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“Yea that’s a lie get your facts right.”

My, the AJ-C headline writer for this piece sure took the mellow route.

I can just imagine the story that would be written if a former Georgia player called out the school for lying as he walked out the door.


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Damn it, Mick.

In so many ways, this is just wrong.

I knew we should have made the attempt to outbid those insect bastards.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Sample exotic dishes from around the world of college football… just kidding.

  • Georgia Southern takes tailgating to the next level. (h/t)
  • When Virginia faced Louisville last season, Greyson Lambert got some tips about Todd Grantham from former Georgia quarterback Parker Welch.
  • I’ve got to admit, if Georgia Tech won the ACC this season and this happened, I’d enjoy it.
  • Mark Richt made a recruit berry, berry happy the other day.
  • Why is Kentucky opposed to satellite camps?
  • And why is Alabama’s quarterback situation any more intriguing than Georgia’s?
  • Richt and Schottenheimer did a good job of tag teaming Georgia’s first commit for the class of 2017, Bailey Hockman.


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Cool to the touch

Dennis Dodd throws in the towel and reduces Mark Richt’s hot seat rating to from 1.5 to 1 (on a scale of 5).

Amusingly to everyone not named Mark Bradley, Dodd judges the genius’ seat to be warmer than Richt’s.


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“We’re going to get that trophy back in our locker room.”

Unlike some of the fan base, it doesn’t sound like Kolton Houston’s ready to see an end to the Georgia-Georgia Tech series.


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A Yellow Jacket state of mind

I’m trying to figure out my favorite part of this quintessential Georgia Tech blog post – I’m torn between asking “If you were born in Europe and decided to choose an American college team to be a fan of, which would you choose?” and the admission that the author has “never knowingly heard a Rolling Stones song” – but regardless, I’ve got to say that it’s amazing how one season has turned around the perception of Paul Johnson with the Jacket faithful.

A year ago this time, there were more whispers about buyouts and ADs not being in Johnson’s corner than you could shake a stick at.  Now he’s the toast of North Avenue.

Judging from history, last year’s win between the hedges ought to be good for at least three years’ worth of good will.  Talk about convenient timing…


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Ask the experts: Greyson Lambert

All week I’ve seen the beat guys and bloggers turn to other members of the media for insight on what Lambert’s transfer to Georgia really means.  There have been some interesting insights offered, no doubt.  But I’ve never really felt like I’ve gotten to the real nitty gritty.  You know, the kind of deep analysis that comes from years of almost obsessive observation of Mark Richt’s football program.

Fortunately, I know just where to turn for that.

They never fail to satisfy, do they?  This is the best line from the entire bunch:

I hate the Dogs, but I think it’s irrelevant in June whether this kid plays for them or not. Heck, Joe Cox is 1-0 vs us as a starter at the cesspool…ugh, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I know how you feel, brother.  Kinda felt that same wave of nausea after last year’s pooch kick.


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