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Scattered and unsmothered

Reading this and wondering, will no one think of the sacrifice Geoff Collins has been forced to make?  No meals at Waffle House for weeks?  Take out ain’t gonna cut it.

This may be the biggest spring practice negative in all of D-1.


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College football in the time of pandemic, part three

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I couldn’t find a subject worthy of at least a little snark, so, forgive me, but…

Georgia has not made a decision regarding its spring football game due to concerns regarding the coronavirus, according to athletic director Greg McGarity. Georgia Tech did not immediately respond to a request on the status of its spring game[Emphasis added.]

How would anybody know?


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In the ATL, but not of it


Coach, just because you own the place doesn’t mean you have to dress like that.





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TFW you get the athletic program you deserve

Let me see if I’ve got this straight — Georgia Tech’s athletic department is so strapped for cash that it’s moving games from Bobby Dodd Stadium to MBS to raise a few more bucks from visitor ticket sales, but it’s got boosters who are willing to throw away “seven-figure money” suing the NCAA?  (Talk about your meteor litigation!  But I digress.)

The 404 sure works in mysterious ways.  Not that I’m complaining.


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Kirby don’t need no stinking wall.

Ian Boyd makes an interesting point in his post about 2020 recruiting.

Paul notes that the biggest schools in the SEC are now pursuing a national recruiting strategy, which has a bunch of second order effects. Instead of being content with a bunch of local 3/4-stars, LSU, Alabama, or Georgia will go into New Jersey, Texas, or California to have a shot at getting more blue chip 4/5 stars. Consequently, the extremely talent-rich South has some high 3/4-star recruits available to the rest of the SEC or whomever is positioned to clean up (generally the rest of the SEC).

He observes that with the change of emphasis at the top programs, lower tier SEC schools are signing better classes than lower tier Big 12 and Big Ten teams, but you know which other school I think stands to benefit greatly from that?  Georgia Tech.

Geoff Collins can make a good living signing three- and four-star in state recruits who aren’t being swept up by Kirby Smart’s program.  I think he’s shrewd enough to realize that, too.

There is some irony to that.  A decade ago, it was Georgia Tech that was trying to sign nationally, purportedly because it had to cast a wider net due to academics.  Now the situation is reversed — Kirby’s chasing kids all over the map and the Jackets are happily looking to sign talented local kids.  Or at least they should be.


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They have their uses.

For those of you who are ready to dismiss the Georgia-Georgia Tech series, this is one reason why it’s beneficial:

Georgia is among the leaders there, because of the P5 non-conference rivalry.  Even better, it’s a series Georgia has only lost three times in the last nineteen meetings.  Kind of seems like a no-brainer from where I sit.

Even better than that, the Dawgs haven’t had to debase their schedule as much as certain teams which shall remain nameless to make up for ranking highly in that regard.

Damn, ACC.  Your conference is already weak and you go and do that on top of it?


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“The loan, provided by the athletic association, is another burden on the department’s finances.”

This is how Georgia Tech rolls.

… The department was facing a $700,000 deficit for its annual budget prior to the loan and the fund balance was projected to end the fiscal year at $4.6 million in the red.

The repayment ends a curious and embarrassing episode for Tech and Stansbury, whose original contract was designed to address the buyout obligation to Oregon State in the form of a salary that was 80% higher than his income at Oregon State and $200,000 greater than his predecessor Mike Bobinski, as well as a $1.1 million loan from Tech that would be forgiven if he were to stay at Tech for the length of his five-year contract.

I thought those people were supposed to be good at math.


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