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BREAKING: Georgia Tech will be in the CFP conversation.

This is as close as the Jackets will get, though.

Georgia Tech athletic director Todd Stansbury will be one of the six new College Football Playoff selection committee members, multiple sources told ESPN on Wednesday.

If Georgia’s in the hunt for the playoffs again, the Stingtalk threads about this move ought to be epic.



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Vicarious living seeks roommate.

Apparently Stingtalk is open for business and they’d like to hear from us.



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And, verily, there was much rejoicing.

Georgia Tech is signing up for two more years with the genius.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson has received one more confirmation of support from athletic director Todd Stansbury, and it’s a little more affirming than a short note left in his office mail slot. While Tech faltered this past season with a 5-6 record, Johnson has agreed in principle on a two-year contract extension, Johnson’s attorney Jack Reale said Thursday.

“I think you can quote me on saying that we’re in the process of negotiating an extension on Coach’s contract and that negotiations are going well and we expect things to be concluded shortly,” Reale told the AJC.

Discussions are to the point that Reale said he was waiting for a draft of the agreement terms.

The extension will now carry the contract through the 2022 season, which would be his 15th at Tech, when he will be 65.
That sound you hear is the Georgia recruiting staff high-fiving each other.


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Meet the new scapegoat.

In introducing his latest hire at defensive coordinator, the genius is careful enough in setting the parameters to leave himself enough wiggle room to have somebody else to blame when things inevitably don’t work out:

“I don’t know anybody who has total control,” Johnson said. “But I have complete confidence in him or I wouldn’t hire him to put in his defensive scheme. I’m not going to hire someone who runs a certain scheme and then bring them in here and say, ‘No, you can’t do that, you have to do something else.'”

Woody is a 27-year coaching veteran who directed Appalachian State’s defense the past five seasons. After putting in his 3-4 scheme, the Mountaineers led the Sun Belt Conference in total defense three times and ranked among the top 30 nationally each of the past four seasons.

Appalachian State closed out this season with a 34-0 rout of Toledo in the Dollar General Bowl .

That was enough to persuade Johnson he’s got the right man to take over Georgia Tech’s up-and-down defense.

“I can see a method to the madness — what he’s trying to accomplish, how he coaches, that type of thing,” Johnson said. “I expect him to run his scheme. I’ll be watching. We’ll sit down during the week and I’ll have my suggestions within his scheme. But, no, I’m not going to micromanage or tell anyone what to do.”

He’s not going to micromanage, but he’s going to have weekly suggestions for the DC.  Yeah, that’s gonna work out just fine.



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“This week has made me sick.”

With Stingtalk closed to the public, this is the best I can come up with.

“It’s been humiliating. Even when I try to turn the conversation to basketball they have only reminded me that we are 7-7 and they are 10-3, including their 21-point domination of us in December. Maybe they really do run this state. Can we move to Alabama?


Bless their hearts…  and, again, remind me why you’d want to end this series?



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“… and no Georgia Tech season is complete without the head coach griping about his defense.”

Shorter Mark Bradley:  Paul Johnson cannot fail; he can only be failed by his defensive coordinators.



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If ever a tweet deserved a “bless your heart” in response…

… it’s this one.

That sounds like a terrific question to ask the genius.




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