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Take a hike, son.

The genius sputters about the Roquan Smith signing.  And it’s pretty funny.

“I don’t see that going anywhere,” Johnson told the AJC. “I don’t think anybody is going to allow that. They (colleges) are going to tell kids that if they don’t want to sign their NLI then I’m going to the next kid. It would be chaos. It would be crazy. There would be no signing thing. It would just be nonstop year-round.

“… Some of the stories that I followed with the financial aid, there’s a lot of misinformation out there anyways. Because once you go to that school, you’re still bound to that school. You get around to the same rules as everybody else. What it does is make the recruiting process go longer, just like the academies (such as Army and Navy). They have that at the academies, and it’s ridiculous. You recruit all summer. The academies are different because they don’t have a set number of scholarships. You’re not trying to hit a target number.

“If you’re trying to hit 85, it would be chaos. Because nobody would have an idea of who is going where until school started. Guys would sign two or three different financial-aid agreements. You wouldn’t know if they were going to enroll here or there. You’d be disingenuous waiting on them. That would be chaos.”

Chaos, he tells ‘ya.  Chaos!  And Paul Johnson doesn’t do chaos, damn it.

The Tech coach was also asked this question: What would you have done if a players like quarterback Justin Thomas or the Austin twins had told you that they promised they were coming to your school but that they felt uncomfortable with signing an NLI?

“I would’ve went on to the next guy,” Johnson said.

Sure thing.  ‘Cause if there’s one thing we know about Georgia Tech recruiting, it’s that there are always plenty of four-star fish left in the sea if you have to toss one back on signing day.


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Look who’s working the refs.

If you had any doubts about how the new CFP would affect coaches politicking for their teams, look no further than Paul JohnsonPaul Johnson! – fresh off a banner year on the Flats that, according to some, saved his job.

Johnson is no stranger to pro-SEC chatter. Atlanta is the de facto heart of the conference, as the league plays its title game in the Georgia Dome, only three miles from Tech’s campus. Johnson still feels like he is fighting an uphill battle for his program’s perception. It’s easy to see why SEC wins can taste a little sweeter.

“There’s always pride,” Johnson says. “We’re stuck in the middle of it, and truthfully, you get tired of hearing about it. It’s a fixed game. You watch the polls this year, in preseason they’ll have 10 teams ranked again. I saw where one of the teams that is ranked in the preseason top 20, we’ve won more SEC games than they have. And we’re in the other league. And then what happens is you get them ranked in the top 10, when they beat each other, they don’t ever fall out.”

Well, that shouldn’t be the genius’ concern this season.

After all, this team just won 11 games and plays in the very winnable Coastal division. Duke, the only other Coastal foe to win more than four ACC games in ‘14, loses five starters on both sides of the ball.



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Sunday morning buffet

A tidbit here, a tidbit there…

  • Something to keep an eye on with this season’s Kentucky football team:  “From that highly touted 2014 signing class, ranked No. 17 in the nation, UK was able to redshirt 16 players…”  That includes redshirting every offensive linemen the current staff has signed.
  • Bill Connelly ponders what the future of football analytics will bring.
  • Marc Weiszer Fletcher Page  has a nice piece on this year’s Paul Oliver Network gathering.
  • Les Miles thinks Matt Womack signing with Alabama is enough of a punishment for his program.
  • So Andy Schwarz is being hired to produce the new report evaluating the report that led to the shutdown of the UAB football program?  That’s beyond interesting, both for what he’ll have to say about UAB’s decision as well as shining a light on college athletic departments’ bookkeeping practices.
  • Here’s another roundup of questions as SEC spring practices get underway.
  • She may be a little girl, but she manages to hit on the essence of being a Georgia Tech fan in one sentence.
  • Speaking of Tech, the computer hacker has been sentenced, but “The district attorney said he believes Pickren entered a guilty plea, meaning failure to complete the program would bring the student back to court for further sentencing.”  So you’re saying there’s a chance?


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Do nerds deserve a second chance?

My only question after reading this:  does Auburn have a computer engineering school?


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Tuesday morning buffet

There’s always something.

  • Phil Steele updates his returning starters list here.  And here’s the list broken down by the P5 conferences.  Got to wonder what 2015 holds in store for Mississippi State and Florida.
  • In case you were wondering if offenses were better than ever last season, you’re right.
  • Bleacher Report using Michael Carvell’s click bait to ask the musical question “Is Georgia’s 2015 Recruiting Class in Danger of Collapsing?” = troll squared.  At least there’s no slideshow.
  • Hey, there’s a Twitterfest bitch slapping contest!
  • Georgia Tech is looking for donor support to provide cost-of-attendance stipends that will be given to scholarship athletes starting in the fall.  No doubt Greg McGarity is watching this with a keen eye.
  • Best recruit troll of the year.
  • Jeff Long will serve as the chairman of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee again in 2015, based on “Long’s ability to communicate the thinking of the committee to the fans”, per Bill Hancock.  I swear, you can’t make this stuff up.
  • Gentry Estes has ten questions for Georgia’s upcoming preseason.  (And wouldn’t it be refreshing if the answer to the last one was “yes”?)


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Roster management comes to the Flats.

Georgia Tech makes a grayshirt offer.

I wonder how the Johnson Doctrine works with that.


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The Johnson Doctrine is alive and well, in all its hypocritical glory.

The genius stole one of Virginia’s recruits away this past week.  Sayeth the kid,

“(Paul Johnson) was happy,” Curry said. “He has very strict rules on committing and not going other places. So his rule is ‘You commit to us, and you don’t visit anywhere else.’ I can see how it might’ve been a little weird for me to visit and be committed somewhere else.

You can see how that might be a little weird?  Yeah, that’s a polite way of putting it.

(h/t hailtogeorgia)


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