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The genius has a moment.

Whatever you think of Paul Johnson, this is a pretty good “there but for the grace of Gawd go I” sentiment.

Of course, let’s not overlook that Tech is leaving Russell next year for… Adidas.



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“I don’t quite understand how that happens.”

Pitt’s Pat Narduzzi knows when you’re playing Georgia Tech, it’s never too early to start working the refs.

Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi isn’t the first coach to raise an issue with Georgia Tech’s blocking scheme, but he is the latest. On his radio show Wednesday, Narduzzi said that Tech’s offensive line gets away with chop blocking.

“They do a lot of high-lowing,” Narduzzi said. “It’s dangerous football, I can tell you that. You watch inside, if you watch our nose tackle, there’s times when a center is kind of hitting him up high and there’s a guy coming in from the other side, which is really illegal, but they never call it. I don’t quite understand how that happens.”

Narduzzi was describing a chop block, an illegal maneuver in which two players simultaneously block one opposing player, one at thigh level or lower and the other above it. It is not to be confused with a cut block, in which a player blocks a defender below the waist. It is a legal block with certain limitations on where and when it can be thrown.

Narduzzi also said that wide receiver Ricky Jeune pushes off when catching passes.

“He’s a big, 6-foot-3, 210-pound wideout that, he’ll run down the field, he’ll push off you, Billy, and he’ll go up and catch it,” Narduzzi told show host Bill Hillgrove. “Imagine that.”

Sarcasm will get you nowhere, man.  Which is kind of a shame.


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“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game where you run 90 plays, get 655 yards and lose.”

You lost to a coach who uses a friggin’ trash can as a motivational tool, genius.

Best get used to the feeling.




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Wednesday morning buffet

The opener is coming.  You should work up an appetite with a few nourishing tidbits.


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Clean old fashioned BS

Those of you who argue that the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry isn’t overly relevant have some support from a most unlikely source.

“When I played for the legendary Bobby Dodd, our biggest game of the year at Georgia Tech was not the University of Georgia,” former Yellow Jackets center and head coach Bill Curry said. “Our biggest game was the Vols, and you could just feel that from him. It was a very big game, and it was a very big rivalry.”

Yeah, the Georgia Tech-Tennessee rivalry, a 43-game series interrupted by a 35-year hiatus and another 30-year one, is something you can just feel.  Bill Curry sounds righteous about that.

Of course, he could just be full of shit.  Then again, maybe that’s the real reason he left Tech for Alabama.  At least ‘Bama manages to keep playing Tennessee.


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The genius takes a hit.

If you think having a dominant B-back is necessary for Paul Johnson’s triple-option offense to work at its best, then this is a big deal.

Star Georgia Tech B-back Dedrick Mills has been dismissed from the Jackets program according to a statement released by the school on Friday afternoon by Sports Information Director Mike Flynn.

Sophomore B-back Dedrick Mills was dismissed from Georgia Tech’s football program on Friday for a violation of Georgia Tech athletics department rules.

Mills ran for 771 yards last season in 9 games and was picked as a preseason All-ACC running back by the media in Charlotte earlier this year.

That should help Auburn’s depth at the position in a couple of years, I would think.



That seems promising.


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Smack talkin’

Shots fired.

Over barbecue.


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