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Thursday morning buffet

Sample the wares, peeps.

  • Graham is reporting that College Gameday will head to Charlotte for Georgia’s opener.  Really, it would have been a surprise had it been announced it was going elsewhere.
  • I’m old enough to remember when UCF said they’d play a 2-for-1 with Florida over their dead body.
  • The best play in football is(h/t Josh)
  • Brent Venables is making serious bank.
  • Georgia is sending two players to next week’s SEC Media Days, JT Daniels and Jordan Davis.  What’s the over/under on the number of times Daniels gets asked why he didn’t start sooner last season?
  • Is it now or never for Georgia?”  Narrative, if you’ve lost Mr. Conventional Wisdom…
  • Take this for what it’s worth, a post from someone attending a luncheon yesterday at which Coach Smart spoke about the team.
  • Geoff Collins, the college football director of player personnel pioneer.


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Delusions of grandeur

C’mon, Gus.  Have you really thought this through?

I’m not sure “fun” means what he thinks it means.


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The cool kids are going to UCF.

If you’re Central Florida, it’s not cringy enough to claim a faux natty.  Nah, it’s on to new worlds to conquer.

Are we supposed to tweet at them during games?  And if that’s not cringy enough for you, check out the “how do you do, fellow kids” vibe of Gus explaining this.

Ugh.  That’s awkward enough for somebody to make ’em give back their national championship rings.


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The spirit of Danny White lives on.

I’m laughing so hard over this.

Cheeky bastids, ain’t they?


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TFW you see the difference between the SEC and the AAC

From an eagle soaring majestically over ninety thousand fans to this…

Arise, Sir Gus.


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Don’t @ him, please.

The latest in a line of bold claims from UCF:

Ummm… he may have a point there.




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Is the Gus Bus parking in a new garage?

I’m sure some saw this coming as soon as Malzahn’s old Arkansas State boss got a new job.

UCF has offered Gus Malzahn its head football coaching job, a source confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel Sunday night.

Malzahn, 55, spent the past eight seasons as coach at Auburn, where he led the Tigers to a 68-35 overall record and a 39-27 mark in the SEC. He was fired on Dec. 13 following a 6-4 campaign and a third-place finish in the SEC West.

It’s unclear whether Malzahn will accept the UCF offer.

Pat Forde says he expressed interest in the job last weekend, so I’m guessing it’s gonna happen.  Nothing like bringing home the guy who helped bring you your first national championship.  Circle of life, man.

I’m only half joking, but is it possible that Malzahn’s trading up?


UPDATE:  Per Bruce Feldman ($$), Todd Monken was also a target for the UCF job.  For everything you’ve done for UGA, thanks, again, Gus.


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It just means more, mid-majors edition.



That ought to make finding a successor easy peasy, no?


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A master of coachspeak

Put away the bulletin board.  Luke Fickell made sure you wouldn’t need it.

About all that’s left after that is an observation about Georgia’s long snappah.


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Making the grade

Again, I’m not gonna pretend I know a ton about Cincinnati’s players, so instead I’ll give you this:

I wouldn’t say the numbers are incredibly lopsided overall there, but note the difference between Daniels’ and Ridder’s grades.  Josh Whyle appears to be a name worth keeping an eye on.

Also, obviously, this says zilch about team depth.  Take it for what it’s worth.


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