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Thursday morning buffet

A nibble here, a nibble there…



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Shreveport or bust

The next time somebody insists that nobody cares about playing in that bowl game…


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I got ‘yer Power 6 right here, bub.

Let’s see if Danny White’s braggadocio makes him inclined to go all in on the AAC’s request that UCF sign a grant-of-rights agreement that would commit the school to the conference for the duration of the next media rights deal.

I’m guessing he’s from the “money talks, bullshit walks” school of AD management, but, hey, I would love to see him prove me wrong about that.


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“I’d be OK with scheduling them in the right situation.”

How obnoxious is UCF getting?  This obnoxious:

Florida Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin would welcome a two-for-one series against in-state opponent UCF, which has college football’s longest winning streak at 25…

White, after seeing Stricklin’s comments Friday, issued a statement saying he looked forward to trying to schedule a game with the Gators.

“I’m encouraged to hear that UF is open to the idea of playing us in football,” White said in the statement, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “Since I’ve been here, it had been made clear to me there wasn’t much hope of that. Our scheduling philosophy has been transparent since I arrived at UCF — that we’re open to a home-and-home series with any nonconference Power 6 opponent.

“Top-10 programs don’t schedule two-for-one series where the balance is not in their favor. Our growing fan base and our student-athletes deserve better than that.”

Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it, son.  Ask Bobby Bowden how that works.


UPDATE:  When you’ve lost Mr. Conventional Wisdom…


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Zen and the art of conference management

Greg Sankey has some invaluable advice for Central Florida.

Sankey was asked about UCF and its place in the playoff picture during a radio interview at the Learfield Intercollegiate Athletics Forum on Thursday. The commissioner compared UCF’s situation to when the SEC placed only three teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in 2016.

“We weren’t living up to our expectations. Rather than point to the selection committee, other people … we looked inward and said: ‘How do we adjust to the circumstances around us?’” Sankey said. “I would observe that’s the challenge for everybody at the FBS level.”

See there, UCF?  All you need is a cash flow about ten times the amount you’re getting now and everything is fixable.

Greg wants to say it’s about scheduling upgrades, but it’s a lot easier to stick another game or two in a thirty-game or so basketball schedule than it is in a twelve-game football one.  Besides, how many schools want to dump Directional State A&M to play UCF right now?  (Florida just dodged that bowl game matchup.) If Sankey wants to be helpful, maybe he can push his member schools into scheduling Central Florida.

Just when I was really unsympathetic to the Knights’ national championship silliness, you had to go and say that, Greg.  Well played, you smug bastid.


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Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’, keep Kannell rollin’.

LMAO.  You’re trying too hard with this, Danny.

Kanell said that UCF would go “toe-to-toe” with this Georgia team, citing UCF’s impressive offense, and how Georgia played against last year’s Oklahoma team in the Rose Bowl.

“You didn’t hear anybody complain about that game, when Georgia gave up over 500 yards of total offense, nobody had a problem with that,” Kanell said. “And Oklahoma almost won with an incredible offense and a sub-par defense. Does that sound familiar? That’s exactly what UCF has.”

… Kanell also added that because UCF is used to giving up points— Temple scored 40 on them— it would be better equipped than Georgia to win a shoot-out.

“They go up-tempo. They’re used to getting scored on, Georgia’s not,” he said. “That game would come down to the wire just the same way the Rose Bowl did.”

UCF has played this season’s 106th ranked strength of schedule, according to Sagarin.  Oklahoma’s 2017 SOS?  7th.

When you’re an SEC hammer like Danny, everything looks like a nail.


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When you’re a mid-major, marketing is half the battle.

Screenshot_2018-11-02 UCF's imperfect Temple win further polarizes CFP discussion

“2017 National Champions”?  Sure, bless their hearts and all, but I think Andy Staples is right about this:

That’s what makes UCF athletic director Danny White’s decision to go all-in on the national title claim such an ingenious move. You may hate it, and you may hate UCF for it. But love it or hate it, you have a strong opinion about UCF. How many strong opinions do you have about Fresno State? About Houston? About Toledo? You care about UCF, even if you feel negatively about the Knights. You know who they are, and that matters a lot to them. Brand awareness is half the battle, and White has done more in months to conquer that half than most ADs at that level do in their entire careers.

Is Central Florida going to be a factor in a four-team playoff setting?  Nah.  Is it going to be part of the playoff expansion discussion?  Most likely.

And that’s half the battle right there.


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