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Recipe for success

Bill Connelly’s updated his 2022 returning production stats from last month and amazingly, somehow, Georgia Tech has managed to drop from their earlier lofty 109th ranking to this:

It sure is a good thing that Coach 404 has picked this season to switch his focus from branding to coaching.


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We recruit this state.

Tyler Atkinson is an eighth grader with a Georgia offer.

Tyler Atkinson just got offered by his “dream school” Georgia Bulldogs. The key thing here is not to trumpet the fact Georgia just offered a middle school prospect.

Or that Georgia Tech beat the ‘Dawgs in something by offering Atkinson earlier this month.

I’m not trumpeting that, Jeff.  I’m trumpeting this quote from former Dawg Marcus Howard, who’s been training Atkinson:

“I’ve been telling everybody about him for years now including you. Everybody. All coaches. All schools. I’m glad UGA was the first big-time school to offer.”  [Emphasis added.]

That’s how you diss Georgia Tech.


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You’re at Georgia Tech. You shouldn’t do this.

I have never typed the expression “WTF” and meant it more after watching… well, whatever the hell this is:

At least we get to see what his mom’s basement looks like.  And kudos for bringing back the Reggie Ball jersey, which seems strangely appropriate.



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At Georgia Tech, hope isn’t the best of things.

It’s the most awkward of things.

You’d think someone reading Stingtalk for thirteen years or so would know better.


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The hole is deep and wide.

Considering the source, this is remarkably putrid:

Geoff Collins, Georgia Tech: Collins enters 2022 with a six-game losing streak and the lowest winning percentage (.265) of any full-time Georgia Tech coach in history. “Less branding, more coaching,” Collins said in December.

Buddy, when you’re looking up at Bill Lewis, you’re in a bad, bad place.

Does that mean if Tech actually wins more than three games this season — I know, but work with me here — that Coach 404 confessed to not doing his best before?  Were I Tech, I’d be asking for a refund.

And, on a related matter

Jason Semore had been on Collins’ staff in 2019 and 2020 as a defensive analyst before going to Valdosta State to be its defensive coordinator last season. He has taken over the linebacker group, which Thacker had coached since coming to Tech with Collins from Temple.

“I think he’s an elite coach, I think he’s an elite man and a lot of the guys inside of that (football) building were excited about that hire,” Thacker said. “Very unknown to the outside world, but there are a lot of guys that had good relationships, really respected him.”

Hey, Kirby Smart said “elite” a bunch before last season and look where it got him!  I’m not sure that “Less branding, more coaching” theme has sunk in on the Flats quite yet.


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Four tailgates, four tickets…

Look at this as the evolution of all the “what time is the game?, what time can you be here?” Georgia Tech jokes you’ve heard (or told):

Georgia Tech’s spring game will have an unusual feature – a tailgate party taking place in one of the end zones as the game is going on. Plans for the spring game, to be played March 17, were announced by the athletic department Tuesday.

Space in the end zone will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to all fans, with part of the space designated exclusively for students. (The scrimmage will be played with the offense going towards the end zone without the tailgate party.) Food and beverages (including beer and wine) will be available for purchase in the end-zone area, which will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Drinking on the field while the scrimmage is ongoing?  Gee, what could go wrong there…


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Today, in where are they now?

It’s a small world after all:

[Georgia’s new defensive backs coach Fran] Brown played for a Western Carolina defense whose coordinator was Geoff Collins, now Georgia Tech’s coach.

Looking forward to seeing them get together to reminisce at the Waffle House after the blowout in Athens this year.


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Everything is beautiful.

Coach 404 is getting his inner Booch on, now.

Gibbs was the first of 12 players to leave the Yellow Jackets through the transfer portal. Among other significant departures were defensive end Jordan Domineck, the team’s top pass rusher, running back Jamious Griffin, and starting safety Wesley Walker.

Collins, 9-25 through three seasons at Georgia Tech, said he doesn’t see the heavy losses through transfers as a collective vote of no-confidence in his program.

“I do not,” Collins said. “I just take it as we love those guys, we care about those guys. If they feel there’s another situation that they need, we counsel those guys, we have conversations with them. But then you have to look to the guys who are on your roster, on your team and your program that you’re blessed every single day you get to coach and focus on that and keep it moving.”

He’s about to care himself into another 3-win season.


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Can’t say they didn’t know.

This is some graph.

Somehow, Coach 404 manages to bring up the rear at both schools he coached at.

The obvious move Tech should make, based on that chart, is pretty clear.  Fortunately, this being Georgia Tech we’re talking about, there’s not much of a likelihood they’ll do it.


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Before and after

It’s hard to come up with a better example of “it seemed like a good idea at the time” thinking than Coach Dodd’s decision to take Georgia Tech out of the SEC.


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