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Had it all the way.

In a night filled with inexplicable happenings – I still can’t figure out what in the hell the officials were up to with the GSU muffed punt – the overtime period topped it all.

First, Southern decides to take the ball out of the hands of its most effective player by running the wildcat.  Twice.  (When you’re running the triple option already, what’s the point?)  It was as if the Eagles’ offensive coordinator looked across the field at Brian Schottenheimer and said, “You think you make dumb ass playcalls?  Buddy, you ain’t seen real dumb ass.”

Then came this.

On a night when it seemed like the offensive line couldn’t block its way out of a paper bag, everyone on the line made their blocks.  Hunter Long, who’d been used and abused all night, not only got his block down on the line, but managed to throw another one downfield that sprung Michel for the score.  Stunning, really.

And a welcome relief, because I was not looking forward to Mark Richt having to play another game of Marshall Morgan roulette.



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Where’s the love, I ask you?

Hey, I thought you guys liked us!


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Richt tried to tell us, part deux.

Good advanced stats catch by David Wunderlich – Georgia is only one spot ahead of Georgia Southern in Football Outsiders’ S&P+ ratings.


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If you’re a defensive lineman, it’s gonna be a long two weeks.

Well, Georgia Southern may not run the same version of the triple option Georgia Tech runs – more shotgun and spread, for example – but the Eagles do continue the use of one proud Paul Johnson tradition.

“Their offense is very unique, watching film,” defensive tackle James DeLoach said. “They have a lot of athletes and they spread the ball out. They get the ball on the perimeter, chop block[Emphasis added.]

Better watch those knees, boys.


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Richt tried to tell us.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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Run the damned ball, Eagles.

There pretty much isn’t a down and distance when Georgia Southern won’t run the football.


1st Down: GSU has run the football on over 85 percent of first downs this season. But both of The Eagles’ touchdown passes on the year have come on first down.

2nd Down: No matter the distance, second down is a run-heavy down across the board for Georgia Southern. Second and long (seven or more yards) is actually a heavier run down than second and medium (four to six yards).

3rd Down: GSU even runs the football more than it passes it on third and long. All downs and distances are run-heavy.

Sagarin has GSU ranked as the 65th best team in the country.  For context, that’s about on par with South Carolina and better than Kentucky and Vanderbilt.  (Quick:  what’s the common element between Georgia and those three teams?)  The Eagles’ strength of schedule, ranked 121st, is about what you’d expect from a Sun Belt team playing in its tenth game of the season, and both of its losses came against teams ranked higher by Sagarin.

All in all, no surprises there.


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This week’s name of the week

I’ve been saving this one for a little while, but thanks to Reservoir Dawg for bringing Georgia Southern’s Ironhead Gallon to my attention… and now to yours.


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