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Destined for greatness

Let’s just say that the committee appointed by UAB President Ray Watts to cover his ass determine if football has any future at the school is off to a fabulous start, even if its members have no clue who would pay for any study of the issue it orders.  But rest assured progress is already being made – the committee has already figured out that there won’t be any UAB football this year.  Well done, folks.

They’ve also figured out that they’re independent.  No, really.

They also wanted students to know they aren’t here to rubber stamp any decision the university has already made. Smith said the entire committee is in agreement on their independence. They want to gather as much information as possible from those concerned to put together a proposal.

With confidence in the administration at a low level, smith believes the committee will be taken seriously.

“I can tell you that the members of this committee would not be serving and using their valuable time if we didn’t believe whatever the outcome of this process shows would not be seriously considered,” said Smith.

Heavy, dude. But if you really believe that, you’re the only one who doesn’t see the real purpose for your committee’s existence.  You’re there to sell Conference USA on the chance of football at UAB.

Conference USA is holding a previously scheduled winter retreat next week. UAB Interim Athletic Director Shannon Ealy says that’s when he and Watts will make their case to conference commissioners and the other university presidents. They are asking for more time to complete the new study and determine what type of department the university will have.

Good luck with that, Shannon Ealy.  I can hear your sales pitch to the conference now:  You don’t want to rush President Watts into a hasty decision, now, do you?  Look what happened the last time he made one of those. Sure, we know CUSA requires its member schools to maintain football programs, but if you could just see your way into letting UAB have a temporary exemption from that – say, for five or six years as a starter – I’m sure we could come up with a thoughtful way out of the problem it created with Watts’ lack of thought.  Hey, if we weren’t serious about this, would Watts have appointed a committee to look into his decision?  Er… why are you all smiling at me like that?


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“It’s part of the budget, part of life at this level.”

I don’t know about you, but I find this bit of information disturbing:

Athletic fees contribute mightily to the $1.3 trillion in college debt that students face. USC Upstate business professor Jeff Smith, who has studied and written about the issue, estimates that students across the country borrow almost $4 billion per year to pay for college athletics on their campuses.

That is one screwed up sense of priorities there – schools can’t live within their athletic budgets, so they force students to do the same with their personal budgets.  To make matters worse, “… student athletic fees are often difficult to uncover and don’t often appear on school’s websites or student’s bills.”  That is some heavy bullshit there.

Read the whole thing.  See if you don’t get irritated, too.


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Thursday morning buffet

There’s always something to spoon onto your plate.


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Friday morning buffet

Hungry?  The chafing dishes have plenty of recruiting stuff.


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Conferences can troll, too, you know.

Conference USA sticks a finger in UAB’s eye by naming Bill Clark its Coach of the Year.  Which allows for another thoughtful reminder of what should have been:

Clark’s first year at the helm turned out to be his only when UAB President Ray Watts announced the school’s football program would be discontinued just days after the Blazers’ 45-24 regular-season finale victory at Southern Miss.

“Right now, we’re kind of going through the emotional roller coaster of getting bowl-eligible and then you don’t make a bowl,” Clark said. “Obviously, the biggest thing is not having our team back when we had a chance to be really good next year. All that’s really tough. This award is nice to have. It’s just another reminder of this team and all the heart and effort they put into it this past year.”

Well played, folks.


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Sunday morning buffet

Lotta green in today’s buffet…

  • Somebody thinks Dan Mullen has emerged as the lead guy in Michigan’s head coaching search.  “Both sources said to me that with Dan, it’s not about being the highest paid coach in his state / conference/ whatever (which is more important to some coaches than many people understand), what drives Dan is his desire to win a national championship.”  You know what we here at GTP say when somebody claims it’s not about the money.
  • Georgia may be in the hunt for one of the kids at UAB who’s now a free agent.
  • Speaking of UAB, the financial fall out from cancelling football may have already begun.
  • In less than two years, Auburn has increased its coaching staff by at least 46.5 percent.  Easy to do when you don’t have to pay the labor.
  • And Boom hits the recruiting trail, with a contractual limitation:  “A clause in Muschamp’s contract (he was fired following his fourth season as head coach) does not allow him to recruit players Florida has focused on unless Auburn has done the same.”
  • This is just awful.  It’s a different world out there, isn’t it?
  • Hugh Freeze didn’t just negotiate a big pay bump for himself with Ole Miss.  The salary pool for his assistants will increase by at least 25 percent.
  • Corch may be a dick, but he’s right about this one.  And that’s only gonna get worse as the playoffs expand.
  • Yes, Condi Rice brings a special kind of gravitas to the selection committee.


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“If we had to go to Siberia, OK, to play the Leningrad Stalins or the Leningrad Rooskies, we’d go do it…”

In one of the funniest rants I’ve read in a while, Air Force’s Troy Calhoun calls the current CFP four-team format “un-American”.

“There’s no doubt that it’s all set up for five conferences, as it is,” Calhoun said. “You’ve got to be in one of those five conferences.”

Shit, dude, what do you expect from a bunch of socialists?


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