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Tuesday morning buffet

A little snow, a little buffet…


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Another reason to love the NCAA

Tough luck, Georgia Southern.


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There should be blood.

This Georgia Southern video has the coaching staff headbutting Erk Russell’s statue a little too reverently, methinks.


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Gator. It’s what’s for lunch.

Georgia Southern, I like your style.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and get to it.

  • I think this is what they mean by irony:  “The healthiest defensive back for Georgia right now is sophomore safety Josh Harvey-Clemons, who is suspended for the opener after admitting to police this spring that he had been smoking marijuana.”  Weed makes you strong!
  • Chad Morris promises Georgia 100% of Clemson’s playbook.
  • I wonder if anybody ever talks to Paul Johnson now the way Erk talked to Paul Johnson.
  • You’ve been warned:  Chris Fowler promises that ESPN will cover the Manziel story “just like we had to cover the investigation into Cam Newton at Auburn.”  Yech.
  • apologizes for being sexist in a football story it ran.  You wonder how many readers even noticed in the first place.
  • Maybe should have checked with Siri first.
  • Christian Robinson turned down a NFL camp invite to stay in Athens as a GA.
  • Here’s something else the Georgia offense was good at last season.


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If you’re gonna go in, might as well go all in.

Alligator Army blogger predicts Florida will score fewer points at home against Georgia Southern’s defense than in Jacksonville.


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Thursday morning buffet

If you’re hungry, grab a plate.

  • Georgia Southern is moving to the Sun Belt Conference.  That’s good news for Georgia, as it means there will be one less FCS opponent on future schedules.
  • Evidently, we think college players shouldn’t be paid, but college coaches should be paid more.  Weird.
  • Speaking of paying college players, this is some well-played snark from the AJ-C, of all places.
  • The media’s strange fixation with what it thinks Jadeveon Clowney ought to be doing with his football career goes in a new direction.
  • John Infante thinks a little sunshine would work wonders on SEC oversigning.  Methinks Nick Saban could care less about that.
  • March Madness usually inspires some really stupid thoughts about what college football can take from the basketball tourney, and CFN delivers, in spades.
  • If you’re a Vol fan living in a certain place, Charlie Pierce describes how the Georgia-Tennessee water war could lead to your worst nightmare.


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