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Play Clemson every year?

At Georgia Tech, you get to do that!

No doubt Coach 404 is thrilled with the news.


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The futility, she burns.

How pathetic has Georgia Tech football been under Coach 404?  This pathetic:

Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger Waffle House cup.


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Dream season on the Flats

You’d think it would be pretty hard to do, but Bill Connelly’s managed to fashion three paragraphs ($$) in which it seems like each sentence is sadder than the previous one.

Will Geoff Collins’ Hail Mary work? Hired to replace option-dependent Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech in 2019, Collins was always going to need some time to craft a more modern program. But three years in, he has a 9-25 record, and after jumping from 111th to 75th in his second season, his Jackets stumbled back to 96th in 2021 and lost a majority of their most talented players to either graduation or the transfer portal. His fourth Tech team currently ranks 118th in my returning production rankings; only five returnees took more than 400 snaps in a Tech uniform last year — three on offense and two on defense.

There’s just as much turnover on staff, where Collins brought in six new assistants, including former Notre Dame and Tulane offensive coordinator Chip Long. Collins also dipped heavily into the portal, focusing on the secondary (five newcomers), offensive line (four) and skill corps (four) and bringing in a pair of quarterbacks — Akron’s Zach Gibson and Clemson’s Taisun Phommachanh — to battle Jeff Sims for the starting job. By far the most proven transfer is one from last year: defensive end Keion White, who recorded 19 tackles for loss in 2019 but missed 2021 because of an ankle injury.

This is a whole lot of change. Collins had almost no choice but to give it a shot after three seasons of failing to build depth or a culture of success. A Hail Mary almost never works, and Georgia Tech’s schedule is brutal: It features five projected top-20 teams (three in the first five games) and ranks as the seventh-hardest overall at the moment. Odds certainly favor Tech bringing in a new coach for 2023, but huge chemistry experiments work just often enough that the Yellow Jackets could be interesting to follow this season. For a while, at least.

With this schedule, it’s likely to be a very short while.


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Not dead yet

Georgia Tech recruiting, that is.

With no four- or five-stars in the class as of yet, “relentless” is a relative term.

This may be the best definition of an optimist you’ll ever see.

Betting on Coach 404 to survive past this season?  Bold strategy, Cotton.


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At Georgia Tech, a different kind of NIL problem

This is pretty pathetic sounding.

Georgia Tech athletics director Todd Stansbury won’t dissuade any Yellow Jackets supporters from making a financial contribution to the “Swarm the ATL” collective or any other similar outfit. But he also wants to encourage supporters to help keep the athletic department engine running, too.

“At the end of the day, we’ve still got to pay for the scholarships and all the things we need to provide our student-athletes as well as our teams,” Stansbury said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So, obviously, I want (donors) to support student-athletes how they want to and engage them in the appropriate ways, but I do not want that at the expense of their support of the core program, which is essentially providing scholarships and now, educational expenses, cost of attendance and all the other things that we do to make sure that our student-athletes are taken care of.”

Tech’s AD is concerned about competing with Tech’s players and recruits over a limited pool of donor dollars.  You can see why:

In the 2021 fiscal year (July 2020-June 2021), Tech received $7.7 million in outside contributions, part of the $86.2 million that the department generated in revenues, which just covered the $86 million in expenses, according to Tech’s financial report to the NCAA. Tech’s expenses likely will continue to climb in coming years.

What a sales pitch — “Recruits, do you want to starve your athletic program’s funding by accessing donor support directly?  At Georgia Tech, you can do that!”


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Reboot, year four

Pete Fiutak’s Georgia Tech preview begins with this:

Georgia Tech should be a whole lot better than this.

It seems like 50 years ago when the program was hanging around in the ACC Championship – going in 2012 and 2014 – and the idea of simply going bowling feels like it’s 50 miles away after three straight three-win seasons under head coach Geoff Collins.

Even worse than the lack of wins are the lack of competitive performances. Since the last year of the Paul Johnson era in 2018, 22 of the last 29 losses were by double digits.

Closing out last season losing to Notre Dame and Georgia by a combined score of 100-0 didn’t help.

It’s not for the lack of trying. Collins had to change the program around from being designed for the triple-option to a more balanced attack to now more of a pro-style version, but that’s the offense. The defense should’ve been better from the start.

Collins knows how to coach – the guy took Temple to two straight bowl games and 15 wins in two seasons before taking over the Yellow Jacket job – but his team needs to catch a break.

Big changes in the coaching staff are a part of the last gasp push, and several gets from the transfer portal will help, but it’s still a reboot four years in.

Considering all the changes and the nasty schedule, it’s going to take something big for there to be a Year Five.

Not gonna happen, according to Pete, who pegs Tech’s win total at 3.5.  Sounds about right for Coach 404.  I mean, at least the man’s consistent.


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“There’s always been a lot of hype with Geoff.”

Jeff Schultz’ Georgia Tech preview ($$) is a pleasure to read.  I mean, just start with this graphic treat…

… continue by counting the number of references to the departure of Jahmyr Gibbs (“He was the only player opposing coaches ever worried about.”), don’t miss the comparison between Tech at 9-25 under Collins and Wake Forest’s (!) 23-13 mark over the same period and finish with this beaut:

… well-traveled offensive coordinator Jim Chaney — who maintained his home in Athens from his years with Georgia and has been hired as “special assistant to the head coach” — all will be working with Sims.

Long worked as an analyst for Chaney at Tennessee, so, “We kind of switched responsibilities,” Long said. “When I got the job he asked if we had a spot for him, and I told him I would do anything to find a spot.”

Yes sirree, it’s gonna be a fine year on the Flats.


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An admission against interest

Talk about your classic “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that” quote:

“(The schedule) just so happens to be one of the toughest every year, and I think that’s also just a product, obviously, of the league, but then when your archrival is in another league and they are who they are, it’s just going to make for a tough schedule,” athletic director Todd Stansbury said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  [Emphasis added.]

I guess Coach 404 just got a pass on competing in Athens this season.  Sheesh.


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“At the end of the day, we’ve got to win games.”

Georgia Tech’s athletic director’s not saying, he’s just saying, if you know what I mean.

Stansbury did not say there was a specific number of games that Tech has to win in order for Collins to continue into a fifth season, although his response made clear that the time has come for a better product on the field.

“Obviously, the main threshold is, we’ve got to get better,” Stansbury said. “Obviously, we’ve got to win more games. We’ve got to look like we’re making progress. But there’s not necessarily a magic number. But we definitely need to be making progress.”

In response, this may be the understatement of the decade:  “On paper, significant improvement won’t be easy.”

Stansbury, in looking at what Coach 404 hath wrought, must have some sort of X-ray vision, because he sees things nobody else sees (Coach 404 excepted, of course).

“Him being ‘my guy’ is he’s recruiting at an incredibly high level,” Stansbury said. “I know we’ve got to fill the pipeline to get there. He’s my guy because I’m seeing the building blocks of what needs to be done ultimately to get the wins that we need to get.”

Some fans might challenge Stansbury’s assessment of Collins’ recruiting. Since bringing in the No. 27 class (247Sports Composite) in 2020 – headlined by Gibbs – the next two classes have ranked 47th and 53rd.

“Some fans”.  It’s easy to understand why the excitement level on the Flats is on the rise.


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The most obvious marketing hookup in the history of the universe



Yes, they’re clown shoes.

And, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the football team outfitted in Waffle House spikes this season.


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