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Getting swaggy with it

In the post-Bobby Dodd era, Georgia Tech has beaten Georgia at about a 30% clip, so at some point you can expect Geoff Collins to beat Kirby Smart, just like the genius upset Mark Richt’s teams a couple of times.

The difference appears to be that where as Johnson was merely smug after a win, Collins promises to be much more publicly obnoxious about it.

Don’t get me wrong; I think that’s a good thing.  COFH could use an injection of spice from the Tech side.  Sipping from a jewel-encrusted “Swag Chalice” could be just what the doctor ordered to help get that hate on.



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When you can’t even get your snark right

Tech hires a new coach and the play by play guy is feelin’ it.

Bless his heart.


And to think some of you are ready to toss this rivalry in the trash can.  It’s always better when the Jackets get a little cocky.


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Three notes from a presser


Stansbury gave Collins a seven-year contract, an unusually long deal, but one that Stansbury wanted to give his new coach in recognition for the transition that he’ll face in changing offensive personnel in a scheme that thrived for 11 years with undersized linemen, no tight ends and quarterbacks valued more for their ability as runners than passers.

Pushback ($$).

And while there are many who think differently, Paul Johnson himself said that no matter who was hired, that person would be inheriting a football team, not an option team.

“These kids are football players, and very few of them, if any, ran this offense in high school,” Johnson said after he announced his plans to step down last week. “People act like it’s going to have to be a total transition. None of these kids grew up in the fifth grade lining up in a double-slot and that’s all they’ve ever played their whole life. They’re all football players. It’s not like someone is going to have to come in and start over and that there are no good players here.”

Somewhere on the border between puffery and delusion.

There is something very specific in what Stansbury wants to see in the years to come. He wants to see Georgia Tech and Collins face off with Clemson and Dabo Swinney and Georgia and Kirby Smart.

“I want to make sure that when we line up against whoever we line up against, that the guy standing on my sideline can go toe-to-toe with the guy standing on the other sideline,” Stansbury said.

Initial fan base pandering aside, I do think Collins is about as good a hire as Tech could have made here.  If the program is realistic, there is plenty of headway to be made, simply because Johnson left so much money on the recruiting table, so to speak.

A Tech coach could make a pretty good living just taking Georgia’s leftovers.

But if Georgia Tech’s athletic administration is really going to make this about playing on an even level with Clemson and Georgia, there’s no way Collins will live up to that standard.  Which is why I hope they try to hold him to that…


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Oh, so it’s gonna be like that, eh?

The silly side of COFH…

Boy, is he in for a surprise when he sees the home crowd at next year’s Georgia game.

And he throws a bone to the Stingtalk crowd.



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Boys, there’s a new sheriff in the Flats.


Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, so I have to say my basic reaction to the hire is the same as Mark Bradley’s (!), which can be summed up in one sentence:  “All things considered, Geoff Collins is as good as the Jackets were going to do.”

He’s not Ken Whisenhunt, which is a shame.  He’s got coaching experience at big time programs.  He’s got ties to Tech.  (I know, I know, but work with me here.)  At one point, he was Saban’s director of personnel, which means he’s probably got a clue about talent evaluation.

He brings two other things to the table that should be even more valuable to Tech.  One, he’s an enthusiastic guy and, Lord knows, if there’s one thing Georgia Tech has been in short supply of for the better part of two decades, it’s enthusiasm.  Two, he worked for two years under Dan Mullen at Mississippi State and so got some good exposure as to how a program with limited resources in comparison with its top conference peers can maximize redshirting and roster development to have a competitive program now and then.

Let’s face it:  Georgia Tech isn’t going to become Clemson’s chief conference rival any time soon.  It’s simply not built for that.  Nor is Tech going toe to toe with Georgia year after year, for the same reason.  What Tech can do, though, is start grabbing some of those in state kids it’s been letting slide to programs in neighboring states for the past few years and building up some roster depth, à la MSU and Kentucky, to allow it to emerge every so often as a legitimate dark horse threat, especially in the weak division it occupies.

There’s no shame in that and I would anticipate that the Jacket faithful wouldn’t mind that.

From my selfish standpoint, the hire is worthy of celebration simply because we’re done seeing the Dawgs prepare for that offense again.  Speaking of which, good luck on that roster rebuild, Geoff.  You’re gonna need it for the next few years.


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The genius’ last tough sell

“I’ve always looked at bowl games as more of a reward than another spring practice,’’ Johnson said. “When we talk to our team about playing in a bowl game, certainly our No. 1 goal is to try to win the game. But I also want our team to enjoy it and have some fun.’’

Convincing a bunch of kids that a trip to Detroit in late December will be a fun time and a reward should be no problem at all for a man who’s made his bones selling his program to recruits for years, amirite?


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The toughest job in sports

Believe it or not, even I feel a little sorry for Georgia Tech’s assistant coaches right now.

Things were bad enough when they were selling the genius.


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