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I love Georgia Tech. How ’bout you?

Striking omission here.

And, no, he doesn’t follow up with similar congratulations for the Tech salute.  Well played, Governor.



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Achievement unlocked

Many of us have been waiting for this sort of validation, and the day has finally arrived.

0-3 Georgia State is ranked thirteen spots higher in current SP+ than 1-2 Georgia Tech.

Well played, Geoff.


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If you’ve got it, flaunt it, baby.

Scene from a city street…

I don’t know if that’s a product of Georgia State pride or Tennessee mockery, but either way, it works.


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They run this Waffle House.

The Stingtalk boys don’t take kindly to a Georgia State tweet involving Waffle House.  As is often the case there, unintended hilarity ensues.


UPDATE:  It’s Waffle House Wednesday, bitchez!  (h/t DCWeez)


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“And we all know why.”

To the surprise of no one,

Pre-registration for Georgia State’s football camp is well ahead of last year’s pace.

Penn State coach James Franklin and his coaching staff will be on hand for the June 10 sessions, something that Georgia State coach Trent Miles’ camp website advertises.

Miles said there were 40 or 50 campers who signed up ahead of time last year.

“This year we’ve got a few hundred,” Miles said.

If Miles pulls in even one commitment he wouldn’t have gotten before, isn’t it worth it for him?

Just wait ’til next year, when Notre Dame lends a hand.  Assuming the NCAA doesn’t pull the plug on this, that is.


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Welcome to Georgia State!

Boy, if SEC coaches are upset about James Franklin’s summer camp incursion, this is really going to send them over the deep end.

I’m guessing Georgia State is one Sun Belt opponent Georgia won’t be in any hurry to schedule.


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Blame Bobo.

Wondered if this might be coming…

Though it would probably mean a pay cut for him if he got the job.


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Monday morning buffet

Go get a plate.

  • What cracks me up about this story isn’t that Tennessee cops can’t tell the difference between a marijuana leaf and the Ohio State symbol.  It’s that they think drug dealers are stupid enough to advertise their wares on their cars.
  • Georgia Tech’s participation in the last ACCCG had the effect on FSU ticket sales you might have guessed.  In other words, Chantastic!
  • Georgia announces a study into the long-term effects of high school football.
  • Bill Connelly kicks off the preseason review field with a look at newly minted D-1 member Georgia State.  Based on his piece, anybody wonder how soon GSU achieves parity with Georgia Tech?
  • “… of the 20 Georgia recruits that were rated as ‘2’ or ‘No’ stars during the last 13 years, EIGHT of them were signed in Richt’s initial season of 2001.”
  • I’d find John Infante’s be-careful-what-you-wish-for take on the O’Bannon suit more persuasive if the NCAA weren’t so stubborn about trying to find some sort of reasonable settlement with the plaintiffs.
  • And in non-football (although I guess you could call it tailgating) news, the Maker’s Mark folks have their New Coke moment.


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You’re dead to me, son.

The other school flips a Georgia Tech commit.


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Paul Johnson haz a euphemism.

The AJ-C pushes him on the Johnson Doctrine, he gets testy – of course he does, bless his heart – and then he caps off the crankiness with an oblique reference to his biggest rival:

“Our policies are no different than 90-percent of the other teams in the country,” Johnson told a group of reporters. “I mean, they make a big deal of it. It’s like ‘Will we lose some guys?’ Possibly it could happen, everybody does. But it’s a much bigger deal when we lose them because it’s our policies. I saw that the other school in the state has had five (de-commitments), and it’s no big deal. But if we lose one or two, it will be because of our policy.”  [Emphasis added.]

He does have a lot on his mind these days, so is it possible he was just a little tongue-tied and forgot a name that happens to be part of his own school’s?  Yeah, sure.  Then again, maybe he’s referring to Georgia State.  It’s all so clever.

I sure hope he hears about it when the other school in the state beats his ass for the fifth year in a row this November.


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