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Help a Jacket out, man.

Newly minted Georgia Tech grad student needs to know something:

– Why exactly should I hate Georgia? With the MSU/UM rivalry, I am fully accustomed to the whole in state ‘little brother’ thing and all that it entails, so save your breath there. My guess is that there is another reason besides just historically being on the wrong side of the rivalry more often than not (For example, UM tried to stunt the growth of MSU as an academic institution when it was starting up, and did the best it could to prevent MSU from joining the Big Ten, which is kinda all you need to know about the general attitude of the Michigan fanbase as that has translated to massive arrogance over the years).

– Any other schools I should learn to hate? From an outsider’s perspective, I’m not aware of any major rivalries for GT outside of UGA.

I can’t wait ’til somebody explains Dragon*Con to him.



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You can’t get there from here.

Somehow, I don’t think ignoring the triple option offense as a factor in how to fix Georgia Tech’s abysmal in state recruiting (“… since 2013. Over that time, Tech’s home state has been responsible for 8.5% of all four- and five-star recruits in the entire country. That’s a total of 141 players over a five-year period, more than the bottom 30 states combined. That should be an incredibly exciting statistic for Georgia Tech supporters, but it instead stands as a strong indictment on the recruiting done by head coach Paul Johnson and his staff. Of those 141 blue chip players, Georgia Tech has pulled in exactly one…”) is going to help fix things.


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Baiting the click baiter

A CBS writers’ poll that is both, in his own words, “silly”, yet still worthy of a Jeff Schultz piece — man, you have to admire a master baiter working at peak effort.


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“It was quintessential Paul Johnson to…”

… what, show his ass?

… Johnson has claimed for years there wasn’t much difference between his league and the SEC, which earned a laugh track from Georgia fans when Mark Richt beat him five years in a row.

But with Johnson winning in his last two trips to Athens, plus the Orange Bowl victory against Mississippi State and wins last season over Vanderbilt and Kentucky, Georgia Tech is holding up its end of the bargain. And if the Yellow Jackets beat Tennessee to open the 2017 season at Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, don’t be surprised if he trolls the big, bad SEC again.

“Week in and week out, I promise you there isn’t any difference in lining up and playing those guys than there is playing North Carolina, Clemson and Virginia Tech,” Johnson said. “What happened in my opinion is you had really good teams at the top of their league and they got credit. It was almost like the ACC in basketball this year. They all get ranked in the top 15 and then when they beat each other they don’t ever drop. Then you get to the tournament and you don’t do so well and you start thinking maybe they were overhyped.”

Funny how he’s a lot chattier about that when he’s on a good streak, which isn’t that often.

Look, the man deserves some credit for milking the talent he has on hand to great effect, but it’s as if he expects the world to take note of it more loudly than it does.  When that doesn’t happen, the genius steps out.

The bad thing about all this is that I’m almost at the point where I’ll be rooting for Tennessee to win that opener.  GT-UT may not be a meteor game, but it’s certainly a meteor coaching match.  Cheering for Booch doesn’t sit well with me.  Thanks, Paul.


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Whiny Paul Johnson is the best Paul Johnson.

C’mon, you know you’re going to enjoy reading any article in which the genius is grousing like this“The conference tries to screw us every way they can…”


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“… but thank God for Kentucky fans, and we’ll go from there.”

Georgia Tech fans, this is why you can’t have nice things.

The TaxSlayer Bowl attendance was 43,102 for Georgia Tech’s 33-18 victory over Kentucky last Saturday, down from 58,212 for Georgia-Penn State the previous year…

In the case of the TaxSlayer Bowl, ticket sales by Georgia Tech fans and local sales dragged.

Kentucky’s fan base, spurred by their first bowl trip in six years and first Florida bowl game in 18 years, sold out its allotment of 8,000 tickets in three days and were estimated to have purchased 12,000…

But it was still the lowest attendance since 1958 and the two lowest-attended TaxSlayer Bowls, last week and the 2000 Georgia Tech vs. Miami game, have involved the Yellow Jackets.

Catlett said he’s not going to criticize the ACC for slotting Tech to Jacksonville.

At least not in public.


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“We did some dumb stuff.”

I confess that I didn’t watch the TaxSlayer Bowl because I had to wash my hair, but it sounds like Stoops and Johnson did their damnedest to give people a reason to tune in besides watching two mediocre teams play.

Little Game Mike probably gave the Kentucky faithful reason to wonder what the big deal is about bowl eligibility as his team turned in a fairly lackluster performance on the field.  But he did get some yelling in while he was there.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he yelled at the Georgia Tech bench in the first quarter of the TaxSlayer Bowl because someone on the Tech side had said something to him during the game.

“I was upset with somebody saying something to me,” Stoops said. “I have great respect for coach (Paul) Johnson, but nobody else over there is going to say a word to me.”

Stoops was seen shouting at the Tech sideline early in the game as he went on the field to check on an injured Kentucky defensive player. It was widely presumed that Stoops was angry for Tech’s use of cut blocks on Wildcats defensive players, but Stoops clarified that that wasn’t the problem.

Asked to elaborate on what specifically had happened, Stoops declined.

“I will say this,” he said. “I care about my players, and I’m going to check on them. I didn’t accuse anybody of doing anything illegal. I have great respect for coach Johnson.”

While cryptic, Stoops’ comments suggest that perhaps someone on the Tech bench may have issue with Stoops being on the field after the injury.

Welcome to the wonderful world of cut blocking.  Like you didn’t know it was coming, right?

You would think a simple “stay classy, Tech” would have sufficed. but what do I know?

Meanwhile, the genius’ troops contributed to the general merriment by getting called for three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and scuffling throughout the game.  Evidently, that’s what men do.

“We’re 21-, 22-year-old men,” defensive tackle Patrick Gamble said. “You get to pushing and shoving. There’s always going to be some talking.”

Tech’s gonna Tech, in other words.  In that sense, it’s been a great year on the Flats.  I think Paul Johnson deserves a contract extension.


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