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“That’s Alabama value.”

If Nick Saban isn’t handing this quote out to every kid on the recruiting trail…

… he’s not Nick Saban.  Shit, they ought to print that on t-shirts.


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Like they say, a dollar here, a dollar there…

… and pretty soon the SEC is making as much money as the NCAA.


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Nice of you to show up

So, I had a few people tell me yesterday this Chris Vannini post ($$) was right up my alley.

With each move, each round of realignment, college sports loses what made it special. Maybe it’s too late. Maybe it was already gone. But it’s clear where this is really heading, and many of the decision-makers who feel comfortable about the short term need to realize there won’t be a chair for them at the end of this road. And many fans need to remember why they fell in love with the sport in the first place.

I dunno.  Yeah, that’s all true, but a column like this would have reverberated a lot more had it been posted eight or nine years ago.  Anybody with a brain knew then why the SEC embarked on a poorly thought out expansion plan:  Mike Slive had to do something to bail his conference out from a TV deal that was perceived as inadequate and damn the consequences.  (For some bizarre reason, yesterday Slive was being lauded on social media as some sort of heroic visionary, which is ludicrous.  But that’s probably a subject for a different post.)

Greed has been running the show in college football at least as long as this blog has been around.  Yet for some reason this particular round of SEC expansion is triggering angst like Vannini’s.  Eh, big deal.

And even with that, he still manages to pull a punch with this observation:

Less than two months after the Super League collapsed, college football put a hand out for the little guy, planning a 12-team playoff with at least one guaranteed bid for a Group of 5 program. The sport’s leaders sacrificed for the benefit of the game, to keep more fan bases engaged throughout the season. Notre Dame gave up the chance for a first-round bye. The SEC agreed to change a system that already benefits them. The Power 5 agreed to a system in which more than one G5 team could make it. It was a rare moment of unity to help everyone.

By “little guys”, he doesn’t mean us fans.  You know, the ones who will be asked to pay a small fortune to follow our schools around the country as they progress through more rounds of the postseason.  We should pay no attention to the massive payouts to the schools for their “generosity”.  Or the way playoff expansion is eroding the very “regional flair, the communities, the charm and the history” of college football he lauds (correctly) as being a large part of the sport’s unique character.  Because for one shining moment, we’re supposed to believe the conferences had some sort of kumbaya breakthrough.

Folks, there is no unity.  There is only a money grubbing chase on, with alliances made and broken for the temporary advantage of the powerful.  And that shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

At least one college sports figure with his ear to the ground believes that the departure date will seem immaterial in the fullness of time, as the proposed SEC jump will be only the first in a long line of alignment shake-ups. “This is just starting,” said an AD at a Power 5 school currently unaffected by the interconference turbulence. “As soon as [NCAA president Mark] Emmert threw up his hands and sort of said, ‘The hell with it—let the conferences sort it out,’ it was like someone rang a dinner bell at the pig pen.”

Now there’s a metaphor for our times.


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Will no one think of the offensive linemen?

We presume Kirby Smart is having to deal with some negativity on the recruiting trail as it relates to the infamous pooling arrangement in HB 617, but at least he can honestly say it’s something he was saddled with by Sen. Bill It’s not fair for just the skill players to take all the money, otherwise why is somebody going to block for you?” Cowsert.

Ohio State’s Ryan Day, on the other hand, has elected for the own goal approach.  He’s all in.

Ohio State coach Ryan Day thinks that while college football’s highest-profile players will have immense earning opportunities through name, image and likeness deals, there should be consideration to sharing money among other players.

Day, speaking Friday at Lucas Oil Stadium, was asked about Alabama coach Nick Saban’s recent comment that Crimson Tide quarterback Bryce Young could command seven figures in NIL agreements. Ohio State’s starting quarterback occupies a similar position in the sport, and the growing Columbus market provides “the perfect alignment,” Day said, for earning potential.

