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“He was touched.”

That’s a quote that can be interpreted in more than one way.



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At Georgia Tech, a tradition unlike any other

The mashing of the football program and Dragon*Con cosplay, that is.

From 2012…

… to the here and now.



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“The whole thing has been figuring out what people can do.”

Andy Staples takes a look at the monumental task Geoff Collins has ahead of him remaking Georgia Tech’s roster.  As Staples puts it, “… if the Yellow Jackets flop on the field, all the Waffle House cups, ATL hats and 404 sleeves in the world won’t help.”

There’s a reason the man got a seven-year deal.  He’s gonna need it.


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4 tickets, 4 waffles, 4 coffees

Check out the fourth panel here:

Has Tech actually incorporated Waffle House into one of its on-site murals?  It appears so.  I don’t know whether to be amused or impressed.

It feels like we’re an announcement away from Waffle House taking over concessions at BDS.  Can’t wait for the hacks at the AJ-C to incorporate smothered and covered into headers about Jacket games.


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TFW 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes ain’t cutting it

Behold, the latest in Tech marketing:

04 Day – 4/04/2019

Join the 404 Takeover! Show your support for Coach Geoff Collins and Georgia Tech football by participating in 404 Day.

Click Here for More Information

Fans who make a $404 donation to Georgia Tech football on 404 Day (Thursday, April 4), beginning at 8 a.m., will receive:

an exclusive adidas Georgia Tech “404” hat (as worn by Coach Collins during practice this week!)


an exclusive adidas Georgia Tech backpack

Supplies are very limited — ACT EARLY to receive your exclusive 404 hat and backpack before they’re all gone!

The first $100,000 raised will be matched by the generosity of an anonymous donor.

All funds raised on 404 Day will be allocated for technology upgrades for the football program.

What, no Waffle House?  Maybe they’re saving that for the next promo.  Although I’ve got to admit a football promotion for the purpose of a technology upgrade is so Georgia Tech.

(h/t DCWeez)


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Nothing ever dies on Twitter.

The latest to learn that is Tech’s assistant head coach Brent Key.

Georgia Tech senior defensive lineman Brandon Adams passed away suddenly on Saturday. Police said the 21-year-old collapsed near campus, and was taken by friends to a local hospital, where he died. Tributes to the young man poured in, and you can read many of them here, from his teammates and coaches and school administrators.

And then there’s Yellow Jackets associate head coach and offensive line coach Brent Key, who spent almost one and a half sentences remembering Adams before being overcome by excitement over this weekend’s commitment of a four-star cornerback prospect.

Key’s tweet, flooded by replies pointing out how bad an idea it was and how this was probably not the time to remind everyone about the interchangeability of college football players, was deleted just before noon today.

I’m sure he meant well.  About recruiting, anyway.


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In praise of Geoff

I’m as happy to mock Georgia Tech as the next Dawg fan, but credit where credit is due:  I wish every football program took this approach ($$).

In the beginning, Collins said his team will play with unmatched energy and “juice.” It’s something that the media actually will be able to see firsthand and report on. Georgia Tech will hold practices Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. Practices will be open to the media for 30 minutes on those days and just about every coach on staff, as well as players from just about every position, will be made available throughout the next five weeks.

Collins is actually going against the grain of the Nick Saban “head coach speaks for all” approach he tasted first-hand during his time in Tuscaloosa, and good for him doing so.  The offensive coordinator is carrying around the nuclear launch codes; it would be nice for fans to hear about his approach to strategy.  (In Tech’s case, with the switch from the triple option, especially so.)

Although I wonder if his approach changes should GT re-emerge to some degree from its current level of attention seeking.  Hate to see this perceived as a mere marketing gimmick.  Fans deserve a little more.  But kudos for the time being…


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