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“They’re the leadership gift-givers of tomorrow…”

You might find this piece on donations to college athletics programs of interest, particularly in light of yesterday’s tidbit that a FSU booster program is picking up a big chunk of the tab for that Title IX settlement.  It’s just one more little hint that there’s only so much in people’s wallets.

But there are signs that donors may be reaching their limits, as overall athletics donations to the reporting institutions dipped slightly in 2015 from the year before. A drop in the stock market contributed to that decline, athletics leaders say. So did donor fatigue, with some supporters questioning programs’ efforts to raise donation requirements for tickets and to seek money for increased compensation for coaches.

ESPN’s business model.  Big donors.  Fans that get more bang for their buck staying home with their big screen televisions.  These are not positive trends for the money flow.

Anybody thinking about the long term?  There’s only so much improved WiFi can remedy, you know.


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Not for love or money… well, maybe money

Phillip Fulmer, on Mark Richt’s dismissal:

“I was disappointed that he left Georgia, but at the same time this world has changed a lot. We basically have corporatized college football, which whether you want it there or not that’s where it is. The amount of dollars that are being paid to coaches, and the expectations that are out there, and the truth of it is they just get tired of you after a while.”  [Emphasis added.]

We’re at a point where a comment like that doesn’t shock the conscience.  Hell, it’s not even worthy of a halfhearted rebuttal.  Of course the bastards running college football have corporatized it.  That’s where the money is.


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What’s another $200 million between friends?

With a lede like “The facilities race in college athletics shows no sign of slowing, and athletics director Jay Jacobs proposes that Auburn pick up the pace in a major way”, do you really need to read any more to know what’s coming?


UPDATE:  Arkansas is prepared to spend $160 million on stadium renovation.


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Paying it forward

According to this study, “Just 10 athletic departments gave more money back to the campus than the departments received in subsidies, according to an examination of the colleges’ financial reports.”

No, Georgia’s not one of them.

On the plus side, at least the school’s not paying for the $30 million IPF.


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$5 million doesn’t go as far as it used to.

But at Ohio State, it will get you on the door of the athletic director’s office.

College athletics – if it isn’t for sale yet, just give ’em time.


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“They [Nike] can flip the game.”

This really does have a “what took you so long?” flavor to it.

Nike is well into launching a national seven-on-seven league, CBS Sports has learned, that has the potential to further change the face of recruiting, NCAA enforcement and college football.

That’s mostly because it’s Nike that’s doing it.

Part of the new Nike initiative includes a sponsorship deal with Marriott and possibly a similar deal with an airline to transport players, according to a source.

Players would be required to pay up to at least $1,000 to participate. A team of approximately 25 players would spend their offseason practicing and playing in two tournaments.

Five cities are involved: San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Kansas City.

Sound commercialized to you?  Take Sonny Vaccaro’s word for it – it is.

“The world has changed,” said former shoe executive Sonny Vaccaro. “There are no more virgins. The virginity is over now.”

Amateurism romantics, this isn’t good news for you.  You can tell yourself all you want that what’s on the front of the jersey is all that matters, but when Nike disagrees with you, you’re on the losing side of the argument.


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There’s excess. Then there’s wretched excess.

Take this as one of those “when life throws you a fastball down the middle, you’ve got to turn on it” moments:  Auburn lets recruits play Madden on its $14 million dollar scoreboard.

Robin Williams’ comment about cocaine comes to mind about now.


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