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Mark Bradley needs to take a cold shower.

Sometimes it sounds like he writes his own pornography.

But in the bigger picture: Yes, the outcome mattered. It made Tech fans feel good about their coach again, and that’s no small thing. It made Georgia fans wonder, not for the first time, if their coach really is overmatched in a tactical way, and I know, given Richt’s two SEC titles, how silly that might sound. But there it is.

Bradley contrasts Johnson getting a four-year contract extension with Richt having to face Louisville in a bowl game (“the booby prize of postseason assignments”).  He then goes on to note, “A consistently good team that competes for the ACC title and upsets Georgia once every four or five years is about all Tech folks expect.”  My, how convenient to ignore who was favored in ’09 and ’10.  Or what happens in the final rankings this season if Georgia wins that bowl game and Tech loses in Miami.

So Johnson gets to work his magic for another four years with that extension.  Maybe if he goes 1-3 at just the right time, he can get another one.  What’s the old line about the soft bigotry of low expectations?  Regardless of what you think of Richt’s fate at Georgia, there’s no way a coach in Athens survives on just an occasional upset win over the Jackets.  Just ask Jim Donnan.


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“The most important thing is the happiness of a young person.”

Chip Towers reports that Greg McGarity has gotten his Georgia Tech cohort to see the light about transfers.

Athletic directors Greg McGarity and Mike Bobinski spent quite a bit of time on the phone this week conferring about their schools’ respective transfer policies in light of Green’s decision.

“Mike and I have been in communication and, moving forward, we’re in agreement there should not be any reasons to not grant the wishes of any student-athlete who might want to transfer between our institutions as long as there has been no tampering,” McGarity said…

“He’s in agreement,” McGarity said. “We’ve mostly just been exchanging texts since I became aware of J.J.’s desire to transfer to Tech. I reached out to Mike and wanted to make sure this was going to be a reciprocal agreement we have between institutions and he was in agreement with that.”

If Bobinski has indeed had a change of heart on this matter, McGarity deserves nothing but a pure, unadulterated attaboy for that.  Well played, sir.


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Sauce for the goose, and all that

Soooo… word is that J.J. Green will transfer to Georgia Tech.  If you followed his recruiting, that’s not a big surprise.  Nor is it a big surprise, given his wish to return to running back.

Nor is it a surprise that he’s been given an unconditional release by Mark Richt.  And while I ordinarily support Richt’s policy because I think the NCAA transfer rules are a joke, I’m a little unhappy this go ’round.  Not because of Green, mind you, but because of Robert Carter, Jr.  Or, more specifically, because of Georgia Tech’s athletic director.

“Our practice has typically been to (not grant permission) to the ACC schools and anybody you play in a given sport every year,” he said. “We play Georgia every year. This is not something which is so much a Georgia thing as it is we compete against them every year. That’s a pretty standard industry-wide practice.”

If that’s your policy, so be it.  But it seems kind of dumb for Georgia not to adopt the same approach here.  And it’s not like Georgia doesn’t reciprocate in certain other areas now and then, for example, matching what opposing schools charge for visitor ticket prices.  Granted, there’s no benefit to the reserve fund in blocking Georgia Tech from signing Green immediately, but unilateral disarmament shouldn’t be part of the Georgia Way.

Sure, that would suck for Green, but if he wanted to blame somebody for the block, Mike Bobinski would make an appropriate target.  Or he could always read Mark Bradley.

I wonder if Greg McGarity could be swayed by a few angry e-mails.  Eh, probably not.


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In which I haz a sad last night…

So, as I’m watching the ACCCG (aka, The World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party… by the way, nice fog, guys), I find myself wondering if Hutson Mason is watching, too, and if he is, what’s going through his head as he sees FSU’s offensive line appear almost bored handling Ted Roof’s futile attempt to dial up a pass rush.

I swear, there were times when it felt like Winston had enough time in the pocket to pull out a cell phone and order take out.  From somebody whose first language isn’t English.

Georgia’s o-line sure picked a bad week to quit beasting on other teams.


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Upon further review, the outsourced edition

I’ve started watching the replay of the Tech game (yes, gentle readers, sometimes a blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do) to compose a review post, but in the meantime, I’ve come across Gentry Estes’ review.  It’s a far more thorough job than I’d be likely to produce, so I suggest you take a look at it.

In particular, he has one comment that bears highlighting.

This is just my personal observation, and it may be standard procedure in that offense, but it looked like Georgia Tech at times read the splits in the Georgia front and adjusted before the snap. It didn’t always work, but you noticed when eyeing UGA’s front that if there was space at any portion, the Yellow Jackets often sent the ball-carrier into that area. There was one play in particular that went for 19 yards to start a third quarter possession where Thornton and Drew were each to the right of the center and Jordan Jenkins was outside of the tackle. The Yellow Jackets then ran a dive play directly into that open gap over the left guard.

It looked like Tech altered its o-line blocking schemes in the second half, but this was the other adjustment I noticed.  Pruitt called for a lot of shifts in Georgia’s front just before the snap and it seemed like the Jackets’ offense would adjust to that by running the play towards the vacated gap.  There’s a reason Herrera and Wilson were making so many tackles.  What that also tells you is that Justin Thomas did a terrific job as an option quarterback, despite anemic passing stats (6-16, 64 yards), because he was making excellent decisions in the running game.  He’s Saturday’s MVP.


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The silver lining from Saturday’s shit storm

At least the genius may stick around for a few more years.  Hope he gets a Paul Hewitt-type extension.


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Game day thoughts on Clean Old-Fashioned Hate

I’ll be heading out soon, so I just wanted to get a few things in before I go.

This game matters.  A lot.  Not because it has any bearing on the SEC or the playoff picture.  But because this team needs to show itself and us that it’s heading in the right direction.

That all starts by being ready to play.  Taking Georgia Tech seriously.  We all mock the Jackets’ fan base, as well as Paul Johnson’s personality (or, perhaps more accurately, lack of one), but as tempting as it is to dismiss the triple option as a high school offense, the reality is that it’s effective.  And if Georgia’s defense doesn’t come in ready to play sixty minutes of assignment football, it’s going to get run on.

I expect to see the same base defense we’ve seen since Auburn, and why not?  It’s been largely successful with containment.  That, plus limiting what Tech’s B-back does on the dive play, should keep things under control.

I don’t think Tech’s defense is going to have any better success stopping Georgia’s offense than any other team outside of Florida has this year.  The front seven is small and the secondary is the weakest area of the team.  That’s not a good combination.  Let’s not forget, though, that Ted Roof has one solution for any problem, and that’s more blitzing.

Again, Georgia is all about controlling field position and winning turnover margin.  If that happens today, Georgia covers easily.  If not, it’ll be a fight.

It’s Senior Day and there are some kids who deserve our support.  I’ll be there to give it.

Feel free to add your observations, praise and/or grousing in the comments.


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