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We’ve all got our problems.

Man, upon hearing the news that Silas Nacita has been declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA for accepting benefits which included housing when he was homeless, I started to feel badly for the kid – until I saw the problem Mike Krzyzewski has to struggle with.

There’s nothing like a little perspective, right?


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Mike Gundy is a man! A man who’s taken an Econ 101 course.

I don’t know if you caught this quote from Mike Gundy in Carvell’s piece about the Roquan Smith signing, but, well…

“… Our game is changing. I’ve used the term in the last few months that essentially college football at your big schools in the Power Five conferences — it has turned into the NFL. There’s just an unbelievable amount of the money with the television contracts with the conferences. The coaches – all of us are way overpaid. But it’s all set up on market value and supply and demand. And the time that we live in now with the cost of living and the potential gaming rights, it is all changing considerably. And I’m not sure that really anybody really has a grasp with what direction it’s going to go. It’s going to be interesting over the next few years when they try to weed through all these different ways with people signing and not signing, and the different variables that have evolved with the amount of money involved in the game…”

I bet he won’t be on the NCAA’s witness list at the next antitrust trial.


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Keep shooting the messenger.

If at first you don’t succeed in getting the evaluation you need to eviscerate your football program, try, try again.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has hired another sports consultant to produce a new study about the decision to cut football, bowling and rifle. If you’re keeping score at home, it’s the same firm that a UAB athletics task force initially decided not to pick.

UAB announced Monday that its task force has selected College Sports Solutions (CSS) to produce by May 15 what figures to be a highly-scrutinized report. Because the university dropped football, UAB’s future membership in Conference USA remains in doubt. Conference USA’s presidents meet shortly after the May 15 date the report is due.

Last month, CSS lost its bid to become UAB’s new consultant to review the work by previous consultant, CarrSports. UAB’s task force announced in early March the hiring of consultant OSKR after a unanimous vote.

But UAB’s administration cited perceived biases by OSKR because of articles written by its co-founder and eliminated the company from consideration. UAB owes OSKR $22,400 for work the firm did after initially getting approval, reported.

So the UAB administration overrode the task force’s decision, because Andy Schwarz had the temerity to note that the emperor had no clothes.

I guess the new guys know what they need to do.


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You got your laws, they got theirs.

Georgia’s busy passing laws criminalizing people who pay college athletes, while there’s a South Carolina legislator who wants to make it legal for the home state powers to pay theirs.


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“This is Todd Gurley’s only Georgia Appearance!”

Presented without comment.

Well, except I’m kinda surprised they’re promoting this with a picture of Gurley in a Georgia jersey. I thought only the schools could do that. ;)

Nice typo, by the way.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Saban free.


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“… that initial view of ‘This is so cool’ becomes ‘Whoa — what’s up with this?’ ”

You may think this was the end to something that wasn’t fair…

The monetary value of a college athlete’s name, image and likeness is being hashed out in court, but many universities have already arrived at a figure: zero.

Colleges from the Big Ten to the Mid-American Conference ask or require athletes sign waivers giving up their publicity rights without compensation, even as college sports generate billions of dollars in TV contracts and merchandise sales. The media deal for March Madness alone is worth $771 million a year.

Under pressure from a lawsuit claiming it took financial advantage of players, college sports’ governing body, the NCAA, got rid of a similar waiver last year…

Donald Remy, the organization’s chief legal officer, told the Tribune that the wording had nothing to do with publicity rights and was eliminated “to avoid confusion among student-athletes and their families.”

… but it wasn’t.  The NCAA just outsourced it back to the schools and conferences.

The Big Ten created a waiver in 2007, the year it launched the Big Ten Network. The form states that neither the athlete nor his heirs are entitled to compensation for letting the network and other broadcasters use his name and image. The conference earned $318 million in the 2012-13 tax year, according to its IRS filing.

Bidness is bidness.  Even for the little guys.

Schools that compete on a less lucrative rung of college sports are coming up with waivers, too. In August, just before announcing a new TV rights deal with ESPN, MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher sent an email to his member schools saying an attorney was developing a release in consultation with the Big Ten and the SEC.

The document, obtained from Northern Illinois University, is even more stringent than what the bigger conferences created. It calls for athletes to give up rights to their names and images, forever and without compensation, for any purpose the MAC and its member schools see fit, including broadcasts by ESPN and ABC. Signing the form is mandatory.

MAC spokesman Ken Mather said in an email that the waiver “filled the void” when the NCAA eliminated its version last year. He did not respond to a request for further information.

I guess the MAC doesn’t want to be left out of the litigation fun either.


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