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A little shot of Dawg porn for your morning

At GTP, we’re fond of two things in the spring, Dawg porn and tea leaf reading.  More on the latter in a sec, but here’s just a taste of the first for you:

Another spring sub-plot is who emerges at receiver to complement veteran Malcolm Mitchell. There are a number of candidates, including some veterans and incoming freshmen, but a returning walk-on has caught the eye of some.

Charlie Hegedus, who redshirted last year after transferring from N.C. State, was mentioned by quarterback Jacob Park when Park was asked who had stood out. The first player Park mentioned was Isaiah McKenzie, the standout kick returner who also plays receiver. Then Park compared McKenzie to Hegedus.

“I think Charlie Hegedus has come on strong,” Park said. “His hands are ridiculous, and his speed is close to Isaiah’s. I mean I saw them two on film (Monday) take off on go routes on opposite sides of the field, and Charlie had him by two steps for 40 yards.”

Hands and speed?  Yeah, I could go for some of that.  Where’s the cold shower?


UPDATE:  Bonus Dawg porn from Jordan Jenkins and Lorenzo Carter!

… Jake Ganus, a senior linebacker who transferred to Georgia from the now-defunct UAB football program, is bound to get substantial playing time.

Jenkins said Ganus has already made a name for himself amongst the Bulldogs.

“I didn’t think Ganus was as fast as he was,” Jenkins said. “When we’re running sprints as linebackers, he’s up there. He’s beat me a couple times, beat Lorenzo [Carter] a couple times. He’s as fast, if not faster, than some of us. He’s not afraid to stand out from the pack.”

Carter said this year will be different for him and the other linebackers because of Ganus and the incoming freshmen.

“It’s gonna be crazy,” Carter said. “I’m not gonna have to play when I’m tired. We’ve got firepower coming off the bench.”​


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Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.

  • Jay Rome wants to have fun this season, instead of “It’s always been about going out and trying not to hurt myself anymore.”
  • I got excited seeing the word “wheel” used in the context of Georgia’s offense, but it turns out all Seth meant was that Schottenheimer is tweaking the terminology of the play calls, not the system itself.
  • Dennis Dodd insists that football is a money loser at most schools, but those schools still want football.
  • Steve Spurrier is going to call the plays again this season.  Why did he ever stop? “It wasn’t going very well … You make a bad call and say, ‘Awe, dumbass. Why’d I do that? Maybe someone else can do it better.’”
  • Spurrier’s calling the plays, but he doesn’t know to whom yet.
  •’s Zac Ellis drops in on Athens to let us know how Georgia’s offense is progressing so far.
  • Corch wants you to know you’ve got nothing to worry about in the player injury department:  “The game is safer now. I can give you 28 years of experience. The game is safer now than it’s ever been.”
  • Nothing says school pride like having your mugshot taken in a logo’d t-shirt:  Parole Tide!!!


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Cheaters never prosper. However, sometimes they do get honored.

Just wondering how the “Todd Gurley broke the rules, and Mark Richt is awesome for making him pay the price” crowd feels about this development.

For what it’s worth, I think it looks great.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Chock full of goodies for your reading pleasure.

  • According to Khari Harding’s dad, local media sussed on to the problem with the new NCAA transfer rule before Tulsa did.  Ugh.
  • Five reasons why Tennessee will win the SEC East in 2015… and five reasons UT won’t.
  • Here’s Athlon’s Georgia spring preview.  Nothing particularly revelatory.
  • The NCAA is okay with a crowdfunding project for student-athletes?  Count me skeptical; it’s probably more like the NCAA hasn’t figured out a way to shut it down yet.
  • Auburn’s home/road splits over the last ten years are rather eye-opening.
  • Hoo, boy“Senior linebacker Jordan Jenkins said he thought there was an underlying issue in the team’s setbacks, though. The players who served as leaders weren’t very good, in his opinion.”
  • And this is why they pay Cam Cameron the big bucks, I guess.


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From Garner to Rocker

This isn’t one of those get in the weeds recruiting posts – you know me better than that, right? – but I thought it was interesting listening to what’s on the mind of a big defensive tackle in the 2016 recruiting class.

Julian Rochester is one of the top defensive tackle recruits in the country. Out of Powder Springs (Ga.) McEachern, Rochester is a five-star recruit on the 247Sports Composite. At 6’6 and 325 pounds, he has great length and holds offers from more than 30 schools.

Rochester was widely perceived as being a strong Auburn lean, but evidently that’s changed recently, as he’s now expressed a big interest in Georgia.

In the video above, Rochester discusses how difficult it is to find Jordans in a size 16 and that he is hoping to get some good gear at The Opening if he eventually gets invited (Rochester was not invited Sunday but could be asked later). He also dishes on his recent visit to see Georgia  — one he didn’t even want to take at first, and what made it so good that the Bulldogs pulled even with Auburn, his former No. 1 school.

He’s really taken with the position coaches at both schools.  Say what you will about Rodney Garner, one of his strengths has always been his ability to connect with kids on the recruiting trail.  If Georgia’s matched that ability with Tracy Rocker, to go along with what I would argue are better coaching skills at the position, that’s not bad.  At all.

Of course, Rochester ought to realize if he comes to Athens, it ain’t all about being cuddly.

(Photo by John Kelley/UGA Sports Communications)

UPDATE: You’ll get a kick out of this header.


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Still an edge

Playing in a pro-style offense at Georgia, that is.

Having a good pro day may be a double-edged sword for Mason. The workout may have actually moved him into the late rounds of the draft because he is one of the few quarterbacks coming out this year that ran a true pro-style offense.

We hear the same thing every year before the draft.  I expect recruits do, too.


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Happy on defense

I mentioned defensive acclimation to Pruitt in his second year, and it sounds like that’s the song being sung in spring practice.

If there is one dominant theme through the early stages of Georgia’s spring football practices, it’s that the defense seems a lot more comfortable in the second year under coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

Happier, too.

“It’s a lot different,” senior defensive tackle James DeLoach said. “You basically know what’s going on this year, so you can fly around and have more fun. I think we’re off to a good start, and we’re working with the young guys, trying to teach them what they need to do.”

That’s good, no?  Of course, there’s one little thing to keep in mind…

Georgia’s defense is facing an offense looking to develop a new center, a new quarterback and several reliable receivers under new coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

“The offensive players are just now getting a feel for it.” DeLoach said. “I think they felt like we did last year.”

It’s always something.  At least the offense gets to work its way up to speed with an easier start to the schedule than the 2014 defense had.


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