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The future’s so bright, I gotta wear bi-focals.

Trust me, when you’ve got to parse Bill Connelly’s S&P+ numbers this deeply in search of a fifth win, it’s gonna be a long year.



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The 404 is coming to the 706.




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Down and out in the 404

Well, now.  USF’s athletic director explains his standards for judging when his school agrees to play two-for-ones against P5 programs ($$):

What White doesn’t want is AAC teams signing two-for-one deals with programs he feels are on equal footing. Kelly said the same thing.

“If it’s a more comparable economic situation, like we’re finishing up a one-for-one with Georgia Tech, our stadium sizes are comparable and it makes sense,” Kelly said.

Considering Kelly’s never resorted to a 4 tickets, 4  hot dogs, 4 cokes promotion to put asses in the seats, comparable might be something of a stretch there.


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In the 404, money changes everything.

Helluva quote from Geoff Collins, explaining Georgia Tech’s marketing philosophy:

“In this day and age of college football and recruiting, the recruits aren’t going anywhere for contracts or money,” Collins said. “They’re going to places that have the strongest brand.”

The dude’s never heard of bag men?  C’mon, he coached at Mississippi State, fer Gawd’s sake.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Grab you some news:


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“I said, ‘shit, it’s gonna be easier.'”

Brent Key claims he’s going to have an easier time recruiting at Georgia Tech compared to what he had at Alabama.

No, really.

That is the sound of a man trying as hard to convince himself as he is everyone on the recruiting trail.


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Friday morning buffet

Go ahead and get you some.


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