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“I’d be surprised if he doesn’t play.”

Banged up don’t mean so much when you’ve got nothing left to play for, and Saturday certainly qualifies for Georgia Tech.  Which means Justin Thomas will be Paul Johnson’s starting quarterback.

I don’t root for kids to get hurt, but I will say that if you’re not making sure the quarterback in a triple-option offense is getting hit regularly, you’re not playing defense correctly.


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Moar hate

Hey, it’s not just me using the word.

“As a defensive player you can’t really get up and get excited to play a team like Georgia Tech,” Jenkins said. “That offense sucks for you. There’s a chance you might get hurt. There’s a chance you’re going to be bruised up, banged up afterward. It’s not a type of offense you get excited to play. That’s why it attributes to the hate a lot of Georgia players have for Tech.”

I attribute it too, Jordan.  GATA.


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A few thoughts on the Tech game

Well, I’m a little surprised, but from reading this, it sounds like Georgia Tech is slightly less reliant on running the ball than Georgia Southern.


1st Down: Tech has run the ball 80 percent of the time on first down this season but it has had some luck through the air. The Yellow Jackets are completing over 50 percent of their passes and have thrown four touchdowns to just one interception on the down.

2nd Down: Georgia Tech is a run-heavy team in all second down situations. Second and long (more than seven yards) is the closest to being 50/50, but Johnson often opts to keep the offense on schedule in those situations with the run.

3rd Down: Georgia Tech has thrown only one third and short (less than four yards) pass all season. It has run the ball 49 out of 50 times in that spot. The Yellow Jackets still tend to run the ball on third and medium (four to six yards) with 64 percent run. Third and long is the only down and distance where the pass is most prevalent.

But, yeah, the raw numbers bear that out.  GSU runs the ball roughly seven carries more per game than does Tech, while attempting five fewer pass attempts per game.  Some of that is probably due to the nature of the seasons each is enjoying, I would guess.

It’s also worth noting that GT has returned to its traditional level under Johnson of an under-50% completion rate on its pass attempts.  (Justin Thomas’ rate is actually lower than the overall team’s.)

So I’d say we know what Pruitt wants to see.

On defense, I will be shocked if, after seeing Georgia’s game tape from last Saturday, Ted Roof does anything different from what the Eagles dialed up.  The man loves to blitz as it is and there was nothing shown from last weekend that would discourage him in that department.  That means Schottenheimer gets another opportunity to figure out the best way to counter that… this time, for an entire game.  The same can be said for Georgia’s offensive line.


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In case you need a reminder it’s Tech Week…

hate them sumbitches.  Hate ’em.


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“We can’t seem to get out of our own way.”

Is Justin Thomas going to play for Georgia Tech this Saturday?  Based on the Jackets’ last game, that looks like it may be a big deal.

The status of Georgia Tech starting quarterback Justin Thomas for Saturday is up in the air after he left the Miami loss midway through the first quarter.

Coach Paul Johnson said after the game he thought Thomas “hit his head on the ground.” He said he did not have a concussion.

Redshirt freshman Matthew Jordan replaced Thomas in Georgia’s Tech’s triple option and fumbled six times, losing one at the Miami 3-yard line.

“We don’t know for sure who’s going to play so it’ll be hard to say for sure,” Richt said. “I don’t think they’re going to reinvent what they do.”

The Yellow Jackets had nine fumbles, losing two.

Nine fumbles?  That ain’t good.  Tech tossed a couple of interceptions for good measure (on only nine pass attempts for the game).

Thomas hasn’t had as good a year this season as was expected, but that’s not all on him.  Basically, it turned out that losing most of his surrounding cast has left him in the position of trying to carry more of the load than he’s capable of doing.  Still, based on what happened at Miami, he sure seems to beat the alternative.


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Monday morning buffet

Fuel up, folks.

  • The Georgia Way  – it’s not just for the athletic department anymore! (h/t Lrgk9)
  • How was this kid not ejected from the game?
  • Add Iowa State to the coaching carousel list.
  • They’re just now getting around to figuring out how to fill all the bowl game slots?
  • Les Miles’ fate at LSU sounds like it’s moved from the if to the when stage.
  • Stuff like this probably doesn’t help.
  • Does playing Georgia Southern’s triple option help the Dawgs prepare to play Georgia Tech’s version?
  • Speaking of Tech, the season’s been disappointing enough that even the denizens at StingTalk can’t work up much an argument against Georgia being installed as a 4.5-point favorite.


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There’s always something to play for.

It’s Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate Week, so I don’t want to hear whining from any of y’all this week about how the season is in the crapper so the Tech game isn’t a big deal.

It always matters.  Always.

If making sure that the Jackets don’t manufacture their first winning streak in over a decade doesn’t matter, if making sure that Georgia starts another win streak doesn’t matter, then how ’bout this?

More for the record book

The loss means, among other things, Tech will experience either the largest one-season drop-off in win total in school history or tie for the largest. The 1929 team followed the 1928 national championship team’s 10-0 record with a 3-6 season. If the Jackets lose to Georgia, they’ll have fallen from 11-3 to 3-9.

Sounds good to me.  Also, let’s try to beat ’em in regulation, fellas.  At least that way Georgia Southern can have some bragging rights about which team pushed the Dawgs harder.


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