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Georgia ain’t played bye week, PAWWWLLL.

I wondered if somebody would go there.

At least the extra point wasn’t blocked.


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Who is this “defensive coordinator” you speak of?

Pretty amazing — an almost 1500-word piece on how Alabama changed its defense for the better after 2012 without a single mention of Kirby Smart.

It’s reassuring to know that the brain trust at Georgia saw through the public perception of “it’s Saban’s defense” to get the man they wanted.

To be fair, I doubt the truth on Smart’s role in fashioning the ‘Bama defense is anywhere near that absolute.  I also doubt that anyone at Butts-Mehre who had a hand in hiring Smart had the first clue about how to gauge that.

Blind faith is what makes religion run.  It’s not the best guiding principle for managing a football program, though.


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Judge not Kirby Smart, lest ye be judged.

You have to admit it’s a little different hearing an AJ-C opinion writer urge Georgia fans not to believe the worst.


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The fix is in.

Georgia’s special teams — so little time, so many things to correct.


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“There was no national search.”

Seth Emerson, on the search for Mark Richt’s successor, suggests that the school was flexible — just not in the way you might have thought.

… Georgia was worried that Smart, the prodigal son, was going to get away (probably to South Carolina), so he was the clear choice when the decision was made to move on from Richt. In fact, it may have spurred the decision to fire Richt. It’s very possible that if Steve Spurrier decided not to retire, that Richt might have been Georgia’s coach this year. [Emphasis added.]

Seth’s not one to troll, ordinarily, but if by some chance that’s what he’s doing there, that’s some high grade stuff indeed.  Either way, nicely played.


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“With this job comes criticism. I’m accepting of that.”

Smart may indeed be.  But is Greg McGarity?

Perhaps that’s why he paid that search firm the big bucks.


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“I really don’t know what awaits for us.”

Holy cow.  I had no idea things have gotten to this point.

Earlier this week, Georgia players held what receiver Michael Chigbu called “just a little small talk,” minus the coaches. Chigbu wouldn’t go into details.

“The season’s not going how we want it,” said Chigbu, a sophomore.

But after reading related comments from Jeb Blazevich, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Blazevich said he once heard a coach – during the recruiting process – who summed it up this way: Eighty percent of the team follows what the rest does: Ten percent will be the hard-working leaders who don’t treat a bye week like a week off. The other 10 percent does.

Perhaps one benefit of the Vanderbilt loss, Blazevich opined, is that the right 10 percent will be followed.

“We’re trying to be the loudest ones, drown out these guys, weed these guys out,” Blazevich said. “And then we have everybody on board on the same page.”

The troubling word there is “perhaps”.  As in, we may not see a fix until next season.

Shit.  I hope I’m not about to head to my third depressing Florida game in a row.  But I’m starting to brace myself for that possibility.  Mentally speaking, this Georgia team is not in a good place right now.


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