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Trust him. He’s an athletic director.

Some of you love to point out the notion that most college athletic programs lose money, because that’s what they tell us.  When some (like me) push back and note there’s plenty of creative bookkeeping going on, the typical response is to scoff.

Maybe you can explain that to Ohio State’s athletic director.

Ohio State’s athletic department reported an operating deficit of $10 million last year, the first time in a decade that the department ended the fiscal year in the red.

But university administrators contend that the size of the budget deficit is significantly smaller — a total shortfall of less than $1 million — than what is listed on the report it must annually submit to the NCAA…

“There’s no way I would be sitting here with 36 sports if we had a $10 million deficit,” Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said. “It just wouldn’t happen. I’d be dropping sports and ticket prices would go up.”

Smith was not taking either step, he added.

Citing an internal management report, school administrators said the 2019 deficit sat at only $624,359, with $210.3 million in total revenues and $210.9 million in expenses.

A nine-million dollar difference — that’s just what they admit to.  Think about the stuff they don’t mention.

When the day comes that FCS programs stop trying to move up in class, maybe they’ll be more to the everybody’s broke talk.  In the meantime, grain of salt, please.


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Today, in horseshit

Shot (and chaser).

Of course, let’s not forget that Mullen was trained by a master in that.


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“I think they’re going to try to look the other way as much as they can.”

This is one of the funnier things you’ll read, a deep dive into the supposed inconsistencies in the NCAA’s enforcement of its — and I shit you not at this turn of phrase — “strict moral standards for advertisers and sponsors at college football bowl games”.

I mean, you know hilarity is about to ensue when you see a quote like this:

The NCAA’s Division I Football Oversight Committee has input on the handbook and is led by chairman Shane Lyons, the athletic director at West Virginia.

“The language (in the handbook), now that you’re throwing it out there, probably could be cleaned up a lot more,” Lyons told USA TODAY Sports.

Or this:

He cautioned against reading NCAA regulations “like a New York lawyer” would.

“You’re looking at it from 30,000 feet, and sometimes the NCAA rulebook is written from 10 feet,” he said.

The thing is, if you simply look at it through the lens of doing the least, to avoid upsetting financial sources, it’s plenty consistent.  That’s the way the NCAA rule book is written, sport.


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Today, in aw, shucks BS



I’d like to see LSU win the thing this year, because they’re a fun bunch to watch.  But I have to admit I’d like seeing that sanctimonious ass lose more.


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Never go full Dabo.

C’mon, Michael.

At the beginning of the season, Georgia was a top-three team in the polls.  The Dawgs have literally been favorites in every single one of their regular season games.  Even after the South Carolina loss, Georgia was still in the top ten, and now sits in the position everyone thought it would be in when the season started.

Sure, you guys may not have compiled the style points some of the other kids have, but nobody — at least nobody who’s unbiased — is dumb enough to dismiss you out of hand.  Let Dabo be the guy showing his ass playing the disrespect card.  You’re better than that.


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TFW you’ve run out of rat poison

C’mon, Nick.

As we like to say here at the blog, “probably” is doing a shit ton of work there.


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Method acting

Poor kid.  Hope he got medical help after the game.


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