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Alabama and Georgia – does it come down to a battle of the offensive coordinators?

The guys at And The Valley Shook! assess the SEC quarterback situation, and really don’t see much of a difference between Alabama and Georgia right now.


8 Bama: Saban went into last season with a big question mark under center and ended up with one of the most productive passing offenses in the conference. He’s in the same boat now, but I refuse to bet against whatever guy he decides on this year.

9 UGA: Hutson Mason did his part and gave Richt a bridge to this season after the end of the Murray era. Again, UGA has to replace a productive QB, and he’s got plenty of talent but almost no experience. I’m rooting for Faton Bauta for name purposes, but Brice Ramsey has the inside track. The Dawgs have a stellar QB development track record, but this is one of their steepest challenges.


8 (tie) Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina: To me, these three programs are all in the same boat right now. They’ve all traditionally been able to trot out decent quarterbacks, but they’re all kind of in new realms in terms of a lack of experience. Nobody at Georgia was able to really take the job this spring, and now they’re taking a graduate transfer from Virginia that really struggled. That’s not an indication of confidence…

… In Alabama, they’re facing the greenest QB situation any Nick Saban team has had this century. Jacob Coker has been on campus for all of one year, failed to win the job once (when he was brought in specifically to do just that) and couldn’t distance himself from the rest of the pack in the spring. Behind him are a bunch of freshmen.

As Poseur said, all three of these teams have shown they can transition quarterbacks without too many hiccups. But they’ve never quite had this situation before.


8 Georgia: I like the crew here, and I think Brice Ramsey will end up taking the gig. Georgia rarely has bad QB play, so I doubt much changes here.

9 Alabama: I guess I’m turning the corner on Kiffin a bit? Because I look at this group and don’t see much. There’s not much experience, but there is good talent. But now they don’t have an elite WR talent to bomb it to and pray. This could be the most marginal Bama offense in the Saban era.

Add it all up, and you’ve pretty much got a dead heat there.

Beyond that, it’s more than the quarterbacks who look even.  If Malcolm Mitchell stays healthy, he’s the best receiver either team trots out, but you could say both receiving corps have potential – although nobody’s got an Amari Cooper to build a passing attack around.  Georgia’s got better depth at tight end, it seems, but if O.J. Howard ever translates his talents into performance, he’s got the makings of an All-American.  Running back?  For once, it’s Georgia with the advantage, especially from a depth standpoint.  And even at offensive line, where it’s almost an automatic to give the Tide the nod, it’s not as if there’s a huge gap between the two.

So, I’m just wondering – are we looking at a situation where the difference is going to be Kiffin vs. Schottenheimer?


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The Boom Effect

Athlon is all in on the Auburn bandwagon, y’all.

Auburn could go from a .500 team in SEC play to a playoff contender. The Tigers are explosive on offense and feature rising star Jeremy Johnson at quarterback to replace Nick Marshall. The defense has to improve after giving up 6.4 yards per play in SEC games last season. With six starters back, Will Muschamp calling the signals and end Carl Lawson back from injury, this group should show marked improvement. And it certainly doesn’t hurt Auburn’s national title hopes that Georgia and Alabama must visit Jordan-Hare Stadium in 2015.

You know, it’s amazing how Ellis Johnson has been reduced to being a complete putz of a defensive coordinator in such a short time.  (I do think if Lawson’s healthy, he will make Muschamp look a lot smarter this season.)  But I digress.

Can somebody explain why it seems to be taken as an obvious that Auburn’s got some huge advantage playing Georgia at home?  Say what you will about Mark Richt’s shortcomings, playing at Auburn ain’t one of ’em.  Georgia is 3-2 over the last five games at Jordan-Hare.  The two losses came with the weakest team he fielded there (and even that was a struggle that took Cam Newton most of the game before Auburn had control) and a miracle fluke play after Auburn had blown a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter.

While I expect a Malzahn offense to excel, I don’t see it being appreciably better than it was with Marshall.  Is Agent Muschamp going to make that big of a difference?


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Travel Alabama!

Guess who’s rumored to be dropping by?

Can’t wait to hear what he thinks of the Laner.


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Bo Bounds knows Georgia football, or at least he’s sure he does.

I guess this comes with trying to be the best provocative sports radio talk you can be, but this Bounds fella followed up his slam-bang performance on Finebaum (which evidently generated some pushback from the Georgia side) by inviting Dave Bartoo on his show (click the link here) to do some more Richt slapping.

Now I think Bartoo does an excellent job with his analysis and if somebody wants to argue that Richt has underachieved, especially in his last five seasons, don’t expect me to argue.

But I’m afraid Bounds’ enthusiasm for making his point got the better of Dave there.  A large part of the discussion centers around Georgia’s recruiting, and I can’t figure out if they’re jumping Richt’s case for not doing better on the recruiting trail (Bounds cites that terrific analysis David Ching did about how many SEC and P5 recruits come from Georgia) or if it’s a matter of Richt having not done better with what he’s had.  I can buy the latter, but make up your minds, guys.

But the best part of all is the wonder Bounds claims to have about Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech last year.  Now, again, there’s no question that Richt’s call to squib kick was boneheaded and he was properly rewarded for it.  But hilarity ensues over Bounds marveling at Georgia ever losing to the Jackets, getting Bartoo to estimate Georgia should win about 90% of the time… and simply failing to acknowledge Richt’s 12-2 record against Georgia Tech.

Like I said, there’s legitimate stuff to knock Richt about.  But when you’re trying that hard, you kind of defeat your own purpose.

Better luck with the next guest, Bo.


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A thought on coaching Georgia’s offensive line

Murf Baldwin’s piece on Georgia’s offensive line has gotten some attention over the past few days.  It’s a fun read and it’ll remind you how well the o-line performed in last year’s Arkansas game, but, honestly, this part strikes me as a bit of irrational exuberance:

Friend, for my money, was the most underrated line coach in existence as he clearly got the most out of his personnel, but the same could’ve been said for the previous line coach Stacy Searels who originally got the ball rolling with his physical brand of coaching.

Will Friend?  This Will Friend?  Sorry, I can’t buy that.  During his tenure, the offensive line proved itself to be way too inconsistent for that kind of praise.

I do think last season’s line turned in the best results we’ve seen at Georgia in several years, but I’d argue that was due to a level of stability at the position we hadn’t seen in, well, several years.  Some of that could be chalked up to health, but some of that was simply the result of not tinkering with the starters on what seemed like an almost weekly basis, as had previously been the method.

And that goes all the way back to Searels, who, admittedly, I thought got off to a fantastic start dealing with a very shaky depth situation and by necessity had to cross-train a fair amount to create numbers.  But the practice outgrew its value, or at least it should have.

I hope Rob Sale is one of those “find the five best, coach ’em up and lock ’em in” types.


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Nick Chubb spends his offseasons unintentionally freaking out people.

Bill Connelly led me to this Georgia preview at the Columbia Daily Tribune, which in turn linked to Nick Chubb’s remarkable high school warm up photo.  You know, this one.

Somebody needs to show ’em what Chubb did at Camp Sunshine this week.

As MaconDawg puts it,

Reminder: Nick Chubb is only 5’11 inches tall and weighs all of 230 pounds. A lot of that muscle is in his lower body however, which explains his explosive ability to propel himself upward like he’s been shot out of a cannon.

Plus, I hear he’s allergic to Sharpies.


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“I never wanted to let the guy down.”

Hutson Mason ❤ Mark Richt.  And Georgia.


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