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Show your ass? At Georgia Tech, you can do that!

Gotta give the Stingtalk crew credit.  I knew, given time, those little pointy brains could come up with some sort of rationalization to explain away a Georgia national championship.  I mean, if there’s a bunch that’s got plenty of experience rationalizing, it’s those folks.  Anyway, they didn’t disappoint with this:

A First Class Natty Is When You Win Your Conference … Then The Title Game.”

Bless their hearts.  Not that they’re likely to have any first-hand experience with that during my lifetime.


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The difference a few hours brings

Nothing more fun that watching a few Stingtalk assholes try to live vicariously through Michigan until reality rears its ugly head.

All they’ve got now is ‘Bama.  Gawd help ’em if the Tide doesn’t come through.


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“Overpromising and underdelivering”

Hell hath no fury like a Georgia Tech blogger reviewing Geoff Collins quotes from — just! — the second half of this year.


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On the Flats, the end of an era

I don’t know about you, but any article about Georgia Tech football that begins with “After his team lost 45-0 to then-No. 1 Georgia on Nov. 27 to end the season at 3-9…” has my attention.

It seems that Coach 404 has done some serious soul searching and wants you to know he’s Coach 404 no more.

“As I began the deep dive into everything we need to fix to take the next steps to get the product on the field and the results on the field at the highest level possible,” Collins said, “the things that I’ve realized is, less branding, more coaching. Less worrying about culture, more worried about ball.”

It would be a significant shift for Collins, whose focus on branding and culture has been unmistakable for anyone who has followed his team in his three seasons.

That borders on parody.  This crosses right on into it:

“We’re to the point now where it’s time to work,” Collins said. “The brand is set, the culture is set, all of those things. Now it’s time to coach. Now it’s time to work.”

Three years in, now it’s time to work?  If I were Georgia Tech, I’d be asking for a refund.


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TFW you get the boosters you deserve

Swinging dick doesn’t like the way Georgia Tech’s season turned out, because respect.

Zelnak, who chose not to attend the Tech-Georgia game, shared reports he received about the behavior of Bulldogs fans who occupied a large majority of Bobby Dodd Stadium. In past Tech-UGA games there, Zelnak said, Bulldogs fans have been “very raucous” and “less than charming.”

What happened Saturday, Zelnak said he was told, was that UGA fans didn’t even bother to engage Jackets supporters, which to him was even worse.

“It was not a relevant game (to UGA fans),” Zelnak said. “The last three years under (former coach Paul) Johnson, we won 21 games, including in 2016, beating Georgia in Athens. In the last three years of Collins, we’ve won nine. We’ve gone from being relevant to who cares? And that’s sad. It’s sad for the players. It’s sad for the fans.”

I don’t know what I like the best about those three paragraphs — that while whining that the game isn’t relevant to Georgia fans, he couldn’t be bothered to attend himself, or that averaging seven wins a year is all that it takes to make Georgia Tech football “relevant”.

Something on the Flats is sad, that’s for sure.


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“COFH will be known as clean old-fashioned embarrassment until further notice.”

Holy crap, if you ever wondered what it would be like for a Georgia Tech football blog to turn on Coach 404, look no further than this:

GT has a tradition of coaches who do more with less, but now we seem beholden to one who does less with more.

… No sane GT fan expected to win on Saturday. But the flow of that game felt like some high school administrator had mistakenly scheduled a 7A powerhouse versus a 1A struggler to open the GHSA season.

The whole piece is relentlessly brutal — with stats!  Read it all; you don’t have to be an advanced stats guru to get the gist of how lopsided the whole affair was.


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Fallout at the Flats

Georgia Tech’s best player is taking his services elsewhere.

That’s what happens when you coach to get out of the stadium as fast as you can.

The reaction to the news at Stingtalk is about what you’d expect.


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Never gets old.

Winter bragging rights continue for another year.


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The greatest trick Coach 404 ever played…

… was making me feel sympathy for Georgia Tech.

And, no, I’m not being snarky when I say that.  I’ve seen a lot of bad Georgia Tech teams over the years, but I’ve never seen a Tech coach concede a game the way Collins did yesterday.  It was late in the first half.  Tech had just forced a rare three-and-out and had the ball near midfield with about a minute to play.  Take a shot and try to force the action, maybe?  (It’s not like Collins had anything to lose there.)

Nope.  This, instead.

I turned to my brother (thanks for the seats, bro!) and said, “you guys just surrendered”.  Back at the post game tailgate, my brother’s friend said the same.  So did Jeff Schultz ($$).

It was 24-0 when Georgia was forced to punt for the first time in the game and the Jackets got the ball in good field position at their own 42 with 1:33 left in the half and three timeouts. What do they do? They ran the ball twice for 3 yards each, sandwiched around an incompletion. That’s what waving the white flag looks like.

I may not have cared much for the genius, but I never saw him do anything as craven as that.  If you’re a Tech fan, what do you do when your coach essentially quits on his team?  And if you’re a Tech player?  Well, I give Tre Swilling credit for keeping his dignity here:

He’s a better man than I probably would have been under the circumstances.  I can’t help but feel for him a little.

Collins currently has a good recruiting class coming in, by Tech standards, anyway.  I can’t imagine what he’s saying to recruits about his program, though.


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Your Daily Jacket is in denial.

This, my friends, is comedy gold.  Dudes at Stingtalk are in disbelief about Brian Snitker cutting a promo for UGA:

The funniest thing is these people think they’re smart.


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