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#3 signs with Nike…

… which is nice.

But it’s the promotion there that’s interesting.  He’s being shown in a Georgia jersey, on the Georgia football twitter feed.  Is the school getting a cut?


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It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll, but they like it.

The Rolling Stones are playing historic Grant Field in June.  This isn’t the typical event Georgia Tech hosts, but there’s a method to the madness.

Concerts at the historic stadium are pretty rare, but in this case, the athletic department saw inviting the Rolling Stones as an outside-the-box way to generate revenue to help cover the full cost of attendance.

In total, Bobinski said covering cost of attendance will add an extra $500,000 to the school’s athletic department budget. He said Georgia Tech is expected to receive at least half that amount from the concert.

“The reason we’re doing that is not because we want to have a concert on our great football turf, it is to find ways to generate other revenues,” Bobinski said. “We have to look for other things to fill in the gaps.”

Fill in the gaps, eh?  Might I suggest hosting Dragon*Con one year?  That would raise a few bucks.  As a bonus, you’d be giving a portion of your student population a reason to learn where the football stadium is located.


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Friday morning buffet

Fuel up for a big weekend.

  • It’s not that I think the NCAA made a bad decision in Braxton Miller’s case.  It’s that I can’t understand why it can’t avoid nitpicking more often.
  • Okay, so there’s one thing that favors G-Day over the Masters:  at least nobody’s gonna confiscate your cell phone in Athens.
  • Here’s another example of how schools spend money promoting their academic mission.
  • Marshall and Hegedus may or may not play tomorrow.
  • Mark Richt feels like it’s his failure if he has to kick a player off the team.
  • Then there’s Chris Conley.
  • Interesting factoid“In 2015, the SEC does not have a single alum head coach and South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier (Florida) is the only one who even attended an SEC school.”
  • Good news on the Leonard Floyd front:  “Yeah, he should be full go in June, right in there,” Sherrer told reporters on Thursday. “Possibly before then. Just going off the time frame they said when everything happened. He’ll be fine this summer.”


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Making a few bucks saving his strength.

Here’s a little dose of irony for you:  Todd Gurley’s suspension for violating NCAA amateurism rules may have the effect of increasing his professional value.

… One NFL scout told Gurley is the best draft prospect at his position since Adrian Peterson.

The stats bear that out. Gurley averaged 6.4 yards per carry at Georgia over parts of three seasons. He also missed time because of a suspension for taking autograph money, but that means a lot of the usual wear on college rushers won’t affect him as much.

I bet that doesn’t feel right to some.  Maybe the Georgia legislature ought to pass a law about that.


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We’ve all got our problems.

Man, upon hearing the news that Silas Nacita has been declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA for accepting benefits which included housing when he was homeless, I started to feel badly for the kid – until I saw the problem Mike Krzyzewski has to struggle with.

There’s nothing like a little perspective, right?


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Mike Gundy is a man! A man who’s taken an Econ 101 course.

I don’t know if you caught this quote from Mike Gundy in Carvell’s piece about the Roquan Smith signing, but, well…

“… Our game is changing. I’ve used the term in the last few months that essentially college football at your big schools in the Power Five conferences — it has turned into the NFL. There’s just an unbelievable amount of the money with the television contracts with the conferences. The coaches – all of us are way overpaid. But it’s all set up on market value and supply and demand. And the time that we live in now with the cost of living and the potential gaming rights, it is all changing considerably. And I’m not sure that really anybody really has a grasp with what direction it’s going to go. It’s going to be interesting over the next few years when they try to weed through all these different ways with people signing and not signing, and the different variables that have evolved with the amount of money involved in the game…”

I bet he won’t be on the NCAA’s witness list at the next antitrust trial.


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Keep shooting the messenger.

If at first you don’t succeed in getting the evaluation you need to eviscerate your football program, try, try again.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has hired another sports consultant to produce a new study about the decision to cut football, bowling and rifle. If you’re keeping score at home, it’s the same firm that a UAB athletics task force initially decided not to pick.

UAB announced Monday that its task force has selected College Sports Solutions (CSS) to produce by May 15 what figures to be a highly-scrutinized report. Because the university dropped football, UAB’s future membership in Conference USA remains in doubt. Conference USA’s presidents meet shortly after the May 15 date the report is due.

Last month, CSS lost its bid to become UAB’s new consultant to review the work by previous consultant, CarrSports. UAB’s task force announced in early March the hiring of consultant OSKR after a unanimous vote.

But UAB’s administration cited perceived biases by OSKR because of articles written by its co-founder and eliminated the company from consideration. UAB owes OSKR $22,400 for work the firm did after initially getting approval, reported.

So the UAB administration overrode the task force’s decision, because Andy Schwarz had the temerity to note that the emperor had no clothes.

I guess the new guys know what they need to do.


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