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In a not-so shocking development…

Guess who’s not thrilled about the new NCAA rule that bans blocks below the waist happening five yards beyond the line of scrimmage?

You only get one guess.

Paul Johnson doth protest.

A day after the NCAA approved a rule change that will ban blocks below the waist that occur five yards beyond the line of scrimmage – a small facet of the Georgia Tech option offense – the Yellow Jackets coach called it to question.

Following his team’s spring-practice scrimmage Saturday morning, Johnson said that the rule may affect Tech to some degree, “but I noticed it’s five yards downfield, so it doesn’t affect the bubble screens or the RPOs or anything.”

Bubble screens and the run-pass option (RPO) are plays that have gained in popularity that can include cut blocks – blocks thrown below the waist – within five yards of the line of scrimmage. The topic of cut blocking often irks Johnson, as the block is often claimed to be dangerous and his offense frequently is associated with it. Johnson’s typical response has been to ask for research that supports the contention. He also has noted that the Jackets are hardly the only team that employs blocking below the waist.

“Either blocking below the waist is dangerous or it’s not,” Johnson said. “It’s not anymore dangerous five yards down the field than it is on the line of scrimmage. If it’s that scary, they ought to not tackle below the waist.”

To which I can but say, be careful what you wish for, genius.



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Mark Bradley hasn’t come to bury Paul Johnson’s contract extension.

He’s come to fellate it.  And so you don’t have to waste your time reading his kiss-assery — honestly, the more praise in that direction, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned — just catch the lazy, reflexive nip he takes at Georgia:

Station Kirby Smart at a school where calculus is a requirement and see how many 5-stars he signs.

Yeah, put the genius some place where his warm and fuzzy personality wouldn’t be handicapped by those damned academics and watch the magic begin.


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And now, the end is near.

In an observation that should bring a loud, sad “noooooooo…” to the throats of Dawg fans everywhere, Paul Johnson contemplates the autumn of his Georgia Tech years.

Johnson said he didn’t know if he’ll serve out the five years of the deal, at which point he would be 65.

“We’ll see,” he said. “I said I’ll know when it’s not fun any longer. We’ll see. It’s not something I have to do, but as long as you enjoy it and it’s fun, yeah, keep going. I’ve always said I’ll know when it’s time.”

He did say he didn’t see himself coaching as long as former colleague Frank Beamer, who started his final season of coaching at the age of 68.

“That’s, what, eight years? I don’t know about that,” said Johnson, 60.

Why not?  I’m sure he’d be just as effective on the recruiting trail at age 68 as he is now.

C’mon, Jackets, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… or something like that.


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The genius can’t fail the defense.

Only the defense can fail the genius.

People always question the challenge of preparing a defense when it practices against your style of offense. I’m not sure it’s really dramatically different than teams with tempo or spread style offenses, but do you see it as something unique you have to deal with when trying to get the defense straightened out?

Johnson: I think that’s just a crock. It’s excuses. Playing against our offense is not a whole lot different than playing against the spread with the zone-reads and all that stuff. You play it the same way. If you look, I think the offense should help the defense. That’s one of the things I was impressed with Nate, when I talked to him about it; he embraces it because it helps play the run, it helps make you tough, and all you have to look — a team like Army, those teams are top five, top 10 in the country in defense. So it hasn’t hurt them. When I was at Georgia Southern, we were perennially in the top 10 in defense. If anything, you play less snaps. We probably played less possessions and less snaps than anybody in the country except Army a year ago. A normal game for us is 10 to 12 possessions. For everybody else, it’s 17 to 18, so you’re essentially playing a quarter less every game.

He’s making it easy on ’em.  Sooner or later, he’s bound to find a defensive coordinator who can appreciate his generosity, no?


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Friday night light

There is just something a little sad about this.

For the second year in a row, Georgia Tech football will play its annual spring intrasquad scrimmage under the lights at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

The school’s athletic department announced on Monday that the Yellow Jackets spring game will be held on Friday, Apr. 20, and will begin at 7 p.m.

It’s not a game; it’s an “intrasquad scrimmage”.  It’s not on a beautiful spring afternoon.  It’s at night.  It’s not on a Saturday, when fans can make a day of it.

All that’s missing is a Paul Johnson promo advising fans not to bother showing up.


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