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“It’s just different buckets, how the money gets structured.”

Just for yuks, when you read this article, try substituting student-athletes for coaches every time you read a compensation reference.

It’s not rocket science, folks.  Schools will pay what they can afford to pay, just like any other business venture.



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Pay those men their money.

You may think it’s a kid’s game, played by amateurs, but how come all these people with money keep showing up?

When Virginia left Spectrum Center in Charlotte last year, tournament officials re-routed their bus because they feared threats from gamblers. Policemen stood guard that night on their hotel floor. Even now, guard Kyle Guy said he’ll randomly get requests from people on Venmo to pay them money they lost betting on Virginia in last year’s tournament.

“Some people don’t let it go on social media,” Guy said. “I don’t pay them, by the way.”

Of course not.  That would be an NCAA violation.  (I keed, I keed… I think.)

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“The Wolfpack want to drive as much revenue as possible while remaining fan friendly.”

Well, don’t we all.

It’s just funny how it seems like there’s a lot more thought put into being wallet friendly…

Old Hat came back with ideal price points for different areas of the stadium to ultimately allow NC State to optimize revenue, donations, and capacity. One key finding from the survey data was that fans understood NC State’s price points, as they were consistent with other entertainment options in the area. Of the 4,500 responses received, only 27 mentioned ticket price as an area that needed improvement at NC State.

… than fan friendly.

Most comments in the fan survey were related to overall fan experience. For example, some fans mentioned difficulties finding their way to certain parts of the stadium. That direct feedback helps Hargis and NC State craft policies that better adapt to their consumers’ needs.

“We, as employees, really know our way around the stadium, as do a lot of our season ticket holders,” Hargis remarks. “But for our single-game ticket buyers, it could be more difficult. So putting up some additional signage might be a good opportunity for us, as well as adding some concessions options for fans with more specific dining preferences or allergies.”

“Wolfpack fans, you may pay more, but at least you’ll have an easier path to finding your seat” doesn’t sound like the kind of sales pitch that will encourage fans not to stay home to watch, but, then again, I’m no marketing guru.

Does college football sound like it’s in trouble a little?  Sure does to me.


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The American Athletic Conference gets a raise.

It’s pretty substantial, relatively speaking.

The American Athletic Conference and ESPN reportedly have reached a long-term agreement that is worth $1 billion. The new deal would pay UCF and other AAC schools close to $7 million per year when it goes into effect to start the 2020-21 academic year.

ESPN would pay an average of $83.3 million per year, according to the Sports Business Journal. That’s four times the amount the AAC receives through its current rights agreement of a little more than $20 million annually.

The new deal runs through 2031-32.

It includes an annual payout of $6.94 million per AAC school, which is up $5 million from the current rights deal payout.

Sure, that pales in comparison to your typical P5 partnership arrangement, but four times more is still four times more.  The real indicator this is a mid-major deal is this:

However, according to SBJ’s John Ourand, the new AAC agreement does include language that would protect ESPN financially in the event top programs leave the American and join other conferences during the contract.

Mickey doesn’t get to bargain for that kind of bet-hedging with the SEC.

In any event, what this really tells us is that, despite all the Clay Travis-type warnings about ESPN’s bleak future and what that means for college athletics, there’s still no safer place for a television network to put its money than live sports product.


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So easy, even an athletic director can do it.

You may think this is obvious.

But you’re not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run a P5 athletic program, like Lynn Swann is.

I’d say they’re stealing money, but it’s not like their victims have a problem with it.


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There’s only one thing that really matters.

And it’s why Greg McGarity’s continued employment isn’t in a smidgen of trouble.

#2 Georgia $129.0 million

This was the Bulldogs’ so-close-to-a-championship season ruined by Tua Tagovailoa’s overtime strike. Few saw the run to the CFP title game coming after Kirby Smart’s 8-5 year in 2016. But if you had to name the epicenter urban locale of college football, it’s probably Atlanta. If you had to name a state, probably GA. Everyone in the vicinity got very excited about the Dawgs to the tune of an $84.1M profit. UGa jumped 5 spots from the 2016-17 list.

Number two in football revenue and, more importantly, number two in football profit, is all anyone at Butts-Mehre genuflects to.  Winning may be nice, but it’s a means to an end.

Pat yourselves on the back, peeps.  He couldn’t do it without you.



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The rewards of amateurism

You really can’t make this shit up.

Of course, he’s doing it for the kids.


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