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“I think we have what we need to operate next year.”

Expected to run in the red for another year, it’s tough times on the Flats.

… When teams submitted their proposed budgets for the 2019-20 academic year, Lewis had to put the brakes on several wish-list items from the department’s coaches.

After tabulating the teams’ initial budget proposals put forth by each varsity team, Lewis said that the overall budget deficit would have been about $9 million before he had the teams pare down their requests so the deficit for the year was reduced to the projected $1.7 million.

That’s definitely the way to embark on your master plan for state dominance.


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Too much is never enough.

Interesting catch by Dan Wolken

But here’s the reality that is making many athletics directors across the league uneasy, even as they collected $43 million in revenue share from the league last year: After the initial budget pop, SEC Network dollars are flattening and fewer fans are interested in sitting outside for four hours in the September heat to watch mismatches. Some schools are turning to increased alcohol sales in the stadium to grow revenues after the SEC relaxed its rules this spring, but for now, it’s getting harder to find new ways to tap into the money spigot.

It should catch everyone’s attention when Auburn — an athletics program whose annual revenues have gone from $82 million in 2007 to $147.5 million in 2017 — is reducing expenses by 10 percent across all sports.

To be sure, Auburn is in much better financial shape than all but a handful of major programs, but recent expenses have eaten into its surplus. In an article on, Auburn athletics director Allen Greene described the nature of cuts as mostly cosmetic — having teams stay at more budget-friendly hotels on the road, eating at Outback as opposed to Ruth’s Chris, perhaps more bus rides for away games than charter flights.

Maybe they’re saving up for Gus’ buyout.

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Your Daily Gator got paid.

Whatever hopes the Florida Gators have for the 2019 season just went up in smoke with this news:

The Red Sox announced the signing of five players in advance of Friday’s deadline including Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks, who will be assigned to an affiliate team at a later date.

Franks signed with Boston for $40,000, according to the Boston Globe, after being selected by Boston in the 31st round (No. 947 overall) of last month’s MLB draft despite not playing baseball for the Gators this season. Franks played baseball at Crawfordville’s Wakulla High and was rated the 500th player in the country prior to his senior season, according to Perfect Game.

In a statement after he was selected, Franks said he was flattered by the selection but added he is, “living out my dream being the quarterback of the Florida Gators” and is getting ready for the upcoming college football season.

I mean, obviously every Gator offensive lineman is going to be consumed with jealousy over Franks making bank and them not receiving a penny, amirite, amateurism romantics?  Poof, there goes your team chemistry.  Pass protection is going right in the toilet from where it was expected to be… oh, wait.


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How you like me now?

As of yesterday, tickets for Alabama’s blockbuster opening at MBS against Duke were as cheap as $26 before fees on one resale site with hundreds less than $30.

Methinks Nick ain’t gonna be thrilled with the crowd for this one.


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The SEC is losing the Johnson measuring contest. Again.

Hey, no worries.  I’m sure there isn’t a single SEC school president irritated by this.

Remember the last time that happened?  It’s how Georgia wound up not facing a conference football opponent at their place until 2024.


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“We don’t want the game to move, but don’t give us a reason to move it.”

Good assessment of the Cocktail Party’s future from a Jacksonville beat writer’s perspective here.

If there’s any legitimate threat to the game leaving Jacksonville, it’d be a combination of two things: not acquiescing to the schools’ contractual demand of the Georgia-Florida game capacity remaining 82,917, along with any future push from Georgia to maybe bring Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium into the equation on a biennial basis.

It’s no secret the replacement venue for the demolished Georgia Dome has become a huge neutral-site player on the college football landscape. With an expanded capacity of 75,000, though it’s almost 8,000 less seats than TIAA Bank Field, the only way Atlanta can significantly outspend Jacksonville for the Georgia-Florida game in terms of payout would be to charge at least double for club seats.

“The biggest threat [for Jacksonville] is somebody comes along and offers $5 million per team,” said TaxSlayer Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett. “But to get that, you have to set the same price as Atlanta and Dallas gets for neutral-site games. So those club seats that are $125 [at TIAA Bank Field] might have to go as high as $300. I know Georgia won’t want to do that to its fan base.”

In other words, the game isn’t coming to Atlanta.  But you knew that, right?


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It’s what’s on the side of the TV camera that matters.

Dabo’s policy for ACC Media Days being what it is — no underclassmen — Trevor Lawrence won’t be in attendance.  David Hale notes what a disappointment that must be for at least one party.

That new ACC Network isn’t gonna sell itself, you know.

Which brings me to today’s question:  Lawrence clearly has promotional (i.e., commercial) value to a third party that doesn’t contribute a single thing to his academic experience.  For the sake of argument, let’s say Dabo gets overruled, relents and directs Lawrence to appear (gratis, of course).  Isn’t that an obvious case of exploitation?


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