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Thursday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are tanned, rested and ready.


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“Papa John’s is the official delivery pizza.”

Shit, they’ll slap a G on anything, as long as the price is right.

Well, almost anything.

Don’t look for an official beer or liquor. Gribble said those are “prohibited categories.”

Right, Don Leebern?


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Nick Saban locks in the Greg McGarity discount.

Jeremy Pruitt is signed, sealed and delivered… at less than the going rate.

New Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt will save the program a little cash.

Though he’ll be one of the highest paid defensive coordinators in the country, his salary will be considerably less than his predecessor. The deal approved Tuesday will pay Pruitt $1 million a year and spans the next three seasons.

Former Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart made $1.5 million last season as the highest-paid assistant in the nation.

Not just a cut from what Kirby was making, either.  It’s also a cut from what Pruitt was getting paid in Athens last year.  Of course, once you add back in what Georgia still owes him, it’s all good.

Honestly, given the warm feelings between Pruitt and McGarity, I’m surprised he’s making as much as he is in Tuscaloosa.  Thanks, Nick.



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The money river keeps on rolling.

For all the glum talk about ESPN’s future, it didn’t stop Mickey from shelling out more than a billion dollars over the next six years for the second half of the Big Ten’s media rights package.

The $2.64 billion deals with Fox, ESPN and CBS average $440 million per year and nearly triple the amount ESPN and CBS had been paying for the same programming. ESPN signed a 10-year deal worth $100 million annually in 2006 — a payout that increased to $150 million this year due to the addition of Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers to the conference. CBS paid an average of around $6 million for its current basketball-only deal.

The deal does not include Big Ten Network’s package of rights, which runs to 2031-32.

I suspect the SEC is paying attention.  Unfortunately, its contracts aren’t up for rebidding for a few years.  Unless something comes up, like conference expansion (again)…


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At the time, it seemed like a good idea.

Nothing like a good piece of snark – in this case asking a member of the University of Arkansas board of trustees who approved a $160 million stadium expansion because to do otherwise would be “a vote of no confidence in our chancellor, our president and our athletic director” why it’s such a good idea to give a blank check to the man who failed to supervise Bobby Petrino and hired John L. Smith as his replacement.

This is why you have nice things you probably don’t need.


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On the Flats, a coach’s best friend

… is an operating deficit.

New basketball coach Josh Pastner and his staff, repairs to Bobby Dodd Stadium and slow ticket sales are expected to drop Georgia Tech’s athletic department into a $2.4 million deficit for the upcoming fiscal year. Athletic director Mike Bobinski sees it as a one-year aberration, though, and is confident for improved financial standing in years to follow.

The projection was given Thursday at the Georgia Tech Athletic Association’s board of trustees meeting by Marvin Lewis, associate athletic director for finance and administration.

Ticket revenues are projected to dip $2.2 million from this past year’s totals, to $12.052 million, on expectations of slower sales for football (after a 3-9 season) and basketball (following a coaching change and low expectations for the 2016-17 season)…

Ain’t nobody getting canned this season.

Best of all, Dawgnation, we’re doing our part to help.



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Have and have-nots, SEC edition

Here’s a slideshow from, ranking the conference football programs by revenues.

Too lazy to click through?  Okay, here’s the list:

  1. Alabama, $97.02 million
  2. Tennessee, $94.37 million
  3. Auburn, $86.74 million
  4. Georgia, $86.71 million
  5. LSU, $86.31 million
  6. Florida, $74.72 million
  7. Arkansas, $66.17 million
  8. Texas A&M, $62.19 million
  9. South Carolina, $59.76 million
  10. Ole Miss, $53.39 million
  11. Missouri, $37.89 million
  12. Kentucky, $35.49 million
  13. Mississippi State, $31.3 million
  14. Vanderbilt, $27.4 million

My first thought on seeing that is to wonder what in the hell has Tennessee been doing with all that money – keep in mind that according to the article that gross was good enough for a whopping $70 million profit.  (In case you’re wondering, Georgia managed a $60.6 million profit.)

Other than that, it’s a pretty expected spread.  It takes money to win big.  Surprised?


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