“Those things happen and will come naturally, but I do think we need to consider down the road, somewhere along the line, maybe it’s a year from now, figuring out how we spread some of that money out,” Day said. “Certainly the quarterback at Ohio State is going to have unbelievable opportunities, the wide receiver, the running back, there’s going to be certain positions.

“However, how do we find ways to make sure we disseminate that throughout the team? Because there’s a lot of guys out there who are also playing football, guys who are blocking for the quarterback, guys who are covering the wide receivers.”

Day thinks one approach would be for schools to create agreements with a group of local businesses that would produce a pool of revenue that could be divided among the players. The NCAA would have to allow schools to be more active in creating such deals, or in having their logos and markings used.

“Say they put $3 million into an account, and then you could work with Ohio State, and they split that money to everybody, so that the quarterback isn’t the only one,” Day said. “Now if the quarterback wants to do a deal on his own, great, but if not, it all gets spread evenly to everybody. If it’s a group deal, you can use the Ohio State logo and the trademarking. The NCAA would have to OK that because now we can’t do that. But it seems more sustainable to me.

“It seems like that would help the left tackle or the left guard get $10,000.”

Now, to be fair to Day, he’s offering this as an alternative.  If the quarterback doesn’t want to share, he doesn’t have to.  But I can’t help but wonder if that winds up being an approach that causes more dissention than it prevents.  How’s it going to go over with his linemen when the star quarterback says, “sorry, but no thanks, you’re on your own”?  And if you’re a kid who doesn’t want to be put on the spot like that in the first place, why not find a more accommodating place to play than Ohio State?


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Please, Br’er Fox, don’t throw us in the money patch!

Hey, look who’s developed a sudden attack of conscience!

Oklahoma and Texas heading to the SEC is looking increasingly likely by the hour, but that doesn’t mean all is nirvana within the athletic offices of schools throughout the conference.

As we reported here on Wednesday evening, discussions have been happening between the SEC office and the two Big 12 schools since late last year. As is so often the case in college athletics, it appears the deal was almost done by the time the backdoor dealings became public knowledge.

Much has been made about Texas A&M’s feelings on the potential addition. Athletic Director Ross Bjork spent Wednesday afternoon on a media blitz, making it clear to everyone in Hoover that he didn’t want the league to add another team from Texas.

The SEC’s members have had a gentleman’s agreement for years that the conference wouldn’t add a team in a state that one of the league’s institutions already resided in. Well, not anymore.

Said an SEC source to Dawg Sports, “The last time around it was about opening up new states and metropolitan areas for television deals. This time it’s about cumulative eyeballs.” In the era of streaming, brands like the Longhorns and Sooners are a massive coup to the league.

A high-ranking official at the University of Georgia, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Dawg Sports that the school understands that, but they don’t necessarily like it. “It will never be public knowledge because the school will present a united front with the rest of the conference, but nobody in the administration is really excited about this.”

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  A notoriously money-grubbing organization that was fully on board with a poorly thought out, strictly for revenue enhancement, conference expansion move accomplished by taking two teams from the Big 12 now has grown a pair of scruples over another round of revenue-enhancing conference expansion accomplished by taking *** checks notes *** two more teams from the Big 12?

Oh, puh-leeze.  Just STFU and stuff a few more bills under the reserve fund mattress, okay?


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It’s Bo time!

Here’s a quarterback who knows the value of showing a little love to his offensive linemen:


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Dabo, thinking outside the box

You know what?

Those aren’t half-bad ideas.


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Taxing questions

I’ve seen plenty of questions here about the tax consequences might be for players who start receiving NIL compensation.  Here’s a link to the most in-depth discussion I’ve seen so far on the subject, if you’re interested in some answers. (h/t)


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Wednesday morning buffet

SEC Media Days are always good for a few tasty menu items.


UPDATE:  This goes out to those of you who have missed the point behind Saban’s comment about Bryce Young.


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Ripped from the pages of GTP

I doubt Kirby reads this blog, but there sure are times when it sounds like he does.


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