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It’s a Poguey Christmas.

College football may not care about traditions as much anymore, but at GTP, we’re all about keeping the faith, baby.

It’s Christmas and it’s an even-numbered year, so here’s Shane.

Enjoy your day.



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Fabris Pool reminder, bowl edition

Just had an email about the pick ’em this morning, so if you want to play, click here to sign up, and if you’ve signed up, don’t forget the first batch of games start today, so get ‘yer picks in now.

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A couple of new Lexicon entries, at your service

If you take a look, you’ll find Throwaway Season added to the list, as well as a related entry, Dantzlering, inspired by this tour de force.  The man’s a master; you have to give him that.

If you have any editorial suggestions, feel free to share.  I’m always willing to improve the product.


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Bowl pick ’em news

I’ve created the new pool.  41 games, starting 12/17.

If you don’t get an automatic invite, click here.


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A decade of bloviation

I forgot to mention yesterday that the blog turned ten.  As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having a good time.

Anyway, it’s been a blast.  And thanks to everyone who visits, whether you comment or are content to sit back and read.  You’ve all helped grow this place from the tiny drop of water it was at the start to the small pond it is today.  GTP is a great place and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Oh, and thanks again, Reggie Ball.  I couldn’t have done this without you, dog.


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Fabris Pool results, Week 13

And, so, my friends, we come to the end of another year of regular season pick ’ems.  It’s only fitting that the last week end in a tiebreaker.  But we have a new weekly winner.

Selection Name
Tie Breaker Game
1 suzieuga Adj 8-2 8   28-31**
1 dawg with no fleas Adj 8-2 8   14-17

Congrats to suzie.

And then there’s the season race.

SEASON STANDINGS through Week 13
Selection Name
1 Gravidy Picks 79-50 79
2 wilcodawg 77-52 77

The lead tightened, but not enough in the end. Congrats to Gravidy, this year’s certified college football genius.

Before you ask, yes, there will be a bowl game pick ’em, so stay tuned.


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On politics and GTP

I hate doing posts like this, but after last night’s shit storm it’s unavoidable.

Listen — there is a time and place for political observations here.  Sometimes politics and college sports intersect, usually in a regrettable manner.  That’s fair game.  And sometimes resorting to a political analogy to make a point is a reasonable thing.  (In my opinion, that was the innocent start that set some of you off yesterday.)  I’m not going to censor or boot people who want to discuss politics simply because… well, politics.

Unfortunately, for some of you, the introduction of any political topic is an invitation to wallow in the personal and lay in to others for the sin of disagreeing with your politics.  I’m guilty of tolerating the bad behavior to some extent because I don’t like intruding on people’s politics, but it’s past the point of getting out of hand.  It’s rude and it’s boring.

So here’s the deal.  If you can’t read something here that makes a political point without feeling an overwhelming urge to go after another commenter on a personal level, before you begin tickling your keyboard with what you perceive to be a witty response, my suggestion would be for you to step away and take a walk outside, play with the family dog, see what’s for dinner or any number of other things that would lead you to cool off.  Because otherwise, if you can’t help yourself, you’ll have to take it somewhere else besides this blog anyway.

There’s going to be enough grumbling over the football program this offseason to keep us occupied.  I’m not looking for any more trouble than that.  Please respect my wishes and we’ll all be happier for it.

That’s only my first point here.  Regrettably, we were visited by someone last night by a first-time commenter who some of you took as a troll and others as a comrade-in-arms.  He is neither.

He was banned as soon as I saw what he was posting and had the chance to backtrack to his blog.  I want to be clear on one thing here.  I’m as big a believer in freedom of speech as you’ll find, but I’m not going to put up with any form of outright bigotry here.  Anyone who engages in that in the comments section will suffer the same fate as he did.  If you don’t like that, tough.  There’s a difference between speech and behavior. I look at the comments section as a place for guests to mingle and converse. I wouldn’t let you show your ass like that if you were at a tailgate or party I was hosting and I don’t see any difference simply because we’re not face to face here.

As for those of you who have a problem comprehending the difference between outright prejudice and a mere political point of view, I don’t know what to say, other than, just damn.  Wake up.


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