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Very pretty, Colonel. But can they focus?

In case you’re worrying about Georgia taking Tech lightly because the Dawgs are looking past the Jackets towards an SECCG they’ve already clinched an appearance in, consider that particular scenario has occurred five times, in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2011 and 2012.

Average score of those five meetings?  Georgia 34.4 – Georgia Tech 11.6.



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Smaller fish to fry

This is what a genius sounds like when his team plays Georgia for nothing more than a shot at bowl eligibility:

“This should be why you come to play college football, games like this,” Johnson said. “If somebody has to fire you up for this one then you probably ought to quit. You shouldn’t be playing.”


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Paul Johnson’s convenient memory lapse

Paul Johnson is shocked, shocked that someone would suggest Tech’s blocking style is hazardous to other teams’ health.

“As a conference rule, we have to have four ambulances at our games because we hurt so many people,” Johnson said sarcastically. “Come on. In 10 years, I can’t remember anybody that’s ever gotten hurt out there playing (because of Tech’s offensive style).

“That’s just trying to get the officials to call something that isn’t there.”

DeAngelo Tyson would be happy to refresh your memory, genius.  (Apologies for the picture disappearing into the ether.)

At least Auburn’s never tried to pretend Nick Fairley didn’t exist.


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GTP, bringing you the stats before the nerds do.

One of the more endearing features of the Georgia Tech message boards is the way they’ll attempt to construct statistical arguments in years when the teams aren’t on level footing going in to make them look closer than they are.

I thought I’d save everybody a little time with that.

Some of the comparative stats are eye-opening.  Start with Tech’s ranking in defensive red-zone conversion percentage.  It’s dead last in the country.  If there’s a saving grace to that, it’s that the Jackets are 35th nationally in opponent red-zone opportunities.  Unfortunately for them, Georgia is ranked sixth in opponent red-zone opportunities and first in red-zone conversion percentage.

The odds are pretty strong that if Georgia gets inside Tech’s 20, good things are bound to happen.

We’ve all been a little disappointed that Georgia’s defense hasn’t been more disruptive this season, despite its general excellence.  Georgia ranks 65th nationally in tackles for loss.  That being said, Tech’s defense makes the Georgia defensive line look like the Steel Curtain.  The Jackets are a woeful 119th in tackles for loss.  Sony’s and Nick’s days just got a lot brighter.

It’s a similar story with sacks, as Georgia comes in 63rd in the country and Georgia Tech 97th.  Jake Fromm’s day just got a lot brighter.

If all that suggests the Dawgs should fare better with the grind, I think that’s right.  It also seems to be the case that Georgia is the more explosive team.  Georgia is 16th in plays of 20 yards or more;  Tech is 90th.  That’s also reflected in Bill Connelly’s advanced stats:  Georgia’s IsoPPP is 11th on offense;  Tech’s IsoPPP is 80th.

To be fair, one thing to note in favor of the Jackets is that their undefeated home record is no mirage.  Bill’s performance percentile in those games:  85%, 94%, 92%, 81% and 87%.  Georgia’s road success at Bobby Dodd Stadium is likely to be tested.

Hopefully, though, those numbers don’t lie.


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Kirby embraces Hate Week.

I’ve said for a long time that if you’re a Georgia coach who doesn’t beat Georgia Tech consistently, you’re not long for Athens.  Well, Mrs. Smart didn’t raise no dummy.

Think he wants this one?

Oh yeah, and then there’s this.

Observation or opportunity?  You decide.


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David Cutcliffe’s advice

In beating Georgia Tech Saturday, Duke ended a six-game losing streak.  They did it without the benefit of a bye week to get them ready to play Tech’s triple option, although in playing Army the week before, they did get their defense plenty of reps to prepare for Johnson’s offense.

Interestingly enough, when asked what Duke’s secret of success was, Cutcliffe didn’t resort to the usual explanations you hear about how to defend Tech.  Instead, he came at it from the other side of the ball.

“You’ve got to take the challenge on yourself to try to outrush a team,” coach David Cutcliffe said. “And about the only way you’re going to outrush a Georgia Tech team is to be on the field more than they are. We accomplished that.”

“I told them, ‘When you’re playing an option team, prepare to play from behind at some point,’” Cutcliffe said. “To play these teams, you have to catch up to the speed of that offense. It’s not a scout team. So it takes you awhile to get your sea legs.”

… Cutcliffe spoke during the week about the importance of making the most out of their drives, since Georgia Tech’s run offense could take time off the clock and limit possessions. Duke did that, scoring on its first seven possessions and eight of their 10 possessions for the game.

I can think of another team that’s going to try to outrush Georgia Tech.


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A sign of confidence

Georgia Tech’s athletic director is working the phones trying to find an opponent to schedule for a twelfth regular season game.  Why?

Tech is 5-5 going into its final scheduled regular-season game against Georgia Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. A win secures bowl eligibility. If Tech were to lose the game, it would be in limbo regarding its bowl status. The Yellow Jackets could conceivably receive a bowl invitation at 5-6, but only if there weren’t enough bowl-eligible teams, which may not be known until December 2.

I do hope the genius gets asked about that in his pre-game presser this week.


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