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Georgia’s 2015 season just crashed and burned.


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I got ‘yer Urnge game day post right here.

Okay, skipping straight to the bottom line, my heart and my head both see a Georgia win today.

My head notes that while last week proved to be a bad match of Georgia’s strengths against Alabama, this week is just the opposite.  The Dawgs should be able to run on Tennessee and should, in facing a weaker offensive line today, have some success against UT’s running game.  If Georgia can get back to playing to its strengths, that should make Lambert a better quarterback and perhaps the field position battle swings more in Georgia’s favor, too.  (That would help negate the sinking feeling I get every time Barber punts.)  That all adds up to a comfortable win.

In response, my heart feels, fine, but… special teams and Tennessee’s running quarterback make this a much closer game than pointing to Georgia’s strengths might show.  It’s more prudent to expect Georgia to win, but not cover the 3.5 line.

It’s the intangibles that add real intrigue to how the day plays out.  Does Georgia bounce back emotionally and mentally from being seal-clubbed last Saturday?  What kind of attention is Tennessee paying to Booch and the coaching staff after blowing three big leads, partly due to some questionable game management decision, and after dealing with that physical altercation story this week?

As to the latter, I’ve got no idea, but it’s worth remembering something I pointed out in a post from a couple of months ago about Georgia’s five-game winning streak over the Vols.

Yes, every one of the last four games came down to a one-score margin.

  • 2014:  35-32
  • 2013:  34-31
  • 2012:  51-44
  • 2011:  20-12  (Note:  UT scored with 2:45 left on the clock in the fourth quarter.)

But you know what else every one of those four games sported?  A big (at least two scores) Georgia lead.

  • 2014:  21-10
  • 2013:  17-3
  • 2012:  27-10
  • 2011:  20-6

This team has recently had a bad habit of relaxing against Tennessee.  Maybe it’s time to take the Vols seriously for a full sixty minutes.  Try hanging on to that big lead, guys, or stay focused by struggling for the game’s entirety.

If it’s Georgia that does the mouth punching early on today, how do both teams respond?  How does the Neyland Stadium crowd respond?

Aside from the win, my wish list today is pretty short.  First and foremost, Schottenheimer needs to get Lambert settled down and comfortable.  It’s going to be a longer season than we expected if there is less confidence in the starting quarterback this year than there was in 2014.  Second, I expect that Pruitt’s had a fair share of coachable moments with his charges in the secondary after their disappointing play against Calvin Ridley.  Sounder play from the DBs would be nice to see – and if Georgia is successful in controlling the UT running game, necessary to keep Tennessee from taking charge.

That’s all I got.  What say you?


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Welcome to Frat Beach.

Shorter Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce President M.H. “Woody” Woodside:  kids, we’re gonna kick your ass three ways to Sunday when you behave like kids, but we’d love to take your money in the meantime!


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Closing the door on last Saturday’s debacle

Call it a metaphor, call it the final touch on a shitty day… in any event, I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the aftermath of the Alabama game than by sharing this.

A West Georgia man was driving home from last Saturday’s University of Georgia football game in Athens when he stopped at a Jackson County gas station and discovered he was hauling an intoxicated UGA student.

The 47-year-old Alabama fan, who lives near Columbus, had stopped about 11 p.m. at the On the Run station on Winder Highway, Jefferson, when he found the unconscious student, according to a Jackson County Sheriff’s report.

After the student was awakened, he told the man he didn’t know how he got in his vehicle. Although he had a cell phone, the student told a deputy he didn’t know anyone in Athens who was sober enough to come and get him.

The motorist decided to take the student back to Athens, as he and the deputy didn’t know what else to do with him. The man told the deputy he was glad he didn’t get all the way home before finding the student.

Damn, son.


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Defense may win championships…

… but it doesn’t appear to be a key to Georgia beating Tennessee.

I guess after all this time, now I know what Todd Grantham meant when he said this.


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View from the other side

Booch drops a hint, hint.

Just like he’s earning, eh?


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“If every instinct you have…”

I know what D.J. Shockley’s getting at with his advice for Greyson Lambert this week, but I can’t help but cringe inwardly a little at his use of the “I” word.

… There were times Lambert did not trust what he saw, nor did he deliver the football with confidence like we saw against South Carolina. In 2005, we played at Tennessee and I remember a key moment in the game where I had just thrown an interception that was run back to the 1-yard line. The very next offensive play when we got the ball back Coach Richt called a deep post route and I hit it for a big play. That was the confidence I needed going forward. Bottom line, there was no time to sulk about the INT. I had to pick myself back up and play ball for my team with a loud stadium going crazy. For quarterbacks, instincts are everything, along with believing every time the football leaves your hand. Never second guess your decision. Against Tennessee, I expect Schotty to call high-percentage throws such as slants, hitches and screens. Lambert needs to play with poise, confidence and the belief he can make the plays when the time calls for it.

Um… Lambert trusting his instincts is kinda what got him into the mess in the first place, isn’t it?

Perhaps instead he should call upon the well-known quarterbacks coach George Costanza for some direction.


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