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Mid-majors have feelings too, damn it.

Sun Belt Conference commissioner issues a statement to Arkansas about its new gun law.  It’s just as significant as Sankey’s was, minus the $40 million a year backing the University of Arkansas gets from the SEC.



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Today, in it’s all about the kids

Just another example of coaches looking out for number one:

Poaching has become so common that mid-major coaches have resorted to tactics like slowing down players’ academic schedules so they can’t graduate early. (Graduation allows them to transfer without sitting). “We better get used to it at our level,” says Maine coach Bob Walsh. “There’s a free-agent culture in college basketball now.”

For players, he means.  Coaches, as we all know, are indentured servants who can never leave one school for another.

Two problems identified…

Coaches recommended two tweaks to help the transfer environment—a crackdown on tampering and changing the rules to force graduate transfers to sit out a year. The tampering has gotten so bad that coaches have white boards in their office of players on other teams they’re targeting to poach.

Which one do you think the NCAA addresses?


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It was just an innocent birthday greeting.

Mark Coyle, I’m not sure that “reassured” means what you think it means.  Neither, I suspect, is the Western Michigan AD.


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“Someone’s going down at some point.”

If Nicholls could produce a nail biter last year in Athens, just imagine what Appalachian State might be capable of doing.


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“You mean compete for a junior varsity championship?”

I wonder if the people advocating the creation of a playoff specifically for the Group of 5 schools understand the ramifications of that move, because it seems to me that about five minutes after the announcement of its creation, you’d see the P5 conferences split off the division in a state of total glee.  Although I’m sure they’d wish the small fry the best of luck in their new venture as they closed the door behind them.

There is wisdom in the saying that half a loaf is better than none.  Even if the reality is more like a tenth of a loaf, it’s still a pretty big slice of bread compared to what they’d be baking on their own.


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How you like me now?

With its pantsing of Louisville last night, Houston became the first team in the country to defeat two top-five teams on the season.

Those of you who were blowing off Tom Herman’s coaching prowess after his team lost to a couple of conference opponents (focus was definitely a factor in the second loss) might have been a wee bit premature in your analysis.  In the meantime, Herman’s agent went to bed last night a very happy man.


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Leave it to the pros, ctd.

Athletic director at University of Louisiana-Monroe attempts to justify his school playing so many road games not by stating the obvious, which would be they need the guaranteed money from cupcake games, but rather, that the school’s fans  “…  can’t afford to pay for a season ticket with 6 home games.”  Way to build morale there, fella.

Somebody mentioned AD school in the comments the other day.  Sadly, that’s not such a bad idea.


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