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It didn’t start well, it didn’t end well and the middle wasn’t great, either.

Come for the “I hate Georgia with all my heart”.  Stay for the Jalen Carter dis at the end.



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Geoff Collins, the gift that keeps on giving

Just what an athletic department that’s financially struggling wants to do

In an attempt to spur ticket sales and revive attendance, Georgia Tech has dropped the per-game cost of season tickets on 94% of the seats in 55,000-seat Bobby Dodd Stadium and held the line for the remaining 6%.

… The rollback on ticket prices is a significant but perhaps necessary action by the athletic department as attendance, season-ticket sales and general enthusiasm for the team markedly dropped during the tenure of former coach Geoff Collins.

Tech’s home attendance average this past season was 36,625, 64th in FBS. Not including the 2020 season, when attendance was capped at 11,000 as a COVID-19 protocol, it was Tech’s lowest average since 1989, when stadium capacity was 43,719.

Talk about your money down.

I guess it was either that, or go to eight tickets, eight hot dogs and eight Cokes.


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I love Georgia Tech. How ’bout you?

Striking omission here.

And, no, he doesn’t follow up with similar congratulations for the Tech salute.  Well played, Governor.


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If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em.

Hmmm… it turns out Buster Faulkner’s not the only former Smart assistant to join Brent Key’s staff on the Flats.

The six coaches new to the staff are offensive coordinator/tight ends coach Buster Faulkner, running backs coach/run-game coordinator Norval McKenzie, wide receivers coach Josh Crawford, offensive line coach Geep Wade, linebackers coach/co-defensive coordinator Kevin Sherrer and defensive line coach Marco Coleman.  [Emphasis added.]

… Key on Sherrer:

“We’re really fortunate to add a coach of Kevin’s caliber to our staff as linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator. He has produced winners at every level that he has ever coached, from state championship high schools, all the way through to the NFL. His talent and experience as a coach, as well as his experience as a top recruiter of the state of Georgia, will be a huge asset for Georgia Tech. I couldn’t be more excited to have Kevin and his family here.”

If they make Tech just attractive enough as a recruiting destination to steal a few recruits away from the likes of Auburn and Tennessee, that’ll be good work as far as I’m concerned.  Without the promotional benefit of Waffle House coffee, though, that might prove to be a tall order.


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TFW you no longer want to run this state

This may be the ultimate “respect my decision” tweet:

I bet Stingtalk will be majorly conflicted over this call.  I mean, on the one hand, they’ve got to be pleased that a dwag has come to his senses, but on the other, it does put a dent in their academics argument.

Seriously, best of luck to Brett, who is about to experience what it feels like to lose in Bobby Dodd Stadium.


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Stingtalk isn’t ready to quit Stetson Bennett.

So, I don’t know when this “Stetson Bennett’s 25 and that ain’t fair!” narrative hit, but the Tech boys are ready to run with it.

Gotta love ’em.


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Your Daily Gator has reached the seventh stage of grief.

Acceptance, baby.

Stingtalk, on the other hand, still has some issues to work through.

It’s all good, peeps.


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Stingtalk explains Georgia’s place in the college football universe.

They’ve given up on fabricated stats and are just going with straight projection now.

Bless their little pointed stingers.


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Look who’s getting serious about NIL.

Well now, this is somewhat unexpected.

Georgia Tech’s latest fundraising initiative will exceed $9.5 million, surpassing its original goal of $2.5 million, according to information provided by the Institute’s athletic department Tuesday.

The “Competitive Drive Initiative” raised $4.8 million to accelerate funding for athletes. The Georgia Tech Foundation pledged a dollar-for-dollar match, resulting in the final total of almost $10 million.

The fundraising effort, spearheaded by Tech, the Georgia Tech Foundation, the athletic department and the Alexander-Tharpe Fund, was announced Oct. 27, with the goal of raising $2.5 million. That goal was reached Dec. 5. A new goal of $3.5 million was set. More than 1,700 donors contributed, according to the Institute’s athletic department.

And if that wasn’t clear enough, here’s a letter the AD sent out(h/t waltergeiger)

Batt cut his teeth raising money at Alabama, so you probably shouldn’t scoff at this.  It’s certainly a more fundamental way to build a football program than having your head coach running around with a cup of Waffle House coffee.

And I don’t think it’s an alarming development for us.  There likely isn’t a large enough amount of money to tempt a high-profile recruit away from Athens to the Flats, but that’s probably not so much the case with some other SEC programs.  If Tech can keep a kid or two away from the likes of some of the conference’s mid-range programs, that’s a good thing.


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Better living through vicariousness

Did you wonder how the folks at Stingtalk are handling the prospects of Georgia going back to back natties?

What that lacks in contrived statistical analysis — normally a Stingtalk speciality — it makes up for in pathos.


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