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“Well I didn’t mean not to be truthful but I don’t think I was unprofessional in the tweet.”

Is Bill Martin, Mississippi State’s SID, something of a dick?

Martin: Scott, look, let me make you an offer that I bet no one has ever offered you. How about anytime in the future when you have something regarding Mississippi State you call me. I’ll tell you if it is true and if it is a good time to report it.

Scott: Bill, first of all, I presumed you knew this; but our sources are almost always the guys involved or their head coaches. At 99% of the programs nationwide we either get the info from someone with direct knowledge or we call someone there and check. I used to call Dan until last year with Hev when you told me not to call you or Dan anymore.

Martin: I didn’t tell you that.

Scott: Um, yeah, you did. Remember the night when we reported Hev was going to get the USC offensive line job? I had called Dan and Hev to confirm but they didn’t answer or respond. You then called me and said Hev wasn’t leaving and that I shouldn’t call you or Dan in the future. I then got in touch with Sark who confirmed Hev’s interest but said he was just one of a few guys still involved…and ultimately we all know he didn’t get the job. Our initial info on that, that he was going to get the job, was wrong and we corrected it that night, within an hour or two I think.

Martin: Oh, yes, now I do remember that. Ok; well going forward call me if you want to know what is good to report.

Either that, or he’s an enormous dumbass.  Or both.  But I’d bet on arrogance.  ‘Cause that’s how college athletics rolls in a lot of places.


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“To me, you can’t be committed and continue to take visits.”

You know what I love?  When a school reneges on an offer to a kid, it’s just business.  But when a kid backs off a commitment, it’s a reflection of his character.

“If a kid is lying to me during recruiting, I’m almost not that upset we don’t get him in the end,” Mullen says. “If he’s going to lie to me during recruiting, what else has he been lying to me about? Has he been lying about his work ethic? Is he going to lie about school work?”

That’s horseshit, Dan.

These guys have no sense of shame.


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Thursday morning buffet

Rise and shine, peeps.

  • A Big 12 championship game could mean as much as $2.5 million-$3 million per school each season, but Bob Bowlsby claims the odds are no better than 50-50 that the conference suits will have a vote on it.  Uh hunh, right.
  • Deposed Mizzou president says football player’s strike was “the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a small fire”, but he is “willing to accept some of the responsibility for what happened”.  That’s mighty white of him.
  • Further tales from the wussification“You can’t assume this is safe for these guys anymore, which is a bummer.”
  • Ian Boyd explains why the free safety is the most important position against the spread.
  • Here’s an early (way too early?) look at Georgia’s 2016 depth chart.  Kendall Baker seems to be a guy to keep an eye on.
  • With regard to recruiting rankings, Bill Connelly posits that the ‘Bama bump is real.  And it’s spectacular okay.
  • Stewart Mandel hits on the same thing I noted a couple of days ago about the direction Big Ten recruiting is taking these days:  “There’s a twinge of hypocrisy to see this happening up north, where fans have long cast aspersions at Southern schools for what they perceived to be ethically questionable methods of ‘roster management.'”  You’ve come a long way, baby!


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How do you know when the NCAA is FOS?

When a Division I Council chairman says that a rules change “was driven completely by what was best for the student-athletes.”


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That’s why they pay him the big bucks.

East Carolina fired its coach yesterday.  He’s an alum who’s enjoyed decent success there, but suffered through a losing season this year fueled in part by injuries.  Anyway, the AD who made the call met with the players.  For a little while, that is…

The reason people like Bobby Petrino keep getting coaching jobs is because there are people like Bobby Petrino running athletic departments.


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Going out like he came in

Confession time:  I’ve never had much use for George O’Leary.  He was an asshole at Georgia Tech.  He literally bullshitted his way into the Notre Dame job until his fictitious resume caught up with him.  He fled to the Central Florida job, where he managed to keep the bullshit flowing, even in tragic (and expensive) circumstances.

So it should come as no surprise that his departure would exude the stench of bovine excrement.

George O’Leary, who retired as Central Florida’s football coach on Sunday, will be paid at least $200,000 a year through 2020, according to a school spokesman and documents from 2014 and earlier this year that the school did not release until Monday.

The documents also show that in April 2014, UCF and O’Leary agreed to reduce his coaching term by two years — to Jan. 4, 2016, from Jan. 4, 2018 — but extend his employment with the athletics department through March 15, 2020.

UCF’s athletics department is organized under a Florida statute that allows it to claim exemption from the state’s open-records law.

If you think you missed the time when O’Leary and the school told recruits that a departure date had been set, that’s because you didn’t.

Oh, and that future gig is pretty sweet.

It included a provision under which the parties agreed that O’Leary would be employed as the head football coach through Jan. 4, 2016, then become “Special Liaison to the Director of Athletics on Football Operations” from Jan. 5, 2016, through March 15, 2020. Under the arrangement, O’Leary was to be paid $200,000 a year in the new role, under which he would not be required to render more than 12 hours of service to the athletics department in any one year.

In addition, if the athletics department were to determine that “termination … is in its best interests,” it would continue to pay O’Leary the $200,000 a year through March 15, 2020.

Don’t worry – even though he’s not staying ’til the end of the season, George has magnanimously agreed to pitch in with every one of those 12 hours a year.

And why not, when the guys writing the checks think so highly of him?

“Following the Fiesta Bowl victory, UCF agreed to this provision in recognition of the accomplishments of the football program throughout Coach O’Leary’s career, both on the field and in the classroom,” Grant J. Heston, UCF’s vice president for communications and marketing, said in a statement.

They deserve each other.


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Poor, poor pitiful SEC

I’ll say one thing – you pay head coaches in this conference top dollar, you get world class-level whining from them.


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