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Hell hath no fury like a quarterback seeking an immediate transfer.

Man, Shea Patterson and his lawyer are working the media hardDennis Dodd reveals the contents of a nine-page letter Patterson wrote the NCAA in an attempt to justify being allowed to play immediately at his new home that begins, “I’m not going to hold anything back …”

I’m trying to feel the righteous indignation here, but my chuckling over this gem keeps getting in the way:

In his filing, Patterson said he found “a trustworthy, high-caliber coach” with “values, integrity and leadership qualities” in Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.


Um… sorry.

“It doesn’t seem fair to me that the only thing standing in the way of Coach Freeze making $5 million a year at another school was the discovery that he wasn’t the trustworthy, straight-laced role model that he claimed to be,” Patterson states.

Bless your heart, Shea.  It just now dawned on you that a college football coach isn’t always 100% straight with others?



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Hard times in Oxford getting harder

The Freeze fallout continues apace.

SEC Michigan speed, baybee!  And Harbaugh didn’t even have to set up a recruiting camp down South to get a top-flight quarterback.

You know Jim Delany’s chest is bursting with pride right now.


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“I think 16 is kind of the sweet spot.”

One thing those of you who brush aside concerns that the CFP might grow beyond an eight-team field tend to overlook is how invested coaches are in having as many teams taste a playoff as possible.  Nothing polishes a coach’s resume like a “made the national tournament” entry.  Jim Boeheim is probably the best known advocate of the more, the merrier approach, but now Jim Harbaugh is ready to throw his hat in the ring.

“I would just analyze it in terms of every other sport whether its gymnastics, basketball, pro football, FCS football … pick a sport and they have a playoff to get to a champion,” Harbaugh said. “None of them start with the last four. You have a great model with the NFL with their 12 teams and a great model in the FCS with their 16 teams and they just (increased) it to 24.”

Yeah, baby!  Who doesn’t love more games?  What’s that you say… the players?  Pfft.

A 16-team playoff would force the eventual champion to play four postseason games which could add extra weeks to the season but Harbaugh said the season is already long as it is.

“The national champion now is playing 15 games, 14 games for the teams in the playoffs,” Harbaugh said. “They are already playing a lot of games.”

In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.  At least if you’re the one making money off the deal.


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Sizzle without the steak

I am not suggesting that Jim Harbaugh is overrated as a football coach — his track record at Stanford and San Francisco speaks for itself — but if you’re a Michigan fan, this isn’t what you thought you signed up for when he returned to momma.

Meh?  Meh.

Let’s just say all the attention getting hasn’t been results getting.


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If Donald Trump really wanted to stop leaking…

… he’d name a college football coach his chief of staff.  We’d never find out anything again.

The second-biggest game of Week 1 will be played in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday afternoon when No. 11 Michigan and No. 17 Florida square off. We just have no idea who the starting quarterback will be for either team following the opening kickoff.

It could be you; it might even be me. We just don’t know, and neither coach seems willing to help us out here.

During a press conference on Monday, Florida coach Jim McElwain told reporters that when it came to the Gators quarterbacks, the team has “a plan in place” but that he won’t name a starter.

“We’ll leave that for [Michigan] to guess,” McElwain said.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has yet to release his team’s roster for the 2017 season, so it’s not hard to figure out how he’s approaching this situation. He told reporters Monday that he won’t be naming his starting quarterback either, and specifically mentioned that Florida hadn’t named theirs.

“We’d love to have that information,” he said.

Christ, this is silly.  And to think grown men get paid millions of dollars a year to act like that.


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It’s for Harbaugh to know and you to find out.

Media files FOIA request to see Michigan’s roster.

Michigan answers with a legal request seeking an additional 10 business days to respond.

“Due to the large number of requests currently being processed by this office, it will not be possible to respond to your request within the five-day period accorded by the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. However, under Section 5 (2) (d) of the Act, the University is permitted to extend the deadline for not more than 10 business days beyond the initial due date. The University will respond to your request on or before August 25, 2017.”

Greg McGarity thinks they’re doing it all wrong.


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Adventures in bravado

Say what you will about Jim Harbaugh, the man is a master at salesmanship.  Check out the header to this ESPN puff piece.


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