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“There’s a first time for everything.”

This From The Rumble Seat post about Georgia Tech’s recruitment of Demetris Robertson is about as classic an example of “so you’re saying there’s a chance” wistfulness as you’ll ever read.

Bonus points for “As for how georgia (sic) fits in to Robertson’s recruitment, it’s fairly unclear…”.  Yeah, the genius’ offense is clearly a better fit for Robertson’s skill set than any other in college football.


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Game changer on the Flats

Georgia Tech just announced a four-year bachelor of science program in music technology.  Needless to say, the folks at StingTalk are speculating about the recruiting possibilities.

But this is Georgia Tech we’re talking about.  This is the face of the guy behind the new program.


Sure, the genius could make this work.


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One nice thing about an expanded bowl field

It ups the embarrassment level significantly.

In games involving teams from this state, Georgia will play Penn State in the TaxSlayer (formerly Gator) Bowl in Jacksonville on Jan. 2, Georgia State will play San Jose State in the inaugural Cure Bowl in Orlando on Dec. 19, and Georgia Southern will play Bowling Green in the GoDaddy Bowl in Mobile, Ala., on Dec. 23.

I don’t know about you, but I like living in a world where Georgia Tech doesn’t make a bowl game and Georgia State does.  It’s… dare I say, Chantastic.


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We run this state. Again.


Georgia players carried a “G” flag near midfield but outside linebacker Leonard Floyd ended up carrying it down near the end zone closest to the Georgia locker room.

Floyd and Jordan Jenkins placed it in the ground near the end zone.

“The idea came from watching the video last year of them destroying our hedges, take the hedges off to where the fence was exposed,” Floyd said of the 30-24 overtime win by Georgia Tech in Athens. “What they did last year was unacceptable. We really wanted to send a message. We were originally going to plan to take it to the GT in the middle and plant a real Georgia G in that field, but it didn’t work out. We just really felt disrespected on what they did last year and we decided to plant the ‘G’ to get even.”

Georgia Tech players wore “state champs” on rings this offseason.

“We don’t need rings to show that we’re the state champs,” Jenkins said. “We proved it with the way we played on the field.”

As enjoyable as that was to see, this is the cherry on top of the sundae.


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Order is restored. 

They don’t call it Mark Richt Field for nothing. 


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If misery loves company…

… then one thing that won’t be lacking at Bobby Dodd Stadium today is a sense of companionship.


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“I don’t think any rivalry I’ve been a part of is bigger than this.”

Jake Ganus has the best summary/reaction from last year’s loss to Tech you’ll ever see.

“I feel sick from that game, and I wasn’t even here.”

I was.

GATA, boys.


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