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Cold shower time

My Gawd, Bill Connelly’s advanced box score for the Georgia-Georgia Tech game is sexually arousing.

Screenshot_2019-12-04 Bill Connelly on Twitter Twitter Actually, there were quite a few more rivalry week snuff films, were[...]

Outside of turnover margin, the game was a complete wasteland for the Jackets.  Just about every conceivable break went Tech’s way in the second quarter, and it still finished with a 28% success rate.  And a 0% success rate in the first quarter!

Hubba hubba.


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Bless their pointy little heads

I have to admit I’ve found Stingtalk to be less enjoyable over the past couple of years than it was in the glory days, when, basking in the knowledge that Tech had really hired a genius in Paul Johnson, those folks really liked to strut their stuff.  They’ve lost a lot of mojo, sadly for them.

A specific, perfectly nerdy thing the Tech message boards used to specialize in were these convoluted mathematical treatises where they’d bend stats every which way to prove (using that term in its loosest sense) that a Jackets victory was inevitable.  Or, at least, that a Jackets loss wasn’t.  Some of those posts were real classics, even as they wound up being wildly off from reality.  Given the statistics Tech’s been generating of late, it’s no surprise they’ve gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Sigh.

So you can only imagine my delight in discovering this post, in which the author insists that a numerical comparison of this year’s ass whipping to last year’s proves, and I quote, “the improvement and the direction this team is heading”.  I think the dude means that in an entirely unironic sense, too.

404, baby.


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If pounding your head into a wall is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I’m not defending what Pickens did there — he certainly has to learn how to keep his composure when there’s so much at stake.

But I’m not pretending I don’t understand why he did it.


UPDATE:  Next time, maybe George should wait until after the game to start rumbling.  (Warning:  Some NSFW language.)

Can’t be thrown out of a game if there’s no game anymore, amirite?


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TFW you think the ref’s got your back

WTF was this about?


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The seven stages of grief, a StingTalk sampler


As you might expect, everyone’s favorite Georgia Tech message board is a target rich environment today.  Here are a few choice tidbits for your reading pleasure:

Aaannnddd, bonus gloom:  How many wins next year?


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And the world continues to spin in its properly greased groove…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, amirite?


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COFH game day post

If you’re a Nervous Nellie whose mantra today is “but South Carolina”, consider this:

Scoring Offense (ppg)

  • South Carolina:  24.2 (99th)
  • Georgia Tech:  17.5 (122nd)

Scoring Defense (ppg)

  • South Carolina:  25.0 (50th)
  • Georgia Tech:  30.6 (87th)

Yards per play (offense)

  • South Carolina:  5.30 (96th)
  • Georgia Tech:  5.00 (112th)

Yards per play (defense)

  • South Carolina:  5.44 (53rd)
  • Georgia Tech:  5.73 (72nd)

You tell me — is going +4 in turnover margin today gonna do it for the Jackets?

It feels like a Manball kind of day.  Let’s just hope nobody else wearing red and black gets hurt.

Have at it in the comments, peeps.


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