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The comedic stylings of Zach Smith

Let’s see what Corch’s favorite serial wife abuser has to say about Georgia football.

I have no idea if he’s being serious or sarcastic there, but if it’s a lame attempt at the latter, I’ve got no problem with Kirby taking him out of context and letting the team stew on it over the summer.

Thanks for the gift, my man.



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Tommy Tuberville, mythical recruiter of the year

The fucking balls on this guy…

That would be complete bullshit.  Although it certainly reflects the mindset of a guy who had his school throw a national championship parade after a season when his team didn’t win the national championship.  And, of course, rings!


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You lose 65-7, you should expect a little Dawgrading.

Well played, Terry.  It’s Dabo’s fault!


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Today, in “if”

Oh, look — guy who played on a team that claimed a mythical national championship has something to share about a team that’s won a real one (or two).

Yes, there’s no better way to keep it real than by indulging in hypotheticals.  Congrats on 2017, bro.


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Meanwhile, on Earth 2…


What time was that, exactly?  It certainly hasn’t been that way for a while.


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There’s a fine line between tragedy and horseshit.

My immediate thought upon reading this…

… was “sad for whom?”  Quickly followed by “like you’d turn the money down, dude.”

Bottom line, though, is if that figure is for real (which I doubt), either Maye’s an idiot for turning it down or else North Carolina ponied up enough to make him happy to stay.


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Actions have consequences, unless you’re Colorado’s AD.

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Deion Sanders has told all of Colorado’s existing commitments that there’s no longer any room at the inn for them ($$).  Like it or not, that’s what new coaches do coming in, especially at a school that was in sorry shape under the previous coaching staff.

This, however, is a surprise.

… What bothers at least two former commits, they say, is that Colorado athletic director Rick George called and asked them to remain committed to the program shortly after former coach Karl Dorrell was fired in October.

“I was told by Rick George I was going to have a scholarship regardless of who the coach was going to be,” said Tyrone McDuffie, an offensive lineman from El Paso (Texas) Parkland High. “He called me and my dad and he wanted the 2023 class to stay together. He said I was going to have a chance to be a Colorado Buffalo regardless of who he hired…

“When Coach Dorrell was fired, (George) had said we were going to have our scholarship offers honored,” said Turner, who reportedly pushed away interest from Florida State because he was set on playing at Colorado. “I was surprised when I got the call. It was so late in the recruiting process. I wish I was told earlier.”

Since when is that something within the purview of an AD?  And now that it’s blown up spectacularly, how did George handle it?  About like you’d expect.

McDuffie said he tried to contact George shortly before Sanders was hired at Colorado.

“I don’t know what happened with his phone. I don’t know if he blocked our numbers,” McDuffie said. “But we couldn’t get a hold of him at all. What I appreciate more than anything is honesty. He could’ve told us, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen, start looking at other schools now.’ But to say one thing and another happen, it hurts.”

The Athletic contacted George to confirm that he did tell Colorado’s 2023 commits that their scholarship offers would be honored. He issued the following statement: “Any time there’s a coaching transition, many changes occur throughout the program. Every new coaching staff has the opportunity to do what’s best for the team, and despite the unfortunate timing of the current recruiting calendar, difficult decisions were made as timely as possible.”

A real profile in courage, that one.


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When “due diligence” doesn’t mean what you think it means

Auburn, please.

Although he’s been courted for bigger jobs in the recent past—even at Auburn in 2020—Freeze’s off-the-field issues at Ole Miss kept many programs from hiring him. While in Oxford, Miss., Freeze presided over a program sanctioned for NCAA rule-breaking and embarrassed over an extramarital scandal that emerged in the summer of ’17.

In fact, the issues delayed his hiring at Auburn, multiple sources told SI. Though he emerged as the Tigers’ primary target Friday after weeks of negotiations with the school, Auburn did not officially hire him until Monday, as the university conducted a deep background check.  [Emphasis added.]

What, the published media reports didn’t give you enough of a clue?


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Forget about it

Even as coachspeak goes, this is pretty remarkable.

I can’t figure out if he’s got memory loss problems, or if he’s simply that shameless.


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Everybody has an Alliance until they get hit in the mouth.

Ah, yes, once upon a time… those heady days when the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 were all singing from the same CFP hymnbook.

The same Alliance that in February scuttled a 12-team expansion because (take your pick):

— The process was moving too quickly, ignoring any number of issues that affect (and stress) student-athletes.

— There was too much “uncertainty” in such a dramatic move.

— Student-athletes shouldn’t be playing a 17-game season.

— Television shouldn’t have a hand in dictating conference expansion in college football.

Now?  The tune, she has changed.

What that formally looks like still hasn’t been decided, but the notion of a potential 16-game playoff continues to be perpetuated. Kliavkoff mentioned the dynamic in the room changing now that Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is expected to tamp down his demand for automatic qualifiers, one of the key stumbling blocks for the 12-team playoff. He also mentioned one of the ACC’s issues — a 365-day calendar review — is underway and likely to be resolved.

“I’m in favor of expanding the College Football Playoff,” Kliavkoff said. “I don’t have particular issues between 12 and 16. I understand the arguments for and against.”

But one thing lives on.

Always.  Be.  Doing It For The Kids.


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