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UT’s “switch to the Swoosh”

I knew that Tennessee is in the process of abandoning its long-held “Lady Vols” label for its women’s sports teams except basketball.  I didn’t know the decision was tied in as part of the process of changing suppliers from Adidas to Nike.

Tennessee’s path to Nike hasn’t been entirely smooth, though.

The university’s decision, announced in November, to unify all sports except for women’s basketball with the Power T logo and “Volunteers” name as part of the university’s rebranding structure initially didn’t create much of a backlash, but it’s received more attention and more criticism the past six months.

The response to the perceived elimination of the Lady Vols logo and brand has included some informal protests, petitions to state representatives in Nashville and the creation of websites and social media accounts aimed at “saving the Lady Vols.”

Hart has been the target of most of the criticism, though the decision wasn’t solely his.

“I’ve never, ever — my entire career — been offended by people’s opinions,” he said during an interview with “The Nation,” a statewide Vol Network show, in late February. “It’s part of it. When you make tough decisions, then you’ll get that type of reaction, because everyone’s not going to be in agreement with those decisions.”

In its announcement of the decision, Tennessee cited an internal audit, done with consultation from Nike representation, that determined the Power T logo was the university’s primary mark.

This isn’t meant as a knock on the Vols in particular.  College athletics these days are, sadly, rife with similar examples of programs choosing money over tradition. (Although, strangely enough, UT is taking a pay cut in the move to Nike.)  In fact, you could say that choice will be left as the only meaningful tradition remaining.


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Amateurism… it’s not just for college athletics anymore.

Universities are discovering the value of selling naming rights to anything.

It’s a shitty turn of events that dwindling public funding support is forcing schools down this path, but when you’re forced to hook to keep up appearances, it makes it harder to shake a righteous finger at student-athletes for not wanting to stay financially virtuous themselves.


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Making bank at ‘Bama

Now we know that Nick values Kirby Smart at least twice as much as Junior.


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Today, in great ideas in marketing

When you say JoePa, you’ve said it all.


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Furthering the academic mission

Arizona State announced plans for a 330 acres development near downtown Tempe with offices, apartments and a hotel that could potentially bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for athletic facilities during the next two decades.

Hey, it’s what universities were created for, right?


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Letting Steve Patterson have his cake and eat it, too.

Honestly, I don’t have a problem at all with someone defending the Texas AD’s management strategy on the basis of “hey, we all know it’s a business”.

It just seems to me if that’s the road you choose to go down, you’ve got to call Patterson out on the hypocrisy of his rationale for not allowing student-athlete compensation.  Because either it’s a business you’re running, or it’s not.  Unless your definition of business includes maintaining an artificial construct – sorry, an illegal artificial construct –  to justify not having to deal with the same labor costs other businesses face.  In which case, Walmart is jealous.


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“He has turned the Horns ‘brand’ into a commodity to be sold.”

Sally Lehr, your problem is that what you see as a bug, Steve Patterson sees as a feature.

I fear for the rebranding.


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