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TFW you know your troll game stinks

Connor Riley has outdone himself today with… drum roll, please… this header of dreck:

Kirby Smart and Georgia football need to take back Waffle House from Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech

And, no, you don’t need to read the story.  I’m guessing his editor hasn’t, either.



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Allow me to retort.

As you can imagine, the proud denizens of StingTalk have leapt to the defense of Coleman Rudolph’s assertion that Georgia Tech has had better coaching over the past thirty years than has Georgia in the face of what they perceive as withering, ignorant criticism.   Maybe just this once, they’re on to something.

I mean, I don’t know how anyone who’s ever watched Tech’s last offensive series of the 2004 game could possibly disagree with Rudolph.

At the 1:01:39 mark, you see Tech’s OC signal to Reggie Ball to spike the ball on third-and-21, much to Uncle Verne’s amazement.  No wonder Reggie was confused on fourth down.

Now that’s coaching ’em up, he said ignorantly.


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#1 forevah

Listen up, dog.

If Reggie Ball isn’t in attendance, it’s just fake culture.


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This town ain’t big enough for the both of ’em.

Geoff Collins ($$):

“I’ve been here when we were a top-10 team in the country. I have been here when ‘College GameDay’ has been here. I’ve been here when we were playing for ACC championships. I’ve been here when the conversation in college football centers on Georgia Tech. Not just Atlanta because of Mercedes-Benz and the SEC championship and the College Football Hall of Fame — the center of the college football universe is in Atlanta at Bobby Dodd Stadium,” he said with pointed determination.

“Right now, the Super Bowl is in town, and it is (1.9) miles away from Bobby Dodd Stadium,” Collins told The Cheap Seats radio show. “The college national championship was played here last year, (1.9) miles away from Bobby Dodd Stadium. The College Football Hall of Fame is right here in our backyard. The center of the college football universe is in Atlanta, and Georgia Tech is in the heart of it.”

Kirby Smart:

“I think it helped having the Super Bowl in Atlanta all together because with us having the most players in the Super Bowl between the two teams at the University of Georgia. It’s in Atlanta, which is our home base, and all the different things that happened that week. It was certainly tremendous for us to be in some homes during that time.”  [Emphasis added.]


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It looks like they’re gonna need a bigger brand.

Georgia Tech’s ranking in the 247Sports Composite climbed all the way from 54th for the genius’ last class to 51st as of yesterday.  The folks at StingTalk may need to push back their timetable for global domination a season or two.  At least.


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Denial is a river that runs through Atlanta.

This may very well be the most pathetic thing I’ve read today… and don’t forget I’ve already seen that Auburn blog post about Pickens.

Can I get a “bless your heart” from the congregation?


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“If he wasn’t a coach, he’d run a multimedia company.”

To be clear, while it’s been an unadulterated joy to mock some Georgia Tech fans’ oversized expectations regarding their new head coach, I do think Geoff Collins is a solid pick.  It’s an understatement to say that the genius had worn out his welcome on the Flats and the program was in desperate need of someone fresh and realistic about the role recruiting should play in a state like Georgia.

That all being said, what in the hell does this mean?

… When Collins got the Georgia Tech job in December, one of the first calls he made was to the wunderkind he calls Morpheus. (Collins swears he knows Stancato’s proper name, but he rarely uses it.) Soon after, Morpheus joined the Yellow Jackets’ program as its first brand manager. In fact, he’s the first person to hold that particular job title at a Power 5 program.

Why focus so much on brand? Simple, Collins says. “In the NFL, players choose based on contract length and dollar amounts,” he says. “But when high school players choose a school, they’re choosing based on brand. So you create the strongest brand and strongest culture you can.”

Dude, this is Georgia Tech you’re talking about.  All the branding in the world won’t change that.

Of course, Collins knows branding doesn’t win games.

And yet…


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