s been around. That might have been because he had a pretty good tutor.

“He’s a young bull and I taught him everything I knew and he picked it up pretty fast,” Carter said of Grant. “Playbook. Work habits. He really understands football.”

There was also one more name to add to list of names to watch from spring practice.

“There’s another guy that a lot of people are sleeping on is Robert Beal,” Bellamy said. “He started coming along really well toward the end of the season last year. We started throwing him in there late with some good-on-good reps against the 1s and 2s from the offensive line. He really started to hold his own.”

All Walker seemed to do when he was in was make plays.  And Grant showed phenomenal football sense for a true freshman.  Add Beal and a couple of studs from the ’18 class to them, and I have to say I’m not too worried about the OLBs stepping up just fine.  If only somebody could reassure me in the same way about the ILBs…


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Georgia’s post-R spring is here.

Welp, tomorrow is the first day of the defending SEC champs’ 2018 season, and while I expect the quarterback “battle” to suck most of the media oxygen out of the room, my biggest question about the spring is nicely summarized in yesterday’s Bill King column:

As my buddy Joel put it: “My biggest concern can be summed up in four words: Roquan Smith is gone.”

There’s no question that Kirby’s done a great job of building roster depth, but you don’t lose All-American type talent without having to regroup.  If Natrez Patrick can make it back to being a reliable contributor, that would be a huge help, but it’s also something we can’t count on at this early stage.

What’s the area you’re most focused on this spring?


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Not a bad way to finish

Your memories of the nati0nal championship game, like mine, may include the interior of the offensive line being repeatedly blown up by Alabama’s interior defense.  That’s kind of a shame, because Isaiah Wynn went out, if not in a blaze of glory, at least more than holding his own, as this clip demonstrates.

Andrew Thomas may be a larger human being than Wynn, but he’s still got some big shoes to fill.


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Today, in shameless trolling

Gridiron Now asks the musical question “Could Georgia’s hiring of Tom Crean hurt Dawgs football program?”.

Gee, that’s a tough one.

Sadly, we’ll never know their answer, because they’ve taken the post down.


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Today, in filthy lucre

So, this was a thing.

It was that kind of weird and wonderful night Thursday at the Coca-Cola Roxy at Battery Park. DawgNation brought back the core leadership group of Georgia’s 2017 team to say thanks to them and to show appreciation to the many sponsors and readers that followed the Bulldogs every step of the way this past season. In turn, those players shared background and anecdotes about the 13-2 season, which included a win over Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl and and a dramatic overtime loss to Alabama National Championship Game at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

It was considered one of the most special seasons in Georgia history. And it was, according to Chubb, Michel, Davin Bellamy, Lorenzo Carter and Roquan Smith .The quintet posed for pictures, signed autographs, swapped stories and hobnobbed witDawgNation sponsors and fans in the Roxy’s expansive venue next to the Braves’ SunTrust Park. The whole affair was quite a study in free enterprise and adulation.

Chubb, Michel and Smith were the feature act. They were the paid stars originally booked and contracted through their respective representatives to be featured at this event. Bellamy and Carter came on board when the buzz began to swell and it became clear that hundreds of fans planned to participate. When the official announcement was released via social media, good buddies Bellamy and Carter raised their hands to be included, and were.

“The whole affair was quite a study in free enterprise…”  Just wondering from those of you in the it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters camp:  should the five have had to share what they received with the school?  And, hypothetically speaking, had this event been put on a year ago and the five paid for it then, would that have ruined last season for you?


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