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Good times on the Flats: remembering Reggie Ball

Now that Georgia Tech’s come back to earth with two straight losses, the denizens of StingTalk can get back to arguing about what’s really important.


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Thursday morning buffet

I got ‘yer buffet right here.


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Paul Johnson, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here all season. Try the veal.

Sure, the book “The Comic Stylings of Paul Johnson” is awfully thin.  But I know funny, and I have to admit this qualifies.


Win a few games and your sense of humor shows up.


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If you can’t cut, you can’t play.

Ah, August practice, when green football players hone the skills necessary to make them regular contributors to their team’s success.

And at Georgia Tech, there’s one special skill that’s gotta be worked on.

Willis, a walk-on who has been put on scholarship for the academic year, said that freshmen are showing more understanding of the offense through their ability to recognize and communicate play calls made on the line of scrimmage.

“I think everybody’s learning (to block),” he said. “We’ve just got to learn when to cut, when not to cut. I feel like Mikell’s a bigger guy, so he’s been looking good. TaQuon, he can get guys on the ground. … I feel like we’re all coming together.”

Yeah, because nothing builds team cohesion on the Flats like going after opponents’ knees.


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Death, taxes and…

… surging Georgia Tech confidence after a rare win over the Dawgs.

Season ticket sales are up 12% over last year.  It’s Tech’s best showing since, yep, you guessed it.

It is the highest total since 2009, following coach Paul Johnson’s first season, when the total was 35,209 for 55,000-seat Bobby Dodd Stadium.

They’ve even sold a game out before the start of the season.  Nice.

Also nice is astute analysis such as you can find at From The Rumble Seat, where we are assured that if the Dawgs can improve their “abomination” of a rushing defense (never mind that GT’s defense gave up close to a yard more per rush last season), they’ll “definitely have a chance” to beat Tech.  That’s good, ’cause I was getting worried that Richt would have no chance to extend his undefeated record in Atlanta.


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“I can assure you Georgia isn’t any different than Clemson or Florida State or some other teams we play.”

That second win between the hedges has made the genius a little salty, it seems.

Maybe I should say a little more salty.


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Beam me up, Scotty.

At $1,720, Georgia Tech has the fourth-lowest COA figure among all P5 schools, in large part because it doesn’t .

Considering that it attracts students from all over the world, let alone the country, you might think that’s a rather significant omission.

Now that I think about it, though, I suppose it doesn’t cost that much to use a transporter to get to school.


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