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Supply and demand

Why do so many college football players leave early for the NFL in the face of poor odds for many of them?  Here’s one theory.

Gil Brandt, a longtime N.F.L. personnel expert who writes for, attributed the trend partly to the yawning gap between the number of draft spots — 256, spanning seven rounds — and the more than 800 agents registered by the N.F.L. Players Association.

Referring to agents, Brandt said, “They go to these younger guys and they explain they’ve ‘seen the draft’ — that’s the words they use — and, ‘You’re going to be picked in the second round.’ ” (N.C.A.A. rules technically bar agents from contacting players who are not in the draft; Brandt suggested agents sometimes find ways to communicate.)

Brandt added, “I wish someone would show me the draft, so that I wouldn’t have to spend all this time working on it.”

Logic would suggest that instead of advocating the withholding of information from kids and restricting access to agents, schools and the NCAA might think about coming up with a process that would give student-athletes the opportunity to make a realistic assessment of their future.  Then again, I’m not the guy who just got a three-year contract extension from the NCAA’s board of governors, so what do I know?


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You don’t stay rich spending your own money.

Sheldon Adelson proposes building a $1.2 billion domed stadium for UNLV football, requiring a mere two-thirds of the cost to be covered through public funding.

Hey, it never hurts to ask, right?

According the 22-page presentation, legislative action would be required to establish a budget and funding formula for the public financing. Lawmakers would need to authorize creation of a Stadium Authority Board to oversee the 42-acre site.

Enabling legislation for a “fee”-based source of public revenue is required for the $780 million in public money.

Putting fee in quote marks is a nice touch.  They’re dumbasses if they agree to it, but being dumb is what makes politics go ’round, so I wouldn’t bet against it.


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As the driven snow

I missed the news on this when it first came out…

Recent discussions surrounding the marketing and lucrative branding deals of college athletics have often focused on power conference schools such as the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin. Perhaps for the first time, however, an Ivy League institution can be added to the list of schools translating amateur athletics into major money.

Reportedly valued at $16.5 million over the course of 10 years starting July 1, the new deal is much larger than all previous or current deals at other Ivy League schools, according to Yale Intercollegiate Equipment Operations Lead Assistant Jeffrey Torre. Yale athletics administrators explained the magnitude of the deal by noting that it will go beyond providing the Bulldogs with apparel and equipment: Under Armour and Yale plan to build on each other’s strong market presence to further extend the reach of their own brands.

“If you sell both Notre Dame and Yale T-shirts in … other countries, I put our brand up against any other one,” Yale Associate Athletics Director Marketing and Licensing Patrick O’Neill said. “We will help [Under Armour] internationally.”

… but when you’ve got an Ivy League athletic director boasting about the school’s brand, the war is over, man.

It’s hard to argue with Sonny Vaccaro when he says, “The Ivy League has lost its virginity. What it shows me is there is no more amateurism. I would love to know where Jim Delany is going to go that’s pure.”


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Thursday morning buffet

Rise and shine, peeps.

  • A Big 12 championship game could mean as much as $2.5 million-$3 million per school each season, but Bob Bowlsby claims the odds are no better than 50-50 that the conference suits will have a vote on it.  Uh hunh, right.
  • Deposed Mizzou president says football player’s strike was “the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a small fire”, but he is “willing to accept some of the responsibility for what happened”.  That’s mighty white of him.
  • Further tales from the wussification“You can’t assume this is safe for these guys anymore, which is a bummer.”
  • Ian Boyd explains why the free safety is the most important position against the spread.
  • Here’s an early (way too early?) look at Georgia’s 2016 depth chart.  Kendall Baker seems to be a guy to keep an eye on.
  • With regard to recruiting rankings, Bill Connelly posits that the ‘Bama bump is real.  And it’s spectacular okay.
  • Stewart Mandel hits on the same thing I noted a couple of days ago about the direction Big Ten recruiting is taking these days:  “There’s a twinge of hypocrisy to see this happening up north, where fans have long cast aspersions at Southern schools for what they perceived to be ethically questionable methods of ‘roster management.'”  You’ve come a long way, baby!


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“They’re the leadership gift-givers of tomorrow…”

You might find this piece on donations to college athletics programs of interest, particularly in light of yesterday’s tidbit that a FSU booster program is picking up a big chunk of the tab for that Title IX settlement.  It’s just one more little hint that there’s only so much in people’s wallets.

But there are signs that donors may be reaching their limits, as overall athletics donations to the reporting institutions dipped slightly in 2015 from the year before. A drop in the stock market contributed to that decline, athletics leaders say. So did donor fatigue, with some supporters questioning programs’ efforts to raise donation requirements for tickets and to seek money for increased compensation for coaches.

ESPN’s business model.  Big donors.  Fans that get more bang for their buck staying home with their big screen televisions.  These are not positive trends for the money flow.

Anybody thinking about the long term?  There’s only so much improved WiFi can remedy, you know.


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Not for love or money… well, maybe money

Phillip Fulmer, on Mark Richt’s dismissal:

“I was disappointed that he left Georgia, but at the same time this world has changed a lot. We basically have corporatized college football, which whether you want it there or not that’s where it is. The amount of dollars that are being paid to coaches, and the expectations that are out there, and the truth of it is they just get tired of you after a while.”  [Emphasis added.]

We’re at a point where a comment like that doesn’t shock the conscience.  Hell, it’s not even worthy of a halfhearted rebuttal.  Of course the bastards running college football have corporatized it.  That’s where the money is.


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What’s another $200 million between friends?

With a lede like “The facilities race in college athletics shows no sign of slowing, and athletics director Jay Jacobs proposes that Auburn pick up the pace in a major way”, do you really need to read any more to know what’s coming?


UPDATE:  Arkansas is prepared to spend $160 million on stadium renovation.


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