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Misty water-colored memories

Yeah, like the Georgia game that year, when Johnson managed a whopping 44 yards on five catches with no touchdowns and a long gain of 10 yards.  Can’t believe ol’ Chan doesn’t mention that one.



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Wednesday morning buffet

Mornin’, campers.


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Friday morning buffet

Sprinkled with Georgia practice notes, for extra flavor!


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Thursday morning buffet

A veritable smorgasbord for you…


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Look what a little effort gets you.

We’ve all directed our fair share of mockery Geoff Collins’ way, so it’s only right to point out that with yesterday’s commitment of a four-star wide receiver from Florida, Georgia Tech currently stands a respectable 23rd in the 247Sports Composite.

No, that’s not a recipe for a national championship run, and, yes, there’s still a long way to go until December, but you’ve got to start somewhere and I’d say finishing better than any year since 2007 would qualify for that.

Funny how, despite all the protestations to the contrary from the Stingtalk folks, academics aren’t an insurmountable roadblock to bringing in a functional signing class at the Flats.  Maybe all it takes is a coach who doesn’t act like he’s allergic to recruiting.


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Today, in EEP

Dayum.  Tech cares about your groin.  Passionately.


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There are days when I don’t care that StingTalk is a closed message board.

And then there are days when there’s a thread topic called “How many years before GT is competitive with UGA“.


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