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Tuesday morning buffet

The line is open.

  • CFN thinks the Pruitt hire is swell.
  • The next Georgia Tech stud is running back Travis Custis, who was a highly rated recruit in 2013 but had to sit out last season to meet NCAA eligibility requirements.  I almost hope he pans out, just so he can provide a ready source to rag Tech fans about when they bring up academics.
  • A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that a large majority of the general public opposes paying salaries to college athletes beyond the scholarships currently offered.  The public is split on unionization, though.  Too bad there wasn’t a poll question about players’ being compensated for their likenesses.  (h/t John Infante)
  • Generally, I’m not in favor of parents blocking their sons from choosing where to play college ball.  But when I see a quote like this“… It would be nice to have an offer from Oregon because of their uniforms…” – I can understand where some mommas are coming from.
  • Mark Cuban can see a future when the NFL moves some of its games to Saturday.  That means war!
  • Hugh Freeze no doubt welcomes this development at Alabama for recruiting purposes.
  • John Infante sees college football going down the same road as college basketball if the coaches don’t get their act together and come up with a more comprehensive approach to reforming recruiting rules.


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Mark Richt has lost control of the letter “T”.

(Photo: 11Alive)

It’s the crime of the century!

Georgia Tech officials say the letter “T” has been stolen from the Tech Tower.

According to Georgia Tech’s Twitter page, the letter was taken from Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Administration Building, which is also known as the Tech Tower, and police are investigating.

Now if somebody would just steal the “C”, we’d have an expression for how most people feel about the genius’ football program.


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I’ll take losing streaks that will continue for $200, Alex.

Heather Dinich draws the short straw on having to answer one of those delightful invented topics that ESPN makes its college football conference bloggers deal with on a seemingly endless basis.

We started a series this week looking at some of the ACC’s most meaningful rivalries, and predicting whether the most recent trends are going to change in 2014. Can the underdogs stop the losing streaks?

It’s Georgia Tech’s turn to answer:

Um, that would be a “no”.


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I still got nothing.

I heard this story for the first time yesterday, so if some of you already know it, I apologize.

There was a rather famous brothel in Rome, Georgia called Peggy’s that operated into the seventies before the place burned down.

Anyway, Peggy’s placed an ad in the 1963 Georgia Tech yearbook.  I kid you not.

Boy, some things never change on that campus.


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Georgia Tech admission standards are just Chantastic.

Tech fans, can we please dispense once and for all with the holier than thou whining about admission standards and the Hill holding back Paul Johnson?  The genius says he’s been greenlighted to go after the same kids most everyone else chases.

In an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Johnson shared updates and insights about his team, which begins spring practice in advance of his seventh season on March 24. Among them: an admissions leeway he has been granted by school president G.P. “Bud” Peterson, changes in the coaching of the offensive line and possible scheme adjustments for the offense.

The incoming signing class was among Johnson’s largest and was significant in another way. With the academic success that the program has had since his arrival after the 2007 season, Johnson went to Peterson last year for help. He had ammunition. The Jackets were honored by the NCAA last June for having an NCAA-measured Academic Progress Rate in the top 10 percent of FBS.

Of the 15 players who were part of Johnson’s first signing class in 2008 and who stayed for four or more years, 14 earned degrees. Of the 16 players in the 21-player 2009 class who stayed four or more years, 15 earned degrees and the 16th is completing degree work.

Up until last year, Johnson said, he was permitted to have 20 percent of the signees fall below the school’s admissions standards so long as they met NCAA qualifying standards, signees termed by the program as exceptions.

“(Peterson) said, with the success we’ve had, he would give me more leeway if I thought guys could make it through,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that Peterson removed the 20 percent cap and gave him autonomy to offer scholarships to prospective players as long as they were NCAA qualifiers, which are a lower standard than Tech’s.

Fine by me.  On to the next excuse for losing to Georgia…


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Is this as good as it gets?

I think they’ve found this year’s meme for Georgia Tech football.

When you get down to it, it’s just another way of saying Chantastic.


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Video (games) killed the football star.

Honestly, in a From The Rumble Seat blog post about declining student attendance, is there anything more that needs to be said than this?

In college, I always found it wildly disturbing how many people (very social people, I should add) would rather sit in their rooms and play Assassin’s Creed or Battlefield all day rather than go watch Georgia Tech play a game against a major opponent like Pittsburgh or North Carolina. (Clemson, Virginia Tech, and uga were much easier to get attendance at without peer pressure – otherwise, a lot of folks showing up were doing so because they were “supposed to”, and doing so late before leaving at the start of the fourth quarter.) People have developed their entire social circles around others who like to play video games and partake in other entertainment via the internet, and it ends up that those things interest these individuals far more than watching folks do activities that they themselves never did or were never any good at. The sample at Georgia Tech may be somewhat skewed towards this type…

Never make a Techie choose between Dragon*Con and football.


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Monday morning buffet

Jump right in and get your week started.


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When 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes ain’t gettin’ it done.

What the AJ-C refers to as Georgia Tech’s “season-ticket strategy”:

The ticket office also came up with a clever incentive, two movie screenings to be held at Bobby Dodd Stadium in July for season-ticket holders only. Fans will be allowed to watch the movies – “Muppets Most Wanted” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” if you’re wondering – on the field. It’s a unique experience and, perhaps best of all for the athletic department, the cost is fairly negligible.

Why Tech doesn’t simply give in to the inevitable and offer a discount to Dragon*Con as part of its season ticket package escapes me.


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If you look up Chantastic in the dictionary…

You can change the coaches, you can change the quarterbacks, you can change the schemes and it won’t matter one bit.  Georgia Tech football will remain just a tick north of mediocre.

Some programs aren’t built to be conference and national contenders but have found a groove at or just outside the Top 25 that has produced regular bowl appearances and just enough victories to keep coaches in place for a long time.

That last part is music to my ears.  Long may the genius run.


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