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Have we got an investment opportunity for you!

Call it the law of unintended consequences, but with tax deductions for contributions to college athletics off the table now, is this the future for athletic departments (at least the ones with serious cash on the books)?

Think of SunTrust Parks/Batteries blooming across America’s campuses.  Then think of your typical college athletic director managing that.  Should be glorious.



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More, from the annals of the fairly compensated

This is what chomping at the bit sounds like.

The idea that college stars won’t see a significant change in fortune if allowed to receive money for their names is a fantasy.  A romantic one.


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The “P” word, again

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, Luke.  It’s coming from Forbes.

Screenshot_2019-09-13 College Football’s Most Valuable Teams Reigning Champion Clemson Tigers Claw Into Top 25

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity reaching for his phone.  Good thing he’s got Mike Griffith on speed dial.


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“So the revenue is coming back to us, not the broker.”

Honestly, I’m surprised Georgia Tech didn’t think of this sooner.

With an intention to optimize pricing, capture revenue and remove the middle man, Georgia Tech will test a different ticket sales strategy for its home game against Georgia in November.

The Tech ticket office will put tickets for the annual rivalry game on sale Sept. 9, but rather than selling them at a fixed price, will adjust prices based on demand, not unlike how secondary market websites like StubHub or Vivid Seats operate…

… The department will set prices based on recommendations from Atlanta-based Kaizen Analytix, which uses artificial-intelligence algorithms incorporating ticket transaction data and other factors to determine pricing models. The prices will begin at $130 for tickets in the upper corners of the east and west stands. (The seats in the upper north stands are part of Georgia’s 8,000-seat allotment.) For the 2017 game at Bobby Dodd Stadium, the average ticket price on StubHub was $162.

Don’t think other programs (which shall remain nameless) won’t be watching this experiment closely.  Cutting out the middleman for games with huge demand makes a ton of financial sense — not to mention from the consumer’s standpoint, at least you know for sure you’re dealing with a legitimate seller, as opposed to shitheads like this dude.

If you’re one of those who elects to buy tickets through Tech, let us know how the experience goes.  I’ll be curious to see how Georgia fans drive this particular market exercise.


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“80 plays vs. 60 commercials.”

Jeez, this is pathetic.

I really don’t want to hear any bullshit suggestions about how to fix college football games being too long.  The issue is obvious; it’s just that nobody has any interest in dealing with it.  Quite the opposite, actually.


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TFW you really don’t want to pay that coach’s buyout

Gotta love Auburn.

Money well spent, as far as Gus is concerned.


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Asking the wrong person the right question

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow demands to know why someone feels entitled to what student-athletes contribute to the football program’s bottom line.  One twist, though.  He posed the question to a professor at the school.

Screenshot_2019-08-26 LSU athletic department $7 2 million fund transfer policy to be re-evaluated, sparks campus-wide debate

They just do woke differently in Baton Rouge.


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