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If Paul Johnson really were a genius…

… he’d be on the phone to Kirby Smart suggesting something similar to this.

Let’s face it – it’s not as if the schools are chasing the same talent on offense.  And Tech could make a good living off of Georgia’s leftovers.

The hard part is selling Kirby on what’s in it for him.  Free passes to Dragon*Con maybe?


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What’s the difference between “Put in” and “All in”?

Beats the hell out of me.

And with that, I should be able to ignore Georgia Tech football for the next four or so months.


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“What time does Tech’s spring game start?”

“What time can you be down here?”

It looks like it filled in a little more at some point.

And an unusual sight for a Dawg fan: a final score left up on the scoreboard long enough to be photographed.




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“I think we’ll be better than we were a year ago,” Johnson said. “Certainly we need to be.”

In case you’ve decided out of fear of fighting the capacity crowd squeezing into historic, yet cozy, Bobby Dodd Stadium, not to attend today’s Georgia Tech spring game, ESPN has thoughtfully provided you with a handy guide of things to look for here.

I have to admit that I haven’t kept a close eye on Tech in the offseason, so my general impression that it’s hard to go anywhere but up from a 3-8 season is severely tempered by the discovery that the Jackets have to replace three starters on their offensive line and the entire secondary.  (Today may be the best opportunity Tech’s receivers get all year.)  Yikes.


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The hanging curve ball that is Georgia Tech’s fan base

Seriously, this example of little brother-itis is so pathetic I’m honestly at a loss at where to start the snark.


I mean, what Chantastic angle do I take here?  Mocking being a part of history?  (“Full attendance for a meaningless spring game, when you can’t be bothered to show up for real games in the fall?  This is Georgia Tech!  You can do that!”)  Urging Georgia fans to make the Tech team feel right at home by showing up to fill 40% of BDS like usual?  Checking the calendar to make sure there’s not a conflict with Dragon*Con?

I think I’ll settle for noting this: “What’s interesting is that the campaign appears to be totally organic — there has been no official acknowledgement or endorsement of it from any official GT Athletics social media account.”  So those closest to the program are the least deluded.  I guess that’s something.


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They recruit this state.

This is pretty amazing stat, when you think about it.

And yet somehow Georgia Tech can’t recruit its way out of a paper bag.  Chantastic.


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“It’s beneath us.”

In case you missed it, Georgia Tech finished last season 3-9 and missed a bowl game for the first time in almost two decades.  This post isn’t about the sense of entitlement that is embodied by the header.

It’s to note what the genius considers to be a big fix of the problem.

Johnson is trying to change the Jackets’ fortunes.

He fired special teams coach Ray Rychleski, and hired long-time college assistant Ron West to aid offensive line coach Mike Sewak.

The Jackets’ vaunted spread rushing attack, which finished in the top six nationally in each of Johnson’s first seven seasons, slipped dramatically last season. And Thomas often wound up running for his life in passing situations.

“I wanted to experiment with a special teams coach, and I like the old model better, so I wanted to get back to having two offensive line coaches,” Johnson explained. “I think it’s virtually impossible for one guy to coach five guys with what we do.”

Special team duties will be split among the entire coaching staff and coordinated by wingback coach Lamar Owens.

In other words, when it comes to special teams, he’s embracing his inner Mark Richt.  Talk about your “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” solutions…


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