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Saturday morning buffet

Time for a little college football nosh.


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This salary aggression will not stand, man.

Coaching contracts these days have long ceased to floor me, so Jim Harbaugh getting a sweetened deal that promises to take his total compensation to $9 million in basic pay for his current contract year is just another brick in the wall of schools being full of crap when they plead poverty…

… but if a guy who has yet to win a Big Ten title is worth that kind of jack, what’s Nick Saban worth?  Something tells me we’ll find out sooner or later.  Right, Mr. Sexton?


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If you want to know why your “how does Notre Dame get away with” complaints are ignored…

… here’s Exhibit “A”.

As long as the consumer demand is there, they’ll bend the rules for the Irish.  Haven’t I taught you anything about how money talks college football’s language?


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Pay the man.

Missouri spent over $200,000 with a search firm to hire an athletic director who hightailed it to Baylor after a mere fourteen months.  So, what to do about a replacement?

If you guessed hire the same search firm again, give yourself a pat on the back.

Oh — there’s a punchline, to boot.

Korn Ferry would have conducted a second search at no cost had Rhoades left Mizzou within a year of his start date. He left after 14 months.

The good news is this time the school negotiated a two-year guarantee.


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Pay to replay

Man, I wonder if anyone has suggested this to Steve Shaw yet.

Talk about a whole new revenue stream…


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Today, in beer is coming

Here’s something you wouldn’t have heard ten years ago.

New Belgium Brewing has given the school $4.3 million towards the construction of an on-campus football stadium. Both New Belgium and Colorado State are located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“We’re delighted to expand our partnership with New Belgium Brewing – and to honor the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of our community by highlighting a tremendously successful, home-grown brand at the new stadium,” CSU president Tony Frank said in a statement.

As part of the gift, New Belgium gets north end zone hospitality naming rights.

A school “in partnership” with a brewery… what’s the world coming to?

And think of the naming possibilities at Georgia.  Greg McGarity’s mouth is probably watering just thinking about it: “Marjorie, get Don Leebern on the phone for me, please.”


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“They take care of themselves first, and us last.”

If Mark Emmert should ever part ways with the NCAA, this looks like the perfect career opportunity for him.

Amateurism is the best.


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