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On brand

Geoff, we get it.

You like getting free Waffle House stuff.


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Juuuuust… a bit of a gap

Out of 130 programs, Georgia comes in second in PFF’s college football offensive line rankings.

2. Georgia Bulldogs

Highest-graded player: OT Andrew Thomas – 92.4 (3rd)

Georgia’s strength on offense this year was clearly their offensive line, a unit that ranked fifth in run-blocking grade and fourth in pass-blocking grade. Andrew Thomas and Isaiah Wilson are both headed to the NFL, leaving big voids at the tackle spots in 2020, but their mark left on the nation’s second-best offensive line will not be forgotten. Georgia’s offensive line helped pave the way for the Bulldogs running backs to average over 2.20 yards before contact per attempt on the ground.

Waffle House U’s o-line didn’t fare so well.  In fact, they basically didn’t fare at all.

130. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Highest-graded player: OG Mikey Minihan – 61.9 (181st)

It was a rebuilding year for Georgia Tech, as their offensive line had to adjust to pass-blocking more than they ever had with the triple-option of years past. The Yellow Jackets struggled mightily in the switch from a dominant run-first offense, and they gave up the nation’s highest sack+hit rate, with 12.1% of their pressures ending up with the quarterback on the ground. They also lost 34.9% of their pass-blocking reps, by far the highest in the country, and the unit also had the nation’s lowest pass-blocking efficiency rating as well as the 129th-ranked run-blocking grade.

404, baby.


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Clean old-fashioned embarrassment

Now he knows how we feel when it happens.

Losing to Tech has a way of doing that to a body.

[Ed. note:  In no way should this post be construed as expressing sympathy for Roy Williams or North Carolina basketball.  It’s one of life’s little pleasures watching both wallow in misery.]


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“It is our policy to not comment on pending litigation.”

Evidently, stiffing your former employer on a contract provision is something else you can do at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury has been sued for breach of contract by Oregon State, his former employer, according to court documents obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The story was first reported by The Oregonian earlier Saturday.

Oregon State, from where Stansbury was hired in September 2016, alleged in its lawsuit, filed Wednesday, that Stansbury stopped making payments on money owed the school as part of his buyout for leaving before his contract was completed.

Stansbury left his position as Oregon State AD a little more than a year into the job. He signed a five-year contract in 2015.

Stansbury owed about $2.1 million when he left for Tech and had been making payments through July before stopping, according to court documents.

Maybe he forgot.

Given that Stansbury had made considerable progress in repaying the debt, reducing the principal owed from the original $2.1 million to $1.4 million as of Oct. 31 of this year, along with interest accruing at the contracted 9 percent, the dispute may concern how much is still owed or the rate of its repayment.

Or not.

The best thing here is that he’s playing both ends against the middle.

The buyout was a central element of the contract that Tech and Stansbury crafted together. Stansbury had strong interest in taking the job, as did Tech in hiring him, but the buyout was a major obstacle for him to accept.

To help him handle the obligation, then-president G.P. “Bud” Peterson agreed on a contract that included a $1.1 million loan from the athletic association to Stansbury to help cover the buyout. The loan would be forgiven if he were to stay through his five-year deal. (He would owe the entire amount immediately, plus interest, if he were to leave early, a term that Stansbury accepted as an indication of his commitment to Tech.)

His salary also was generous, at least in part to further assist with the buyout. Stansbury’s starting salary was $900,000, an 80 percent raise from his Oregon State salary and $200,000 more than predecessor Mike Bobinski was making at the time he took the AD job at Purdue.

You know, we give SEC ADs crap all the time for the way Jimmy Sexton runs all over them, but the way Georgia Tech handles contract negotiations with its athletic hires pretty much qualifies as Olympic level buffoonery all on its own.  They can do that!


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I have not come to bury Geoff Collins…

Seriously, I’m somewhat surprised at how little credit Mr. 404 is getting for resurrecting Tech’s recruiting from the dead.  The Jackets currently stand 24th in the 247Sports Composite rankings, good for fifth in the ACC, and yet I find hardly any mention in the national media of what he’s done.

He may be running around like a crazed wombat, but he’s getting results at a place where results have been hard to come by since Chan Gailey.  I mean, even Mark Bradley (softly) criticizes the genius’ half-assed approach to recruiting.

We pause for the obligatory mention of Paul Johnson. Tech football was relevant for most of his tenure, but it was a footnote-y relevance. Tech football was a curio, almost a trick of the light. Johnson took not-very-good players and plugged them into his stylized offense and beat Georgia three times. Gailey took better players and never beat Georgia. Nobody else — well, nobody at a Power 5 outpost — played like Johnson’s Tech. Anybody else’s Tech will require much better players, scads of them, to think about beating Georgia again.

Wow, “beat Georgia three times”.  In eleven seasons.  Like that’s some sort of special accomplishment instead of the historical track record of the series since Dooley’s arrival.  But I digress.

Anyway, the man deserves a tip of the cap, if only to shut up every pissant Tech fan who’s moaned about how academics have been the school’s death knell on the recruiting trail all this time.  Amazing how far a little effort can take you.  If he can now manage to steal the occasional recruit from the likes of Auburn, all the better.  Kudos, Geoff.


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The Geoff Collins unified theory of recruiting

Waffle House über alles.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from the first kid who goes all “yeah, they offered me at UGA, but Waffle House“.


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Every picture tells a story.

This is one of those things I’ve just gotta share with y’all.

Screenshot_2019-12-18 Georgia Vs Georgia Tech by Chad Barker

For some reason, this work of art isn’t available for sale, although you’re invited to contact the artist directly about it (there’s a link at the site to do so).

Anyway, he’s titled this “Georgia Vs Georgia Tech“, which lacks a certain… I dunno, flavor?  I mean think of the labels we have for other iconic Dawg moments:  Hobnail Boot, the Celebration, Run, Lindsay, etc.  Surely there’s a better title than Georgia Vs Georgia Tech, amirite?

(By the way, as a complete aside, my favorite moment of that entire brouhaha was, while in the middle of it, Pickens actually taking the time to look and size up the distance to the wall to make sure Swilling hit it when he hurled him at it.)

So, have at it in the comments.  We can do better.

(h/t Dawg19)


UPDATE:  Turns out, it has a name.


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