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Quick! To the bulletin board, lads!

So, Jimbo Fisher tells fans TAMU’s gonna beat Saban’s ass.

It’s obvious from the lighthearted tone there, and Jimbo’s relationship with Saban that he’s having a little fun.  But that doesn’t stop the knicker-wadding in certain quarters from happening.

At least there’s some emotion going on there.  Contrast that with how a robot takes a shot.


I guarantee you after the excitement wears off, Jalen Camp is gonna be wondering what he’s getting into with Corch.


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This is what I’m talking about.

As much as I enjoyed mocking Paul Johnson, from a Georgia perspective, having a Georgia Tech head coach who couldn’t recruit his way out of a paper bag if you gave him a flash light and shoved him towards the open end wasn’t a good thing, because it made the state a more inviting place for rival SEC programs to come in and harvest talent.

So let me be the first to say I welcome our new Waffle House overlord — not over Kirby Smart, but the rest of the usual suspects.

Georgia Tech picked up a landmark commitment for its 2022 recruiting class Saturday, when four-star safety Jaron Willis from Lee County High announced his decision to accept a scholarship offer to join the Yellow Jackets.

Willis is rated the No. 17 prospect in the state of Georgia (247Sports Composite) and also the No. 150 overall prospect in the country…

In March, Willis listed six finalists – Tech, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky and Ole Miss.  [Emphasis added.]

Tech can make a good living in the ACC with in state recruits that Smart passes on.  Good for them.  And if along the way the Jackets make life on the recruiting trail harder for the likes of Dan Mullen, good for us.


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Alex, I’ll take “not gonna happen” for $200.

Shot ($$).

Ari, when if ever will Georgia Tech be able to recruit similar to Georgia?


When will Georgia Tech be able to recruit like that? Never. That’s not a slight on Georgia Tech. It’s just the reality.

And there will never be enough Waffle House coffee in the world to change that.


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“Georgia Tech’s spring game will be an exclusive event.”

Hey, if you don’t let anyone in, you can’t get ragged on for nobody wanting to come.

Roll Safe GIFs | Tenor


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Thursday morning buffet

A little noshfest from around the world of football:


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Not your daddy’s 404 any mo’

You know, my first thought was to mock this tweet.

I mean, UCF steals a recruit from the Jackets?  Well played, Coach Waffle House… yada, yada, yada.

But then I saw this explanation…

… and realized Tech’s recruiting has done a complete 180.  Back in the Genius’ day, it was GT that was getting commitments from recruits being sought by other schools as athletes by promising they could stay at the QB position.

I’m not saying that’s an improvement, but it’s certainly a change.  (Although if it means Collins has a better chance of signing kids who would otherwise have gone to SEC rivals, that is an improvement, I suppose.)


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It was almost like playing for the national title.

Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury is totally on board with Coach 404 because the Jackets lost to NC State.

No, really.

Instead, it was Tech’s 23-13 loss at N.C. State on Dec. 5. That was a game in which the Jackets were without 10 “Above the Line” players, including running back Jahmyr Gibbs and three top defensive ends. Stansbury said that it wasn’t certain that the game would even be played until about noon that day, hours ahead of the 4 p.m. kickoff.

“I mean, it was just crazy,” Stansbury told the AJC in a recent interview.

Despite the obstacles, the Jackets outgained the Wolfpack 412-397. The two totals were above Tech’s total offense average for the season (389.9) and well below its average for total defense (459.3).

Tech was done in by 12 penalties (a persistent problem last season) and back-to-back possessions in the second quarter in which it was stopped on fourth down inside Wolfpack territory. Despite that, the Jackets were down seven points in the fourth quarter, with one possession in the quarter for a chance to tie, to a team that finished 8-4.

“Literally, we went toe to toe with them, late in the season,” Stansbury said.

Your football team, losing to a mediocre ACC squad?


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TFW branding is all you’ve got to be excited about

I just…

This is a man who’s got his work cut out for him.


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Out of the frying pan…

… and into another frying pan.

Damn, son, you get one crack at the transfer portal to escape a cesspool of mediocrity and that’s the best you can come up with?


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“Georgia Tech 1, Georgia 0”

If there’s one consistent thing about Stingtalk, it’s how the fans there will take their victories where they can find them.

They’ll be referring to 2020 as The Year of the Forfeit as long as there is a breath to take.


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