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“But I’ve got to have somebody that wants to play us.”

Apparently Georgia has been talking to Kent State about a future game, with a guaranteed payout of nearly $2 million.  Georgia Southern’s athletic director wants to know why such sweet, sweet bank might be leaving the state his program shares with Greg McGarity’s.

“I’m not devaluing Kent State. But you’re paying them significant amount of money and they’re probably not going to have 100 fans there,” Kleinlein said. “(Whereas) I’m going to bring 15,000 people with me…”

Dude, I think you just answered your own question.



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Ain’t got time for you no more.

Georgia Southern writes, Georgia Southern calls, but

“I’m trying to get that game back again,” Georgia Southern athletics director Tom Kleinlein said on Thursday. “We sat down and talked about it a couple months later and thought it was a great experience. Obviously we bring a bunch of our fans there, and a lot of their fans and our fans are closely-tied fan bases. And with the whole deal with Erk (Russell) coming from here it’s a great, great game. We’d like to play again in the future. But I’ve not gotten a response to being able to play that game.”

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity did not immediately respond to requests for comment, via text and e-mail.

The last discussions with Georgia were earlier this spring, according to Kleinlein, and those came via e-mail.

“They have said that they’re kind of in the process of some other things right now,” Kleinlein said.

Like scheduling Austin Peay.


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Had it all the way.

In a night filled with inexplicable happenings – I still can’t figure out what in the hell the officials were up to with the GSU muffed punt – the overtime period topped it all.

First, Southern decides to take the ball out of the hands of its most effective player by running the wildcat.  Twice.  (When you’re running the triple option already, what’s the point?)  It was as if the Eagles’ offensive coordinator looked across the field at Brian Schottenheimer and said, “You think you make dumb ass playcalls?  Buddy, you ain’t seen real dumb ass.”

Then came this.

On a night when it seemed like the offensive line couldn’t block its way out of a paper bag, everyone on the line made their blocks.  Hunter Long, who’d been used and abused all night, not only got his block down on the line, but managed to throw another one downfield that sprung Michel for the score.  Stunning, really.

And a welcome relief, because I was not looking forward to Mark Richt having to play another game of Marshall Morgan roulette.


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Where’s the love, I ask you?

Hey, I thought you guys liked us!


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Richt tried to tell us, part deux.

Good advanced stats catch by David Wunderlich – Georgia is only one spot ahead of Georgia Southern in Football Outsiders’ S&P+ ratings.


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If you’re a defensive lineman, it’s gonna be a long two weeks.

Well, Georgia Southern may not run the same version of the triple option Georgia Tech runs – more shotgun and spread, for example – but the Eagles do continue the use of one proud Paul Johnson tradition.

“Their offense is very unique, watching film,” defensive tackle James DeLoach said. “They have a lot of athletes and they spread the ball out. They get the ball on the perimeter, chop block[Emphasis added.]

Better watch those knees, boys.


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Richt tried to tell us.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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